extracted by DGS Archivist, Michael Cayley.

In the DGS' never ending search to verify the legend of Walter and Jane de Aliton, Michael Cayley has discovered a calendar of documents that extend back to 1293, a little over 100 hundred years after the alleged founders of the Irish Dalton branch reached Ireland. Theoretically, this would be four or five generations removed from the founders. Please note the variations in spelling of the surname as in de Daltone, etc. that could indicate several different lines. This set of calendars will be presented in three parts.

Calendar of Documents relating to Ireland 1293-1301, pub. PRO 1881
Michaelmas 1296. Received by the sheriff of Dublin, of chattels of Rose Dalton, forfeited, 1 mark
1298 Letters of attorney in Ireland for persons remaining in England, or in England for persons remaining in Ireland.
Peter de Stradelinges, going to Ireland, attorneys John de Daltone and Nicholas Faunceys, 2 years, 6 April 1298
1298 Letters of protection for persons in Ireland, or in England for persons going to Ireland.
William Dalton and others going to Rome with the Archbishop of Dublin, 2 years, 24 Feb 1298

Calendar of the State Papers relating to Ireland, 1509-73, pub PRO 1860
December 1548. Gerald Dalton, Captain of his Nation, to Lord Deputy Bellyngham. Sending him a Captain of kerne, who had done the king diligent and true service in Ireland, France, and elsewhere.

Calendar of the State Papers relating to Ireland, 1574-85, pub PRO 1867
1577, Galway. edward Whyte to Sir N Malbie. …. M’Owg hath given foul words to Thomas Dalton.

Calendar of the State Papers relating to Ireland 1586-8, pub. PRO 1877
March 1587. Queen Elizabeth to the Lord Deputy. There hath been exhibited to us here, an humble supplication by our loving subject Thomas Dalton of that our realm of Ireland, containing complaint that he is dispossessed from certain towns, castles, and lands, by Gerrot Fitz redmond, who being a man (as he allegeth) of great power by reason of his alliance, he is not able to contend by suit of law for recovery of that, which he saith is his right, we have therefore been pleased to recommend his cause to the consideration of you our Deputy and Council there, willing and authorising you hereby to take the hearing and determining thereof unto you, and to make such good end therein as ye shall find to be agreeable with equity, which to bring to pass you shall use such means as yourself can think fittest and best. And because you shall the better understand his griefs, We send unto you here included the petition that he exhibited unto Ourself, referring you nevertheless to such former information as he and his counsel shall there deliver to you.

Calendar of the State Papers relating to Ireland 1596-7, pub. PRO 1893
2 June 1597. Queen Elizabeth to the Lord Deputy Burgh. Directing him to repossess Alison Dalton, widow of Roger Dalton, of certain lands in Munster, whereof Garrett FitzJames, otherwise called Lord Decies, had dispossessed her and her son, the Queen’s ward. Greenwich.
June 1597. Warrant from Queen Elizabeth to the Lord Deputy Burgh and Counmcil, to take order for the satisfaction and relief of Allison Dalton, widow, and her son Roger.

Calendar of the State Papers relating to Ireland 1598-9, pub. HMSO 1895
October 1598 - portions from manuscript history. …. In the county of Waterford, Mistress Dalton, an English gentlewoman and widow, forsook her castle of Knockmone.

Calendar of the State Papers relating to ireland 1599-1600, pub. HMSO 1899
17 Nov 1599, Dublin. Letter from Council of Ireland to Privy Council. Postscript. At the signing of this letter we received advertisements that eight or ten gentlemen of the Darcys, and as many of the Daltons of Westmeath, all gentlemen of English nation, are gone into rebellion, and we cannot but think that sundry others within the Pale and borders thereof will run the same course.
18 Nov 1599, Dublin. Sir Robert Napper, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, to Sir Robert Cecil. ….I note also that in the Pale the breaking out of these septs, as the Breminghams, and now the Husseys, all the Daltons, divers of the Darcys….
Jan 1600. Report made to the Earl of Essex and the Council of Ireland. …. County of Westmeath - “In this county the Omalaughlins, the greatest part of the McGeoghegans, being borderers of the said county, some of the Nugents, and Geraldines, are in rebellion, and most part of the lands in that border are waste.
“The forces of these rebels were last certified to be 160, besides Captain Tyrrell, who hath 200 Ulstermen and other strangers; but, since that time, the eldest son of William Nugent, second brother to the Lord of Delvin, and gerald Oge FitzGerald’s son, are both revolted to the rebels; who, being principal gentlemen, will no doubt draw a great many after them, besides many of the Daltons and Pettits, to the strength of above 100.”

Calendar of the State Papers relating to Ireland 1600, pub. HMSO 1903
8 May 1600, Dublin. Sir Theobald Dillon to Sir Robert Cecil. Postscript. Even now I received news from my house that, upon Friday last, the Omalaughlins and their confederates came in my absence here to my brothers, and took their prey and spoil, my own company being left far off at Athenry in garrison. Notwithstanding, my brothers rescued the prey, with the loss of one James Dillon, my nephew, and three of my kinsmen, with five horses. Yet, I thank God, they slew two of their principal men, one Dalton and Omalaughlin, with six more besides, many more sore galled and hurt; this being done three miles this side of Athlone, and none that had entertainment from her Majesty came to the skirmish.

Calendar of the State Papers relating to Ireland 1601-3 with addenda for earlier years, pub. HMSO 1912
October 1597. Petitions to the Queen of Alison Dalton of Cappoquin.
(1) shewing that:-
Petitioner is the widow of Roger Dalton esq, who lately died in Ireland. Six years ago her husband purchased of Sir William Hatton of Holdenby, co. Northampton, for 1600l., his whole seignory in the co. Waterford, containing divers castles, manors, lands &c to the number of 12,000 acres, which descended to Sir William as cousin and heir of Sir Christopher Hatton, Lord Chancellor of England, and had further been assured to the said Chancellor, as one of the principal undertakers in that country for your majesty, your majesty receiving a rent of 60l. a year. All these castles, lands &c were lawfully found to come to your Majesty by the attainder of the Earl of Desmond and his accomplices; and Anthony Poher, the High Sheriff of co. Waterford, has since given peaceable possession thereof to one John Knight of London, agent for the said Sir Christopher Hatton, to the use of the said Sir Christopher.
Before petitioner’s husband could go over to take possession “Garrett, Fitzjames of Dromaninge [Dromana], who calleth himself Lord of the Deeses [Decies] country, and divers others of the irish by his evil example” inrtruded into more than 6,000 acres of the lands comprised in the Lord Chancellor’s patents (and of which his officers were in quiet possession) and stil detain the same. Petitioner’s husband during his life paid the full crown rent of 60l. for the lands, but scarcely enjoyed more than one third thereof. Petitioner still pays it to her great impoverishment, “having eight small children left her in that wild and rude country”.
Prays for an order repossessing her and her eldest son Roger in all the lands set out in the letters patents until Garrett Fitzjames or any other Irish claimants shall have proved a title thereto before the Barons of the Exchequer in Ireland, and for the remission of rent pro rata in respect of any of the said lands to which any such claimant may establish his title, and for the right to deduct from future payments what petitioners may have already overpaid in rent in respect of such lands.
(2) Shewing that:-
In June 1597, your Majesty directed letters to the Lord Deputy and Council in accordance with the prayer of this petition.
The Lord Deputy died [on 13 October 1597] before petitioner could get the benefit of this order.
Prays for a new letter. She has since this rebellion maintained two castles for the Queen, and has lost more than 1,000l. on them since June 1597.
The humble petition of Alison Dalton, daughter of Avis Erisie.

Part II, Calendars of Ireland will be printed in December 2001.

from William S. Dalton

About a year ago, William Dalton of Chesterfield, MA traveled to Ireland to locate the roots of his family. After searching church records and cemeteries in El Finn (Elphin), County Roscommon, he still was unable to document the births and marriage of his great grandparents, John Bernard Dalton b. 1814 in Roscommon and Catharine Kelly b. 1827in Roscommon.

William has sent the following message and family tree. "My great grandparents were married in Ireland and came directly over to the US. Their parents (no names) stayed in Ireland and are buried at El Finn (no dates). A brother came over with them, they became separated in New York and he was never heard from again. I have no idea how they arrived in Texas, Maryland. My father always said that they left Ireland from County Cork, in the late 1840's. His best guess was 1849; he did say that they left because of the potato famine.

We also know that Catharine Kelly’s father was a cabinetmaker in Ireland and made her a bureau for a wedding present which she brought with her. I made an effort to locate it several years ago with no luck. The last any one knew of it was that Hanlon Lancaster had it. John Bernard Dalton worked in the quarries in Texas, Maryland which is near the present day Towson.

The Dalton Family History, Created October of 2000 by W. S. Dalton
William Stewart Dalton Rebecca Trail Dalton
Born Dec 16,1938 Born Sept 20,1940
Baldwin, MD Chattanooga,TN
Our Children: Laura Riley Dalton - Feb 28, 1963. single
Patrick Stewart Dalton - May 27, 1964, Married Lucy, no children
Hayes Martin Dalton - April 15, 1968, Married Julia Moren 3 children Lilly, Jackie, Hailey _______________________________________________________________
Father William Martin Dalton Gertrude Edwina Riley
Born June 10,1904 Born May 17,1911
Hartford Co., MD Pleasantville, MD
Died July 5, 1983 Died March 13,2000
Chesterfield, Mass Chesterfield, Mass
Their Children: William Stewart Dalton , Dec 16,1938 (See Above)
Agnes Edwina Dalton, Dec 8,1940 Married Lloyd Lacompe 1 child, Robbie
Regina Ann Dalton Died May 17,1967
Grand Father: Joseph Patrick Dalton Margaret Lynch
Born 1872 Born 1875
Hartford Co. MD Hartford Co., MD
Died Oct 28,1928 Died April 5,1940
Both are buried @ St Johns Catholic Church, Long Green, Maryland
Their Children: John Dalton married Gladys Jones- 2 children Paul & Mary
Sarah (Sally)-married Leo Jones- 5 children Clearance, Louise, Gladys, Martin, Frances
Mary married Francis Caine 1 child William
Cecelia never married
Raymond (Buck) married Mary ?- 5 Children Mary Agatha, Joseph, Margert,Gertrude & Dorothy
William M. Dalton, My father
Margert Died at age 16 typhoid fever
Agnes Died at age 6- spinal meningitis
Eugene Dalton married Marie Oiler-2 children Ruth, Mary
As of this writing all of the brothers & sisters are deceased and buried at the same church as their parents
Great Grand Father John Bernard Dalton Catharine Kelly
Born, 1814 Born, 1827
Roscommon, Ireland Roscommon, Ireland
Died, ? Died, ?
Both are buried @ St Johns Catholic Church, Longreen, Maryland
And my guess is that most of the children are also buried there.
They were married in Ireland and came right over to the US in the
Late 1840's, we think 1849.
Their Children: Sally married- Morris Elwood; children?
Margaret married James Hanlon; children-?
William married Annie Riley,my mother's father's twin sister
Children; Carl Francis, Ann, Eddie, Rose
Therese married John Lynch; Children?
Katie never married, died at age 20 or so
Joe married Margaret Lynch (my mother & father)
Hannah married William Cochran

If you recognize members of this family either from El Finn or from Hartford Co., MD, please contact William Dalton directly. E-mail: WDalton@ChicopeeTurbocare.com

extracted by Millicent Craig

In this issue of "Daltons in History", there are several new files listed on the Home Page for the DALTON DATA BANK. One file is for Montana and it seemed appropriate to relate the story of a Dalton who was orphaned in St. Louis but through education and hard work attained the good life for him and his family in Montana.

Patrick Dalton rose to treasurer of the Hidden Lake Mining Company as well as superintendent of the Converter Department of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company. He was born in St. Louis, MO on February 28, 1863, the son of James and Ellen McNinery Dalton. James Dalton who was born in 1820 in Ireland, came to the US as a young man and settled in St. Louis where he worked as a foundryman and moulder.

In 1861 he enlisted in the Missouri Volunteer Infantry Regiment and was killed on the Mound City gunboat. Ellen Dalton, his widow, who was also born in 1820 gave birth to their son, Patrick, shortly after the death of her husband. She died while Patrick was quite young and he was raised by an uncle, John Dalton of St. Louis. Patrick received a pension of $8.00 per month as a result of his father's death in the Civil War.

Patrick graduated from high school in 1878 a not too common acomplishment in those years. From age 17 until 23, he worked for Evans Howard and Company in St. Louis. He arrived in Butte, Montana in the spring of 1887 and within a year was working for Anaconda Copper Mining Company where he was continually promoted. As superintendent he managed 350 men and the output of his department was 1,000,000 pounds of ore daily when the plant was working at peak production.

In 1893 Dalton married Catherine Reid at Anaconda, a daughter of Patrick and Catherine Reid of County Mayo, Ireland. They had one daughter, Mary who taught in the Anaconda Schools.
Dalton was held in high esteem in the community and was elected to the City Council many times during a 20 year period. Although date of death was not given, it is believed he died in Anaconda where he had built a fine home.

Source: History of Montana, Vol. II, 1921.p. 155 and our thanks go to K. To Mapstone for recommending this item.

Editor's note. The Anaconda Copper Mines were one of three copper mining locales in the U. S. that offered work to the unemployed copper miners of the Bere Peninsula in Cork, Ireland. Daltons were among those emigrants.

compiled by Millicent Craig

In this issue of "Daltons in History", there is another long list of Dalton descendents who are attempting to find ancestors. We welcome your queries and the Query Team will do its best to respond. If a reader can be of assistance please contact the submitter directly.

Queries and Responses

Rachael Kerrigan is having difficulty tracing her great, great grandmother Elizabeth Dalton who cannot be found in any records. Elizabeth's father was in the English Army and stationed in India and her parents sent Elizabeth back to Ireland to be reared. She emigrated to the U. S. and to San Francisco where she married a Norwegian sea captain, Johannes Sannes. They had at least one child, Rachel's great grandmother Blanche who was born in 1898. Response: Catherine Dalton's birth does not appear in the records of India that have been compiled thus far for the DALTON DATA BANK and she does not appear in the Ellis Island Index. Elizabeth Sannes does not appear in the California records and we will continue to search as new data becomes availabe. Can anyone help Rachael? E-mail: r.s.kerrigan@worldnet.att.net

Nancy Cohen is new to genealogy and is searching for Cora Dalton b. approximately 1886-87 in Kentucky. She married Samuel B. Moren in Laurel, KY and died 14 June 1938 in WA. Nancy is her great granddaughter. Response: Begin by obtaining the death, and marriage cetificates for Cora and Samuel. Nancy had the birth of one of the children in London, Laurel, KY and that is also the address for the county courthouse records office. Contact Nancy at E-mail address: na.cohen@gte.net

Patrice Connelly of Australia is searching for the bithplace and relatives of Ellen Dalton who was born in County Galway around 1790. Ellen married a McManaway from County Roscommon and their eldest son, Thomas Dalton McManaway, was born in Youghal, County Cork in1810. They apparently left Ireland and settled in Wakefield, East Riding, Yorkshire. Response. A search of the 1881 Census of the UK showed that there was not a single McManaway enumerated in the entire country indicating that either the family had left England or had no male Dalton descendents. Although County Galway covers a large area and hundreds of parishes, there were few Daltons in this county. Suggest that the first search be limited to the five parishes and townlands of Galway where Daltons are listed in Griffiths Valuation.. Anyone with knowledge of this family, please contact Patrice at: E-mail - Patrice@saraband.com.au

Linda Han is still trying to learn where her elusive ancestor Felix Dalton was born in Ireland. In the records available not a single Felix has appeared except in the 1880 Census of West Virginia. Linda thinks that his name may have been James Felix and may have been born in Carriganshire or Carrick on Suir. Anyone with help for Linda may contact her at: ichanaz@mindspring.com

Penny Koffler of Oregon is seeking a Cumberland, England marriage record for John Dalton, b. 13 Feb 1829 and Mary Elizabeth Hodgson b. 13 Mar 1845 at Wetheral. Does anyone know whether there is a parish other than St. Giles in Wetheral? If someone reading this resides in the area would you be able to help find the record? Contact Penny at: pennyword@webtv.net

Michelle of Canada needs help with her ancestor. Bridget and William Dalton emigrated to Ontario, Canada. Bridget remained there and died in 1899 at the age of 92. William disappeared from the household in the 1871 Census and it is not known whether he died prior to the Census or whether he left for parts unknown. Michelle found this couple in the Missing Daltons file of the DALTON DATA BANK. Does anyone know the whereabouts of William? We did not find him in the 1880 Census of the U.S. although members of this family emigrated at a later date. Contact Michelle at: Mridalton@aol.com

Helen White of the UK has an ancestor, James Dalton, who was born in Ireland perhaps Limerick but no birth date. He was married in Tasmania in 1858 and died in New Zealand in 1917. Although there are marriage certificates for his children, there are no record of birth registrations. Does anyone have any ideas on this one? Contact Helen at: h.white@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk

Becky Serl Dixon is trying to find the birthplace of her great grandmothr, Mary Ann Dalton b. March 25, 1895. Mary Ann's first husband was Lloyd Leroy Serl . Mary Ann's third husband was Looney who died in Iola, Allen KS in July 1988. Mary Ann's parents are believed to be John Dalton and Sylvia Engdahl. Response: A search for Becky has produced no results. Can anyone help? E-mail : YOuBEStyLn@aol.com

Al Quimby has an ancestor "Jack" Tolbert Percy Dalton who played major league baseball between 1910 and 1916. He was born July 5 1885 in Henderson, TN to Tolbert Saunders Dalton and Martha Gooch. His brother Plesse Saunders Dalton b. IL in 1888; sister Lena b. 1882 TN and Lola b. 1891 VA. Family resided in Baltimore in the 1920's. Al is trying to learn where and when "Jack" died. Response:There are plenty of baseball stats on "Jack" but no indication of his death. Contact Al at: E-mail: aquimby@edge.net

Andrew Dalton of Maine and his family have been searching for years for their direct ancestor Walter Dalton. Response. Walter at 7 years of age appeared in the 1880 Census of Gardiner, ME with his parents and siblings. Another sibling was located as a maid at a local hotel. In addition a possible marriage of Walter's parents was located and the family now knows that their ancestry is Irish and where to concentrate their next search. A most grateful letter was received from this family.

New DGS member Dave Dalton has hit the proverbial wall in trying to locate members of his family. Pennsylvanians attention! Does anyone have knowledge of the offspring of a George and Mary Dalton Barrow who ran a pub near Philadelphia in the early part of the 20th C. Mary was reportedly from Limerick. Mary's sister Anne Dalton married Michael Dillon probably in or near Albany NY. In order to obtain death certificates dates are needed. Response: The only possible clue is an Anna Dalton who arrived from Limerick as mentioned in the Ellis Island Index. Can anyone help Dave? Any Barrow offspring out there? E-mail: daveedwards@catskill.net

Item of Interest
Arthur John Paris of Australia invites you to view his web page: http://arthurparis.topcities.com
Arthur tells the remarkable story of being descended from 10 criminals and of course, one of them is a Dalton. This Dalton was transported from England after being tried at age 11.