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During the Great Depression in the US, President Franklin D. Roosevelt launched the Works Progress Administration, otherwise known as the WPA. Not only did it give laborers work but it initiated projects in the arts and humanities. One of those projects was aimed at preserving the history of slaves and slavery. Through a series of interviews with freed slaves or their relatives, there emerged a wealth of information that was recorded in the dialect of the southern slave. Today it would be politically incorrect to print the dialect. With a few exceptions, your editor has taken the liberty of transcribing it and passing on the valuable genealogical remembrances of one called Unka Challilie Dalton. By referring to the place names he mentions, the area in which he spent his life can be pinpointed on the map.

The Memories of a Slave

At the time of the 1934 Census in North Carolina, Unka (uncle?) Dalton was living near Anderson Scales' store in the forks of the Mayodan and Ayresville roads in Rockingham County, NC. That evening in July he was resting and complaining about the noise emanating from "The Red Wolfe Medicine Troop of Players and Wheels". This was perhaps the last of the medicine shows and like carnivals to travel the country.

Three years later, in 1937, the interviewer returned to find him living at the home of his son, Frank Dalton, and he was then 93 years of age ( born about 1844). He was born on the plantation of Master Lee Dalton who was married to Miss Matilda Steeples (Staples). Master Lee Dalton lived on Beaver Island Creek at the John Hampton Price place. Price married Miss Mollie Dalton, the daughter of Master Lee Dalton.

Unka Challilie Dalton's mother was Silvia Dalton and his father was Peter Dalton. Master Dalton owned both of them. It would appear from the report that Master Dalton may have had a biological relationship to his master. Unka Dalton's parents were buried in the cemetery reserved for colored "to the side of Stoneville". The white Daltons were buried on the old Jimmy Scales plantation. In 1937 it was owned by John Price who owned the tobacco warehouse in Madison. His tenant is Parse (parson?) Walt Hill and the plantation is five miles from Madison. Other Daltons are buried in the old Deatherage graveyard close to Stoneville. Master Lee's mother was a Deatherage.

Although President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, Unka Dalton remained on the plantation until he was about 48 years of age (c.1892). He farmed for Master Lee who was kind to him. When he left, he purchased about an acre of land in Madison, NC, built a house, married Ellen Irving of Reidsville, NC and fathered eleven children. Frank, his son, married Mattie Cardwell; one died in West VA; Cora married Henry Cardwell; Hattie married Roy Current and they are in Winston; Della married Arthur Adkins, and there was Joe and George and Perry and Nathaniel Dalton.

Unka worked as a clean-up man at the mill in Mayodan until nearly 90 years of age. He recalled that Mary Mann married Anderson Cardwell and they were buried at Mayodan. The graves contained the slaves of Miss Nancy Watkins Webster but the graves have been built over with a tract of bungalos.

Unka Dalton mentions more of the Scales and Cardwell families of whom there were hundreds in Rockingham County and in other northern North Carolina Counties. In the accompanying article, the "Marriage Bonds of Rockingham County", there is listed all of the Daltons who lived near him in Rockingham County and those who were listed in the U. S. Censuses as living in Beaver Creek Township, Stokes County. We understand that these are the recollections of a 93 year old man and as with all data, requires documentation but hope that it will prove helpful toward making family connections.

Marriage bonds are a good source of genealogical information because they were taken out in the county of the bride's residence by the prospective groom. Not in all cases did a marriage ensue and in some cases it is quite likely that the marriage took place outside the bride's county of residence. The Works Progress Administration under the administration of President Roosevelt abstracted and assembled these records. There were taken from the State Archives of North Carolina. When examined beside the North Carolina Census records of 1790-1890, they reveal additional useful information.

There were 39 Dalton marriage bonds recorded in Rockingham County between 1793 and 1868 as follows:
Nicholas Dalton and Rachel Hunter, bond date 24 Jun 1793, bondsman Robert Dalton
Charlotte G. Dalton and Pleasant Scales, bond date 15 August 1817 (Pleasant Scales officiated at several of the marriages).
Mary Dalton and Gabriel Critz, bond date 18 May 1819
Sarah Dalton and Garret Watts, bond date 27 Jan 1820, bondsman Thomas Dalton and witnesses; Robert Dalton and William Dalton
Elizabeth M. Dalton and Richard P. Cardwell, bond date 7 May 1832
Nancy K. Dalton and Jno Martin, bond date 19 Oct 1833
Mary Dalton and Ulysses Hand, bond date 29 Feb 1836
Charlotte Dalton and James Scales, bond date 16 Nov 1837
Susan D. Dalton and Alexander Searcy, bond date 9 May 1839
Mary M. Dalton and Leonard Johnson, bond date 5 Sep 1839
Reuben Dalton and Malinda Stovall, bond date 10 Feb 1840
Samuel A. Dalton and Mary Scales, bond date 3 Nov 1824 (witness Ewel C. Dalton)
Nicholas Dalton and Elizabeth Scales, bond date, 3 Nov 1842
Elizabeth Dalton and Edward Matthews, bond date 17 Feb 1846, bondsman William Dalton
Jane Dalton and Walker Smith, bond date 18 Sep 1846
Mary Ann Dalton and Valenine Hylton, bond date 23 Jan 1847, bondsman, William Dalton
Mary S. Dalton and William M. Ellington, bond date 14 Oct 1847
Mary Ann Dalton and Romulus H. Gladdson, bond date 21 Apr 1849
Lucy Dalton and James Irvin, bond date 31 Aug 1852, marriage date 31 Aug 1852
Charlotte V. Dalton and David M. Matthews, bond date 24 Oct 1858, marriage date 2 Nov 1858
Mary L. Dalton and William Brodnax, bond date 12 Jan 1859
Martha F. Dalton and Francis J. Stone, bond date 9 Nov 1860, marriage date 15 Nov 1860
Sally Dalton and George W. Frady, bond date 21 Sep 1868
Nicholas Dalton and Mary Ann Ellington, bond date, 1 May 1849
Benjamin Dalton and Pattie Terry, bond date 8 Mar 1861, marriage date 8 Mar 1861, bondsman John Dalton
William F. Dalton and Lizzie Hand, bond date 11 Dec 1861, marriage date, 17 Dec 1861
Susan V. Dalton and Larkin Deshazo, bond date 8 Jul 1862, marriage date 10 Jul 1862, bondsman William Dalton
Robert F. Dalton and Ruth E. Dalton, bond date 23 Aug 1865, marriage date 28 Aug 1865
*Mary H. Dalton and John Price, bond date 19 Oct 1866, marriage date 23 Oct 1866

Anthony Dalton and Martha Scales, bond date 31 May 1867 (?son of Joseph and Aggie Harris)
Henry Dalton and Amanda Rosebrough, bond date 30 Apr 1867
York Dalton and Sarah Jane Rosebrough, bond date 30 April 1867
Philip Dalton, Sr., and Caroline Price, bond date 28 Mar 1866, marriage date 29 Mar 1866, bondsman Philip Dalton, both listed as colored.
Philip Dalton and Eliza Deshasey, bond date 13 Jan 1867
Sarah Dalton and Pinckney Cardwell, bond date 25 Jun 1867
Lula Dalton and Robert P. Price, bond date 1868
Sally Dalton and Abram P. Foster, bond date 21 Sep 1868
Charlotte Dalton and Adam Dalton, bond date 22 Dec 1868

This list shows many marriages between the Daltons, Scales, Cardwell, and Price families who are mentioned in Unka Challilie's recollections. Many of the principals lived within a 15 mile radius of his home and included the towns of Mayodan, Stoneville, Madison, Reidsville. Beaver Creek Island (the site of the Dalton/Price plantation) appears to be just over the County line in Stokes County.


As evidenced in the marriage bond listings, the name Charlotte Dalton appears several times. The first notation of a Charlotte Dalton is in the 1790 Census of Rockingham County where she is head of the household, has 5 males and 6 females in the household along with 9 slaves. This may have been a tobacco plantation.

In the 1860 Census of Stokes County there is listed an A. B. Dalton, age 55, farmer, with a personal valuation of $13,000. He may well be the Absalum B. Dalton listed below in the 1870 Census of Beaver Island Township. Several Dalton children are listed as well as Mary Poindexter Dalton , age 62 and D. Toberson Dalton, age 38.

The 1870 Federal Census of Stokes County lists the following residents of Beaver Island Township and they are clustered in successive pages of the Census records. They were: Absalum B. Dalton page 110; Alex Dalton page 112; Julian Ann Dalton page 113, and Dicey Dalton page 112. One or more of this group may have been connected to Master Lee Dalton, as discussed in the preceding article.

In addition to the Daltons who were witnesses in the above marriage bond listings, several Daltons were witnesses or bondsmen at other bond applications in Rockingham County. N. Dalton who may have been Nicholas, served as a witness to 25 bond applications between 1819 and 1847 and as a bondsman, 4 times. Ewell Dalton and Leander Dalton, either singly or jointly, served as witnesses approximately 12 times between 1819 and 1836, and Leander Dalton served as bondsman during that period. In the 1870 Census Ewel Dalton was enumerated in Mayo Township. Other Dalton witnesses included; James Dalton, 1827; John Dalton, 1832; John H. Dalton 1834 and 1837; and John M. Dalton 1835.

Between 1815 and 1866, several other Daltons served as bondsmen: Samuel Daltom, 1815; Robert Dalton and Samuel Dalton 1827; Thomas Dalton 1842; Rufus Dalton 1860; R. J. Dalton 1856 and John Dalton, 1866. A most unusual situation occurred in 1827 on the application of Sally Morris and Thomas Dority. Four Daltons appear in the register; Robert and Samuel A. Dalton are listed as bondsmen and Ewell G. and Leander Dalton are listed as witnesses.
Another possible connection is in the marriage records of Illinois. In 1895 there is listed the marriage of Yewell Dalton Scales and Lucy Margaret Barbre.

* Finally, the above marriage of Mary H. Dalton and John Price in 1866. Mary H. Dalton may well be the "Mollie" mentioned by Unka Challilie Dalton in the preceding article and the daughter of Master Lee Dalton. Your editor also wonders whether the name "Lee" was shortened from Leander since Lee, per se, does not appear in the censuses. As with all data, documentation should follow by the user. Many residents of Rockingham and Stokes County, NC had emigrated from Virginia to take advantage of the fertile land and may indeed have come from the Pittsylvania, VA area.

compiled by Millicent V, Craig

Many of the Daltons on the following list were titled, professionals or property owners.
In order to maintain their property or to practice their profession (under the Penal Laws) they converted from the Catholic to the Anglican religion. There may also be in this list those who converted from the Presbyterian faith. For some it was a temporary arrangement of convenience but for others it was a lifetime committment.

The data was extracted from the Calendar of Converts, 1703-1838, Vol. I

key: ap =applied; ac =accepted

Gerrard Dalton, Gentleman, Dublin; ap. 1 Dec 1709, ac. 24 Dec.1707
Thomas Dalton, Gentleman, Dublin; ap.1 Jun 1725, ac. 3 June 1725
Peter Dalton, Dublin; ap. 3 Dec 1731, ac. 7 Dec 1731
James Dalton, Dublin; ap. 17 Nov 1726, ac. 16 Oct 1727
Edmond Dalton, Kellyshenally, County Tipperary; ap. 22 Oct 1731, ac. 24 Nov 1731
Timothy Dalton, Dublin; ap. 21 Dec 1733, ac. 21 Dec 1733
Walter Dalton, Dublin; ap. 11 May 1728, ac. 13 May 1728
Luke Dalton, Gentleman, ap. 17 Feb 1763, No. 1189
Peter Dalton, ap. 3 Dec. 1731, ac. 7 Dec 1731
Robert Dalton, Dublin, ap. 13 Nov 1732, ac. 15 Nov 1732
Edmond Dalton, Killyshenally; County Tipperay; ap. 22 Oct 1731, ac. 20 Nov 1731
Richard Dalton, Meath, ap. 3 Jun 1741, ac. 7 Jun 1741
Grace Dalton, alias Ausham, Diocese of Ossery; ap. 13 (?) May 1753, ac. 19 May 1753
Richard Dalton, Dublin, ap. 15 Mar 1755, ac. 28 Jun 1755
John Dalton or Dallon?, Dublin, ap. 22 Dec. 1756, ac. 10 Jan 1757
Patrick Dalton, Dublin, ap. 24 Apr 1762, ac. 1762
James Dalton, Dublin, ap. 28 July 1763, ac. 30 July 1763
Catherine Dalton, Diocese of Cashell; ap. 10 Mar 1765, ac. Jul 1765
Frances Dalton, alias Tuite, of Liffey Street, Dublin, ap. 4 Aug 1778, ac. 4 Sep 1778
Garrett Dalton, 24 Dec 1709 (no other date) (#30)
Timothy Dalton, 28 Nov 1732 (No. 315)
Grace Dalton, Ausham 19 May 1750 (No 703)
Mr John Dalton 10 Feb 1757 (No. 830)
Edmond Dalton, Esquire, 5 Jul 1759 (No.923)
James Dalton, Oct 1763 (No. 1298)
Mary Dalton, alias Bourke, 16 Aug 1769 (#1801)

The following bits of data have arrived from a variety of sources and may be helpful to someone.

Andrea Dalton, born 26 Nov 1860, baptized 2 Dec 1860 at St. Austin's R, C. Church, Grassendale Garston, Liverpool. Parents; Patrick and Susanna Dalton.

"Down a Cobbled Street: The Story of Clovelly" by Sheila Ellis. H. Dalton is mentioned on p. 28. Badger Books, Ltd. Bideford, Devon.

The name "Clovelly" reminds us that this was the home of our Sarah Stazicker in Croston, Lancashire. Sarah, a direct descendent of William and Ann Glover Dalton, will attain her 100th birthday this month, one of her goals. Sarah is in good health and welcomes hearing from her many friends at the Parish Retirement Home in Croston.

DGS member Leroy Baker of Michigan has Cliffords in his family line and writes about the father of Rosamund (Joan) Clifford in response to a DGS Journal article. Leroy states that Rosamund's father was Walter fitsPONS who changed his name to Clifford from Clifford Castle. (Rosamund was a mistress of Henry II).

There were very few Daltons in the Leicestershire Parish Registers and the following two gentlemen may have actually been from other parishes.
Muston Parish Marriages - 1621 - 1880's
John Dolton and Mary Kid, 24 Dec 1691
Robert Dalton and Elizabeth Healy, 27 Feb 1741

Nottinghamshire, England.
In the partial Parish Register data posted on this site: there are no Daltons listed . A complete Index of parishes is given and if you know the name of the parish, Ron Neep will do a free look-up for you.

Suffolk Cemetery Listings
Waveney District Council
Hannah Louise Dalton, infant, died 1/7/91 at the Jane Paget Hospital. L/3/382
William Frederick Dalton, died 14/8/92, age 65, resident of 4 Tariers Cottages, work foreman, L/31/394.