extracted by K. T. Mapstone, DGS Researcher

Eclipses, comets, meteor showers! All were recorded in the Irish Annals, as well as other significant events. Warfare amongst the Irish and against invaders is the common theme. Mediaeval Daltons (Dalatun, Dalatunaig, Dhalatunachaibh) have been extracted from the Annals of Connaught, Annals of the Four Masters, Annals of Ireland and Annals of Ulster. They were scribed by many authors. A good number of the unknowns were monastics and most of the known chroniclers were family historians. These Annals have been reorganized into a date order that begins in 1328 and continues through 1554. The result is before you - a timeline of your "Daltons in History".

Annals of Ireland Volume 3 M1328.26
The English sustained a great defeat from Mageoghegan three thousand five hundred of them being slain in the contest, together with some of the Daltons, and the son of the Proud Knight.

Annals of Ulster U1369.5
Cu-coicrichi Mag Eocaga(i)n junior son of Cenal-Fiachaidh, was killed in treachery after going with the Bishop of Meath Ath-luain. And it was the person of the people of William Dalton that killed him with one thrust of a spear. And nothing was done there but that.

Annals of Ulster U1373.2
William Dalton and the Sheriff of Meath were killed by the Cenal-Fiachaidh and by Ua Mael(-Sh)echlainn

Annals of Connacht AC1373.3
William Dalton, and the Sheriff of Meath, were killed by the Cineal Fiachach and O Maelsechlainn

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1373.3
William Dalton and the Sheriff of Meath were slain by the Kinel-Fiachach, and by O'Melaghlin.

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1374.3
Cucogry Oge Mageoghegan, Chief of Kinel-Fiachach, was treacherously slain after he had gone to Athlone with the Bishop of Meath: it was the Sinnach Mac Mearain (one of William Dalton's people) that killed him, with one thrust of a lance; and he Mac Mearain himself was afterwards torn asunder, and his body was cut into small pieces, for this crime.

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1379.3
Philip, son of Nichol, ie. the Dalton, Lord of Westmeath died.

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1381.15
Owen Sinnach Fox, Tanist of Muintir-Tadhgain, was slain by the Daltons.

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1386.3
Niall, the son of Cucogry Oge Mageoghegan, materies of a lord of his tribe, was slain by William Dalton and his son.

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1386.4
Manus, the son of Hugh MacDermot, was also slain by the Daltons.

Annals of Connacht AC1386.4
Niall, son of Cu Choicriche Og Mac Eochacain was killed by the D'Altons on the
5th of April. This man was well qualified to be chieftain of his native land.

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1386.6
Heremon O'Melaghlin was slain by Magawley and the Daltons.

Annals of Connacht AC1398.8
Maurice, son of Piers Dalton, was killed by Muirchertach og (young) Mach Eochacain and Brian, son of O'Connor Failgi

Annals of Ireland Volume 4 M1408.5
Myles Dalton was slain by his own near kinsmen; and his son was afterwards slain, and his castle demolished, by the descendants of Cathal O'Farrell

Annals of Connacht AC1408.11
Miles Dalton was killed by his brother and afterwards his castle was destroyed by the descendents of Cathal O'Fergail

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1414.9
John Stanley, the Deputy of the King of England, arrived in Ireland, a man who gave neither mercy nor protection to clergy, laity or men of science but subjected as many of them as he came upon to cold, hardship, and famine. It was he who plundered Niall, the son of Hugh O'Higgin, at Uisneach, in Meath. Henry Dalton, however, plundered James Tuite and the King's people, and gave the O'Higgins out of the preys then acquired a cow for each and every cow taken from them, and afterwards escorted them to Connaught. The O'Higgins, with Niall, then satirized John Stanley, who lived after this satire but five weeks, for he died of the virulence of the lampoons.

This was the second poetical miracle performed by this Niall O'Higgin, the first being the discomfiture of the Clann-Conway the night they plundered Niall at Cladann; and the second, the death of John Stanley

Annals of Connacht AC1422.26
The descendents of Thomas O Fergail were banished into Western Meath by Donnall O Fergail and Henry Dalton, Lord of Western Meath, sided with them.

Annals of Connacht AC1422.28
The Pass of Kilcoursey was cut and leveled by Dalton and the descendents of Tomas.

Annals of Ireland Volume 4 M1429.13
O'Coffey, ie. Melaghlan, the son on Clasach O'Coffey, was slain by Edmond, the son of Hubert Dalton

Annals of Connacht AC1439.5
William Dalton of Brawnie, son of Hubert, died

Annals of Connacht AC1452.3
Fergal Oc Mag Eochacain was killed on St. Nicholas Day at the crossroads in Croughool by the son of the Baron of Delvin and the Sons of Piers, son of Pers Dalton, who were the children of his mother's brother.

Editor's note. Our appreciation is extended to DGS members, K. T. Mapstone of Mississippi, and Ciaran Dalton of County Kerry, Ireland who assisted with some of the Gaelic translations.

from Millicent V. Craig

If you have read the preceding article, Irish Annals, and the exploits of Daltons in midaeval times, the American Dalton Gang now appear to have been gentlemen. Movies, television, books and magazine articles have transformed the image of members of the Gang into that of cult heroes.

Recently, Bill Dalton Phillips of Oklahoma, a descendent of Bea Elizabeth (Leila) Dalton Phillips and one of the few living descendents of the Gang, contacted your editor and sent data and pictures related to his ancestors. Bill asked that they be put on the web to share with everyone who has an interest in his family and to correct erroneous information that has been posted on the web.

Bill states that he has a "room full" of Dalton memorabilia and if you would like to be in contact with him, write to: Millicenty@aol.com. Bill has contributed to several publications, including the book, "The Outlaw Gang" by Nancy Samuelson.

From the Dalton Family Chart
Courtesy of Bill Dalton Phillips

James Lewis Dalton, the father of the Gang was born in Kentucky on 16 Feb 1826 and died on 16 July 1890 in Dearing, KS near Coffeyville and is buried there. He was the son of Benjamin Dalton and Nancy Rabourn. On 12 Mar 1851 James married Adeline Lee Younger in Independence, MO. Adeline was born on 15 Sep 1835 in Jackson County, MO and died 24 Jan 1925 in Kingfisher, OK. She is buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher. She was the daughter of Charles Lee Younger and Parmella Wilson.

James and Adeline Dalton had 15 children; ten boys and 5 girls. All were born in Missouri.
1. Charles Benjamin (Ben) Dalton, b. 24 Feb 1852, d. 16 Mar 1936 at Fort Supply, OK
2. Henry Coleman (Cole) Dalton, b. 26 Nov 1853, d. 27 Feb 1820, Des Moines, NM. He is buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher, OK. Unmarried.
3. Lewis Kossuth Dalton, b. 1 Jan 1855 died at the age of 7 in MO in Jan 1862.
4. Bea Elizabeth (Lelia) Dalton, b. 14 Mar 1856 and d. 28 Dec 1894 in Tussey, OK. She married Lewis Phillips in 1880 in Brownwood, TX
5. Littleton Lee Dalton b. 2 Oct 1857, d. 8 Jan 1942 in Woodland, CA Unmarried and buried in Woodland, CA Cemetery.
6. Franklin (Frank) Dalton, b. 8 May 1859, died 27 Nov 1887 at Fort Smith, AR. He is buried at Coffeyville, KS.
7. Gratton, (Grat) Dalton, b. 30 Mar 1861 in Lawrence, KS, d. 5 Oct 1892 in Coffeyville, KS. Unmarried and buried in Coffeyville Cemetery
8. William (Bill) Dalton, b. 1 Jun 1865, died 8 Jun 1894 in Poolsville, OK. On 15 Jun 1885 he married Jane Bliven. He is interred in a mausoleum in Lodi, CA.
9. Eva May Dalton, b. Belton, MO on 25 Jan 1867, died 27 Jan 1939 in Kingfisher, OK. On 25 Oct 1887 she married John N. Whipple.
10. Robert Rennick (Bob) Dalton, b. 13 May 1869, died. 5 Oct 1892 in Coffeyville, KS. Unmarried and buried in Coffeyville Cemetery.
11. Emmet (Em) Dalton, b. in Bates County, MO on 3 May 1871, and d. 13 Jul 1937 in Los Angeles, CA. On 1 Sep 1908 he married Julia Johnson Lewis. He is buried in the Kingfisher, OK cemetery.
12. Leona Randolph Dalton, b. 17 Jul 1874, d. 18 Apr 1964 in Kingfisher, OK. Unmarried she is buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher, OK.
13. Nancy (Nonnie) Dalton, b. 11 Mar 1876, d. 27 Dec. 1901 in Kingfisher, OK. She married Charles M. Clute on 22 Jan 1896.
14. Simon Noel Dalton (a twin) b. 6 Jul 1879, d. 13 Sep 1928 in Oklahoma City. He married Minnie McDaniel on July 30, 1910. He is buried in the family plot in Kingfisher, OK
15. Hannah Adeline Dalton (a twin) b. 6 July 1879, d. 6 Jul 1879 in MO.

Notes from Obituaries.
From the Turlock, CA Pioneer

William "Bill" Dalton, 29 years of age was shot and killed while playing with his children near the Chickasaw Reservation Line in Indian Territory on Friday morning, the 8th of June 1894 at the log cabin of Houston Wallace near the little town of Elk, Indian Territory NW of Ardmore Indian Territory. (Bill had robbed a bank in Poolsvile).
He had lived in Merced County, CA and was a farmer and rancher in the valley before moving to Indian Territory in 1891 with his wife, Jane Bliven Dalton and children, Charles and Gracie, who survived him. Services were held at the home of Cyrus Bliven in Livingston, CA on whose ranch he was initially buried. Later the remains were interred at the Lodi, CA mausoleum.

Memorial Obituary
Eva May Dalton Whipple

Eva May passed away on 27 Jan 1939 at the home of her sister, Leona Dalton, in Kingfisher, OK where she had made her home after the death of her husband in 1932. Eva was 72 years of age. She had taught school and was engaged in millinery and dressmaking before she married. She and her husband, John N.Whipple, moved to Kingfisher, OK and later operated a cafe in Siloam Springs, AR. Eva, a Methodist from age 16, was buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher, OK. Eva was survived by her sister, Leona, a brother, Littleton, and a granddaughter, Mrs. W. D. Meadows of Houston, TX.

In 1887 a small house was built by John Whipple for his bride, Eva May Dalton. This house stands on the corner of Pearlotte and Green St. in Meade, KS, is known as the Dalton Museum and is the center of the annual Dalton Days festivities. When the Gang visited their sister they allegedly used the escape tunnel that was dug from the house to the barn. This small museum was visited by a record attendance of 28,000 in the year 2000 and folks came from 23 nations.

Memorial Obituary
Emmett Dalton

Emmett died on 13 Jul 1937 at his home in Los Angeles, CA at 66 years of age. When he was 11 years old, he moved with his family from MO to Indian Territory near Venita, OK. After his outlaw days, he married Julia Johnson Gilstrap Lewis on 1 Sep 1908 in Bartlesville, OK. A few years later they moved to CA where he wrote two books; "When the Daltons Rode" and "Beyond the Law". He was also in the movie business, real estate and construction. A few years before his death he had joined a Pentecostal Church. His ashes are buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher, OK. He was survived by his wife, Julia and a stepdaughter, Jennie Gilstrap Perrier.

Littleton Dalton
Littleton Dalton received none of the notoriety of his brothers in his lifetime. He resided in Broderick,Yolo County, CA.and worked as a sheepherder until his retirement. Dalton was 64 years of age at his death in1942 and had never married. His affairs were handled by the only son of his late brother Bill, Charles Coleman Dalton, then of Lodi, CA.

Memorial Obituary
Leona Randolph Dalton

Leona outlived all of her brothers and sisters. She died in the Huskille Rest Home in Kingfisher, OK on 18 Apr 1964 at the age of 88 years. Leona came to Kingfisher Indian Territory with her folks in a covered wagon as a teenager in 1890. She had been a member of the First Christian Church since 1902 and it was from there that the burial services were held. She was buried in the Dalton family plot in Kingfisher, OK. Her suriviors were her nephews; Roy Clute, Charles Coleman Dalton and Jack Phillips.

Adaline and Leona's Log Cabin
Adaline's Hired Man's Mirror

Above is a picture of the cabin in which Leona lived with her mother, Adaline, in Adaline's later years. This cabin is located at the Chisholm Trail Museum in Kingfisher, OK. Bill Dalton Phillips is pictured outside the cabin. One of the artifacts is a Victorian hired man's mirror given to Adaline by her father, Charles Younger, and brought by covered wagon to Kingfisher, OK in 1890.
Despite the fact that there were ten sons of Adeline and James Lewis Dalton, only one son, Bill Dalton, left a namesake, Charles Coleman Dalton. Charles was buried in Lodi and left a family.

Editor's note. It was not the intent to cover all 15 children and their deeds in this short review but to highlight a few facets and images of this family that are not so widely known.

extracted by William "Mike" Dalton, E-mail, mikedorp@teleport.com

This is the third and final section of Missing Daltons that were extracted from the advertisements in the Boston Pilot by Mike Dalton. We hope that you have been able to make a connection to your ancestors. Let us hear from you.

39. 17 March 1860. Of sister Winifred Keenan and her siblings Mary and Lawrence who landed in Montreal 13 years ago circa 1846- 1847. Winifred, Lizzy, Sarah and William and Parents M. Keenan and Marie Keenan landed in Montreal 19 years ago circa 1840. Mother and siblings last in in Warwick, Lower Canada. Respond to Patrick Dalton, resident of Northfield, Massachusetts.

40. 26 May 1860. Of George Dalton of Manchester, England who came to America last sumer circa 1859. Last in Ogdensburg, New York and maybe now in Oswego, New York. Respond to his brother Michael Dalton c/o Mr. Humphrey Sullivan at 159 Broad Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

41. 6 October 1860. Of a man named Dalton, carpenter by trade whose wife is Kate Quilan, last in New York. Respond to Mrs. Reilly c/o James Fellows at New Haven, Connecticut.

42. 26 December 1863. Of Thomas Dalton who left Parish Stradbally, County Queens 16 years ago circa 1847. Respond to James Dalton c/o James Scally at Wickliffe, Lake County, Ohio.

43. 6 August 1864. Of Michael Stanton who left Beechwood, County Roscommon. Respond to his wife Catherine Dalton who arrived in the United States March 17,1864 and can be reached c/o Mr. Thomas F. Lavender, Cincinnati, Ohio.

44. 14 October 1865. Of James and Mary Welsh of Ballinacluna, Ballyned Parish, County Tipperary. They landed in New York a few months ago (1865) and Mary died shortly after landing. James last in Brooklyn. Respond to her sister Honora Welsh c/o of John Dalton at Hadley, Massachusetts. Brooklyn and New York papers please copy.

45. 25 November 1865. Of John Dalton who came to the US in 1848 from Dunmore, County Kilkenny. He worked with Flint and Train in Roxbury (a suburb town of Boston, Massachusetts) and in 1859 went to Pottsville, Pennsylvania coal mines to cousins of his by the same name (Dalton). Respond to his cousin John Pendergast of Emmetsburg, Palo Alto County, Iowa.

46. 9 May 1868. Of Patrick J. Dalton of Kilkenny City, County Kilkenny; last in English Navy and may be living in one of the Southern States. Respond to Thomas F. Dalton at 548 Powell Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Southern, Western and New York papers please copy.

47. 5 December 1868. Of Catherine nee Dalton Hacket who left Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary about 19 years ago circa 1847 from Waterford in Ship Pacific. Last in Bridgewater, Oneida County, New York 16-17 years ago circa 1850-1851. Respond to her two sisters Mary and Johanna Dalton c/o John Delmage, Scranton Post Office, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. New York papers please copy.

48. 26 February 1870. Of Martin Dalton of Kilglas Parish, County Roscommon who came to this country 26 years ago, circa 1843- 1844. Last in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1867. Respond to his father Martin Dalton c/o John Farley - Columbus, New York.

49. 25 March 1871. Of James Dalton who left the City of Dublin in 1863 and last in New Jersey 3 years ago circa 1867- 1868; and also his brother Patrick Dalton who left Dublin May, 1865 and last in New York. Respond to their brother Peter Dalton of Scranton Post Office, Pennsylvania.

50. 7 October 1871. Of Mary MacKey, daughter of Thomas MacKey and Mary Dalton of Kilmacow, County Kilkenny. She married a Thomas Keefe, a blacksmith of Thomastown, County Kilkenny and came to Boston about 10 years ago, circa 1861. Her brother is named Michael MacKey. Respond to her sister Ann MacKey of 21 Oneida Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

51. 18 November 1871. Of James, John, Patrick and Ann Tynan who are the children of John Tynan and Mary Dalton of Monamaidra, County Queens. Last heard of six years ago circa 1865. James Tynan's address was No.7 North Grove Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Respond to Mrs. David Lawson, Stella PO, Lennox County, Ontario Canada.

52. 8 June 1872. Of Thomas Dalton, son of John Dalton from Upper Church, County Tipperary. Respond to John Dalton c/o Hughes Brothers, Toronto, C.W.

53. 15 February 1873. Susanna Large whose maiden name is Moorhead and whose parents are William Moorhead and Phoebe Dalton inquires about the following:
a. Uncle Laurence Dalton- his son Daniel went from County Limerick to St. John's New Brunswick Canada 40 or 48 years ago circa 1825 or 1833.
b. Brother George Moorhead who lived in Liverpool, England, painter by trade.
c. Brother William Moorhead, a soldier who enlisted in a Foot Regiment in Clonmel, County Tipperary, six miles outside of town about 1835. He transferred to a Grenadier Company and fought in the East Indies and married a Miss Soull. Her father owned two ships, they belonged to England.
d. Sister Elizabeth Moorhead married a William Griffith in Francis Street Chapel - Dublin, Ireland.
e. My father's sister Betsy Moorhead married a John Murphy. Their children were;William, Hester, Ellen,-- all in Liverpool.
f. Hester Murphy married a ----- Sawyer, policeman and jailer in Liverpool, England 32 years ago circa 1841. They had four sons: John, James, Joseph and Peter. John left Liverpool when small and went to this country (USA) or Australia.
g. John Murphy's father was a butcher in London, England.
h. Thomas Falkner, a merchant who lived in the City of Dublin and then went to Australia.
i . My mother Phoebe Dalton Moorhead came to the USA in 1857 and died there.
Respond to Susanna Large at Cigar Factory, Pierson Street, Cincinatti, Ohio.

54. 5 September 1874. Of Edward Dalton (or Burns) from County Wicklow, a coal miner. last in Braidwood Illinois and before that in Gardner, Illinois and also was at Armstrong's Works near Osacole, Pennsylvania. Respond to Thomas Dalton at Syracuse, Post Office, New York.

55. 28 August 1875. Of James Dalton who left Ireland about 25 years ago circa 1850; a native of Killenure, County Westmeath. Last in New Orleans keeping a bakery. Respond to his son Andrew Dalton at West Meriden, Connecticut.

56. 15 March 1879. Of Patrick B. Fitzpatrick of Muscatine, Iowa. Last in White Pine, Nevada, the summer of 1870. Respond to his sister Mary nee Fitzpatrick Dalton at Lettsville, Louisa County, Iowa.

57. 15 March 1879. Of John Tynan of Coolrange, County Kilkenny and/or his sister Mary Tynan, who came to America 1848 to 1850. Their parents were: Martin Tynan and Mary Dalton. They were last in Winooski Falls, Vermont. Respond to their nephew Martin Tynan of Southbridge, Globe Village, Massachusetts.

58. 26 July 1879. Of Patrick Dalton and Elizabeth Dalton, children of Philip Dalton and Catherine Shea of Keatingstown, St. Canice's Parish, County Kilkenny. They were last in St. Louis, Missouri. Respond to Patrick Dalton of Globe Village, Southbridge, Massachusetts.

59. 8 October 1881. Of Ellen Dalton, daughter of John Dalton and Ellen Hogan of Lisroonagh Parish, County Tipperary between Fethand and Clonmel. She lived in Springfield, Massachusetts some 20 years ago circa 1860 married to John Smith. Respond to her sister Alice Dalton c/o J. O'Gara, Janesville, Wisconsin.

60. 6 May 1882. Of John Dalton who left Norristown, Pennsylvania about a year ago circa 1880-1881 and last in St. Mary's Parish, Louisiana. Respond to his mother

61. 15 November 1884. Of Patrick Sweeney and his wife Bridget Dalton who left Causeway, Killury Parish, County Kerry and landed in New York circa 1848 -1850. They were last in Newark City, New Jersey, a few months ago. Respond to John Deady at Winooski, Vermont.

62. 20 April 1901. Of Joanna and Margaret Dalton formerly of Boston who lived there 25 to to 35 years ago circa 1865- 1875. Respond to N.H. Tunnicliff, First National Bank Bldg., Omaha, Nebraska.

63. 15 February 1902. Of heirs of Margaret Dalton born 1827 in Ireland; parents Michael and Ann Dalton. They lived in Boston for many years. Respond to N.H. Tunnicliff at 507 First National Bank, Omaha, Nebraska.

64. 29 March 1902. Of descendants or heirs formerly living in Boston: Margaret Dalton living in Boston or vicinity about 1816. Joanna Dalton living in Boston or vicinity about 1816. Respond to Nelson H. Tunnicliff, Attorney, First National Bank Building, Omaha, Nebraska.

65. 29 September 1906. Of Anastasia Dalton who married a -------- Murphy at Binghamton or Albany, New York circa 1852- 1853. Any children or is she deceased? Respond to B.C. Arnold, Hays, Kansas.

66. 2 May 1914, Of James, Michael and Mary Dalton- brothers and sister and also John, James, Paul and Bridget Hacket - also brothers and sister. They all lived in County Tipperary circa 1840. James Dalton married Bridget Hacket. Their son James came to the United States about 1870. The right parties entitled to upwards of $30,000. Respond to John J. Dwyer at 7 Wall Street, New York, New York.

These additional entries were provided by Mike Dalton and have been extracted from advertisements that appeared in the Irish American Newspaper.

67. 25 Jun 1864. Of James Dalton from Granard, Columkill Parish, County Longford, Ire. Last on the US Gunboat O. Wasko off the Port of Galveston, TX on blockade duty, 10 months ago. Respond to his brother, Edward Dalton, at No. 260, East 14th St., New York City.

68. 5 Mar 1859. Of William Bergin from Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ire., who went to Savannah, GA about 12 months ago. Respond to his cousin, James Dalton, at 90, North 6th St., Williamsburgh, Long Island, NY regarding property in Nenagh.

69. 30 Sep 1854. Of Michael Dalton from the parish of Ballyhaigue or Killuries, County Kerry, Ire. He came to states about 1851 and was last in Dayton, OH, 12 months ago. Respond to his brother John Dalton, mason, care of Eugene Parker, at 115 Orange St., New York.

compiled by Milicent V. Craig

Once again our mail box is overflowing with queries and two pages are printed here. Please check the Guest Book postings for additional requests for information by our readers.

Glen writes that he searching for information about Frank Dalton, married to Rodantha and had a daughter on Mar 3 1854 in Memphis, MO. Also wants to know whether he is related to the Dalton Gang. Response: Frank may in reality be Francis, allegedly born in Ireland and the surname of Rodantha may be Beach. The couple may also have had another child, James b. 2/26/1859 in MO who married Agnes Garrison born in KY. The marriage took place in Scotland County, MO.. The 1860 Census Index of Scotland County, Jefferson Township listed a Frank Dalton. All references require documentation. No information on the relationship to the Dalton Gang. E-Mail: llddd_83@yahoo.com

Dr. Patricia Dalton's ggggrandfather was Berryman Dalton b. about 1760 and maried Sarah Cook (b. 1764) in Pittsylvania, VA., d. 1839. She is attempting to find the father of Berryman. Response from Melanie Crain: Unfortunately there is no new information on Berryman at this time. E-Mail: Drpdalton1@aol.com Since submitting this query, Patricia has located a long lost grave of her ancestors in VA.

Kathy writes that her grandmother was Julia Agnes Dalton, b.1881in Morgan City, LA (St. Mary's Parish). Her father was John Dalton, b. in Ireland April 1848. In May 1849 he and his family came to the USA. Kathy believes it was through the Port of New York. The family lived in PA and moved to LA where the family remained. Kathy is trying to find information on her Irish roots. Her great grandfather married a Fitzgerald in Ireland. E-mail: MGCKMC@yahoo.com

Vern Broadfield sent a query about Samuel Dalton that was responded to by Melanie Crain who offered her observations that suggest a relationship to Benjamin Dalton from tax records; also a suggestion that Samuel's father descended from Timothy of Bedford, etc.also possilibilty that Samuel and Isham were brothers and had the same father. E-mail: Verno39@cs.com

Loyd Dalton of Sugar Hill, GA received a response from Melanie Crain who was able to put Loyd in contact with two other family members who were from the same Walton County, Georgia family and also engaged in genealogical research. Loyd was quite grateful for Melanie's knowledgeable response and joined the DGS. Many thanks to Melanie. E-mail: loydldalton@aol.com

Lonnie Earl Dalton is looking for the birthplace of his gggrandfather, George Washington Dalton whom he believes came from Illinois. Lonnie's ggrandfather was Louis Edwin Dalton who is buried in Clarkesville, AK. George's first wife was Rebecca Ann Frazier and his second wife was Frances Daugherty. We sent a few tips to Lonnie to pursue but if you have furthere information on Goerge please contact Lonnie: E-mail: lonnie63dalton@my family.com

Dawn is trying to determine whether Charlotte and Daniel Dalton were siblings. Charlotte married Valentine Amerine on March 20 1850 and Daniel married Nancy Jane Amerine in 1832 in Union County, Ohio. There are no birth dates or birth place for Charlotte and Daniel. In 1865 Valentine married Amand Davis.
Response: Check the entries for Daniel Dalton in the Civil War Records for Ohio to see whether a place and date of birth is given. Check the 1860 Census of Miami County, Ohio (Piqua Township) in which Valentine Amerine is listed and which may show Charlotte and/or children if living. Anyone researching this family may contact Dawn at E-mail address: HASBENN@aol.com

Traci L. Dalton has traced her husband's ancestors to Reverend Martin L. Dalton born in New York State on 6/30/1849. He married Isabelle Porter on 12/22/1877. Rev Dalton died in 1931.
Response: There is only one entry in the New York Censuses for a Martin L. Dalton. This is in 1860 Federal Census and if his birth date and the person are correct, he would have been 11 years old at the time. The residence is Orleans County, NY, Albion Village. There are no other
Daltons listed on page 1031 or thereabouts and it suggests that Martin L. was living with a family that had a different surname. The Census may give his birthplace. Suggested that Traci request a death certificate, search for an obituary, and subsequent church related records. There was no evidence of Isabelle Porter in NY Censuses. If you have information on Reverend Dalton contact Traci. E-mail: TLDaltonGang@aol.com

Sandy Morrison is looking for ancestors of Hazel Nervesta Dalton who married George Morrison. They lived in Iowa and then moved to Missouri. They had 16 children. Hazel's parents were Avery Dalton and ? Marsh and she would like to know from whence they came.
Response: Census Index records, which may be incomplete, show three Averys: 1850 Census, Peoria County, IL and Highland County, Ohio; and 1870 Pittsylvania, VA. Illinois Dalton, may be the cattle operator who came from England. Sandy is up against a brick wall. If you can help please contact Sandy at: E-mail; sandy.morrison@venaon.net

Eric is searching for information regarding William T. Dalton, born 1839 in London, married in Gloucester in 1860 and left England for the U. S. That is the extent of his knowledge. Response: Fortunately William was born after the first UK Census (1837) and thereby should appear in subsequent censuses. Forwarded the address and details of the Merseyside Records office for follow-up and for an excellent web site for Goucestershire data and look-ups. http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/GLS. If our English cousins recognize this Dalton, please contact Eric. E-mail: measha@worldnet.att.net

Julia Corin of New Zealand. Thank you for signing the Guest Book of the DGS. Unfortunately your e-mail address (Corindale@clear.co.nz) is not receiving your mail. Our Australian Secretary, Maureen Collins, looks forward to corresponding with you. Please contact Maureen at: E-mail: mmcollins@ozemail.com.au

Gary Dalton of Canada has his family tree back to Michael Dalton (1859-1917) and Bridget Doyle (1863-1942). They immigrated to Ottawa, Ontario from County Carlow, Ireland he believes. Can anyone help with Irish background on this couple? E-mail: ankors@cyberlink.bc.ca

Kyle is searching for references to Elvira Dalton b. about 1825 in TN and died after 1880. She married James Hill (born between 1815-17 and died 1870-80). They married about 1845 in Sullivan County TN, moved to Claiborne Co. TN about 1850 and had a large family. Elvira is not in the usual BMD listings so can anyone help Kyle? E-mail; Ksimmons681@cs.com