compiled by Millicent V. Craig

Earlier in "Daltons in History", there have been listed the Dalton casualties in WWI and WWII for each branch of the British Armed Forces. Listed below are those Daltons who perished in the bombings of England during WWII. Each person has a commemorative listing in the Section of the Civilian War Dead Register. In all cases the age is given and facilitates obtaining birth information. In many instances the spouse and parents of the individual are also given. Some died in their own homes or at a designated air raid shelter or the home of a neighbor.

Patrick Michael Robert Dalton died 20 Sep 1940, age 59. Address: 57 Andrew Street. Silverton. Cemetery: County Borough of West Ham
Emmanuel Dalton, a Polish National, died 16 Oct 1940, age 50. He resided at the Norfolk Hotel, Norfolk Square and was the husband of E. Dalton. He died at St. Mary's Hospital at Paddington. Cemetery: Metropolitan Borough of Paddington.
Arthur Dalton, died 23 Dec 1940, age 35. He was an Air Raid Warden of 24 Bigland St.; son of John and Laura Dalton of Ruby Street; husband of Edith May Dalton. Cemetery: County Borough of Salford.
The following Yorkshire children perished on the same day, 18 Mar 1941. They were the daughters of E. Dalton of Fourth Ave. The children were: Mavis May Dalton, age 6; Barbara Dalton, age 11; Laura Ethel Dalton, age 14. All are buried at the Cemetery located in the County Borough of Kingston-Upon-Hull.
Kate Dalton died on 19 Mar 1941, age 30, of Honeysuckle Rd. Cemetery: County Borough of Southampton.
Fanny Dalton died 9 Apr 1941, age 51. She was the wife of Sidney Charles Dalton of 34 Hartlepool Rd., Coventry and died at Warwickshire Hospital. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stringer. Cemetery: County Borough of Coventry.
Mary Dalton, died 17 April 1941, age 82. She was of 10 Fellows Rd. Cemetery: Metropolitan Borough of Hampstead.
Nellie Dalton, died 20 Apr 1941, age 27. She was the wife of Henry J. Dalton of 20 School Road, Manor Park and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clark. Cemetery: County Borough of East Ham.
Sidney Frank Dalton, died 2 May 1941, age 46 and was of 37 Claremont Rd. Cemetery: County Borough of Liverpool.
Henry Alexander Dalton, died 10 May 1941, age 31, husband of Primose Dalton of 63 Becontree Avenue. Cemetery: Municipal Borough of Barking.
Alice Helen Dalton, died on 11 May 1941, age 24 of 13 Anchor Buildings, Thrale, Southwark. She was the wife of Gnr. J. E. Dalton, R. A. at tramway tunnel, Waterloo Bridge and the daughter of Mr. T. Basted of St. George's Buildings, Southwark. Cemetery: City of Westminster.
James Dalton died on 8 Nov 1942, at the R. A. F. Aerodrome, Middle Wallop. He was the husband of Eliza Norah Dalton of Spencers Cottage, King's Somborne. Cemetery: Rural District of Romsey and Stockbridge.
George Henry Dalton died on 27 Sep 1942, age 40. He was in the Police War Reserve, husband of Elsie M. R. Dalton, of Wyke Ave. Ash. He was the son of Mrs. A. Dalton of Blankney Cottage, Bassingham, Lincolnshire. Cemetery: Municipal Borough of Guildford.
Frederick Thomas Dalton, died 13 Dec 1943, age 54. He was the husband of N. Dalton of Bertie Rd and was injured on 30 Jan 1941. He died at Park Royal Hospital. Cemetery: Municipal Borough of Willesden.
Emily Martha Dalton died 18 Sep 1944, age 34. Her residence was Lintaine Grove and she was the daughter of Emily and William Phillips. Cemetery: Metropolitan Borough of Fulham.
Sarah Jane Dalton died on 19 Jul 1944, age 71. She was the widow of Albert Edward Dalton and lived at 35 McKerrell Rd. Cemetery: Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell.
William Dalton died on 18 Apr 1945, age 82 at St. Margaret's Emergency Hospital. Cemetery: Urban District of Epping.

submitted by Melanie D. Crain
Editor: Dalton Gang Letter, E-mail;

Key: m. = married

1850 Census - Ohio
Ann Dalton, age 18, b. 1832, res. Cuyahoga, OH
Arthur Daulton, age 28, b. 1822, res. Brown, OH
Catherine Dalton, age 25, b. 1825, res. Hamilton, OH
James Dalton, age 30, b.1820, res. Hamilton, OH
James Dalton, age 30, b. 1820, res. Highland, OH
John Dalton, age 50, b.1800, res. Cuyahoga, OH
John Dalton, age 23, b. 1827, res. Franklin, OH
John Dalton, age 35, b. 1815, res. Franklin, OH
Julia Dalton, m., age 30, b. 1820, res. Hamilton, OH
Michael Dalton, age 20, b. 1830, res. Hamilton, OH
Thomas Dalton, age 19, b. 1831, res. Hamilton, OH

1850 Census - Illinois
Catherine Dalton, m., age 28, b. 1850, res. Peoria, IL
Martin Dalton, age (?), b. c. 1820, res. Peoria, IL

1860 Census - Michigan
Catherine Dalton, age 60, b. 1800, res. Muskegon, MI
Peter Dalton, age 28, b.1832, res. Muskegon, MI

1860 Census - Illinois
Ellen, m., age 34, b. 1825, res. Vermillion, IL
Walter Dalton, age 39, b. 1821, res. Vermillion, IL

1870 Census - Illinois
Arthur Dalton, age 47, b. 1823, res. Fulton, IL
Bridget Dalton, age, 65, b. 1805, res. Fulton, IL
Bridget Dalton, age 42, b. 1828, res. Fulton, IL
John Dalton, age 45, b. 1825, res. Fulton, IL

1870 Census - Kentucky
John Dalton, age 45, b. 1825, res. Kenton, KY
Jonas Dalton, age 31, b. 1839, res. Shelby, KY
Lawrence Dalton, age 60, b. 1810, res. Scott, KY
James Dalton, age 50, b. 1830, res. Jefferson, KY

1880 Census - Iowa
Bridget Dalton, m., age 39, b. 1841, res. Mahaska, IA
Patrick Dalton, age 39, b. 1841, res. Mahaska, IA
Ella Dalton, m., age 35, b. 1845, res. Iowa, IA
James J. Dalton, age 36, b. 1844, res. Iowa, IA
Mary Dalton, m., age 45, b. 1835, res. Iowa, IA
Patrick Dalton, age, 57, b. 1823, res. Iowa, IA
Ellen Dalton, m., age 37, b. 1843, res. Mitchell, IA
Thomas Dalton, age 42, b. b. 1838, res. Mitchell, IA
Thomas Dalton, age 95, b. 1785, res. Mitchell, IA
John Dalton, age 39, b. 1841, res. Calhoun, IA
Mary Dalton, age 49, b. 1831, res. Clinton, IA
Peter Dalton, age 60, b. 1820, res. Clinton, IA
Patrick Dalton, age 47, age 33, res. Muscatine, IA

1880 Census - Indiana
Bridget Dalton, m. age 47, b. 1833, res. Wabash, IN
Catherine Dalton, m., age 33, b. 1847, res. Allen, IN
Honora Dalton, m., age 36, b. 1844, res. Allen, IN
James Dalton, age 50, b. 1830, res. Allen, IN
James Dalton, age 38, b. 1842, res. Allen, IN
Timothy Dalton, age 45, b. 1835, res. Allen, IN
Catherine Dalton, m., age 29, b. 1851, res. Putnam, IN
Michael Dalton, age 36, b. 1844, res. Putnam, IN
James Dalton, age 40, b. 1840, res. Harrison, IN
Johanna Dalton, m., age 45, b. 1835, res. Madison, IN
Thomas Dalton, age 54, b. 1826, res. Madison, IN
Mary Dalton, m., age 36, b. 1844, res. Marion, IN
Mick Dalton, age 35, b. 1845, res. Marion, IN
Peter Dalton, age 33, b. 1847, res., Clay IN

1880 Census - New Jersey
John Dalton, age 32, b. 1848, res. Hudson, NJ

1897 Census - Tennessee
Bridget Dalton, age 56, b. 1841, res. Shelby, TN

compiled by William "Mike" Dalton

This compilation from Mike is perhaps one of the most important sets of data that we have printed in "Daltons in History" and requires careful study. They are the postings of "Missing Persons" that appeared in the Boston Pilot between 1840 and 1920.

These postings were made by relatives or friends who were trying to find an emigrant with whom they had lost contact in America. The last known residence in America is usually stated and includes such diverse areas as Pennsylvania, Louisana, Georgia, Tennessee, New Hampshire, New York, Canada, etc.

The town or parish and the Irish County of the missing person or the relative is given, a golden gift since data on an Irish emigrant's town or parish is usually lacking in other sources.

This should be extremely helpful to those who have experienced an impasse in their ancestral line and some may well find a valuable connection in this data. It may also prove helpful to Australians who may identify a lost Irish relative and learn the origins of the family in Ireland.

Boston Pilot Advertisements 1840 -1920
1. 4 July 1840. Of Daniel Dalton, husband of Ellen M'Cabe, whose mother is Mary M'Cabe of Castle-Regan, County Cavan who came to New York lately. Respond to her mother at Pawtucket, Rhode Island- c/o Michael Coyle.
2. 22 January 1842. Of Edward and Patrick Dalton from Radriff Townland, Milltown Parish, County Westmeath. They sailed for New York in May, 1831 and last in state of Maryland. Respond to their sister Bridget in Montreal, Canada.
3. 13 July 1844. Of William Hilent and his wife Mary Murray, last in Rochester, New York, circa 1840. Respond to Michael Dalton or Margaret Murray at Centreville Post Office, Kent, Rhode Island.
4. 21 September 1844. Of Michael and Edward Dalton of County Tipperary, last in Boston. Respond to their sister Mary c/o Joseph Dalton, No. 104 Endicott Street, Boston, Massachusetts.
5. 28 June 1845. Of Bridget nee Clooney Dalton, wife of William Dalton. Respond to her mother Mrs. Clooney and her brother Timothy, who now reside in Thibodeuville, Bayou Lafouche, Louisiana.
6. 23 May 1846. Of Bridget Clooney of County Westmeath, also her husband William Dalton of Kill Parish, County Westmeath. Last in St. Catherine's Upper Canada- three years ago, circa 1843. Respond to her mother Margaret Clooney and her brother Timothy at Parish Lafauche, Thebodeuville, Louisiana.
7. 26 September 1846. Of Michael Dalton of Coolcormac Parish near Dungarvan, County Waterford. He left Halifax 7 years ago, circa 1839; last in Irvine County, Georgia. Respond to his brother Garrett Dalton c/o James Donahoe, Stationer, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
8. 20 November 1847. Of John Dalton and Michael Shehan of the City of Limerick, County Limerick. They landed in New York this year, 1847; they may be in Philadelphia. Respond to James Dalton c/o of James Shinners, Hamilton Street, Boston, Massachusetts.
9. 4 December 1847. Of William Dalton: Last in New Hampshire. Respond to his brother Jerry Dalton c/o Thomas Cummins, Boston, Massachusetts.
10. 15 January 1848 and 22 January 1848. Of William Dalton of Kill Parish, County Westmeath and wife Bridget Clooney. Last in Kingston, Upper Canada. Respond to Mrs. Clooney or Timothy at Thibodeauxville, Louisiana.
11. 8 July 1848. Of Bernard Dalton of the City of Dublin and Anne and Bridget Reilly of Castletowndelvin, County Westmeath. They sailed from Liverpool in March and arrived in Boston in April (1848). Respond to James Dalton, c/o Editor of Pilot.
12. 4 August 1849. Of Jeremiah Dalton of Fermoy, County Cork - in USA since 1847. Respond to his brother William Dalton, c/o Jeremiah McCarthy- Holdnerness Village, GraftonCounty, New Hampshire.
13. 18 August 1849. Of William and James Dalton who left their mother 12 months ago, last May, 1848. They are from Churchtown Parish, County Westmeath. Last in Syracuse, NewYork. Respond to their mother Catherine Dalton at No. 15 French Street, Baltimore, Maryland.
14. 8 December 1849. Of William Dalton from Kilworth Parish, County Cork. Last in Boston,1844. Respond to his brother Jeremiah Dalton at Winchester, Franklin County, Tennessee.
15. 25 May 1850. Of James McDonald from County Fermangh. He went New OrleansWinter, 1849. His sister ? McDonald married Peter Dalton and is at 121 Orange Street, New York.
16. 28 December 1850. Of James and Mary Dalton and their children Edmond, James, Patrick, Martin and Michael from Toleher Parish, Knocktopher Barony, County Kilkenny. John and Thomas Dalton, lately of Newfoundland request that inquires be sent to Syracuse, New York.
17. 17 May 1851. Of John Dalton from Killmeleard Parish, County Tipperary. He arrived 7 April 1851 and employed in Brighton, New York. Respond to his wife Mary Wallace c/o James Hurly at No. 46 Cove Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

Editor''s note: This series will be continued in June 2001. If you have questions on the contents you may contact Mike Dalton. E-mail: If you find a missing relative in this data, please let us know.

A Thinkpiece from Millicent V. Craig

A "desperate" plea by a reader to learn the origin of the name, Dalton, led your editor to ponder the question. One popular explanation is that Dalton is Norman in origin and refers to people who lived in a high place. Often referred to, yet unconfirmed, is the village of Hauteville in Normandy as a possible site.

There are a few recorded facts or clues in the Domesday Book, assembled in 1086 by William the Conqueror. It was the first census of lands and ownership so recorded. Listed in the book are several towns by the name of Dalton and, in fact, there are up to 20 hamlets in England that bear the name, Dalton. There is one on a hill in Cumbria, Dalton-in-Furness. There are many Dalton towns or villages in what is Yorkshire today. One is named Dalton le Dale, a name that runs counter to the general hilly descriptive. There is Dalton south of Wigan in Lancashire, from whom the Bispham, Croston, Thurnham, and perhaps some Welsh Daltons claim title. This is also a hilly area.

Surnames were not in use in the 11th and 12th Century and people were often identified according to the town in which they lived. For example, a name on a document might appear as Bernard de Dalton or Ethelbert de Dalton, meaning Bernard of the town of Dalton and Ethelbert of the town of Dalton. It does not necessarily follow that there was a biological relationship between the two men nor that their surname was originally Dalton. Gradually the "de" was dropped and in succeeding centuries a name might read Bernard Dalton or Ethelbert Dalton. When one examines the ethnic disparity of the given names, one gathers the impression that the roots of these Daltons may be quite varied. The same is true for the cluster of de Daltons who are cited in medieval documents in what is now Yorkshire. According to our expert, Dr. Lucy J. Slater, the senior line of Daltons was located in Yorkshire as evidenced by the unadorned crest. Lancashire Daltons were of the cadet line and distinguished by the addition of crosslets on the crest.

Lucy also reminds us that on 20th of Sept 1066, King Harald of Norway landed with 9000 men on the north east coast of England, east of York. Although many were killed or returned to Norway, it is also likely that some remained and married into the local population. But even before the Normans arrived, the Romans had gone to York. A Latin dictionary shows "De" means of, "Altus" means height, "Onus" means single. In Latin the word, Dalton, means of a single hill and is similar to the meaning in Norman French. Roman soldiers also married into the local populations wherever they went, so there very well could have been people of Roman blood on single hills near York in these hamlets named Dalton.

When researching the Lancashire Daltons, whom we know most about, we find that de Dalton was in use in the 13th Century in the town of Dalton near Wigan. In addition, when examining early data in southern England, de Dalton appears and reportedly stems from late comers from Normandy. On the Scottish Island of Islay there is a Church and a Celtic Cross that bears the name, Dalton. It was reportedly erected between the 11th and 13th Centuries. Buried there are 17 members of a community. Where did this group originate? Was it from across the Irish sea?

We think of the Irish Daltons stemming from one Anglo/Norman, Walter de Aliton, although we still have no documentation of his existence. The high concentration of Daltons in County Westmeath was certainly evidence of a Dalton founder. Yet there was another Dalton, Roger, who originated in Yorkshire and emigrated from Wales and settled in Waterford. How many more were there from other places?

K. T. Maptone, one of our Irish researchers of 11th and 12th Century Irish documents, has noted that the proper name, Dalatun or Dalatune, has been transcribed as Dalton. Although many scholars attribute these words to the Gaelic language, she notes that is the name of a town in Iceland and of one in Norway. Viking in origin?

So how do we answer the question of the origin of the name, Dalton? There is no one answer. The best we can say is that it relates to a town or geographical area. As we continue our research we are learning that there appear to be many founding fathers in the Dalton lines and only a serious archaelogical DNA study may ever produce answers.