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In the March 1999 Issue of "Daltons in History", Vol.2, No.3, there is an article relating to John Cardinal D'Alton. In it there is mention of an uncle, Rev. Edward A. D'Alton, LL.D.,M.R.I.A. Rev. D'Alton was an historian, scholar and Dean of Tuam. Thus far only two brothers have been identified. They were Joseph, father of the Cardinal, and Rev. Peter J. Dalton of Oranmore.

From Rev. Brendan Kilcoyne, Diocesan Secretary, Archibishop's House, Tuam County, Galway there is the following information from the Archdiocesan Registers. Edward D'Alton was born C. 1865 at Kiltullagh, County Roscommon in the Townland of Ballinlough. His parents were John Dalton and Nellie Reynolds. He was ordained on February 2, 1887 and served the following parishes in County Gaiway: Cong - 1887-1888; Monivea - 1888-1891; Kilmaine - 1891 - 1893; Turlough - 1893 - 1897; Belcarra - 1897 - 1906; Athenry - 1906 - 1911; Ballinrobe - 1911 -1941.

Msgr. D'Alton was appomted Vicar Forane and Canon in July 1911. He was promoted to Canon Theologian of the Cathedral Chapter in September, 1920 and then was appointed a Domestic Prelate Monsignor in December, 1921. Msgr. D'Alton was made Dean of the Cathedral Chapter in April, 1930 and was appointed Vicar General of the Archdiocese on 10th January, 1933. He died at Ballinrobe, County Galway on 25th January, 1941.

Among his works is a "History of Ireland" from the earliest times to the mid 1600's. It is a highly detailed account of the hundreds of years of strife, intrigue, treason, cabals, wars, devastation and genocide written by a man of Anglo-Irish descent who researched the subject to its utmost. This three volume tome was published in England in 1910.

In Volume I we find an answer to a question that was raised in "Daltons in History" article "Who is Princess Jane?" While we do not have an answer to the identity of Jane, we do have an answer to the doling of lands in Meath by Hugh de Lacy to his vassals. In Chapter XV, page 258 is the following. The time period is 1172-73.

"De Lacy was in full possession of East Meath.........and had enormous possessions in Westmeath, in all some 800,000 acres of land. The greater part he parcelled out among his vassals, who were to hold these lands by military tenure". Not all of the grants have been identified but the following have. "To his friend Hugh Tyrell he gave Castleknock; to Meyler FitzHenry, Ardnocker in Westmeath; to Jocelin De Nangle, lands around Navan and Arbrecan;* to Adam De Feipo, a district near Santry and Clontart, to Gilbert De Nugent, Delvin in Westmeath; to De Misset, the lands of Luin in Meath; and to Richard De Fleming, or Richard of Flanders, lands in the neighborhood of Slane.

Besides these, he settled in the district and endowed with lands Petit and Gilbert De Nangle, and Robert De Lacy, and Richard De la Chappel and Hugh De Hose and Adam Dullard; and to Richard Tuite**, as well as to all these, he gave fair possessions and no doubt to others also whose names are not recorded. Each recipient was to build a castle as a stronghold."

Legend has it that Walter De Aliton was given lands in Meath, but according to the above list of vassals of Hugh De Lacy, it does not appear that De Aliton was among them. It would also seem that Msgr. D'Alton, a descendent, would have identified an ancestor. Within the three volumes, there is only one reference to a D'Alton. It occurred in 1398 when Irish and English forces engaged in a battle in which the English suffered defeat. "MacGeoghegan of Westmeath killed the English Chief, Maurice D'Alton".'Vol. II, page 403. Note D'Alton is referred to as a Chief.

On page 486 of Vol.II there is an interesting paragraph, part of State Papers given to Henry VIII in 1515 which describes the degeneration of the English Chiefs. "They had ceased to be England's subjects or to recognize its laws. They intermarried with the Irish, adopted Irish customs, spoke the Irish tongue. Each had his brehon to adminster the law, and each had an Irish harper in his hall." It mentions numerous families in several counties "And in Meath, in the neighborhood of the Pale itself, were the Dillons, the D'Altons, the Tyrells and Delameres, and Tuites, no longer holding their lands by English tenure, but each in the Irish fashion being called the captain of his nation". Perhaps this was the reason that they were eventually dispossessed.

When one reads the historical account of the devastation and destruction as well as the loss of thousands and thousands of lives during the centuries of struggle, it is remarkable that any records exist today. One note of interest was the presence of English Puritans in Ulster during the early 1600's. This history is out of print but can be obtained through inter-library loan.

The next step in identifying the De Aliton grant in Ireland is to obtain the English Pipe Rolls for the 1170-1180 period. In this effort we are having difficulty locating them or in learning whether they even exist.

* Ardbrecan was the birthplace of Daltons in the mid 1700's as noted in the descendency charts of an American DGS member, Daveda Bundy.
** It is likely that the Tuites and Daltons intermarried much as the Dillons and Daltons. Tuites who married Daltons carried the Tuite name as a given name. In the taxation rolls of Cavan in the mid 19th Century the name Tuite Dalton is listed three times in the Parish of Ballynachugh. The Townlands are Aghacreevy, Bellsgrove, and Kilnahard.

Editor's note. With the birth information of Msgr. D'Alton, the identity of the Cardinal's grandparents has been made. Reynolds, a Thomas and William, were located in Kiltullagh in the mid 19th Century and when searching try using the proper name for Nellie which is Ellen. For those wanting to pursue this further, write to each of the parishes cited in paragraph 2 above, particularly to Ballinrobe where there may be an available burial certificate and newspaper obituary.

One branch of the Dalton family that we know little about is that which emigrated from Ireland and settled in Londonderry, NH. There have been several inquiries about this family and thus far we have been unable to help. Typical is the inquiry from Judy Olson who has done extensive research and documentation on her family and has also used the services of a genealogist.

Michael S. Dalton executed a deed in Rockingham Co. in 1777, placing the year of his birth before 1756. The following year, he married Hannah Alld (Auld), on 28 April 1778 in Merrimack, NH. Hannah was the daughter of William Alld and Lettice Caldwell Alld who had emigrated from MA to Merrimack, NH (and then moved on to Peterborough, NH). Hannah was born on 7 Feb 1755 in Merrimack, NH, and among sources is the date on the gravestone in Londonderry which also contains some information about her husband, Michael S. Dalton. Londonderry is 10 miles east of the Merrimack River and in Rockingham County. Merrimack is due west on the western bank of the river and in Hilisboro County and access had to be by ferry.

Seven months after their marriage, William Alld Dalton, their first child, was baptized at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Newburyport, MA on 13 Oct. 1778. The parents are identified as Michael Stratford and Hannah Dalton of Chester, NH. Why the child was baptized in Newburyport, over 50 miles away from Chester, is a question. Was there a connection between Michael Stratford Dalton and Capt. Michael Dalton who had been a founder and warden of the church? It also raises other questions of whether they gave their correct address or whether Chester was a temporary home. Couples who produced "premature" offspring were subject to punishment and this is a conceivable reason why they temporarily left Londonderry. Behavioural regulations in Londonderry were unusually strict.

On the estate inventory of Michael S. Dalton it is noted that he had a shop in Londonderry near the Rev. Davison's Meeting house". He preceded his wife in death according to the will of Hannah's father who referred to his daughter as the widow of Michael Dalton. This couple had other minor children when Michael S. Dalton died.

A marriage between William Alld Dalton and Mary Jane Rediford on 11 Nov. 1811 was located in Wiscasset, ME. Prior to the marriage a record shows that William was a chairmaker in Bath, ME in 1808 where he was also involved in real estate transactions. In 1812 he and Mary Jane were of Wiscasset selling land in Lisbon. In 1819 he is of Lisbon again buying and selling land. By 1850 the couple was living in Augusta, ME where their son James died.

This couple also had a son, William A. R. Dalton who lived and died in Chelsea, ME. This William reportedly was born 23 Feb 1809 in Lisbon, Lincoln Co., ME. In the 1820 Census of Lisbon the family consisted of 4 girls and 3 boys. Judy's gg grandfather James Dalton, b. 3 Mar. 1816 was one of these children.

Judy would like to hear from other Daltons whose ancestors emigrated to Londonderry, NH and then migrated to other parts of the state or to Maine. Contact:

from Millicent Craig

By the mid-nineteenth century, the use of the apostrophe in the name D'Alton had waned to such a degree that there were only 20 families still using it according to the tax rolls and it was most prevalent in County Kilkenny where half of the incidences occurred. It was most notable in Odagh Parish where Henry, James, John, Mary, Mary and Michael maintained it; Catherine and James in Ballinamore; Catherine and Mary in Tullaghanbrogue; and William in Freshford. Some lived in the same Townlands.

In Mayo it was connected with the ancient names of Dominick, Henry, James and Garrett and appeared in Kilmovee parish. Dublin also had a share of D'Altons. There were three D'Altons in Dublin City at St. George's Street and included William, William, and John the latter being of Summer Hill. One John was located at Swords, Dublin. And finally, there was yet a D'Alton, Andrew, located at Meath in Arbraccan parish.

Descendents still using the apostrophe are generally located in Australia and in South Africa. Some South African Daltons, who claim to be descended directly from the French use d'Alton for their surname as do French and German d'Altons. Daltons whose Irish ancestors used the apostrophe and were living in Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century may be able to concentrate their search in the above parishes. For Townland information contact:

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The backlog of queries is becoming quite large so there are over 15 posted in this section. Please scan them carefully as there may be a connection for you. You may also post your query on the Guest Page where it will remain for about six months.


In January 1999 Clair L. Kuppenbender of Canby, OR asked for information on the DGS Guest page concerning Julia Dalton and Sam McGee who were married in Colorado. In July the request was seen by Yvonne Myrick from Stratton, CO. Her husband is a relative to Julia and now they are in contact.

DGS member Tina Culbertson of FL has found a cousin, Donna Thomas in PA. Both are descendents of Joseph and Jane Whitman Dalton who came to PA from Wetheral Cumberland, England. Joseph's parents were Thomas and Ann Ainsley Dalton, also from Wetheral. Are there other cousins? TinaCulbertson@fdle.state.FL.US

Josie Dalton of London posted a query on the guest page in July. After some correspondence it became clear that her grandfather, Frank Dalton, was a first cousin to my mother, Millicent Dalton. Her grandfather was a brother to the late Fred Dalton of Accrington whose widow Nellie is a member of the DGS. With no uncles aunts or cousins, Josie now has an abundance of relatives in the Croston, Lancashire area.


Ed's grandmother was Flossie Dalton and married Addie McMinis on May 27 1906. Both were raised in Pittsylvania Co., VA. Flossie died c. 1937. Her parents were Octavia Dalton and Robert Lee Dalton (Octavia's maiden name was Dalton). Ed knows that he has lots of relatives and would like to find them. Ed is in Ferrum, VA.

Stephen J. Dalton, Broxburn, West Lothian, Scotland has traced his family back to the early 1800's to the provinces of Connaught and Dublin. His ggg grandfather, Thomas Dalton, married Rose Ann Moran and thus far he has found three children of this union. They are John H., Thomas and Patrick. Stephen's line is from Thomas. E-mail any information to: S.J.Dalton@btinternet. com

Betty Goad Aikens of Pulaski, VA is looking for a connection to her Ousley J. Woosley family that is tied into the Daltons. If you are a descendent of Millard Ousley b. 10 Mar. 1872 and d. 30 Dec.1945 and married Aldora Dalton b. 25 Aug. 1878 and d. 1 Oct.1955 she would like to hear from you. Aldora Dalton Ousley remarried to Will Akers. Millard Ousley is the son of John Jerden Ousley and Susannah Dalton. Millard also had a brother, Albert Ousley. Contact Betty at:

Martha Tucker, Fairmont, WVA seeks others knowledgeable about her gg grandmother, Elizabeth Dalton, married to John Hurley in Newcastlewest, County Limerick, Ireland on 23 Feb. 1819. Witnesses were Jeremiah McCarthy and Roger Sweeny. Their children were Martin b. 1822, Johanna b. 1829. Martin emigrated to the U. S. in the late 1840's and is her g grandfather. E-mail:

Lisa M. Cole is looking for any connections to Frank Carr who was married to Elizabeth Dalton in Schuylkill Haven, PA by Rev. M. F. Maaze. Frank was b. 1846 and d. 1875; Elizabeth was b. 1846 and d. 1890. In 1860 an Anna Hubbard lived with them. The children are: William H., Charles F. (Lisa's gg grandfather), Mary, Franklin, Hettie, George (born in Philadelphia), and Ellen who married Van Sandt in VA. E-mail:

Debbie Dalton Smith of TN will exchange information with anyone recognizing her family names. Debbie's father was Glen Dalton and her mother was Gladys Shorter Dalton. Her grandfather, John Tyler Dalton, married Lula Lee and had eight children: Mildred, Edith, Jay, Glen, Scotty, Kyle, Lee, and Betty. John's second marriage to a Pauline produced children John, Jr., Bobby, Tommy, and Billy. Contact Debbie at:

Brendan J. Dalton of Ireland writes that his grandfather, Patrick, was a land owner in "Stoneford", Kilkenny and hopes to visit and interview an elderly relative to gather family history. Is there any one else from this Parish? Contact:

Michael Nelson of Fullerton, CA is looking for descendents of John Dalton (birth date unknown) who married Pauline Sugg in Feb 1828 in Union Co. KY. Pauline was b.c. 1814 in Ohio/Kentucky and d. 10 June 1882. Does anyone have information on this couple? E-mail: mdn@sprintmail. com

Linda is still looking for Felix Dalton who was born in 1845 - not sure whether it was in Carriganshire, Carrick-on- Suir or Carrigaline. He married Margaret Sullivan who was born in Limerick. They emigrated to Schuylkill County, PA where Felix worked in the mines. The family moved to Kanawha County, WVA and Felix died there in 1908 and Margaret died in 1924 in Indianapolis. Linda has documentation for the children of this union but needs Irish documentation. E-mail: ichanaz@primenet. com

Lillee Workman, Columbus, OH states that her husband's relatives go back to Pine Creek, Grayson Co. Va. James Dalton was born there in 1770 and died between 1860-1870 in Logan, Co., VA. He married Mary Sarah "Molly" Adams in 1798. She was born in 1780 and they had 14 children including: James, John, Alex, William, Allen, Sally, Martin, Lewis, Larkin, Matthew, Malinda, Lemuel and Andrew. Contact Lillee at:

James F. Dalton, VA has 4,000 names in his data base which he will share. His ancestry is as follows: Father, James Monroe, 1874-1953, Carrol Co., VA; Lewis Alexander, 1832-1812, Carroll Co., VA; Lewis Dalton, 1794-1860, Eastern District, Grayson Co., VA; James, 1770-1851, Bedford/Eastern District, Grayson, Co.; William, 1748-1811, Bedford/Eastern District Grayson, Co., VA. Timothy, 1710-1767 (Richmond) Bedford Co., VA; John 1670-1725. Old Rappahannock Co., VA. Contact James at:

DGS member Dee Dalton of AZ hopes someone will know something about her ancestor Jesse Dalton who was born in Paducah, McCracken, KY and married Alice Parker at the turn of the century. Jesse's parents were William M. and Linda C. Sprague Dalton who married 17 Mar 1863 in Nashville, Co., TN. Contact Dee:

Another person is looking for a Jesse Dalton who was supposedly born c. 1815, TN. He and his wife, Nancy were married c. 1834 and were in the Nashville area (1-3 years) for the birth of their first child, then moved to Jackson Co., MO. He had a son, George Washington Dalton. Contact Beverly Clark:

Roger Dalton would like to find out something about his ancestor, Jesse Dalton as well. Jesse was born in Beckley, WV and his father was John. That is all of the information Roger has so perhaps someone can help him.

Edward Ayer's grandmother was Kathryn Dalton who was born in Philadelphia in 1877. She died in childbirth after 1909 and Edward has no other information about her. He is in Mayville, NJ. and can be contacted at:

Bill Dalton is at a standstill. His ancestor was John Dalton who maried Anna (unknown) and who had four sons who were baptized at St. John the Baptist Church in Croydon, England. They are George, b. 1809, c. Dec 111810; William, b. 1812. c. Feb 28, 1813; John b. 1814, c. May21, 1815 and Edward "Ned" b. Dec. 2 1817. A fifth son was Frederick.
Edward was a stonemason, served in the US Civil War, Mississippi Vol. Inf. and died in Wakeman, OH 1841. Frederick, according to his naturalization papers came to the US in 1841 and had been a pharmacist in England. Bill needs to find the marriage of John and Anna Dalton, her maiden name, and where John Dalton was born. Contact:

Eileen Collins from Yorba Linda, CA writes that her gggrandmother was Matilda Dalton who married Ausban Coffey. Matilda was born on Jan 30, 1805 and died on her birthday Jan 30 1899. Her father was Enos Dalton who married Rebecca Williams and Eileen would like to know about them. Contact: marciadoodle@yahoo. com

If you are a Dalton descendent in England with a Richard in your family tree who was born in Croston and grew up in Church, married in Manchester, left to open a pub in the London area, please contact

Name: James Edward Dalton, Sergeant Royal Australian Air Force, died 28 Aug 1942, age 22.
Parents: Son of Edward Bede Dalton and Jessie Agnes Dalton of Darlinghurst, NSW.
Burial: Germany.

Name: John Philip Sinclair Dalton, Flight Sergeant Royal Australian Air Force, died 7 July 1944, age 21.
Parents: Son of Robert Martin Dalton and Dorothy Grace Dalton of Caulfield, Victoria.
Burial: Oxford Cemetery, Oxfordshire, England.

Name: James William Dalton, Private 20th Bn. Australian Infantry, died 2 May 1917, age 22.
Parent: Mr. J. Dalton, 15 Mabyn Rd., Plumstead, London.
Burial: France.

Name: Lindsey Dalton, Private AJF, 2/21 Bn. Australian Infantry, 11 July 1945, age 24.
Parents: Son of Arthur Samuel and Amy Mildred Dalton of North Essendon, Victoria.
Burial: Indonesia.

Name: Leslie Charles Dalton, Sergeant Royal Australian Air Force, died 6 July 1942, age 25.
Parents: Son of Robert James Dalton and Ellen Dalton; husband of Freda Annie Caroline Dalton of Malvern, Victoria.
Burial: Uganda.

Name: Lionel Sydney Dalton, Commander HMAS, Sydney, Royal Australian Navy, died 20 Nov 1941, age 39
Parents: Son of Edward Lyle Dalton and Nancie Dalton; husband of Margaret M. Dalton, Mosman, NSW.
Burial: Plymouth Memorial, Devon, UK.

Name: Maurice Desmond Dalton, Private, AIF 2/4 Bn. Australian Infantry, died 20 May 1941, age 34.
Parents: Son of Arthur and Mary Anna Dalton of Weemelah, NSW.
Burial: Greece.

Name: Norman Charles Dalton, Private, 15th Bn., Australian Infantry, AIF, died 9 Aug 1916.
Parents: Son of Charles and May Dalton of 45 Woodcot St., Sydney, NSW, native of Melbourne, Victoria.
Burial: France.

Name: Ronald Dalton, Private, AIF, 2/3 Bn. Australian Infantry, died 22 Nov 1943, age 21.
Parents: Son of Cecil Ernest and Lizzie Ann Dalton of Waratah, NSW.
Burial: Myanamar.

Name: Rae Charles Dalton, Flight Serjeant, Royal Australian Air Force, died 7 July 1944, age 27.
Parents: Frederick William Cope Dalton and Caroline Janet Dalton of Murrunbuna, Victoria.
Burial: Austria.

Name: Richard John Dalton, Corporal, ACMF Australian Army Canteen Service, died 22 July 1942, age 51.
Parents: Son of Martin and Mary Dalton; husband of Margaret Ileen Dalton of St. Kilda.
Burial: Williamstown General Cemetery, Victoria.

Name: Stanley Dalton, Chief Stoker, HMAS Yarra, Royal Australian Navy, died 4 Mar 1942, age 43.
Burial: Plymouth Memorial, Devon, UK.

Name: Stanhope James Dalton, Private, AIF, 2/29 Bn. Australian Infantry, died 20 Jan 1942, age 38.
Parents: Son of William Joseph and Mary Dalton; husband of Winnifred Lillian Dalton, Ormond, Victoria.
Burial: Singapore.

Name: William Edward Dalton, Private, 18th Bn, Australian Infantry, AIF, died 3 May 1917, age 23.
Parents: Son of Timothy and Bridget Dalton of "Jenola", Lenthall St., Kensington, NSW.
Burial: Manila

Name: William James Dalton, Gunner, 36th Group Australian Heavy Artillery, died 1 Jan 1917, age 22.
Parents: Son of William Thomas Dalton and Mary Elizabeth Dalton of Wagner Rd., Clayfleld, Queensland.
Burial: France.

Name: William James Dalton, Private, AIF, 2/20 Bn. Australian Infantry, died 16 Nov 1944, age 35.
Parents: Son of Alexander and Ethel Dalton; husband of Hazel Dalton of Wallerawang, NSW.
Burial: Malaysia

Name: Wilton Kenworthy Dalton, Private, 30th Bn. Austraian Infantry, AIF, died 20 July 1916.
Parent: Youngest son of the late Wilton Dalton (Manager of the Gainsborough Branch of Sheffield Bank) of Morton, Gainsborough, England.
Burial: Australia/ American Memorial. France.

Name: William Leo Dalton, Bombardier, 7th Bde Australian Field Artillery, died 14 Feb 1919, age 26.
Parents: Son of John Harper Dalton and Annie Dalton, 315 Millere St., North Sydney, NSW, native of Scone, NSW.
Burial: France.

Name: William Shortall Dalton, Sapper, Australian Infantry, AIF, died 5 May 1917, age 26.
Burial: Belgium.

Name: William Sydney Dalton, Private, AIF 2/28 Bn. Australian Infantry, died 13 Nov 1943, age 30.
Parents: Son of Sydney and Mary Dalton of Canning Bridge, Western Australia.
Burial: Papua, New Guinea.

Source: War Graves Commission, England.