DGS Librarian, Michael Cayley has written a major article, "Early Daltons in Parliament", for the Spring 2001 issue of the DGS Journal. He has shared his list of MP's with "Daltons in History" as indicated below. The Journal article, an impressive piece of work, expands on the life and political activities of these men about whom we have hitherto had very limited information.

Dalton MP's
Richard Dalton, MP for Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1413
Birthdate unknown. Died soon after 1420. Married Agnes Hebburn. Merchant. Became controller of customs at Newcastle.

John Dalton, MP for Newcastle, 1449.
Son of the above Richard. Died in 1470. Merchant.

John Dalton, MP for Hull, 1485-6
Born about 1450. Died in or about 1496. Married Katherine Alcock. Merchant.

Thomas Dalton, MP for Hull, 1487 and 1496.
Brother of John above. Born about 1450. Died in 1502-3. Married Margaret Swattock. Merchant.

Thomas Dalton, MP for Hull, 1555 and 1572.
Born in or about 1516/17. Died in 1591. Married Anne Walker. Merchant. Sheriff of Hull in 1550/51, and mayor in 1554, 1560 and 1569.

Thomas Dalton, MP for Leicester, 1455-6.
Mayor of Leicester from 1454 to 1457. Vanishes from records about 1470.

Richard Dalton, MP for Worcester, 1478.
Alive in 1485. Very little is known about him.

John Dalton, MP for Derby, 1659-61.
Born in 1610. Died on 30 August 1679. Married Anne Pyott. Draper.

Roger Dalton of Kirkby, Misperton.
Born probably in the early 1550's. Died in 1597. Married Allison (?Hatton). MP for Lancaster in 1589 and for Scarborough in 1595. Possibly a secret agent. Acquired extensive lands in Ireland.

Robert Dalton, MP for Carlisle, 1561.
Born before 1533. May have died about 1570. Heavily involved in Carlisle politics, and hauled before the Privy Council in 1566 for his part in disturbances there. Several times mayor of Carlisle.

James Dalton of London.
Born before 1540. Died in 1601. MP for Saltash, 1563, 1571 and 1572; for Lostwithiel in 1584 and 1586; for Preston, 1593. Lawyer. Strong puritan tendencies which moderated as he aged but which caused a not entirely easy relationship with Elizabeth I's government.

Michael Cayley's E-mail address: Cayley@lineone.net

extracted by Millicent V. Craig

The following account of a Dalton family from County Limerick, Ireland appeared in the Limerick Leader, May 19, 1999. Our thanks go to Rodney Dalton for bringing it to our attention.

James Dalton emigrated to Australia in 1849 from his birthplace of Ballinanoma, Galbally, Limerick. His first Australian venture was to build a store near the town of Lucknow followed by the purchase of land from an original grantee. He named this section of land "Duntryleague" after an historic site near his birthplace.

With the discovery of gold at Ophir in 1851, Dalton's business grew and with the emigration of his brother, Thomas, and half brother, Michael, the firm of Dalton Brothers was formed. They acquired extensive land holdings in the Orange district and in the Lookout, Kangaroobi and Amerdoan Stations. In 1861 Dalton opened his first flour mill in Orange and this successful venture earned him a succession of prizes at exhibitions around the world. In 1884, the Daltons built the original Australia Hall at Lords Place at a cost of some 7000 pounds. Once the largest hall in Orange, it is now the Australia Cinema.

In Sydney the Dalton Brothers established a warehousing and wholesale empire and after many successful years in business, dissolved their partnership. The now Honourable Thomas Dalton MLC managed the Sydney businesses. James Dalton now a Papal Knight, extended his land holdings to Springdale, Canbolas and Mymagee.

James Dalton married Margaret Collins of the Springdale Collins family in 1858 in NSW and the couple had twelve children as follows:
Thomas Garret Dalton later became Mayor of Orange and managed the store of the Dalton brothers.
Winifred, b. 1871, joined the religious order of the Sacred Heart and was known as Mother Dalton.
Eleanor married Major William Redmond, M. P. one of the leaders of the Irish Nationalist movement, and a member of the House of Commons who died in WWI.
Jenny, died in France
Celia married Dr. John Cruise. Their daughter, Cecilia, married Harry Burrows, a former president of the Orange Golf Club.
Elizabeth, b. 1877, joined the order of the Sacred Heart and was also known as Mother Dalton.
Rosey married Mr. McKillop, M. P. an Irish Nationalist.
Jack, b. 1865 NSW managed the flour mill.
James, b. 1861 NSW became a barrister.
Dick managed Amerdown and the store.
Michael, b.1870 NSW managed Kangaroobi and later the store.
Patrick b. 1881 NSW became a Jesuit priest.

In 1876, Dalton began construction on a splendid mansion that he named Dun Tri Liag and then transcribed the Gaelic name to Duntryleague, the Irish site of his youthful memories. It was here that King Cormac of Munster was mortally wounded. The literal translation of Duntryleague is "the fort of the three flags or pillars of stones" referring to Cormac's final resting place.

When Dalton was invested as a Papal Knight by Pope Gregory, a stained glass window was presented to him that bears the Dalton motto " Inter Cruces Triumphans in Cruces" and also the Papal Crest. The window was installed in the magnificent home that James Dalton and his wife occupied for the remainder of their lives. Dalton died in April 1919 at the age of 84 years. Margaret Collins Dalton had died earlier in 1904. The properties were eventually sold to the Orange Golf Club where several descendents of the Dalton family are members.

In Galbally, Ireland, Jane Dalton a national schoolteacher and occupant of the Ballinamona farm where James Dalton was born, married into the Hogan family. The land is still farmed by Hogans. Other Daltons related to James are located in the parishes of Mallylanders, Knocklong/Glenbrohane, Emly and Galbally.

Editor's note. In the formative years of their family the Daltons had moved to France but returned to Australia. This may account for the absence of birth registrations for some of the children in the Vital Statistics of Australia.

compiled by Diane Jackman

About These Records

Records of Daltons for the Exploits area of Newfoundland were gathered from the Registers of Vital Statistics (Black Books) at the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland. Civil Registration started in Newfoundland and Labrador in 1891. Prior to 1891 there was no central registry so BMD records were held only by the church.

To prevent loss of the records, Sir James Puddester initiated a program to have the churches transcribe the pre 1891 records and the Department of Public Health and Welfare offered ten cents per name as compensation to those clergy who complied.

The collection is not complete, as many clergy did not comply. The collection is predominately Protestant; Church of England, Congregational, Methodist, Presbyterian and Reformed Episcopal Churches. Only 6 of the 24 volumes are Roman Catholic. There are errors in the volumes and care should be taken to verify the data.

Records Source: Vital Statistics (Black Books) vol. 88, Methodist, Twillingate & Exploit Districts

John Alexander Dalton, b. 5 Nov 1841, Exploits, Burnt Island to Matthew Dalton, Methodist, fisherman and Elizabeth. Bap. 23 Aug 1842 by Rev. William Marshall the first resident Methodist Minister in Green Bay with headquarters in Twillingate.
Henry William, b. 7 Apr 1846, Exploits, to Matthew Dalton, Methodist, fisherman and Elizabeth.
Bap. 3 Nov 1844, by Rev Marshall.
Moncia Ann, b. 29 May 1848, Exploits, to Matthew Dalton, Methodist, fisherman and Elizabeeth. Bap. 3 Aug 1848 by John S. Peach.
Matthew Dalton, b. 24 Jul 1851 to Matthew Dalton, Methodist, fisherman and Providence. Bap. 3 Aug 1851 by John Brewster.

Source: Vital Statistics (Black Books). Vol. 92, Methodist, Twillingate and Exploit Districts

Jane Dalton, b. Mar 19, 1860, Peter's Arm, Bay of Exploits to William Foote and Elizabeth. Bap 8 Aug 1860 by J. A. Duke.
Philip Dalton, b.3 Mar 1859, Exploits Burnt Island, to Matthew Dalton and Providence. Bap. 21 Aug 1859 by J. A. Duke.
Alpheus? Dalton, b. 17 Oct 1861, Exploits, to Matthew Dalton and Providence. Bap 3 Nov 1861 by J. A. Duke.
Andrew Dalton, b. 16 Sep 1865, Exploits, to John Dalton and Mary Ann. Bap 24 Sep 1865 by J. A. Rogers.
Elizabeth Dalton, b. 24 Jun 1869, Exploits, to John Dalton and Maria. Bap 27 Jun 1869 by T. Allen.
Emma Jane Dalton (age when born 4 months), Kit Cove, to John Dalton and Dorcas. Bap 12 Feb 1874 by S. Dunn.
Mary Elizabeth Dalton, b. 23 Aug 1875, Exploits, to Henry Dalton and Sarah a dug?. Bap 19 Oct 1857 by C. Myers.
Clara Dalton, b. 2 Dec 1875, Kite Cove, to John Dalton and Dorcas. Bap. 27 Jan 1876 by C. Myers.
Priscilla Dalton, b. Feb 6, 1877, Exploits, to Henry Dalton and Sarah. Bap. 4 Mar 1877 by J. Alexander
William Taylor Dalton, b. 1 Jun 1878, Kite Cove, to John Dalton and Dorcas. Bap. 7 Jul 1878 by J. Pratt.
Philip Dalton, b. 4 Nov 1879, Kite Cove, to Henry Dalton and Sarah. Bap. 7 Mar 1880 by John Pratt.
George Edmund Dalton, b. 20 Dec 1881, Kite Cove, to Henry Dalton and Sarah. Bap. 13 Mar 1882 by J. Parkins.
Valaria Dalton, b. 1 Jul 1883, Kite Cove, to John Dalton and Dorcas. Bap 17 Oct 1883 by Anthony Hill.
Eliza Ann Dalton, b 6 Jul 1888, Kite Cove, to Henry Dalton and Sarah. Bap. 28 Sep 1888 by Jas. Nurse.

30 Jun 1859, Exploits, Luke Manuel, fisherman and Priscilla Jane Dalton, domestic, both Methodist. Res of both, Exploits; by J. A. Duke. Witness: Josiah Manuel and Mary Ann Manuel.
30 Nov 1858, Exploits, John Alexander Dalton, fisherman and Mary Ann Ball both of Exploits, by Jabez A. Rogers. Witness: George Foote and Henry Dalton.
7 Dec 1867, Exploits, John Dalton, widower and Maria Jure, widow, both of Exploits, by H. L. Cranford. Witness: George Foote and John Jure.
? Exploits, Matthew Dalton, bachelor, fisherman and Julia Manuel, spinster, both of Exploits, by Simeon Dunn. Witness: George Sceviour and William Manuel.

Dalton Witnesses to Other Marriages
13 Mar 1882, Kite Cove, William Lidstone, widower, fisherman and Mary Ann Cox, spinster, both of Kite Cove, by Joseph Parkins. Witness; John Dalton and Naomi Rose.
24 Oct 1883, Exploits, Jabez Bursey, fisherman from Lower Island Cove and Amelia Ridout from Exploits, by Anthony Hill. Witness; Matthew Dalton and Alphaeus Miller.
14 Nov 1883, Kite Cove, Samuel Manuel of Kite Cove and Jemima Purchase, Kite Cove by Anthony Hill. Witness: John Dalton and George Brown.
23 Nov 1888, Kite Cove, John Curtis, 27 years old, bachelor of Cains Point and Jane Steel, 22 years old, spinster of Dominion Point, by James Nurse. Witness: Tobias Manuel and Bessie Dalton.

The Following Marriages Were Extracted from Gert Crosie's Books.
Her sources were Newfoundland newspapers and add some details to a few of the above marriages.
5 Dec 1889, Bessie Dalton of Gandr Bay married Tobias Manuel, Methodist Parsonage, Fogo. Appeared in the Twillingate Sun, 21 Dec 1889.
7 Nov 1874, Henry Dalton of Exploits, married Sarah Ryan of Pouch Cove, by Rev. Milligan. Appeared 24 Nov 1874 in both the Gazette and Newfoundlander.
Capt. John Dalton of Exploits, Burnt Island, married Dorcas Taylor of Mosquito at Battle Harbour by W. B. Bendell. Appeared Oct. 30 1872 in the Courier and Times.

Our appreciation is extended to DGS member Diane Jackman for all of the assistance she has given and data that she has generated for "Daltons in History" and for Daltons world-wide.

extracted by K. T. Mapstone, DGS Researcher

Eclipses, comets, meteor showers! All were recorded in the Irish Annals, as well as other significant events. Warfare amongst the Irish and against invaders is the common theme. Mediaeval Daltons (Dalatun, Dalatunaig, Dhalatunachaibh) have been extracted from the Annals of Connaught, Annals of the Four Masters, Annals of Ireland and Annals of Ulster. They were scribed by many authors. A good number of the unknowns were monastics and most of the known chroniclers were family historians. These Annals have been reorganized into a date order that begins in 1328 (July 2001, Vol. 4, No. 7) and continues through 1554. The result is before you - a timeline of your "Daltons in History".

Annals of Ireland Volume 4 M1452.19
Farrell Roe Oge, the son of Farrell Roe, the son of Donough, son of Murtough More Mageoghegan, a captain of great repute and celebrity was killed and beheaded at Cruach-abhall, by the son of the Baron of Delvin , and the grandsons of Pierce Dalton. They carried his head to Trim and from thence to Dublin for exhibition; but it was (afterwards) brought back and buried along with the body in Durrow-Coluim-Chille.

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1464.15
Ir, the son of Cathal Roe Mac Rannall, Tanist of his own territory, and worthy to become lord of it for his clemency and veracity died a week before Michaelmas; and in the same week Ir, the son of William MacRannall, was slain by Gilla-Glas Dillon, while he was with his mother's brother, William Dalton.

Annals of Connacht AC1464.46
Ir, son of Uilliam Mag Ragnaill was killed in Western Meath that same week with one javelin wound, by Gilla Glas Dillon in the presence of his mother's brother, William Dalton.

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1467.15
Christopher Plunkett; Pierce, son of Pierce Dalton; James Oge, the son of James Dalton; and the son of Petit of Mullingar, ie. the Prior of Mullingar, died of the plague.

Annals of Connacht AC1467.15
Christopher Plunket, Piers, son of Piers Dalton and James the Younger, son of James Dalton’s son were killed by the plague, and the Prior of Mullingar, namely Petit’s son, also died of it.

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1467.16
John, the son of the Dalton, was slain by his own tribe.

Annals of Connacht AC1468.38
A great rail by Tadc, son of Calbach (O Conchobair Failgi) on Cravagh by the Inny, in which more than twenty men and nearly forty of their packhorses were taken from them. Dalton, who insitigated the expedition, and Mag Eochacain were wounded, but Tadc carried off the prey.

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1472.12
A great attack was made by O'Kelly upon Muine-Liath. The English of Westmeath, viz., the Tuites, Petits, Tyrrels, Darcys and Daltons, came up with him. O'Kelly was defeated; Donough O'Kelly and many others were taken prisoners and a party of their foot soldiers and kerns were slaves.

Annals of Connaght AC 1472.12
O Cellaig made a great attack on the Moneylea. The Galls of Western Meath - Petits, Tyrrels, d'Arcy's and Dalton - caught up with them and O cellaig was defeated. Donnchad O Cellaig and many others were captured, and many of their footmen and mercenaries were killed.

Annals of Connacht AC1475.12
O Domnaill made a circuit in Connacht and made peace between O Ruaire and O Raigillig. Thence he marched to Fenagh, wher Mag Ragnaill met him and they both proceeded past Slaib Cairbe and through Mag Tethba and Moybrawne, and the Abbot of Lara was killed in their following by an aroshot from Rathreagh. From here he passed westwards through Moybrawne and they rested and encamped that night at Caircne of Meath, where the Dillons and the Dalton came in and made peace with them. Thence he went on to Offaly and Cairbre of Leinster, where O Conchobair (Failgi) came to meet him. On the other part came Meath Galls, and the lands were destroyed in the fighting. Peace was afterward made and ODomnaill returned home by way of Athlone.

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1475.12
A circuitous hosting was made by O'Donnell, ie. Hugh Roe, the son of Niall Garv, accompanied by Maguire, O'Rourke, and the chiefs of Lower Connaught. They proceeded first to Beal-atha-Chonaill, to rescue Brian, the son of Felim O'Reilly, who was O'Donnell's friend and confederate, and to make peace between O'Rourke and O'Reilly. O'Reilly came to Beal-atha-Chonaill to O'Donnell who reconciled O'Rourke and O'Reilly with each other and also Brian, the son of Felin; and Philip O'Reilly was given up to O'Donnell, to be detained and kept by him as a hostage for the observance of this peace, besides such others as he himself wished to demand. After this O'Donnell marched to Fenagh-Moy-Rein, whither MacRannall came to him. From thence he went to Annaly to assist the sons of Irial O'Earrell who were his friends and he spoiled and burned Annaly, excepting only that part of it which belonged to the sons of Irial, whom he left in power and might. He afterwards proceeded through Westmeath, and burned the castle-towns of Delvin, and all the circumjacent country. He remained for one night encamped in Cuircne, in Meath; and the Dillons and Daltons came into his house, and made peace with him.

Annals of the Four Masters Volume 4 M1478.18
Faghtna O'Farrell was slain by the son of Edmond, son of Hubert Dalton.

Annals of Connacht AC1478.28
Fachtna, the son of O Fergail, was killed by Edmund son of Hubert Dalton.

Annals of Ireland Volume 5 M1544.2
Rory O’Melaghlan was slain at Clartha by Richard Dalton and his kinsmen in a nocturnal assault; and it was in the interest of Kedagh O’Melaghlan they committed this slaughter.

Editor's note. The Annals of Ireland are one of the few resources that exist that place our Daltons and their activities in the historical past of the country.

from Millicent V. Craig

Because of recent interest in New Hampshire Daltons an article relating to Londonderry Daltons and their migrations is being repeated in this issue.

The genealogy section of the "History of Canterbury, NH" yielded much information on Londonderry and Canterbury, NH Daltons. Canterbury was one of the earliest Shaker communities in America and one of the last two remaining communities. (The other was at Sabbath Day Lake in Maine). This is the second lineage of a Londonderry- born Dalton that has been printed on "Daltons in History". The other lineage began with William Dalton*, likely the brother of Samuel, but unproven. As with all data, the following statistics provide clues and should be verified from the original records.

1. Samuel Dalton was born 19 July 1757 in Londonderry, NH and married Polly Merrick, born 16 March, 1778. Beside Samuel's name there is a notation (John 1) which suggests that his father was John Dalton but no other information was provided. (At that time in history, Haverhill, MA adjoined Londonderry, NH and there was a John Dalton who had emigrated there. No other information was available).
2. Son, John Dalton, born Aug 1806 in Northfield, NH, married 16 Oct. 1832 in Canterbury, NH Narcissa Jane, daughter of Joseph Warren Nudd, b. 9 Oct., 1817 in Northfield, NH. He lived in different parts of Sanbornton, first at the Bridge, later at the old Gilman place above Chapman's Corner, (Lot No. 47, 1st Div) and afterwards at Canterbury. He was a stone cutter, shoemaker, and farmer. He was a captain in the militia, and served in the Civil War, Co. D, 12th Regt., NH Vol., muster in 5 Sept 1862; discharged disabled, April 1863 at Alexandria, VA His children were:
a. Mary Jane Dalton b. 22 Nov 1846 in Canterbury, married 1 Jan 1879 to Frank Hill born 21 Feb 1853 in Tilton where they resided.
b. Georgia Neal Dalton, born 2 June 1881 in Loudon, NH
c. Franklin Pierce Dalton, born 7 Oct 1852 in Canterbury, married 18 June 1880 to Mary A. Hill of Tilton, NH b. 28 Jan 1863. They resided at Sanbornton, NH. Their children were Roscoe Hill Dalton born May 1886 and Ethel Georgia Dalton born 1 Aug 1888. Ethel married Harry Sleeper of Laconia, NH
3. Georgia Neal Dalton born 2 June 1851, married 22 Sept 1882 to John Warren Farrar born 22 July 1855 in Belmont NH. They resided in Laconia, NH. Their child was: Algia Josephine Farrar, born 1 Jan 1886 in Belmont NH, married Jan. 1903, William H. Goss, born 14 Feb 1880 in Berlin, NH.
Algia had two children: Lillian Algia Goss, born 23 April 1904 and Ferne May Goss, born 14 May 1905 in Laconia, NH.

Editor's note. It would appear that there was another family of Daltons living in the Canterbury/Northfield area at the time. Below are some additional entries.

Elick Brown born 25 Aug 1787 and a descendent of John Brown born in England 1589 and emigrated in 1635, settled in Hampton, NH in 1639. Elick married Mary Dalton. He died 2 Sept 1872 and she died 23 Feb 1878.
Dudley Lyford, born in Canterbury, by his second wife Abigail Lyford had a daughter Mary Ann born 1799 who married Hamuel Dalton born 1799 in Gilmanton, NH. (Hamuel may have been Samuel).
Abiel Foster, born in 1773 had a daughter, Elizabeth born 28 Feb 1805, married 27 Oct 1834, Isaac Dalton; died 26 Nov 1841 and had one child Susan Elizabeth who died young.
From the History of Northfield, NH , p. 75,War of 1812. "When the British in August 1814 made their attack on Washington and their fleets were seen along the N. E. coast, the old spirit of '76 revived and Joseph Dalton was mustered in September 28, 1814 for 60 days'". He was among others who enlisted from Northfield, NH.and his records should be available from the records of the War of 1812.
There are records on members of this family in the rolls of the DAR. They can be viewed on the internet.

Editors Note. The History of Canterbury, NH has helped to link the migration of a branch of the New Hampshire Dalton family from Londonderry, Northfield, Canterbury, Sanbornton, Laconia and to Gilmanton NH, the lakes area, where there was a large family of Daltons. A future issue will provide data on the Laconia and Gilmanton family.

Meanwhile the search continues for the head of this family, John Dalton, who was reportedly born about 1730. (One reference states that he was born in Northern Ireland but no documentation has been found). Please contact Millicenty@aol.com if you have further information on this branch of the Dalton family.