from Millicent V. Craig

This was the route taken by young Edwin Dalton who was born in Coventry, England in 1826. He was the son of Absalom and Amelia Dalton. Absalom was born in Anshy-Warwickshire in 1774 and was a hotel proprietor, plumber and glazier by trade. Edwin was educated in Coventry, learned the trade of his father and after a seven year apprenticeship, set off for Australia where he spent a few years. He sailed from Australia to the west coast of America and arrived in Portland, OR in 1851. Portland was a village of a few hundred people. It was here that young Dalton set up the first paint shop.

Meanwhile in England, it appeared that Edwin's mother, Amelia, had died. In the 1851 Census of Coventry, Warwick, Absalom, the father and his son, William (born 1835), were living with Absalom's older brother, Robert, (born 1781). He was a victualler and born in Shilton -Warwickshire. At the time of the Census, they were living at Warwick Lane, Coventry. Young William, born in Coventry, was serving his apprenticeship as a plumber-glazier as his older brother, Edwin, had done before him. Two years later, May 1857, Absalom and William arrived in Portland and Edwin formed a business partnership with William.

Edwin Dalton and Catherine Sadler, a long time friend from Coventry, were married in 1854 and had two children, Emily (b. April 1, 1855) and Edwin. Shortly after the birth of their second child, Edwin Dalton died in August 1857 and William continued in the business alone. Mrs. Catherine Dalton, widow, married James Stuart who was born in Scotland and there were three children by this marriage; Catherine M. married Frederick W. Molson* of Canada; John F. died April 5 1893; and Frederick B.

Emily Dalton married James A. Dowling from a pioneer family and had several children: Grace E. married Charles Foster and had two children, Dalton and Catherine; James A. married Sadie Moody; Ray and Ralph, twins; Edwin S.; Florence G. and Orme F. Dowling.

William Dalton carried on the paint business and in December 1859, he returned to England to marry Edna Linnett, daughter of John and Elizabeth Linnett. In March 1869 they sailed from Liverpool and arrived in Portland in May. William and Edna Dalton had four children: Herbert C.; Florence married George Jeffries an artist; Caroline E. married Charles Miller; and William L. Dalton became involved with the civic and commercial interests of this growing community. He was a musician and was connected with the Portland Band; served as a member of the city council and was an ardent democrat. He purchased businesses, property and built a fine residence.

William Dalton is remembered in Portland as being a cooperative citizen who "could be counted upon to further any plans or measures for the public good and in the long connection with the business interests of Portland he contributed much to the upbuilding and progress of the City".

Editor's note. This establishes the link between the Daltons and the prominent Molson family of Canada.

Our thanks are extended to Mike Dalton of Portland for submittng background material on this American family of English origin.

extracted by Millicent V. Craig

In the war between the North and the South, the Union side, according to Dyer's Compendium, had some 3700 regiments. Of these, the original Corps De Afrique, consisted of about 30 regiments; cavalry, engineers, infantry and heavy artillery. Several of the Corps De Afrique Regiments were gradually merged into the U. S. (Union) Regiments of Colored Troops that numbered some 186 units. These Colored Regiments represented about 6.5% of the total Union Regiments. (There likely were other African Americans serving in some all white units but they have not been enumerated separately).

There were 206 Dalton soldiers listed in the Civil War Rosters, both on the Union and on the Confederate sides. On the Union side there were 15 African/American Daltons in the United States Colored Infantry and Artillery. All are listed below.

African American Soldiers in the Union Army
Jerry Dalton, aka Irene Dalton, Private, 1st Regiment, U. S. Colored Heavy Artillery. Company C
The 1st Regiment was organized at Knoxville, TN on Feb 20, 1864, saw duty in Northern Alabama and muster on Mar 31 1866.
Henry Dalton, Private, 3rd Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery
The 3rd Regiment was organized from the 1st TN Heavy Artillery (African Descent) on Mar 11, 1864, duty in Memphis, TN, muster Apr 30 1866.
Abram D. Dalton, Captain, 4th Regiment U. S. Colored Artillery, Company B
Brands Dalton, Private, 4th Regiment, U. S. Colored Heavy Artillery, Company M.
The 4th Regiment was organized from the 2nd TN Heavy Artillery (African Descent) on Mar 11 , 1864, muster Feb 25 1866.
Isaac Dalton, Private, 9th Regiment, U. S. Colored Heavy Artillery
The 9th Regiment was organized at Clarksville and Nashville, TN on Oct 8 1864 until May 5 1865.
John Dalton, Private, 14th Regiment, U. S. Colored Heavy Artillery, Company B
Luther Dalton, Private, 15th Regiment, U. S. Colored Infantry, Company D
The 15th Infantry was organized at Nashville, TN on Dec 2 1863 until Mar 11 1864.
Clay Dalton, Private, 40th Regiment, U. S. Colored Infantry, Company B.
Montgomery Dalton, Private, 40th Regiment, U. S. Colored Infantry, Company H.
Squire Dalton, Private, 40th Regiment, U. S. Colored Infantry, Company H
Joseph Dalton, Private, 40th Regiment, U. S. Colored Infantry, Company H.
The 40th Infantry was organized on Feb 29 1864 for railroad guard duty in TN, GA, muster Apr 25 1866
Joseph Dalton, Private, 44th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Company B
The 44th Infantry was organized at Chattanooga, TN on April 7, 1864, muster Apr 30 1866
Bortley Dalton, aka Bartley Dalton, Private, 59th Regiment, U. S. Colored Infantry, Company F
Manuel Dalton, Private, 63rd Regiment, U. S. Colored Infantry, Company B
The 63rd Infantry was organized on Mar 11 1864 from the 9th Louisana Infantry (African Descent), service in Mississippi and muster Jun 9 1866
James Dalton, Private, 88th Regiment, U. S. Colored Infantry, Company F
The old 88th Infantry was organized on Apr 4 1864 from the 17th Corps De Afrique Infantry. Duty was at Port Hudson, LA and was broken up on July 28, 1864.
The new 88th Infantry was organized at Memphis, TN and was consolidated with the 3rd U. S. Colored Heavy Artillery. Muster 16, 1865.

African American Sailors in the Union Navy
Abner Dalton, age 20, colored, slave, Ht. 5'6". Enlisted on the vessel "Nymph" Aug 7, 1864 for 3 years, rating 1st Class Boy, muster Jan 1, 1865 "Nymph".
Cornelius Dalton, age 37, mulatto, steward, ht. 5'4", place of birth, Burlington, VT, enlisted N. Y., Dec 20 1858 for 3 years, rating landsman.
David Dalton, age 37, mulatto, barber, ht. 5'6", place of birth, Burlington, Vermont, enlisted N. Y., Jan 27 1864 for 1 year, rating landsman, muster Jan 1, 1865, "Magnolia"
David Dalton, age 39, mulatto, barber, ht. 5'6", place of birth Burlington MA., enlisted New Orleans Sept 18, 1862 for 1 year, officer's cook, muster Dec. 31, 1863 "Calhoun"
Edward Dalton, age 14, black, waiter/barber/servant, ht. 4'8", born New London, CT, enlisted in New London on Jul 16 1862 for 3 years, 3rd Class Boy, muster Mar 31 1867 "Pensacola"
Lewis Dalton, age 16, colored, slave, ht. 5' 0", born Louisana, enlisted "Nymph", Aug 7, 1864, for 3 years, 1st Class Boy, muster July 31 1865 "Benton"
Louis Dalton, age 14, Negro, laborer, ht. 6', born Mississippi, enlisted "Nymph" on Aug 9 1864 for 3 years, coal heaver, muster Aug 7 1865 "Ibex"
Sam H. Dalton, age 26 colored, fieldhand, ht. 5'6", born Bolivar County, Mississippi, enlisted "White River" on Oct 1, 1863 for 1 year, 1st Class Boy, Muster Dec 31, 1864 "Hastings"
Thomas Dalton, age 16, colored, laborer, 5'3", born Laurel Hill, LA, enlisted "Avenger", Bayou Sara, July 2, 1864 for 1 year, 1st Class Boy, muster "Avenger" July 28, 1865

extracted by Michael Cayley

This is the last in the series of York Parish Registers that have been extracted from Society of Genealogists records (SOG) by Michael Cayley, librarian for the Dalton Genealogical Society, England. E-mail:

St Crux, York 1539-1716 (SOG)

22 Oct 1693 Matthew son of George Dalton baptised
26 Jan 1695/6 John son of George Dawton baptised
10 May 1716 Anne, daughter of Stephen Dalton, butcher, baptised

St Laurence, York 1606-1812 (SOG)

19 Mar 1776 Harriot illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Dalton baptisedMarriage
11 Dec 1740 Marriage by special licence of William Foster, bachelor of parish of Sutton in the Forest, Yorkshire, and Elizabeth Dalton, spinster of Wigginton, Yorkshire

5 Jul 1755 William son of George Dalton buried

St Martin, Coney St, York (SOG)

31 Jan 1769 Ann Dalton witnessed marriage of John Calvert and Sarah Scadlock
28 May 1811 Marriage of Francis Dalton, currier and bachelor, and Elizabeth Driffield, spinster, both of this parish

17 March 1692-3 Mathew Belwood, the Lady Dalton boy, buried
12 Jan 1725-6 Thomas Dolton buried

St Mary, Bishophill Junior, York 1602-1811 (SOG)

19 Apr 1742 Ann, daughter of Richard Dalton, baptised
10 Oct 1745 Baptism of Mary, daughter of Richard Dalton
24 Oct 1748 Baptism of William, son of Richard Dalton
9 Mar 1783-4 Baptism of Martha, daughter of Wm Dalton and Mary daughter of John
23 May 1791 Robert, son of Ann Dalton, single woman, baptised
19 Feb 1807 Baptism of William, son of J Liversidge and Mary Dalton
19 July 1812 Baptism of Richard, son of Rob. Dalton and Beatrix his wife, daughter of John Binnington

23 Oct 1705 Marriage of Thomas Dalton, butcher, and Mary Kitchen
21 Feb 1744-5 Marriage by licence of William Dalton and Isabella Beal
8 Dec 1808 John Dalton witnessed marriage of John Taylor, bricklayer, and Hannah Robinson
21 July 1811 Marriage of Robert Dalton of this parish, cordwainer, and Beatrix Thompson of Nether Pop.
29 Aug 1812 Marriage of William Powman, yeoman of Tollerton, and Sarah Dalton of this parish. Robert Dalton was a witness

25 Nov 1743 Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Dalton, buried

St Mary, Castlegate, York 1604-1837 (SOG)

22 Nov 1626 Thomas, son of George Dalton, baptised
17 Aug 1633 John, son of George Dalton, baptised
30 May 1636 Mary, daughter of George Dalton, baptised
14 Nov 1649 Katherine, daughter of John Dawton, baptised
18 May 1652 John, son of John Dawton, baptised
8 Nov 1778 Baptism of Stephen Bulmer Dalton, son of Thomas Dalton, baker in Castlegate, and his wife Phoebe daughter of Daniel Bulmer and his wife Elizabeth. Stephen was born on 8 Oct
15 Aug 1781 Baptism of Mary Ann Bulmer Dalton, born 4 July, daughter of Thomas Dalton, baker, Castlegate and his wife Phoebe daughter of Daniel Bulmer and his wife Elizabeth
12 Aug 1785 Baptism of Cordelia Bulmer Dalton (born 6 Aug), daughter of Thomas Dalton, baker in Castlegate, and Phoebe, daughter of Daniel Bullmer and his wife Elizabeth
1787 and 1788 Thomas Dalton was a churchwarden
10 Jan 1790 Baptism of Thomas Bulmer Dalton, born 9 Jan, son of Thomas Dalton, baker in Castlegate, and Phoebe, daughter of Daniel Bulmer and his wife Elizabeth
1 July 1799 Baptism of Frances, daughter of Sir Richard Steele Bt of Hampstead, County Dublin, Ireland (son of Sir Parker Steele Bt of Hampstead, Co. Dublin, and his wife Maria daughter of Isaac Verite of Gloucestershire) and Mary Francis (daughter of Edward Count D'Alton, Lieutenant General in Imperial Service, and Mary Macartney of Springhouse, Co. Tipperary). Frances was born on 30 June
26 Oct 1809 Baptism of Mary Ellen, daughter of Charles Best MD (son of Rev Francis Best of South Dalton and his wife Mary Robinson) and Mary (daughter of Thomas Norcliffe Dalton of Petergate and his wife Anne Wilson. Mary Ellen was born on 26 Oct

28 Jan 1625-6 Marriage of George Daulton and Alice Newsome
15 Sep 1776 Marriage by licence of Thomas Dalton of the parish of St Crux and Phoebe Bulmer of this parish
9 May 1802 Marriage of Joseph Sollet and Ann Dalton

30 Nov 1626 Thomas, son of George Dalton, buried
5 April 1638 Grace, daughter of George Dalton, buried
22 Feb 1654-5 John Dalton buried
1 June 1655 Madlan, wife of John Dalton, buried
9 March 1790 Phoebe Dalton, wife of Thomas Dalton, baker in Castlegate, and daughter of Daniel Bulmer, buried in N aisle. She died 6 March. Childbed
18 May 1806 Thomas Dalton, baker, Shambles, died May 14 and buried in the church, age 55 years. Decline
23 Jan 1828 Burial of Cordelia Bulmer Dalton of Daltons Row. [Note: other entries in the Register show that Daniel Bulmer was a baker in the Great Shambles, died on 15 Oct 1796 age 80, and was buried in St Mary, Castlegate, on 19 Oct

St Michael le Belfrey, York 1565-1651 (SOG)

11 Dec 1591 William Dalton, son to Mr Dalton, who was born at the Bysshoppe field and commanded to be baptised, by the commissioners, at the mynster, for that are Recusants
17 Sep 1603 John, son of William Dalton, baptised
11 Sep 1711 Jane, daughter of Richard Dalton, baptised
22 Oct 1713 Anne, daughter of Richard Dalton, baptised
15 Oct 1714 Frances, daughter of Richard Dalton, baptised
1 June 1715 Mary, daughter of William Dalton, baptised
1 May 1718 Anne, daughter of John Dalton of St Wilfrey's Parish, baptised
13 July 1726 Jane, daughter of John Dolton of Clifton, baptised
16 Apr 1728 Joseph, son of John Dolton of Clifton, baptised
23 Dec 1729 John, son of Richard Dalton, baptised
25 July 1730 Christopher, son of John Dalton, baptised
22 Jan 1732-3 Cicely, daughter of Mary Dalton of Clifton, widow, baptised
26 May 1732 Mary, daughter of Richard Dalton, baptised
12 Aug 1733 Richard, son of Richard Dalton, baptised
7 Apr 1735 Bright, son of Richard Dalton, baptised
15 Dec 1736 Mathew, son of John Dalton, a dragoon, baptised
7 Jan 1739 John, son of William Dalton, baptised
27 Oct 1756 Robert, son of George Dalton bellfounder, christened
16 Mar 1765 Ann, daughter of Ann Dalton, illegitimate, baptised

5 Nov 1587 Marriage of William Burton and Jayne Dawton, both servants to Leonard Weddell
26 Jan 1618-19 Marriage of Marmaduke Grimston and Ann, daughter of William Dalton
19 June 1649 Marriage of Henry Robinson and Elizabeth Dalton
15 Dec 1747 Marriage by licence of William Dalton of the parish of Holy Trinity and Mary Cook of this parish
8 June 1755 Marriage of Ruchard Metcalfe, parish of Holy Trinity Goodmansgate, bachelor, and Mary Dalton, widow, of this parish
10 Jan 1763 Marriage by licence of John Dalton of this parish gentleman and Mary Chaddock, parish of St. Hel., widow

10 Apr 1624 Mary, daughter of Mr William Dalton, the kinges Attorney, buried in the high quire
20 Nov 1627 A child of Mr John Dalton buried in the high quire
24 Jan 1636-7 Thomas Coulson, servant to Sir William Dalton, buried in the South Alley
30 Nov 1663 Mrs Elizabeth Dalton, widow, buried in the Cathedral Church
10 Apr 1624 Mary, daughter of Mr William Dalton, the kinges Attorney, buried in the high quire
26 Feb 1733-4 Richard, son of Richard Dalton, buried
21 Aug 1743 John, son of William Dalton, buried
11 Oct 1747 Mary, wife of John Dalton, buried
17 Oct 1748 John Dalton senior buried
16 Apr 1752 Mr Richard Dalton gent buried
8 Apr 1758 Mrs Mary Dalton buried
11 May 1770 Mary Teresia, daughter of Robert Dalton, buried
13 June 1777 Isabell Dalton, gentlewoman and spinster, buried

extracted by William "Mike" Dalton

Again we repeat that the "Missing Persons" feature that appeared in the Boston Pilot between 1840 and 1920 is one of the most valuable aids in locating your Irish immigrant/family and learning the exact location of his/her home in Ireland. Daltons scattered all over the US after arriving and often lost contact with their relatives both in North America and in Ireland. Our appreciation is extended to Mike for his work on behalf of all Daltons.

Continuation of Boston Pilot Advertisements 1840-1920

18. 17 May 1851. Of John Dalton from Killmeleard Parish, County Tipperary. He arrived 7 April 1851 and employed in Brighton, New York. Respond to his wife Mary Wallace c/o James Hurly at No. 46 Cove Street, Boston, Massachusetts.
19. 14 February 1852. Of Ann Dalton from Hisbare (Ferbane) Townland, County Kings. Respond to Maurice Dalton c/o Daniel O'Connell at Salem, Massachusetts.
20. 14 February 1852. Of Michael Dalton from Durrou Parish, County King. In US since August, 1849 and last at Newark & Sandusky Railroad in Ohio, June, 1851. Respond to his brother Columb Dalton at Glasboro, Glouchester County, New Jersey.
21. 21 February 1852. Of Martin and William Dalton from Ballinraha, Mulliarat Parish, County Kilkenny; they arrived in this country l847-1848. Respond to their cousins Patrick and William Dalton c/o Samuel B. Lauffer at Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
22. 28 February 1852. Of Walter Dunphy from Moncoin Parish, County Kilkenny; they arrived in New York 1849-1850. Respond to their brother Richard Dunphy of Salem, Massachusetts or to Joseph E. Dalton at No. 10 Sullivan Place, Boston, Massachusetts.
23. 1 January 1853. Of James Dalton, whose wife is Ellen Madden and her brothers Patrick and Peter Madden. James and Patrick arrived in the US May, 1852 and supposed to have gone to Maryland to meet Peter. James is from Bullegrena, County Limerick. Respond to wife of James Dalton at Catherine Street, Cinncinatti, Ohio.
24. March 1853. Of Ann Dalton of Derry, Athlone, County Meath; in US since 1847; left Boston September, 1852. Contact her sister Rose Dalton, lately from Ireland c/o Mr. George Jameson, No.1 Garden Street, Arch, Boston, Massachusetts.
25. 9 April 1853. Michael Dalton contact brother Daniel Dalton at Bunker Hill, Macoupin County, Illinois.
26. 4 February 1854. Of John, William and Lawrence Dalton of Portarlington, County Queens. They left Ireland 20 years ago circa 1833-1834. John's last letter from D. Halstin & company, Exchange Place, New York. Respond to his brother Richard Dalton of Amesbury Mills, Massachusetts
27. 1 April 1854. Of Michael Dalton from Durrow Parish, County Kings; he was last at coal and lumber yard July, 1852 in Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania. Respond to his brother Columb Dalton at Camden Post Office, Camden County, New Jersey.
28. 8 July 1854. Of Edward, Lawrence and William Dalton of Portarlington, County Queens. Edward: saddlier and harness maker; Lawrence: cabinet maker; William: gunsmith. They left Ireland over 20 years ago. Lawrence last in Montreal and Edward last in New York. Respond to their brother Richard Dalton of Amesbury, Massachusetts.
29. 24 March 1855. Of Christopher Dalton from Rathone, Edgeworthstown, County Longford; last in Massachusetts. Respond to his sister Mary nee Dalton Mullin who arived in 1848, c/o Bernard Killian at Adams, Jefferson County, New York.
30. 29 August 1857. Of George Dalton of Bahana, County Carlow. Last on railroad in Ohio. Respond to his brother John Dalton at New Market, New Hampshire.
31. 29 August 1857. Of Patrick Dalton, who enlisted 5 years ago circa 1852 in 3rd Regiment of Infantry. Last in Albuquerque, New Mexico, having been discharged on 3 February, 1857. Respond to his mother Mary Dalton at North Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
32. 19 December 1857. Of Patrick and Michael Dalton of Kilmiley (Kilmoiley/Kilmoyly) Parish, County Kerry. Pat left 10 years ago circa 1847 and Michael left 7 years ago circa 1850. Respond to their brother William Dalton c/o Jeremiah R. Donohue at Holyoke, Massachusetts.
34. 24 July 1858. Of John Dalton of Bahana, Mulina Parish County Carlow. Last in New Market, New Hampshire one year ago. Respond to his brother George Dalton at Columbus, Ohio.
35. 20 November 1858. Of John Dalton of Summerhill, Nenagh, County Tipperary; also looking for William Bergan, cabinet maker, and also of Nenagh who was in Ireland September, 1857 and returned to the US. His associate John Carty is at Livonia, Livingston County, New York.
36. 27 November 1858. Of William Dalton of Galberry, County Limerick who arrived in New York 4 years ago circa 1854. Respond to his nephew James Kilmartin at Pennington, Chester County, Pennsylvania. The advertisement on 11 December 1858 made these corrections: at Galbally and James Killmartin.
37. 26 February 1859. Of James Dalton of Tulloroan, County Kilkenny who left Ireland on 8 January 1848 and landed in New York. He wrote to his father once and may be in Ohio, if living. Respond to his brother Walter Dalton of Temple Street, Worcester, Massachusetts.
38. 13 August 1859. Of Maurice Landers and wife Mary Dalton, both of Galbally, County Limerick. They left Elmira, New York four years ago, last June (1855). Respond to her brother Michael Dalton of Elmira, Chemung County, New York.

Editor's note. This series will be continued in July 2001. If you have a question or find a connection please contact Mike. E-mail:

Menerambi Cemetery, Ringaroy Shire, Queensland
Daniel Richard Dalton, d. 14 Aug 1934, aged 66 years, husband of Lily Dalton
Lily Dalton, b. 1872, Gloucestershire, England, d. 18 Oct 1933, daughter of John Barnett and Jane Williams, nee Garland.
Buderim Cemetery, Queensland
Brian Jerome Dalton, d. 4 May 1889
Geraldine F. Dalton, d. 10 Mar 1880
Joyce Margaret Dalton, 1917-1991
William Athol Dalton, b. 4 Feb 1832 d. 2 Jan 1889
Namboir General Cemetery, Queensland
Elizabeth Dalton, 1882-1947
Owen George Dalton, 1920 -2 Dec 1924
Rose Dalton, 1880-15 Nov 1949
Thomas Dalton, 1883-10 Jun 1953
Tewantin Cemetery, Noosa Shire, Queensland
John Clifford Dalton, c.1903-5 Feb 1980
Sylvia Dalton, c. 1908-10 Jan 1962
Woombye Cemetery, Maroochy Shire, Queensland
Angela Madeleine Dalton, d. 26 Jul 1968
Wickepin Cemetery, Narrogin, Western Australia
Leslie John Dalton, 26 yrs., 4 Apr 1938, husband of Rose Irene Dalton, father of Irene. Methodist Grave No. 122
Mary Elizabeth Dalton, 39 yrs., d. 29 Sep 1914, wife of Leonard, mother of Robert, Ava, Florence, Olive, Leslie and Edward. Methodist Grave No. 237