In the September 1999 issue, Vol 2, No. 10 of "Daltons in History", a correction for the birthplace of Msgr. Edward D'Alton is in order. Later information from the Diocesan Office in Galway contained a section of "A Short History of Ballinrobe Parish". by Msgr. D'Alton and in it he describes his birthplace as Kiltulla, Lavallyroe, County of Mayo. It was erroneously reported as Kiltullagh in County Roscommon.


New DGS member, Bernard Dodd, of Concord, NH sought his Dalton/Dodd connection in England. In an article entitled "James Dalton of Lincoln's Inn" which appeared in Dalton Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. 17, No. 2, 1988, a chart depicted the link between George Dalton, gent, of London and the Dodds. His daughter, Elizabeth Dalton, married Bartholomew Dodd of London and daughter, Mary Dalton. married Francis Dodd of London, gent. The Dodds were brothers. This chart took the Daltons back another generation to William Dalton, gent. of Dalton Haye, about 1500.

Freda Dalton Ashton of Sasolburg, South Africa, left a note on the Guest Book that she was born in Wrea Green, Lancashire. Her father was William Dalton who was born in Parbold and her mother was Hannah Mayson of Rufford. Her father had two sisters, Alice and Jane. Her grandparents were William and Alice Dalton. This entry was brought to the attention of Wm. Derek Dalton of Parbold who has exchanged e-mails with Freda and finds that they are second cousins. Derek, the family historian, has much history to share.


Does anyone claim a Daniel or Patrick Dalton (brothers) who emigrated from Ireland to St. Louis, MO? If so you may be related to William Dalton of Oregon who has traced your Irish roots. Contact William at:

Brenda Faubert of Newfoudland is researching Dalton of St. Mary's Bay, Nfld. Her first Dalton is around 1820 in Mother IXXX, Nfld. and then North Harbour, St. Mary's Bay, Nfld. If you have information, contact Brenda:

Candy Lou Brown of Broken Arrow, TX writes that her grandmother was Eliza Dalton and was married to Jack Treadway. Both are burried in West Terre Haute, IN. Eliza's family was from Kentucky and she had two sisters and one brother; Marie Dalton Cooley, Pearl Dalton Ballinger, Tipton Dalton. Contact Candy at:

Bill Dalton, Paris, TX needs information about his Wayne County and Pulaski Dalton/Daulton line. William Shelby and brothers Green, Logan, Newt, and George W. Dalton were around 1860 and he needs the name of their parents. Father might be Joseph. Any information appreciated.

Brent Dalton of Dallas, TX is just starting his search. His grandparents are from Kentucky and his grandfather was John B. Dalton who was born around 1910-1916. John's wife was Eunice Katherine Montgomery, born 1913 or 1916. His great grandfather was Emmit Dalton. Brent appreciates any information: bdalton@,

Janet Johnson from Australia has traced her Daltons to York in Yorkshire around 1800. Does anyone else have Daltons who were living there at that time? E-mail:

Ron Etchison, Jr. of St. Joseph, MO has Dalton/Dolton ties through his mother a Dolton and his great, great grandfather was a Dalton and changed the spelling. He would like information on the Etchison, Carrol, Thornton and Todd lines. E-mail:

Donald Milton Dalton, Jr. of Morristown, TN whose maternal grandfather founded Morristown, TN need help. Leroy Dalton was married to Ethel Bunch. His maternal grandfather was William Morris married to Edna McCreary. Contact Donald at:

David Stanley Jackson of Coppell, TX writes that his great grandfather, Edwin Dalton (1849-1919) married Ida Lee (1856-1929) and had nine children. They are: Florence, Jeanette, Emma, Lucy, Blanche, Isal, Oscar, Lulu, and Pansy and all lived in Galesburg, IL. David would be most grateful if anyone has information on his ancestors that he/she would like to share.

The family of Phyllis Dalton Rhodes is from Randolph County, Arkansas and Doniphan, MO. Phyllis states that there a lot of Daltons buried in the cemetery in Burr, MO. Contact:

William E. Dalton of Springfield, VA was originally from Dugspur, VA and graduated from Hillsville High School in 1949. His father was Plezzea Green Dalton who married Minnie Gertrude Tipton. His grandfather was Oliver Dalton and he had a brother, Kyle, and sisters, Maud, Printie, Flotilla, Toy Reece, Haver and others. E-mail:

Linda May Sellers of Wentzville, MO is searching for information on George Dalton who settled in VA ca 1785. His son, William Dalton is shown in Simpson, KY census for 1820. William had a son named Willis b. 3-12-16, d. 8-9-1854, married Mary Brown. Willias and Mary Brown DAlton had a son , George Washington Dalton b. 5-17-1848 KY, d. 4-1940 Arkansas. He married Saphira Adeline Henry and they had 9 children; Goldburn, William O., Mary Ledora, Margaret Josephine, Easter O., Lou Ida, George Amner, Maude Adeline, & Effie Viola, all born in Ar.

James Dalton of Woodinville, WA is looking for the Irish birthplace of his great grandparents, Patrick Dalton and Esther Lynch. Both were born in 1814 and were probably married between 1830 and 1840. Their children were born in Ireland, in either County Cavan or County Westmeath and were; Mary b. 1841, Brigit, b. 1843, Edward b. 1847 and Lawrence b. 1849 The rest of the children were born in Mineville, NY and the parents must have immigrated around 1849-1850.
Contact James at:

Is anyone familiar with a Christopher Dalton, a Dalton knave, who left VA in a hurry and reportedly settled in the western U. S. If you have information about him or his whereabouts please contact Don Hadrick. Christopher is Don's grand uncle.

Raynor Lewis of Wales is trying to locate the date and place of birth of his great, great grandfather, John Dalton, originally of County Kilenny and married to a ----- Cullen. He served in the Gloucester Regiment. Raynor's grandfather was Eugene Dalton, date of birth and place unknown, and married to Mary Anne Duddy. He served in the Royal Artillery. Their daughter, Margaret Anne Dalton is Raynor's grandmother and was born 13 May 1920 at 11 Emerson St., Londonderry. Although his grandmother is still living, her memory has failed and Raynor would like to hear from anyone who knows of this family. Contact:

In 1978, a DGS member in England submitted a pedigree of his prominent family which dated back to Thomas Dalton (1609-1673) in Bury St. Edward's, Suffolk. This Thomas Dalton became Canon of Durham. His grandson, Thomas Dalton, is buried in Norwich Cathedral (1727) and the memorial tablet contains the arms of the Lancashire branch of Daltons (see DGS Home Page) but also has some differences.

The coat of arms for John Dalton of Bury is described in Corder's Dictionary of Suffolk Arms as follows:

A demi wivern and Arms azure. Azure
a lion rampant guardant and/or Azure
crustilly (and) a lion rampant guardant
argent, a chief barry wavy of four
argent sable.

The similarities between the many Dalton coats of arms suggest that there might be common ancestry, but of course, they provide no evidence for proving the same.

For those who may have their roots in East Anglia, a list of the surnames of spouses follows. This is an extensive pedigree and the chart also identifies Daltons from this family who were at Cambridge.

The associated surnames are: Long, Isham, Feakes, King, Harmer, Haywood, Ruffell, Farmington, Weatherby, Spurgeon, Heart, Squires, Alexander, Browne, Henderson, Tew, Firmin, Greenhow, Brooke, Watkins, Barker, Weybridge, Debenham, Pattisson, Kitching, Anderson, Archer, Starrock, Miller, Weir, Barrie, Jeffrey.

DGS Journal # 7, one of "The First Seven Journals (1970-1977)" contains the full pedigree chart of this branch of Daltons.

Because of the large number of Daltons of Irish descent in North America and Australia,please examine the following casualty records carefully. Parents or wives and their residences in many cases are given and help to narrow the search to a specific location for the birth record of the individual or a marriage record of the parents which may also show the parents of the couple.

Name: Daniel Dalton, Private, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, died 24 Aug 1914, age 39.
Parents: Son of Elizabeth Dalton of Charleville Parade, Tullamore, King's County, and the late John Dalton.
Burial: Belgium.

Name: Edward Dalton, Guardsman, 1st Bn. Irish Guards, died 7 Feb 1944, age 32.
Parents: Son of John and Catherine Dalton of Liverpool.
Burial: Italy.

Name: E. Dalton, Private, 9th Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, died 5 Apr 1916.
Burial: France

Name: E. Dalton, 2nd Bn Royal Irish Regiment, died 3 May 1915.
Burial: Belgium.

Name: Gerald Dalton, Rifleman, 1st Bn. Royal Irish Rifles, died 9 May 1915, age 20.
Wife: Husband of Margaret Dalton of 20 Benburb St., Dublin.
Burial: Belgium.

Name: George Henry Dalton, Second Lieutenant, 3rd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, died 14 Aug 1916, age 27.
Parents: John and Maria Dalton of Shanghai, China, native of Liverpool.
Burial: France.

Name: John Dalton, Private, 6th Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, died 10 Aug 1915, age 28.
Parent: Son of Joseph Dalton of 5 Hanover St, West Dublin.
Burial: Turkey.

Name: John Dalton, Rifleman, 1st Bn. Royal Irish Rifles, died 31 July 1917, age 20.
Parents: Son of Mark and Rachel (Mary) Dalton.
Burial: Belgium.

Name: John Dalton, Private, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers, died 13 May 1915, age 17.
Parents: Son of Edward and Mary Dalton, 110 Queen St., Govan, Glasgow.
Burial Belgium.

Name: John Dalton, Private, Irish Guards, 1st Bn., died 27 Mar 1918, age 24.
Parents: Patrick and Mary Dalton, 164 West Park St., Salford, Manchester, England.
Burial: France.

Name: John Dalton, private, 1st Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, died 12 Mar 1915, age 17.
Parents: Son of John and Margaret Dalton of Ballyrichard Rd., Carrick-on-Suir, Tipperary.
Burial: Belgium.

Name: Michael Dalton, Private, 9th Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, died 21 Mar 1916, age 29.
Parent: Son of Mrs. Mary Jane Dalton, 3 Bishop St., Dublin.
Burial: France.

Name: Maurice Dalton, Private, 8th Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers, died 9 Sept 1916, age 36.
Parents: Son of Jeremiah and Johanna Dalton of Cluen Bansha, Tipperary.
Burial: France.

Name: T. Dalton, Rifleman, 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Rifles, died 19 June 1915, age 21.
Parents: Son of Thomas and Martha Dalton, 48 Hapeton St., Shankell Rd., Belfast.
Burial: France.

Name: Michael Dalton, Private, 2nd Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, died 27 Aug 1914, age 35.
Parents: Son of John and Jean Dalton of Hacketstown, County Carlow.
Burial: France.

Name: Michael Dalton, Private, 5th Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, died 23 May 1916.
Wife: Husband of Mrs. A. Dalton of Newtown, Mount Kennedy, County Wicklow.
Burial: Curragh Military Cemetery, County Kildare.

Name: M. J. Dalton, Private, 20th Bn. Canadian Infantry, Central Ontario Regiment, died 17 Jan, age 23.
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dalton, Carrick, Ballinalack, County Westmeath.
Burial: France

Name: Patrick Dalton, Corporal, 9th Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, died 16 Aug 1917, age 32.
Wife: Husband of Jemima Dalton of Culdeesland, Methven, Perthshire.
Burial: Belgium.

Name: Peter Dalton, Private, 1st Bn. Irish Guard, died 15 Nov 1914, age 21.
Burial: France.

Name: Robert Dalton, Serjeant, 12 Bn. Royal Irish Rifles, died 8 June 1917, age 24.
Parents: Son of Thomas and Agnes Dalton, Lower Woodburn, Carrickfergus, County Antrim.
Burial: France.

Name: Thomas Dalton, Private, 6th Bn. Connaught Rangers, died 31 Jan 1917, age 19.
Parents: Son of Henry and Bridget Dalton, Lavally Gort, County Galway.
Burial: Belgium.

Name: Thomas Dalton, Private, 2nd Garrison Bn. Royal Irish Regiment, died 31 Mar 1916, age 50.
Parents: Mr and Mrs. John Dalton of Patrick St., Dungarvan in North West part.
Burial: Kilgobnet Catholic Churchyard, County Waterford.

Name: T. J. Dalton, 2nd Lieutenant, 4th Bn. attached to 7th Bn. Royal Innis Fusiliers, Royal Irish Regiment, died 9 June 1917, age 20.
Parents: Son of Elizabeth and the late Michael D'Alton.
Burial: France.

Source: War Graves Commission.

So many Daltons have inquired about the possibility of NH Daltons being linked to VA Daltons because of many similarities of given names. Theoretically it should be possible. The one of particular interest is the Virginian, Samuel Dalton, of County Mayo. Samuel was reportedly born between 1699 and 1704. In his family there are Samuels and Timothys.

Upon close examination of the NH Daltons, the only family that falls within the time frame is that of Samuel Dalton, Sr., son of the patriarch Philemon. Samuel Sr. had thirteen children: 6 boys and 7 girls. Of the six boys, three died at a very young age; two married and had large families - one in Hampton, NH and the other in Haverhill, MA and are accounted for.

One son, John, was born on 23 Dec 1666. However there are no further entries for him in Hampton, NH, nor in Essex County, MA, nor in Suffolk County, MA. His next older brother, Timothy, died in Boston, Suffolk County, reportedly at age 18 on 24 Oct 1681. Being in Boston at that age and time usually meant that the boy was a sailor. Could it be that John Dalton followed in his brother's footsteps and did not return to New England? John had a great uncle named Timothy, and in addition to his father, also had a brother named Samuel. Can any one link this John Dalton to the Virginia family?

In another attempt to find a link to an Isaac Dalton, an entry in the Cambridge University Alumni caught our attention. It reads:

"Isaac Dalton, Admitted as sizar at Trinity College, Easter Apr. 24 1674. Matriculated 1674. Scholar 1676. B.A. 1677-8." With so little information would the College of his choice reveal anything about the individual, in particular whether he was a non-conformist? There was no further information relating to birth, residence or death which left an impression that the individual may have departed England.

A query was sent to our English Secretary, Dr. Lucy J. Slater in Cambridge. Her response is worth printing for future reference. Dr. Slater had been a professor at Cambridge.

"The religion changed every time the King/Queen changed all through the 16th/17th centuries, starting with Henry VIII who began the Church of England, which was quite a high church, with a high altar and the priest carrying out the "mysteries" with his back to the congregation. This continued until the start of the civil war. There had been a long period of unrest in the churches, as non conformist ideas crept into Cambridge. Oxford always supported the King and the high church. Cambridge was divided in its loyalties. King's College and Trinity, being Royal foundations, felt they had to be on the King's side, and so they tended to pick students from Royalist supporters.

St John's College and Sydney Sussex were puritan and supported Oliver Cromwell. Indeed Oliver went to Sydney Sussex, but did not matriculate nor graduate although he had completed the courses of study. To sign a matriculation certificate was against his principles. Timothy Dalton went to St. John's of course. After Oliver died in 1658, Charles II returned to England to reign.
He was almost a Catholic, indeed he was said to have taken the last rites from a Catholic priest on his death bed. James II, his brother, was a devout Catholic, so the simple tables which had replaced the high altars when Cromwell was alive, had to be taken away and the high altars put back. William and Mary were Protestant so the altars were put away and the tables came back. The Queen Anne was a Catholic so out came the altars again.

George I was a stout Hanoverian, so the high altars were finally put away and the Church of England was permanently established, somewhere between high Caltholic and low Puritan. It is interesting to note that the church wardens did not destroy their ornate high altars, or their simple puritan tables. They just put away the one not in use and then brought it out again when required.

In the same way, the colleges changed their allegiance slightly as required by the ruling monarch. To this day, one college is considered high church and another one low. Trinity Hall in particular is considered very right wing and Sydney Sussex and St. John's are still a bit non conformist." Today in Cambridge there are three Church of England parishes; St. Augustines is quite low; St. Lukes is middle of the road; and St. Giles, which is a high church, still has incense in a censor swing before Mass, much like the Catholic Church". Dr. Slater is the Executive Secretary of the DGS.

We can assume from the above that this Isaac Dalton was not likely the non conformist we were seeking.

by "Woman Watching" Sanders

DGS member, Rhonda Dalton Parker has submitted a letter from her mother, Bessie Ellen Sanders who has changed her name to her Shawnee Powhatan name, "Woman Watching" which means, "She Who Watches". She writes as follows.

"Forty-six years ago, I married into a rather large family. Some declared it to be "gang related" and as I found out , it was. The Dalton family would get together and talk about the "Dalton Gang" and the visits that were made when the boys came to Kentucky. They would ride in on their horses and eat with the family and tell about the west.

William Tiblin Dalton, elder of this Kentucky branch, was at the time in 1953 remarried to Elsie and living a slow and easy life. On several occasions I met him at the home of his son, Charlie Winston Dalton and his wife, Mamie Alice Tussey, whose son was Raymond Thomas Dalton, my husband. The family of Mamie Tussey were Mullins, Singleton, Fish, Maret, Brown, Burney, Long, Crawford, Calloway and Terry.

At family gatherings, many would speak of Rosa Belle Harlow, William's first wife. She had died shortly before I was introduced to the family. Tall tales were told of Rosa, and I must remember that tall tales are usually that ... tall tales. The family of Rosa Belle Harlow, starting with her parents, were John Harlow and Margaret Johnson, and dates to the Warrens of the Mayflower.

Rosa Belle wore around her neck from childhood to her grave, a necklace of a single nutmeg. One favorite explanation was that it was a tribal status symbol. Her only living daughter, Ivy Dalton McComas of Cincinnati, OH, remembers going to stomp dances on the North Carolina Cherokee Reservation. These tribal dances are private and attended by Cherokees of blood. Ivy tells me that her mother's Native American name was "Bird in Field" yet she cannot remember beyond this as to the clan affiliation to the Reservation. (A photograph of Rosa taken early in this century shows her leaning on a double barrelled shotgun and a cotton tail rabbit hanging from her left hand).

The lineage of William Tiblin Dalton is Thomas Jefferson Dalton and Miranda Evangeline Phillips, Thomas Tiblin Dalton and Elizabeth Bray, John Meredith Dalton and Delphia Dolphy Rucker, Reuben Dalton and Elizabeth Shockley, then Timothy Dalton and Elizabeth Talbot.

William Tiblin Dalton was born December 1877 and died April 1959. William married Rosa Belle Harlow on May 6, 1896 in Madison County, Kentucky and they had 15 children: Charlie Winton married Mamie Tussey; James Floyd married Alverta Young; Ivy married Oliver Young and a McComas; Boyd married Virgie Ekler; John died young; Jeff married June Unknown; Margaret died of tuberculosis; Miranda Helen married Creed Flannery; Dorothy married Karl Marineck; Rosa married Harland Flannery; William married Shirley Unknown; Shirley Doc married Celie; Walter married Mary; Thomas died young; and Lucy married Arthur Sleet.

William's son, Charlie Winston Dalton, born January 18, 1900 died May 1, 1962, married Mamie Tussey August 18, 1920 in Madison County, Kentucky. Mamie was born December 17, 1898. They had nine children: Raymond Thomas (my husband), Charles married Helen Tackett, Margaret Frances married Tom Oldham Roberts, Ora Lee married Gilbert Beasley, Lois Allen married Betty Ray, Allean married Ernest Howard, Robert Glenmore, Opal Dean married Chester Webb and Eddie Bernard married Carolyn Wells.

I married Raymond Thomas Dalton born September 21, 1935 Madison County, Kentucky on December 23, 1953 in Madison County. We had five children: Rhonda Lynn Morning Star, Timothy Ray, Gregory Paul Cloud Walker, Ellen Semple, and Phoebe Geneva Snowbird. My parents were Wilbert Forest Sanders and Annie Geneva Morris. My mother's lineage is back to Pocahontas and John Rolfe. My father's line is through Cornstalk's daughter, Aracoma, and also through the Lowerys of the Cherokees. Thank you for the privilege to share some of our family history with others".

Editors note. There have been several inquries posted about Cherokee/Dalton connections. We are grateful to "Watching Woman" Sanders for sharing, and any comments or queries can be sent to Rhonda Dalton Parker:

More About the Dalton AGM at Swaffham.

Pamela Lynam, Recording Secretary of the DGS, writes of her family's experience at Swaffham in August. Husband, Dave, daughter, Philippa, and Pam's parents, Dennis and Joan Dalton, met at Swaffham on Friday afternoon. On Saturday, the local vicar showed them around the church and they observed several gravestones of their Dalton ancestors in the church yard. Pam's father was very moved by the experience as he had never been to East Anglia before and had not seen where his father was born nor baptised. Pam also met her cousin, the DGS secretary from Australia, Maureen Collins.

At the dinner, Pam's father met a cousin whom he had not seen for sixty years. When they exchanged addresses it turned out that they lived near one another. Pam notes, "The weekend was a weekend I will remember for a long time and father said it certainly was a weekend he will remember". Dennis Dalton and his brother are now arranging a reunion with their recently found cousin