Welcome to the February 2008 issue of “Daltons in History”. My notes this time include updates on our events in 2008, the AGM in June and the Gathering in August; information about the DNA project; and news of further developments of this website. January has proved to be a busy start to what promises to be a busy year for the DGS.

2008 Annual General Meeting

The Society’s 2008 Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 7th June 2008 at the Royal Logistics Corps Museum in Camberley, Surrey, England. This venue has been chosen to give the opportunity to view the original of the Victoria Cross medal awarded in 1879 to James Langley Dalton for his gallantry at Rorke’s Drift in the Zulu War. The day will commence at 11.00 am with a tour of the medal collection, including the James Langley Dalton VC, hosted by Colonel Owen. This will be followed by a buffet lunch, after which we will have our DGS AGM. Those attending will then be free to tour the Museum which contains many interesting displays. The programme for the day together with the registration form will be found in the “Forthcoming Gatherings” section of this website, and they have also been distributed to all DGS members with Volume 47 of the DGS Journal. Please return completed registration forms to me as soon as possible.

2008 Gathering in Ireland

Friday 1st to Monday 4th August 2008 are the dates when our 2008 Gathering will take place in Birr, Co Offaly, Ireland. This is a double event – it is the Annual Gathering of the Dalton Genealogical Society and it is also the first official meeting of Clan Dalton. Dooly’s Hotel is the venue, with its excellent conference facilities for our meetings and the annual dinner. Delegates will be able to stay at Dooly’s and we have also arranged additional accommodation at three nearby places offering bed and breakfast. Birr is located in the heart of mid-Ireland about two hours drive west of Dublin, and a similar distance east of Shannon. It is a beautiful old Georgian town with an impressive castle and much of interest to the visitor. It is also well situated to enable us to make a number of visits to places with Dalton connections.

Since the initial details were published last October considerable interest has been shown in the Birr Gathering and the accommodation in Dooly’s Hotel is now almost full. If you have not already done so, you are urged to contact myself (email:, and our Irish Secretary and Clan Dalton Chieftain, Ciaran Dalton ( at the earliest opportunity to register your interest in attending. The full programme for the weekend, together with the official registration form are to be found in the “Forthcoming Gatherings” section of this website, and they have also been mailed out to all DGS members with Volume 47 of the DGS Journal, which has recently been printed and distributed.

It is important that all those who have pre-registered now confirm their registration by completing the form and sending it to me or one of the overseas secretaries with their deposit. Full details and instructions for this accompany the registration form.

If, in the meantime, you have any questions about our plans for the Gathering or need help with making your travel arrangements, please contact either Ciaran or myself. Many delegates are planning to tour in Ireland before and/or after the event.

The Dalton International DNA Project (DIDP)

Issue 2 of the DIDP Progress Report dated December 2007 has now been distributed by email to all project participants. The 42 page document is a state of the art analysis of the DNA results of 99 testees. This includes some testees in the Dalton America and other projects whose DNA results match testees in DIDP. I want to thank Chris Pomery, our DNA consultant, for the superb work that he has done in preparing this report for us. It is a truly excellent piece of work and sets a formidable standard for all those engaged in one name Y-DNA studies. We are indeed fortunate to have Chris as our consultant and his ongoing services are available to us through the coming year. It is planned that Issue 3 of the report will be published towards the end of 2008. In the meantime we already have more results to analyse, more testees to recruit and more research to be undertaken in this fascinating study. Further information about this is included below and in the “Dalton DNA Project” section of this website.

Developments of the DGS website

Since the start of 2008, major improvements have been introduced to two areas of the DGS website – “DGS Journal Index” and “Daltons in History Archive”.

The DGS Journal Index has now been fully transferred to the new site and you will see that there is a new “search and find” facility in the blue navigation bar on the left hand side of your screen, which will assist you in finding back issues of the Journal that are relevant to your research.

Similarly the "Daltons in History Archive" is now partially transferred to the new site and includes the same “search and find” facility. There is a wealth of material now available to search, and we plan to transfer the remaining issues of the monthly newsletter over the coming months.

Thanks are due to our web consultant, Martin Fitzgerald for designing and implementing these very powerful search facilities. They provide a unique opportunity for all those with an interest in Dalton family history to access an enormous amount of material published over many years.

Work is now under way to facilitate the transfer of the Dalton Data Bank to the new site and we will keep readers informed as our plans for this develop.

Subscriptions to the Dalton Genealogical Society

Members of the Society are again reminded that the UK subscription rate is £10.00 per annum with effect from 1 January 2008.

The 2008 rates for overseas membership are as follows:

For members in the United States and Canada who remit their subscription to the American Secretary, Millicent Craig US$24.00

For members in Australia and New Zealand who remit their subscription to the Australian Secretary, Maureen Collins A$27.00

These rates take account of the prevailing exchange rates and the costs of airmail postage for the DGS Journal. We are also investigating opening a euro account, which will enable us to accept payments in euros, and hope to announce a euro subscription rate soon.

All DGS members should have received a communication from their local secretary about the payment of 2008 subscriptions to the Society and, if you have not already done so, you are asked to remit these as soon as convenient.

Back issues of the DGS Journal

Back issues of the DGS Journal continue to be available. On this website you can access the enhanced DGS Journal Index, referred to above, from the homepage. Here you will find a full synopsis of the contents of the Journal of the Dalton Genealogical Society commencing with Volume 1 published back in 1970 through to Volume 41 published in December 2004. Lists of contents are available for Volumes 42 to 47 and the full synopses will be available shortly. Copies of all back numbers are available for purchase and these can be obtained from DGS member, Mrs Pat Robinson (address: Mallards, 3 High Street, The Green, Barrington, Cambridge CB2 5QX, UK email: Details of prices, including postage and packing, will be found with the index.

Meeting in Melbourne, Australia – February 2008

DGS Australian Secretary, Maureen Collins, has arranged a one day DGS meeting in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to take place on Saturday 16 February 2008. This meeting is open to all Australian DGS members, and any others who may be visiting that area. We wish Maureen and all who attend a successful day and look forward to her report on the proceedings in the next issue. Details are in the “Forthcoming Gatherings” section of the website under “Other forthcoming events” and, if you wish to attend you should email Maureen at as soon as possible.


Enjoy this month’s issue of “Daltons in History”, your regular monthly update on everything that is happening in the world of Dalton family history. We will be back again in March.

Thank you for your attention and best wishes to you all.

Yours very sincerely

Michael Neale Dalton

Chairman and Honorary Life President of the Dalton Genealogical Society

From Millicent Craig

For many years this record has been in my document file without a source or name of the contributor. It is an important piece of Lancashire Dalton history since it describes in detail the sale by the sole owner of the Bispham manor and landes, and the properties in Mawdesley, Robert Dalton. Mention is made of Jane mother of Robert and Anne wife of Robert. Anne is believed to be Anne Kitchens of Cockersand Abbey, wife of Sir Robert of Thurnham.

The source may be the Lancashire Fines for a period including 1558-1559, the dates in the transactions. If anyone recognizes this document and can provide the source, it would be most appreciated by those of us who are descended from the Bispham Daltons.


This agreement is between Robert Dalton of Thurnham, Lancs, esquire of the one partie and William Stopfoth of Eccleston in the said countie, gentleman upon the other partie. Witnesseth that it is agreed between the said parties that Robert Dalton in consideration of the sum of two hundread and twenty pounds to the said Robert Dalton at the ensealing hereof payed by the said William Stopforth whereof Robert Dalton doth acknowledge himself to bepayed and dischargeth the said William Stopforth his heirs etc. Hath therefore sold unto the said William Stopforth all those his manor landes, houses, buildings and parcels of lande, timber, woods, etc., rentes, reversions and hereditaments lying in Mawdesley and Bispeham within the hundred of Leyland late in the occupation of Thomas Boawkar of Byspeham, the late wife of Richard Markane alias Patrike of Byspeham affore(said), widow, the wife of James Mawdsley afforesaid widow of James Bretherton of Mawdsley afforesaid and also the fourth part of one pasture land of the Reede now of Thomas Harsenepe, John Stopforth and Richerde Haresnepe lying in Mawdsley aforesaid as by the division thereof in a certayne deed made by Robert Dalton, to William Stopforth dated 19th day of February in the fourth and fifth years of the reign of our late sovereign lord and lady Phlip and Marie (1558-9) by the grace of God of England Hispanyne and France, etc., king and quene it is bounded by the said deed.

Robert Dalton hath given to the forsaid William Stopforth his landes, etc. in the towns of Mawdsley and Bysepham aforesaid to him and the said Robert in any wise belonging and ye profetes there unto belonging or that hereafter may arryse thereof. The said Robert Dalton hath sold and doth fully sell to the said William Stopforth his rights and possessions as he the said Robert Dalton now hath. Doth sell to the said William Stopforth all charetrs, wrytinges, and munyiments concernyng the premisses whiche the said Rober Dalton, Also the said Robert Dalton hath covenanted doth grant to the said William Stopforth. He the said Robert is the sole owner of the premisses above bargayned and sold. And that he the said Rober Dalton at the day of sealing of these indentures hath full authoritie to sell the said manors, etc. to the said William Stopforth as in this indenture is declared. The said Robert Dalton hath covenanted and doth grant to William Stopforth and Robert Dalton, Jane Dalton mother of the said Rober and Anne now wife of the said Rober and the heires of the said Robert on this side and before the feast of E(a)stre next to come after the date hereof shall make to the aforesaid William Stopforth or to such other person as the said William Stopforth shall name a good lawfull estate in possession in fee simple of the siad manors, etc., to the use of the said William Stopforth. And the said Robert Dalton hath covenanted to the said William Stopforth that all of the said manors, landes, etc. be at the ensealing of this present indenture discharged of all former margaynes, executions and of all charges, incombrances, annuyties whatsoever going fourthe out of the premises except one lease granted to the said Thomas Bawkar for xxi (21) years.

Another lease granted unto the late wife of Richard Patnik for terme of xxiii (23) years reserving the rent accustomed. And furthermore the said Robert Dalton for him grantethe to the said William Stopforth bie these presentes that he the said Robert Dalton and his heires and the said Jane Dalton and Anne Dalton his wife and all other persons claymyng any right, title, interest in the premises bie the said Robert Dalton or any other at all time after the date hereof when and as oft as the siad Robert, Jane and Anne or their heirs shall be reasonablie requyred bie the said William Stopforth doe acknowledge unto the said Will(ia) or any person that he shall name. Act and actes suffiicient in the law as bie the counsell lerned of the said William Stopforth shall be advised for the further surities of all of the said landes sold unto the said William for ever as often as need shall requyer. As the costes and charges in the law of the said William Stopforth, And also the said Robert doth covenaunt for hymself to the said William Stopforth that the said William Stopforth shall from the day of the date of these present indentures peacablie and quietlie occupie and enjoy to him and his most profit and advantage for ever all the said manors, etc., the siad fourth part of the pasture called reed hereditaments and all other premises with appertenances. And also yearlie recyve all the rentes and proofittes of the same without any vexation or disturbance of the said Robert Dalton bie his promise. And for the true accomplishment of all the covenantes, etc. above written in these indentures trulie to be fulfilled and kepte uppon behalf of the said Robert Dalton to and with the said William Stopforth in manor and form aforesaid the said Robert Dalton covenante the with the said William Stopforth to stande bounden unto the said William Stopforth bie the said Robert in the form of Four hondrethe poundes of lawful money of England. In witness whereof to either parties of these indentures the parties above saide unto those present Indentures interchangeablie have put their seales the daye and year first above mentioned in 1559.

Michael Dalton gives an update on the Dalton International DNA Project (DIDP) to coincide with the publication of Issue 2 of the Project Progress Report to all participants.

During January, the DIDP Progress Report Issue 2 – December 2007 has been distributed to all participants in the project and their sponsors. The report covers the 99 participants identified to the project as Y-DNA testees up to the end of September 2007 with a few additions since then. 84 participants are original members of DIDP hosted by Family Tree DNA; another 11 are members of the Dalton America project also hosted by FTDNA; and the remaining 4 are from elsewhere. 81 participants have been assigned to one of ten genetic families and only 18 remain as singletons at this stage, a remarkably low proportion of the total.

The results by genetic family can be summarised as follows:

Genetic Family A : 39 members, Irish or UK origin

Genetic Family B : 7 members, Irish origin

Genetic Family C : 4 members, South Wales origin (Carmarthenshire)

Genetic Family D : 11 members, Irish origin (Tipperary)

Genetic Family E : 2 members, English origin (Lancashire)

Genetic Family F : 6 members, English origin

Genetic Family G : 3 members, USA origin (Virginia)

R1b-Haplogroup Singletons (12)

Genetic Family X : 2 members, USA origin (Virginia)

Genetic Family Y : 2 members, English origin (Lancashire)

Genetic Family Z : 5 members, English origin (Yorkshire)

Non R1b-Haplogroup Singletons (6)

The following table shows how the genetic families are linked to different geographical areas in UK, Ireland, USA and Canada, identified by the known origins of the Dalton family trees of each project participant:


State/County Of Tree Origin









E, Y



Yorkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey








Kent, Suffolk




















[Not known]





B, D
























D, F











[Not known]





A, G, X



Tennessee, North Carolina




New Hampshire




New York




















[Not known]







In his report, our project consultant, Chris Pomery has brought together the most comprehensive analysis of all the results to date. As the project currently stands, the key conclusions are as follows:

  1. The bearers of the Dalton surname worldwide have multiple genetic origins, i.e. the surname appears to have been acquired by individual families independently of each other at different times and in different places.
  2. The 99 results have been aggregated into ten distinct ‘genetic families’ containing identical or highly similar DNA results. Two have their documented origins only within the USA, three in Ireland and five in mainland UK. The US-documented genetic families almost certainly have their ultimate documented origin in either Ireland or the UK.
  3. The spelling variations of Dolton, Daulton and D’Alton are found within recognizable Dalton genetic families, not as separate trees with distinct surnames and DNA signatures.
  4. The modal ‘genetic family’ (Genetic Family A) includes 39 of the 99 project members, only one of whom can confirm an origin to their tree outside of the USA. The modal result, however, simply identifies the DNA signature that is so far the most frequently found among the men coming forward to take the DNA test. It does not prove that this DNA signature represents (a) the oldest Dalton tree, (b) the Dalton tree with the most descendants alive today, or (c) that it is the most populous Dalton tree looking at the entire history of the surname. Only detailed documentary research can confirm whether any of the three claims above are associated with the modal result or not.
  5. The next stage of the project will focus on checking the lineages of all participants, defining the goals for further documentary research within each genetic family and geographical location, and DNA testing more UK-based Daltons.

Looking ahead, we already have eight new project participants. Of these three have sets of results now available which confirm that they are members of a genetic family; results are still awaited from another three; and the remaining two still have to submit their swabs. Add to these the several enquiries we have received where new participants are about to join, and the size of the project now exceeds 110 testees. In addition a significant number of existing participants have extended their tests to 37 or 67 markers since the beginning of October 2007. All of this additional data extends the breadth and the depth of coverage now being achieved by DIDP and we can confidently expect that this pace will continue throughout 2008. Towards the end of the year, Chris Pomery will prepare Issue 3 of the DIDP Progress Report with, hopefully, some 150 recorded participants. In the meantime, we will be ensuring that all participants, existing and prospective, are provided with a comprehensive and individual consultancy service, which will enable them to interpret their results and maximise the value that they are able to derive from the project. Our database of genetic data has now achieved that critical mass which will maintain DIDP as a project that is in the forefront of DNA studies internationally, and we continue to look forward with optimism.

The "Dalton DNA Project" section of this website will be carrying more detailed extracts from Issue 2 of the DIDP Progress Report, together with further updates during the course of the year ahead. You are invited to read the information presented, which is made freely available to all, and to contact me at for further details about joining the project and participating in this most exciting venture that has now been under way for five years.

Information submitted by Pat Setser of Missouri

Pat visited her cousins in Versailles, Morgan County, MO. She was told that a historical group had been walking and surveying small cemeteries on farm lands. They had discovered that an earlier checked Dalton cemetery had been bulldozed. Fortunately the following information had already been recorded.

A. Joseph Dalton born 1787 VA Died 1860 Haw Creek, Morgan Co, MO. Married Nancy Lynn born circa 1789.

Daughter Elizabeth born c. 1814. Buried Haw Creek, Morgan Co, MO.
Married David A. Ard (son of Ruben Ard) in Morgan Co. Born 19 Jan 181- died 14 Dec 18--.
Their daughter Emily born 24 Dec 1836 KY Died – Feb ---3. Married Robert Bo- born 30 M- -

B. An unknown Hall born in Morgan Co was buried in the cemetery.

John Dalton born 25 June 1821 KY Died 27 Dec 1912, buried at Bell View Cemetery, Benton Co, MO.
Married 16 Mar 1848 Lucinda Langley born 1823 Died 3 April 1879.

There were six children:

1. Thomas Hart Benton Dalton born 14 Sept 1849 Morgan Co, MO. Married 24 July 1878 Susan Andus.

2. Elizabeth Dalton born 1853 Morgan Co, MO.

3. Mary J. Dalton born 1857. Married 23 April 1883 Morgan Co, MO William W. Gatewood.

4. Harriet Dalton born Feb 1860 Morgan Co, MO. Married 31 Mar 1876 Morgan Co, MO John Henry Wredon

5. John Lincoln Dalton born 13 Mar 1866 Died 17 Nov 1950 Clinton Cem, MO. Married 23 Aug 1883 Morgan Co, MO Rebecca Brown.

6. Charles Dalton born 1870 Died Sept 1944 Benton Co, MO.

C. Mary Dalton (Polly in 1860 – 70 census) born c. 1825. Married 31 May 1857 Morgan Co, MO Enoch Taylor born 1795 KY died 1863 Morgan Co, MO. Both buried near Haw Creek.


1. Sinora Taylor born c. 1860 Morgan Co, MO. Not found in 1870 Census

2. Elizabeth Ann Taylor born c. 1862 Morgan Co, MO.

Many of the stones at the cemetery were destroyed. Haw Creek does not have a town anymore. It lies between Stover and Versailles MO, not far from the Lake of the Ozarks, an area of rich farm land, rolling hills and is according to Pat, a beautiful land. She hopes that this information about the Daltons who travelled from Virginia to Kentucky and finally to Missouri may be a help to someone.

Extracted from the New York Times by Theckla Ledyard of Washington State

Sept. 1, 1872 - Kate Dalton, Nora Sullivan, Margaret Jones and Mrs Maggie Barker were among the passengers rescued from the burning Steamship Bienville from New York to Aspinwall. They were taken to Morro Castle.

May 23, 1866 - The Great Fire (Irvington Street, among others and Academy of Music). No 124 was occupied on part of the third floor by Michael Dalton, whose loss on Furniture will be about $200. No insurance.

Aug. 9, 1881 - Sat. night Capt. McKaig of the 4th Precint, Jersey City Police, went into Burch’s Saloon on Grand St. and there met Sergt. Lyons of the same precint. Lyons was partially intoxicated and told the Capt. that he intended to “down” Officer Dalton, right or wrong…….(result was Capt. got gun away from Lyon and he was suspended).

Aug. 18, 1895 - Old Timers Belonging to Exempt Fireman – 4th Annual Ball Laurence Dalton, Asst. Foreman listed among the old timers.

Nov. 19, 1858 - Michael Dalton running for Alderman. Occupation and habitation are alike uncertain. He is listed on the anti Tammany list for Dist V. Another mention is in Election Tomorrow – N.Y. Times Dec. 5, 1859.

July 12, 1875 - Fine Racing by Cyclists – Ashbury Park, NJ. Among those registering from N.Y. City was James Dalton.

Nov. 28, 1897 - Theatre – “Uncle Jim”, a new one act farce to be presented by Charles Dalton and his associates of “The Sign of the Cross” company.

Oct. 18, 1914 - Fast Train Wrecked – The Manhattan Flyere of the Lackawanna, left Hoboken (NJ) and left the track south of Fulton (NY). Baggageman Dalton was scalded and burned in the baggage car and removed in an unconscious condition.

July 8, 1915 – Metuchen, NJ. Two overcome trying to recover the body of John Dalton, aged 60, who died when he went down into a receiving basin and was overcome by sewer gas.

Aug. 1, 1920 - Mrs Mary E. Dalton of 177 Eckford St., wife of Officer Peter Dalton, born Coolcappa Co. Limerick, Ireland, died Aug. 1, 1920. Survived by sons Richard and Daniel, daughters Mary Dalton and Anna D. Finneran. St. Antony’s Church. Calvery Cemetery, Brooklyn.

Aug. 11, 1920 - Mrs Catherine Dalton, aged 56 of 109 Eleventh St. born College Point and married to Michael Dalton, died Aug. 11, 1920. Funeral St. Fidelis Church. Burial St. Mary’s Cem. Flushing, NY.

Whitehall Newspaper – 1944 obit.
Ferdinand Rocque 70 – a fireman at Totem Lodge, Burden Lake, NY. Listed as out of town persons at his funeral were Marshall Dalton, Saratoga, and Albert Dalton, Fort Edward.

A. Submitted by Gerry Dalton and Tom Wood

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday December 1, 1888:

Sergeant James DALTON, one of the best known officers in the Victorian Police Force, died on Friday, 16th instant, after an illness of less than three week’s duration. The deceased (says the Melbourne Age), was born in Kilkenny, Ireland, and joined the Victorian force in 1859, having previously served for five years in the Royal Irish Constabulary. He was appointed senior constable in 1872, second class sergeant in 1874, and gained his additional stripe in 1877. Two years later, at the close of twenty years’ service, spent almost entirely in the city, he was placed in charge at Royal Park, a position he held ever since, dying practically in harness, although his resignation was handed in a bare hour or so before his death.

Information from:

B. Submitted by Howard Dalton

On a trip to Peebles, in the Scottish Borders, he found, in a pub converted from the local Court House, the Index of Wills proved in Scotland by year. He has sent the following entries:

1917 - Thomas Dalton Marine Engineer of Eden, Kilroot, Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Died on or about 15th March 1917 at sea Intestate. Certificate endorsed Commisary Clerk of Eden 11th October 1917 on administration of the effects granted at Belfast 29th August 1917 to David Dalton of Eden the father and sole Next of Kin. Value of Estate £483.16.9d.

1916 - Jeanne Glassford Dalton of 6 Queen St, Strathbungo, Glasgow. Nursing Sister Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich died 20th March 1916. Confirmation granted at Glasgow 11th August to Jeanne Howie Dalton of 6 Queen St, mother. Estate £267.9.4d.

Robert Dalton Commercial Traveller of 5 Hartington Gardens, Edinburgh died 28th November 1915 at Edinburgh Testate. Confirmation granted at Edinburgh 17th February 1916 to Emma Farrington or Dalton of 5 Hartington Gardens, widow. Estate £425.2.11d.

Note from the Editor: If any members would like Howard to look at any other years please contact me at my usual e-mail address.

Sadly Millicent Craig has been taken ill since early January and she is unable to prepare her usual piece for this issue of “Daltons in History”. We all wish Millicent well and hope that she will soon be back at her computer. In the meantime Michael Dalton, DGS Chairman, has been dealing with some of the items from the American postbag, and he reports on Millicent’s behalf.

Millicent has asked me to send her best wishes to you all, and she thanks all those who have been in touch with her during the past month and sent her good wishes for a speedy recovery. She and her family much appreciate everyone’s thoughts at this time and she apologises for the delay in dealing with your enquiries, emails and correspondence. Urgent items have been passed on to me and I am sending out replies as quickly as I can. Please be just a little more patient than usual if it takes longer for us to come back to you!

The Dalton International DNA Project

Distribution of Issue 2 of the Project Progress Report, which has been eagerly awaited by participants in America and in Canada, has already generated considerable praise and a number of further enquiries. I hope that all of those of you in receipt of the report have, by now, had time to read it and understand the latest position regarding your own results and how you fit into the bigger picture. In this issue of “Daltons in History” you will find a separate update on the project, which I have prepared to coincide with the publication of the report. Please be in contact if you need further guidance about your specific results, or if you think you should have received the report and you have yet to receive it.

Out of the 8 new participants in the project who are too recent to have been included in Issue 2 of the report, six are from America. Three of these we have already been able to assign to genetic families (one to each of GFs “B”, “C” and “D”) and test results are still awaited from the other three It is very gratifying to see participants being identified as members of genetic families, rather than becoming singletons. I hope this will encourage many more of you to join the project as it continues to grow, and to go from strength to strength.

New members and subscriptions

Amongst those who have joined the Dalton Genealogical Society during January 2008 are Dr Bob Dalton Junior of Kennesaw, Georgia who is of Irish Dalton descent; John Nichols Dalton of Gurney, Illinois, another of Irish Dalton descent; and Terence John Dalton of Crest Hill, Illinois who comes from an Irish Dalton family and whose great grandfather left Ireland in the mid 1800s to become a coastguard in the Scilly Isles. Welcome to you all and we are delighted that two of you have already taken the further step of joining the Dalton International DNA Project.

This is the time of year when subscriptions to the DGS are renewed and you are asked to send your renewals to Millicent in the usual way. Your subscriptions will be paid into the DGS American bank account and they will be acknowledged.

Other News

New DGS member, Terry Dalton (see above) writes that his Dalton family has been somewhat separated from other Daltons for the past 160 years, his great grandfather having moved from Ireland to Cornwall and been the sole Dalton in the 1881 Census for the County of Cornwall, where he lived off shore on the Scilly Isles. It is here that his four children would have been born, Terry’s grandfather being the youngest. Terry also writes that his great grandfather had cousins who emigrated to Kentucky, USA. He plans to join DIDP and hopefully find out more about his Dalton forebears.

Joe Dalton of Parrish, Florida and another new DGS member has joined DIDP and he has recently received his DNA results, which place him in Genetic Family “D”. This is a growing Irish genetic family and Joe can now look forward to interacting with his genetic cousins and establishing more details of his Irish Dalton ancestry.

Stephen Dalton of Sanibel Island, Florida writes that his father was George Thomas Dalton born in 1919 near Fayetteville, Arkansas. His father was another George Thomas Dalton also born in Fayetteville around 1878-9. George Senior’s father was James Dalton born 1848 in England. He came to the United States through the state of Rhode Island. Stephen plans to join DIDP and hopes to find out more about his English Dalton forebears.

Many DGS members in America and Canada have already booked to come to the 2008 DGS Gathering in Birr, Co Offaly, Ireland at the beginning of August. We hope that many more will take this unique opportunity to visit Ireland and interact with the many Daltons who will be present at what promises to be a landmark event for the Society. You are urged to return your registration form without delay. Full details of the event are to be found on this website by clicking on “Forthcoming Gatherings”.

It just remains for me to say that, for the time being, you should refer any urgent DGS matters to me at If I am unable to deal with them, I will pass them on to someone who can and I will keep you informed. Subscriptions and deposits for Birr should continue to be mailed to Millicent at her usual address. Again, we all wish Millicent a speedy and full recovery and look forward to her returning to her desk very soon.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the February 2008 issue of “Daltons in History”. I am still hoping for information concerning Scottish Daltons.

Please continue to send to me any ideas for future articles and also keep looking for any information to include in the Dalton Strays section (email:

Contributions for the March issue need to be with me no later than February 25th 2008.