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A few months ago, there appeared on the GOONS (Guild of One Names Studies) list, a notation by Merryl Wells of a Dalton archaelogical find in Wales.

Your editor tracked down the story and Alun Lloyd Davies, web master of St. Peter's Church in Carmarthen, Wales has written the following account of the find. The text in its entirety is the property of the church and any correspondence for verification should be addressed to St. Peter's.

At the end of this article, the Dalton Genealogical Society has provided the connection of the principals to the Dalton line going back to the 13th Century. Hundreds of Daltons in the U. K. and America are descendents of this main line.

St. Peter's Parish Carmarthen
by Alun Lloyd Davies

"What secrets has the West Wales Parish Church of St. Peter, Carmarthen, been hiding for nearly two centuries?

The eleventh century church of St. Peter's is currently being given a much-needed 'face-lift'. Part of the million pound restoration programme is removing the existing chancel floor and constructing a new concrete replacement. However, what was found underneath the chancel was a surprise to everyone and an extremely important find historically.

The chancel floor was subsiding and had to be replaced. After the original floor was removed, the archaelogists moved in and excavated to a depth of a little over a meter. They uncovered several memorial slabs from the 1870's but it is a large brick vault in the centre that caused the greatest jubilation. It has a domed roof and the memorial slab reads as follows:

'In this vault are deposited the remains of
Charlotte Augusta Catherine Dalton,
eldest daughter of James Dalton Esquire,
formerly of this town and of
Bangalore in the east Indies,
she died on the 2nd Day of August, 1832
aged 27 years.
Also the remains of Margaret Augusta Dalton
second daughter of Daniel Prytherch, Esquire
of this town and Abergole, in this county,
by Caroline his wife,
youngest daughter of the above
James Dalton,
she died on the 24th day of January 1839
in the Ninth Year of her age'

Who was Charlotte Augusta Catherine Dalton? Who was her young niece? To find out, we must now move back in time two and a half centuries.

We've all heard of the'Madness of King George' but it doesn't end there! Poor George III is reputed to have had so many lovers that it has made many historians mad too! To my knowledge (and I profess to know little of the subject), he was supposed to have married at least three wives!

One 'wife' was a Maria Fitzherbert. Another that he had been in love with was a Sarah Lennox. He married his Queen Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in 1761 when he was 22 years. But was she the real Queen? Had he married before?

Prince George, Prince of Wales, had in fact, fallen in love with and married a Quaker girl, Hannah Lightfoot, three years previously in 1759. It is understood that she was the daughter of a linen-draper. The marriage and the existence of their children was kept secret to allow him to re-marry. They married at Kew (on the outskirts of London) on 17 April 1759 and the marriage documents can be seen at the Public Record Ofice there. Therefore, his later marriage to Queen Charlotte in 1761, was in fact a bigamous one. This second marriage lasted for 57 years and they had fifteen children.

What happened to Hannah after this is lost in the mists of time. Doubtless to say, her existence and that of their children was one of the greatest secrets of the 18th Century. It is understood that King George's two 'marriages' co-existed and that his children from Hannah did not 'arrive' until long after his 'marriage' to the Queen.

It is understood that King George and his secret wife, Hannah had three children - two sons and one daughter. The eldest is reputed to be George Rex. He is reputed to have sailed to Cape Town, South Africa, in 1797 to save the monarchy from scandal. It is also understood that he never married- on the strict instructions of his father - so that there would be no legitimate heirs. It is said, however, that he did have children - two boys - from a coloured slave. It is, however, the daughter, Catherine Augusta, that is of interest to the people of Carmarthen.

Catherine Augusta married James Dalton, a doctor of medicine, in India on 20th October, 1801. James Dalton, who originated from Carmarthen, was an officer of the East India Company and spent some years in Bangalore in the East Indies. He was probably a descendent of the Dalton family who, in the 18th Century, lived at Clog y Fran House, near St. Clears ( a town some ten miles from Carmarthen). It is understood that Catherine died in 1813 in Madras but not before she had borne him four children - two sons and two daughters. It is understood that all four children were baptised in Madras on the 20 October, 1813. Had Catherine died in childbirth? We do not know.

It is said that Dr. James Dalton returned to Britain on the 16th September 1823. His two sons and Charlotte did not live very long after this. Charlotte died on 2 August 1832 aged 26 years and was buried in St. Peter's Church, Carmarthen. It is not known whether the burial was a secret affair, but certainly no record was kept and knowledge of the burial was not handed down through the generations. It is also known from the Dalton family that they had no knowledge of the burial place. For her tomb to be within the chancel and directly in front of the altar surely suggests that she was considered to be someone extremely important.

Charlotte's sister, Caroline, had also settled in Carmarthen and married Daniel Prytherch. Prytherch was, it is understood, distantly related to her, there having been a marriage between the Daltons and Prytherchs prior to this. They had 13 children* - four sons and nine daughters. It was their third child, Margaret Augusta Dalton (Dalton being her Christian name) who was buried with her aunt in the tomb at St. Peter's Church. Margaret had died as a child of eight years. Daniel Prytherch was a prominent person in the town and was, sometime, its Mayor. He was also a magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Carmarthen. His family home was Abergole (or Abergolau) House at nearby Brechfa.

Does the royal connection with St. Peter's Parish end there? Well, no it doesn't! There is another interesting link. The church's magnificent eighteenth century organ was originally meant for the Chapel Royal at Windsor. The best organ builder of the time, George Pike England, had been ordered by the king to build a great organ for his beloved home at Windsor (one of the official homes of the reigning monarch). However the organ never reached its intended destination. It found its way to Carmarthen. Was it the King's wish that it should go to St. Peter's? It is unlikely that we shall ever know the answer.

Ironically, it was the organ that helped us to make the other connection between the King and the church. It was the great weight of the organ that caused the subsidence and the need for a new floor and the bringing to light of the Dalton tombs.

One mystery still remains unanswered, however. When the Dalton tomb was opened, four coffins were found. Who were the other two in the tomb? Could one be the body of Hannah Lightfoot, the King's bride? I am afraid that we shall never know as the tomb is again under concrete".

* Since writing this story Alun has heard from a descendent who states that there were 13 children from this union and thus we may be able to add to this story at a later date. Our appreciation is extended to Alun for a most revealing story.

From the Archives of the Dalton Genealogical Society

The forbears of James Dalton go back to Sir Rychard Dalton of Byspham in Lancashire, Knight, circa 1230, as recorded in Flower's Visitation of Yorkshire 1563-4 and reported in detail in DGS Journal, Vol.1, 1970.

James Dalton's branch in Wales is descended from James Dalton and Joyce Vaughan and this descendency has been recorded in DGS Journal, Vol. 13, No.2, 1984.

This line has been well researched by the DGS and for further information, please contact Dr. Lucy J. Slater who is familiar with the research and the church at Carmarthen. Her e-mail address: LJSWardle@aol.com

If any of the descendents of this line wish to make a contribution to the restoration work at St. Peter's, please visit their web site for further information. http://netministries.org/see/churches/ch08035

compiled by Millicent V. Craig

In the lead article listed on the home page, "Announcement -The Dalton Query Team", there is described an improved procedure for responding to your queries. Each query will be brought to the attention of the volunteer who has expertise in your geographical area of interest. You may continue to post your query on the Guest Page or send directly to one of the Team Captains on the three continents mentioned in the article.

In December 2000, there was a query from Maria Rosario Dorega in Argentina whose great grandfather was Santiago, born in Westmeath, Ireland. A follow-up with Maria revealed that the name was Cristobal (Christopher). He had married Ellen Molly. We could refer Maria to the December 2000 web page article, Argentinian Daltons. In section VII of the article was the family history of Christopher Dalton and his children and grandchildren. In section V of the same article was the listing of her great, great grandfather, James Dalton, and his father, also a James Dalton. Marie now wants to make contact with relatives from Westmeath on whatever continent they may be. You may contact her at: thedaltonfox@mail.com If you are a Dalton and live in Westmeath Ireland, please contact the editor. Millicenty@aol.com.

Rita Dalton's great great grandfather, William Anderson Dalton was born in or near Cleveland Co., NC on Feb 26 1810. He married Polly Young, born Sep 26 1819. He may be related to a Timmothy or Mary Dalton who are listed in the Census records about the time of his birth. E-mail: rdalton@abts.net

Mr. John Charles Edward D'Alton was born in Hobart Tasmania but now Living in Brisbane. He would like to hear from other D'Altons. E-mail: jcdalton@pegasus.com.au

Mary Aileen Huttlinger from Virginia writes that her grandmother was Jeanne D'Alton of Petersburg, VA Her father was Frank D'Alton son of James D'Alton she believes. James had four children; Frank, John Josie and Julia. She is anxious to learn more about her roots. (This is the first D'Alton who has written from the U. S. and perhaps she has cousins in Australia. Ed. note) E-mail: maryaileenn@aol.com

J. Madonna Kasper from Iowa is looking for her great grandmother Ellen Dalton Brown, b. 1832? Her father was Thomas Dalton from Ireland. Ellen married John Hickey in 1860 in Ottawa, La Salle County, Illinois. In 1870 they moved to Altoona, Polk County, Iowa.. Ellen and John Hickey had six children, one of whom was her grandmother, Julia Elizabeth Hickey born in 1865. She married James Ryan, born 1860 in Ireland. She believes that Ellen and John were both born in Ireland. E-mail: JMadonna@yahoo.com

Lori Chenevare (Dalton) of Medina, OH is the daughter of James Arthur Dalton of Tazwell, VA. Looking for the correct name of her grandfather who may have been Walter Dalton. E-mail: fchenevare@home.com

Annamarie Dalton of California has roots in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England and the history goes back 150 years. Annamarie would like to hear from anyone with roots in Leicestershire. E-Mail: D2045308@aol.com

Dawn Martinez of Denver CO. is looking for a Tom Dalton from Rhode Island who was stationed in Fort Carson, CO during 1979. E-Mail: flygirl156@home.com

Carl Andrew Dalton is now living in Hampshire, UK and is interested in hearing from any DGS members who are interested in the Louth area of Lincolnshire in the late 1700's and through the 1800's. He would also like to hear from his namesake, Carl Norris Dalton from the USA. Carl your e-mail was rejected. E-Mail: carlandjuliedalton@ukonline.co.uk

John Dalton of Norwich UK was born Jan 10, 1947 in Sanky Cottages, Earlstown, Lancashire. He attended St. Mary's and St. John's School If anyone out there knows him, please get in touch. E-Mail: jdalton@btinternet.com

George Dysinger of Humble, Texas is looking for information on his Dalton line. His 3rd great grandmother was Nancy Dalton, daughter of LeGrand Dalton. E-Mail: gmdysinger@msn.com

Gregory Dalton, Florida if you will give us more information on your relatives we may be able to make a connection. E-Mail: GregoryDDalton@msn.com

Allen Hale of Northern Ireland was trying to locate a long lost contact from Catterick, UK in 1965. Marlene Dalton was then 53 and living with a brother who joined the British Army. Marlene became an Army nurse. allen@hale485.freeserve.co.uk
Response: We were able to send electoral rolls and other information for tracing Marlene through her service records.

Sharon Oxley of Sonora, CA states that her great great grandmother was Mary Ann Dalton. She was born on Jan 7 1834 to John Dalton and Sarah Dalton who were cousins and lived in Hawkins County, TN. Their other children were Emery, Sarah, Elizabeth, Alexander and John. She believes that John Dalton was the son of Lewis Dalton, and two of his siblings were Patience and Judy. Mary Ann Dalton married Sharon's great great grandfather, Peter Huff (aka Hoff) on July 29, 1852 in Athens, Clark Co., MO. E-Mail: shane@mlode.com

Derek Wray Townshend sent a query through rootsweb concerning the Wrays/Daltons and Townshends of Sleningford. This is a family that has been researched by the Dalton Genealogical Society and was passed on to Dr. Lucy Slater who did the original search.

William Dalton of Chicopee, MA inquired about the Daltons of Maryland, a branch that came from Ireland and are buried in Longreen, MD. William has sent a lengthy data list and it will be printed in a future issue. Meanwhile anyone connected to this Maryland branch may send an e-mail to: WDalton@chicopee.turbocare.com

BDalton is trying to find the ancestry of one relative, George Dalton, born in Dublin in 1745 and baptized in St. Patrick's Cathedral. He is seeking the maiden of George's mother. E-Mail: Bdalton30@aol.com

compiled by Millicent V. Craig

It has been estimated that there are over 300,000 of Irish descent in Argentina. Judging from the large number of offspring of the emigrants, it is safe to say that there are hundreds of Dalton descendents living there at the present time. It has been gratifying to hear from two of them who were pleased to learn of their roots through the data that has been presented in "Daltons in History" over the past two months.

The following and last section of this series contains a listing of the marriages of female Daltons, and Dalton contrbutors to fund raising events in local parishes.

Marriages of Female Daltons

Bridget Dalton to Thomas Duffy. Bridget was born in Ireland in 1836 and died 1 Feb 1914. She married Thomas Duffy who was born in County Westmeath in 1818. He resided in San Andres de Giles in 1895. Their children: a) Juan Duffy born in 1863 and died in Buenos Aires on 29 Sep 1918, single; b) Tomas born in 1865; c) Patricio, born in 1872 and died in Buenos Aires on 29 Oct 1936, without issue; d) Ana, born in 1867; e) Catalina born in 1875; f) Rosa, born in 1880. p. 288.

Catherine Dalton to Miguel Gardiner . Catherine Dalton was born in Ireland in 1870, the daughter of Michael Dalton and Ellen Leavy. She died in Buenos Aires on 3 Oct 1927 ansd is buried in San Isidro. Her husband, Miguel Dalton, was a rancher in Arrecifes. He was born in Chascomus in 1852, and lived for 30 years in Arrecifes (Arroyo Luna) and then moved to Bell Ville where he died on 5 Jul 1916. Their children:
1. Miguel Gardiner, born in 1881 and married Marianna Mac Gaully in Capitan Sarmiento on 4 Apr. 1907
2. Juan Gardiner, born Arrecifes 27 Oct 1882 and died in Bell Ville on 11 Nov 1950. He married Elvira M......and had the following children: a) Juan; b) Miguel; c) Sister Thelma Gardiner, a nun.
3. Maria Ines Gardiner, born in 1884, died in Buenos Aires on 13 May 1965. She married Santiago Quinn on 24 Apr 1907.
4. Margarita Gardiner, born in the year 1888 in Salto and died in Buenos Aires on 5 May 1957.
5. Tomas Gardiner, born in the year 1889 and died in Gral. Piran on 9 Jul 1954.
6. Catalina Gardiner, born in 1890 and married in Bell Ville on 17 Jul 1912 to Patrick Crinigan son of Francisco Crinigan and Brigida Mackinson, with issue.
7. Rosa Gardiner, born in 1893 and married Alejandro Gomez Aguirre on 8 Mar 1941 and died on 8 Mar 1941. (Aguirre is said to be a corruption of Maguire). p. 382

Anne Dalton and Nicholas Howlin. Anne Dalton was born in 1837 and married Nicholas Howlin who was born in Ireland in 1830 and was living on a ranch in 1869; he died in 1895. Seven children are listed. p.487.

Christine Dalton and Edward Nolan. Christine Dalton, born in Miltown (Ireland) in 1837 and died in Venado Tuerto on 2 Feb 1892. She married Edward Nolan who was born in Ireland in 1829 and was residing in San Andres of Giles in 1869. There is a very long chart of the family, children and grandchildren of Christine Dalton on p. 741.

Mary Dalton and James Phillips. Mary Dalton was born in County Westmeath in 1834 and died in Mercedes on 10 July 1914. She married James Phillips who was born in Westmeath in 1825 and in 1869 was living in Partido de Mercedes and died in Navarro on 27 Nov 1891. A fairly long family history can be viewed on p. 751.

Catherine Dalton and Patrick Sheridan. Catherine Dalton was born in Ireland in 1857. She married Patrick Sheridan who was born in Edgeworthtown, County Longford in 1857 and was living in Chacabuco in 1895. Data on children, Felix, Elena, Ana, and Margarita Sheridan is given on p. 836.

Ellen Dalton and Edward Slavin. Ellen Dalton was born in Ireland 1846. Edward Slavin, rancher was born in Ireland in 1844 was was residing in Merlo in 1969 and married Ellen. Their children were Eduardo, Martin and Patricio Dalton and further information about their lives is printed on Page 843.

Elizabeth Dalton and Denis Tormey. Elizabeth Dalton was born in Moyvore, County Westmeath in 1837. and died in Mercedes on 22 Mar 1903. Denis Tormey was born in Mullingar, County Westmeath in 1825, the son of Lawrence Tormey who came to Buenos Aires in 1844 and was a rancher in Suipacha where he died on 15 Dec 1902. He and Elizabeth were married in 1854. They had 8 children, Margarita, Marcela, Maria, Dionisio, Ana, Elena, Julia and Lorenzo Tormey. p. 866.

Dalton Subscribers to Fund Raising Events.

This data can be correlated with the above family data. Source: The Story of the Irish in Argentina.

Irish Names of Direct Tax in 1842.
John Dalton

List of subscribers to the Irish Relief Fund of 1847.
W. Dalton, W. Dalton, and P. Dalton

Conributors to the Irish Infirmary Fund,.
Patrick Dalton, $50; James Dalton, $50.

Subscribers to the Father Fahey Memorial Fund, 1872
Carmen De Areco List - T. Dalton
Salto List - P. Dalton

Defense Fund created in 1880 - prosecution of Parnell and his Lieutenants.
P. Dalton

First Fenian Prisoners Fund 1867
Michael Dalton
Christopher Dalton
Timothy Dalton

Rescue of the Irish Hospital from Bankruptcy, Buenos Aires, New Years Day, 1872
District of Carmen Areco - contributor, H. Dalton.

Editor's Note. We hope that this data enables you to find long lost relatives. As with all data, it is subject to your confirmation and documentation. There is a an interesting statement in Murray's book about the descent of surnames. We have progressed on the assumption that nearly all Irish Daltons are descended from one man, Walter de Aliton. Murray claims that in the early settlements of Irish villages, villagers often assumed the name of the most prominent member of the village.

New York Bank Records - Brooklyn

Catherine Dalton, b. 1796 Colmkill, County Longford, Manhattan Bank
Edward Dalton, b. Dungannon, County Tyrone, Manhattan Bank
John Dalton, b. Nads, County Kildare, Manhattan Bank
Michael Dalton, Staten Island Bank
Ellen Dalton, b. Gloutane, County Cork, Manhattan Bank, married name Scanlon

Canadian Bank Records
Unclaimed Balances at the Bank of Canada

Among the thousands of Unclaimed Balances at the Bank of Canada in Ottawa, are the following Daltons. Requests for information, searches or the filing of claims may be obtained by contacting the bank at : ucbalances@bank-banque-canada.ca

Joshua Dalton and/or Kathleen Dalton
Guy Dalton Estate
Brutus Joseph Dalton
Patricia Cutler Dalton
Gary Dalton
Philip Noel Dalton
Michael Dalton Estate
Dalton Road Development Corporation
Mary Jane Dalton Estate (F. H. Snider c/o Newman, CA
Marian Patricia Dalton and Rita Johnson
Christopher Ralph Dalton
Sandra Dalton/Traders General Insurance

Tasmanian Wills

An Index of Tasmanian Dalton Wills from 1894-1915 has been compiled by the Archives Office of Tasmania. This may not be a complete listing as processing is still underway.

1894, Frederick Thomas Dalton, Will No. 9672
1902, Edward James Dalton, Will No. unlisted
1914, James Dalton, Will No. 9434
1914, Walter Edwin Dalton, Will No. 9359
1915, Amy Dalton, Will No. 8672.
For reference, page number and ordering instructions, click on to: http://www.archives.tas.gov.au/