from Millicent V. Craig

To better serve Daltons world wide, the reams of data and files that have accumulated over the past few years are being organized into the DALTON DATA BANK. The files are the work of volunteers who have spent countless hours extracting Dalton data from a wide variety of sources. The DALTON DATA BANK will eventually include the records of Daltons who were in Africa, Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, France, India, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, the United States, Wales, the West Indies and any other locations where Daltons settled. Currently there may be upwards of 750,00 persons of Dalton descent world wide whom we eventually want to reach from our desk tops. Relative to One Name Studies, the Dalton ONS (DGS) is among the largest of such one-name populations.

Our Dalton brethren in all parts of the world are acquiring computer skills and access to the internet. Accordingly, the number of queries posed by them is increasing. With our limited staff of volunteers, we visualize a time when we will be unable to handle the queries effectively. Therefore, by making the data bases available on-line, researchers will be able to do more preliminary searching.

The BANK opens with about 10,000 names including those of spouses, children, in-laws, sponsors, etc. It is an ambitious, on-going project and data will be processed and added to the BANK each month. Announcement of new files will be made on the DGS Home Page of "Daltons in History", the Dalton Gang Letter and the Dalton-L List Serv. If you have researched your family and have Dalton files that you would like to contribute to the BANK they will be decidedly welcome. Especially needed is New York data. In the 1880 Census, NY had the highest concentration of Daltons but data from parish registers is quite sparse.

Because many Daltons are novices to genealogy and to searching the net, the data pages are being constructed with ease of use in mind. Country/county files can be searched using the Edit/Find function of your browser and by using any key word including given names, dates and ages. It is not necessary to download files in order to view their content. Passwords are not required and an entire file is free to browse. At the outset you will note that there is a preponderance of Irish data but this data is useful to Australians, UK members, Americans and Canadians because of the great migrations of Irish ancestors. There are a few examples of its usefulness in today's article, Daltons to the Forefront. In the future, large U. K. and U. S. files will be added. It is always the onus of the user to verify data within the files.

Access to the BANK may be obtained through "Daltons in History" or through the following url: ( (Please note that there is a zero in the address).

Your DALTON DATA BANK will always be a work in progress and eventually it may move to larger quarters. We look forward to your comments either through the Guest Page or e-mails.

from Millicent V. Craig

One of the side trips for members of the Dalton Genealogical Society who attended the succesful AGM in Cambridge, England (July 28/29 2001) was to the village of Ruth Leete, later the wife of Rev. Timothy Dalton. This family of Daltons emigrated to Massachusetts about 1636 and settled in Hampton, NH shortly thereafter.

Ruth's ancestors were in Eversden, Cambridgeshire as early as 1522 when John Leete, her grandfather was "assessed to a subsidy for Kingston". In the Domesday book, Eversden was enumerated as one unit but by the 13th Century they were listed as separate units and eventually became known as Great Eversden and Little Eversden. Robert Leete, son of John, married Alice Grundy at Great Eversden on 1 April 1573. They were the parents of Ruth.

Robert and Alice Grundy Leete had seven children; Simeon, Judith, Deborah, Ruth, Mordocheas, Susanna and Phoebe. Simeon was baptised at Great Eversden in June 1573 at the Church of St. Mary, originally built in the 15th Century. The other children, including Ruth and Phoebe, were baptised at Little Eversden in the Church of St. Helen. This church was closer to the family home on Leete's Lane. St. Helen's Church is mainly 14th Century construction and has been restored. The baptismal font dates from the13th Century and is octagonal shaped stone. This is where Ruth was baptised.

Down near the end of Leete's Lane is the cottage that was reportedly Ruth's childhood home. It is located on #7 and #9 Leete's Lane. This building has gone through reconstruction and appears to have either been divided into two units or had a unit added to it. Although it appears modern, the discerning eye of Lucy Slater pointed out the row of protruding bricks around the chimney and just above the roof. It was evidence that this house was originally covered by a thatched roof, a hallmark of 17th and 18th century cottages in Little Eversden. Some of the cottages in the village were built of the local clunch that was quarried nearby.

Directly across from the cottage is the River Leete. This beautiful rivulet is overgrown with every conceivable plant. Calla lillies were in bloom as well as other flowering species. A clump of bulrushes and pond lillies almost hid the water that can be seen only in the forefront of the picture. The placid little stream can take on threatening proportions in a heavy rain, flooding the entire road.

Pictured is the magnificent facade of the Chapel of St. John's College in Cambridge. Timothy passed through this portal many times on his way to worship. Ruth met her future husband through her brother who was attending St. John's at the same time as Timothy. One can imagine that Timothy was often a guest in the Leete's home. Upon completion of his studies, Ruth and the Rev. Timothy were married in Gislingham, Suffolk where a maternal uncle was a minister.

Almost four hundred years have passed since their marriage. A visit to this quiet, peaceful village reminds us that there are some things that remain unchanged century after century. One cannot but reflect on the past as one walks where Ruth and Timothy once walked.

Editor's note: A history of this Dalton family in America has been printed in several recent DGS Journal articles under the title, Hampton, NH Daltons.

Extracted by Michael Cayley, Archivist of the Dalton Genealogical Society, from transcripts at the Society of Genealogists, London. [Note: these transcripts relate mainly to the period 1788 - 1835 and are not complete]

17 Aug 1798 John son of Leonard (labourer) and Elizabeth Dalton
24 May 1810 Sarah and Dinah, daughters of Henry (merchant's clerk) and Sarah Dalton. Sarah was born 31 Jan 1807 and Dinah 17 Nov 1809
8 Feb 1814 Henry Dalton, son of Henry (merchant's clerk) and Sarah Dalton of Clarks Square
19 April 1816 Richard son of Henry (merchant's clerk) and Sarah Dalton of Mason St
7 Feb 1821 William Middleton Dalton son of Henry (merchant) and Sarah Dalton of Mason St baptised
7 Nov 1824 George Farrow Dalton, son of Thomas (stonemason) and Ann Dalton of Grotto Square
11 Dec 1825 Mary daughter of John (sailmaker) and Elizabeth Dalton of Charles Square
29 Dec 1825 Martha daughter of Thomas (merchant's clerk) and Harriet Dalton
4 July 1828 Charlottle, daughter of John (sailmaker) and Elizabeth Dalton of Wincolmlee
14 April 1830 Charlotte Ann, daughter of Thomas (schoolmaster) and Harriot Dalton of Church St
3 Oct 1830 Martha daughter of John (mariner) and Elizabeth Dalton of Wincolmlee
19 Dec 1830 Alexander Henderson, son of Alexander Henderson (clerk) and Susannah Dalton, Maso St
25 Nov 1833 Harriot daughter of Thomas Melton (schoolmaster) and Harriot Dalton, Sykes St

29 Sep 1725 John Garton married Jane Dalton
10 July 1796 Richard Midgley of parish of Howden, yeoman, married May Dalton of this parish by licence. Witnesses were Jane Dalton, William Tracey and George Dalton
15 Jan 1797 John Thompson (bachelor of parish of St Mary, Hull) married Hannah Dalton of this parish. Witnesses were Ann Dalton and Thomas Dalton
22 Oct 1799 Thomas Dalton bachelor married Rachel Fisher spinster, both of this parish
17 Feb 1802 George Carlisle bachelor married Mary Dalton spinster, both of this parish, by licence Witnesses included Ann Dalton
3 Sep 1809 Martha Dalton witnessed marriage of Benjamin Gilyead and Elizabeth Mitchell
27 Jan 1811 Robert Dalton of the parish of Beverley married Elizabeth Stather of this parish by licence. Witnesses were George Dalton and Martha Dalton
23 Jan 1817 John Cook(e) bachelor of parish of Foston married Hannah Dalton spinster of this parish by licence
30 Aug 1822 Robert Lawson, marriner, bachelor married Mary Ann Dalton spinster, both of this parish
26 April 1824 Thomas Dalton bachelor married Ann Farrow, both of this parish, by licence. One witness was Robert Dalton
29 Dec 1828 Thomas Fool, tailor, bachelor married Mary Dalton spinster, both of this parish
4 May 1834 William Taffinder married Ann Dalton, both of this parish
5 March 1835 George Dalton of this parish married Ann Maria Scales of the parish of St Mary's, Hull, by licence

12 Oct 1788 Elizabeth wife of Thomas Dalton
7 Nov 1824 Ann, wife of Thomas Dalton of Grotto Square, age 18
25 Nov 1824 George Farrow, son of Thomas Dalton of Grotto Square, age 7 weeks
5 June 1825 Mary Dalton of Charles Square, 26
2 Dec 1832 John Dalton of Charles Square, age 2
17 Oct 1837 Thomas Dalton of Wincolmlee, age 28

extracted by Diane Jackman, St. Johns, Newfoundland. February 20, 2001

BOX 1 - BAPTISMS 1841-78, MARRIAGES 1842-53, 1877-95 AND BURIALS 1853-1882
George DALTON, Bachelor, of Exploits Burnt Island and Mary LACY, widow of Black Island were married on 19 Oct. 1852 in the presence of John DORRY, Stephen OSMOND, William LACY and others by me John Brewster.
Deaths Exploits 1874-1908
George DALTON, Exploits Burnt Island Aug. 15, 1866, age 50 years.
Foote, 1883 age 6 years, Exploits
Dorcas DALTON, May 30, 1885, 42 years, Kite Cove
Matthew DALTON, Feb. 11, 1891, 82 years, Exploits
Valoria DALTON, Mar. 16, 1893, 10 years, Exploits
DALTON, Providence, Feb. 2, 1897, 75 years, Exploits

NOV. 25, 1862 - FEB. 29, 1908 MARRIAGES
Nov. 30, 1864 John Alexander DALTON, Bachelor, fisherman, Exploits Burnt Island married Mary Ann BALL, Spinster of Exploits Burnt Island by Jabez A. Rogers at the Wesleyan Church. Witness George FOOTE, Henry DALTON, Silma BALL and ? GILLETT.
Dec. 7, 1867 John DALTON, Planter, widower, Exploits Burnt Island son of Matthew DALTON, Planter married Maria JURE, widow, Exploits Burnt Island daughter of John JURE, Planter. Married by H.L. Cranford. Witness George FOOTE and John JURE.
Nov. 19, 1874 Matthew DALTON, Bachelor, fisherman, Exploits Burnt Island son of Matthew DALTON, fisherman married Julia MANUEL, Spinster, Exploits Burnt Island daughter of Andrew MANUEL, fisherman at the Wesleyan Church by Simeon Dunn. Witness George SCEVIOUR and William MANUEL.
Oct. 26, 1875 William STRIDE, 28, Bachelor, fisherman, Exploits Burnt Island son of George STRIDE, fisherman married Susan JURE, 29 Spinster daughter of John JURE, fisherman at House of Bride’s father. Witness George MANUEL, John JURE and others.
No. 155
Mar. 10, 1882 Thomas LANDRIGAN, Bachelor, fisherman of Kite Cove and Sophia GILL, Spinster of Kite Cove married in the Tilt of Matthew DALTON by Rev. Joseph Parkins in the Prescence of Joshua RODGERS and Tamar STRIDE.
No. 156
Married at Kite Cove, Exploits Mission District of Fogo & Twillingate Mar. 13,1882 William LIDSTONE, widower, fisherman Kite Cove and Mary Ann COX, spinster, Kite Cove Married in the House of William LIDSTONE by Joseph Parkins. In the Prescence of us John DALTON and Naomi ROSE.
No. 175
Oct. 24, 1883 Jabez BURSEY, fisherman, Lower Island Cove son of William BURSEY fisherman and Amelia RIDOUT, Exploits daughter of John RIDOUT fisherman Married in the Methodist Parsonage by Rev. Anthony Hill. In the Prescence of us, Matthew DALTON and Alphaeus MILLEY.
No. 263
Marriage solomnized at Exploits Burnt Island in the District of Twillingate Dec. 31, 1892 Parmenas George MANUEL, 25, bachelor fisherman, Exploits Burnt Island son of Andrew MANUEL to Adelaide BLAKE, 21, spinster, domestic servant of Gander Bay married in the Methodist Church by Geo. Frazer. In the presence of us, Caleb MANUEL and Mary Ann DALTON.
No. 275
Marriage solomnized at Exploits Burnt Island in the District of Twillingate January 11, 1984 Saul STRIDE 30, bachelor, fisherman, Exploits son of Abel STRIDE, fisherman and Fanny HODNOTT 23, spinster, Exploits, daughter of John HODNOTT, fisherman. Married in Methodish Church by Henry Scott. In the presence of us, Polly DALTON and William
No. 300
Marriage solomnized at Exploits Burnt Island in the District of Twillingate May 2, 1896 George JEFFERIES 22, bachelor, fisherman, Exploits son of Thomas JEFFERIES and Clara DALTON 21, spinster Exploits daughter of John DALTON. Married at the House of Mr. Thomas JEFFERIES by Henry Scott in the presence of us, Thomas JEFFERIES and Jane JEFFERIES.
No. 303
Marriage solomnized at New Bay, District of Twillingate Oct. 30, 1896 Walter D. YATES, 22, bachelor fisherman of New Bay son of ? YATES, fisherman and Annie Maria DALTON, 18, spinster, servant of New Bay, daughter of John DALTON, Boat Builder, ETC. Married at the house of James PEARCE by Selby Jefferson. In the presence of us, Philip MOORES and Jemima MOORES.
No. 307
Marriage solomnized at Exploits, District of Twillingate Dec. 24, 1896 John PURCHASE 23, bachelor, fisherman, Exploits son of Alfred PURCHASE, fisherman and Lucy Jane Sceviour, 21, spinster, Exploits daughter of James SCEVIOUR, fisherman. Married at the Methodist Church by Selby Jefferson. In the presence of us, Mary Ann DALTON and Victor PURCHASE.


No. 1
Luke MANUEL, fisherman Exploits Burnt Island June 30, 1859 and Priscella Jane DALTON same place by J.A. Duke. Witness: Josiah MANUEL and Mary Ann MANUEL.
No. 8
Joseph WOOLFREYES, fisherman, Exploits, Burnt Island 19, Nov. 1859 and Belinda JONES same place by J.A. Duke. Witness: George DALTON, George SCEVIOUR and Samuel ARNOLD.

compiled by Millicent Craig

As usual the e-mails and postings for assistance in finding relatives have been running quite heavy and we have selected some from the DGS Guest Book and from the mail bag to post here in the hopes that you can help each other.

Susan Young traces her ancestry back to Samuel Dalton Sr., b. March 24 1699 in VA. Her Daltons had emigrated to Palo Pinto, Texas. Susan is trying to learn whether Samuel's father was Carter or William Dalton and whether they came from England, and if so, where. Response: There have been a number of queries asking about the origins of Samuel and some claim England. However there is yet to be produced any documentation or a clue as to where Samuel's father originated. If anyone has any solid evidence, we will pursue it further. There have been claims that Yorkshire was a place of origin. Thus Michael Cayley, the DGS librarian, in England has been searching Parish Registers and the results are being printed as they arrive in "Daltons in History" and will be compiled in the DALTON DATA BANK as soon as we can process them.. E-mail: if you have solid information.

Ruth Higgens of CA is still trying to find her gggrandfather, John Dalton. John married Rebecca Adams of Cincinnati. They came by covered wagon to Shasta County to the hamlet of Millville. One daughter, Margaret Jane Dalton was born in Cincinnati in 9/83. There may have been another daughter, Polly. Does anyone recognize this family? She is searching for the birthplace of John Dalton who may also have gone by the name of Thomas John. E-mail:

Penny in Oregon wrote that on her mother's side the Dalton line was in Cumbria, England. She mentioned that her grandmother was Lilli Nicholson and her great grandmother was Esther Ann Dalton. About two years ago or more I heard from an American whose ancestor was also Lilli Nicholson of Keswick. If you are reading this, will you please get in touch with Penny? You might share your research as Penny is new to genealogy. We have also collected Cumbria BMD"S that will be entered in the Dalton Data Bank.Contact Penny at:

Kyle Dalton of California is interested in Daltons from Kansas who fought in the Civil War. Response: There are four Union soldiers listed: James Dalton, Pvt in 12th Reg.Kansas Infantry, John F. Dalton, 2nd Lt. in 14th Reg., Kansas Cavalry, Riley Dalton, Pvt. 6th Reg. Kansas Infantry, and Thomas Dalton, 2nd Lt. 14th Reg Kansas Cavalry. If anyone has knowledge of Kansas Daltons who fought in the Civil War, please contact Kyle. E-mail:

Paul Ian Dalton of the UK has been attempting to connect his great grandfather, Archibold Dalton ,to the name Blackwood/Blackwell. He married a girl from North Wales by the name of Rhuddlan.
Archibold was ostensibly from Lancashire County. Response: The 1881 Census of Great Britain shows no hyphenated names of Blackwood-Dalton nor Blackwell-Dalton. The Census does show one family with a 9 year old child listed as Archibald B. Dalton living in Hunslet, York. If anyone is aware of this name combination, please contact Paul. E-mail:

Dinah and David McCloud are trying to locate Reese Wid Dalton's origin and his possible mother, Polly Dalton. Response: Have exhausted available data sources and hope that a reader is able to make a connection. E-mail:

Patricia Byrne needs assistance with Conception Harbour, Newfoundland data. Her gggrandmother, born c. 1884 in Conception married William Cole of Colliers on Nov 28 1872.
Response: Diane Jackman has extracted many Conception records but this record is not among them yet. All extracted records are slated for publication in the Dalton Data Bank. E-mail:

Michael Dalton of Chesapeake, VA has hit a brick wall. His gggrandfather, Thomas Dalton, was born in 1763 in or around McDowell County, N. C. His wife, Elizabeth was born 1770. They had several children - Suzanne, Nance, David, Gasten, Thomas Jr., Rachel, etc. If you recognize this family send an E-mail:

Theresa Dalton Hart is looking for informatin on ancestors of three brothers: John Dalton b. 1833 in Limerick; Michael Dalton b. 1833, County Kerry?; Daniel Dalton b. 1845 County Kerry ? Ireland. All died in Ontario County, NY. Their parents were John Dalton and May Cox/and or Mary Branden. A sister may have been Ellen who married a Burke. All emigrated to the US between the 1850's and 1870's. Descendents of this family please E-mail:

Pauline Denmark of West Sussex is looking for Daltons in and around Newington, Surrey, England, in particular the marriage of John Dalton and Mary Clark c. 1838. E-mail:

Shona Oswald of New Zealand is anxious to contact anyone with knowledge of her ancestor, Thomas Daulton, born in the Parish of Grange, County Cork, Ireland about 1811. He married Ann O'Brien in Dublin on Apr. 1, 1833. He served in a Glasgow Regiment, the Boer War at Natal and retired after 16 years of military service. Two children were born in Capetown So. Africa; Mary and James B. The other three children were born in Auckland, NZ; Catherine B. Thomas B. and Nancy B. Contact Shona at: E-mail:

Thomas Jefferies and Carol Ann Mercer of Ontario, Canada are eager to find the birthplace of their ancestor, Captain John Dalton of Exploits, Burnt Island, Newfoundland.. The Captain married Dorcas Taylor of Mosuito at Bottle Creek Harbour on the 30 Oct 1872. Jefferies is descended from a daughter, Clare Dalton Jefferies, and also wishes to hear from descendents of other siblings, Maria and Valeria. Contact Thomas and Carol; E-mail:

Editor's note: Through the extracts of Exploits BMD done by Diane Jackman of St. John's, the DGS was able to put together the early history of this family.

Update! It now appears that the Exploits data may contain the baptismal record of Captain John son of Matthew and Elizabeth Dalton, the death record of Valeria and the premature birth of another daughter. If correct, Captain John was born in Newfoundland.

Donna Jones was attempting to find her great grandmother, Mary Agnes Dalton, who married in Mead, Kansas. Response: Mary Agnes appears in the 1880 U. S. Census at 8 years of age. Her father, Francis Dalton, age 53 was born in Ireland and her mother, Rhodantha age 42, was born in Indiana.

All of the children, including Mary Agnes were born in MO; Catherine age 16, Rose Elle 14, Rachell age 12, Mary Agnes age 8, Peter age 7, Julie Ann 5, Francis Jr. age 1. The family was enumerated in Castleton, Reno County, Kansas. Mary Agnes married John Schonlau at the estimated age of 18, about 1890 in Meade, Kansas.
Update: The Passenger List-NY file listed on the home page of the Dalton Data Bank provides the following information. A Francis Dalton, age 22 arrived on the ship AGNES from Dublin on the 31 May 1848. The age compares favorably with the age in the census. There is an (m) beside his name that could indicate he was married. If so, it does not appear that his wife was on this ship but may have come later. The 11 year age difference between Francis and Rodantha is a clue that Francis may have had a previous marriage. Also of interest is the migration to Meade, Kansas, home of one of a Dalton Gang sister. See July 2001 issue of Daltons in History. It might also be worthwhile to learn whether these children were born in or near Belton, MO. E-mail:

Mike Dalton is always adding to his data file of Kerry Daltons and reports that he has found four more of them in the Ellis Island Index listed on the home page of the Dalton Data Bank. To contact Mike E-mail:

Michelle needs help in finding records of her Ollie Dalton and J. A Dalton. Response: A search of all available sources did not find the principals with the specific ages and locations that Michelle provided. Can anyone help her? E-mail:

Our DGS Committee Member, Dr. Lucy J. Slater is to be congratulated for organizing one of the most enjoyable and successful AGM's in the history of the DGS.

Dr. Lucy, a resident of Cambrige and graduate of the University, applied her particular talents to scheduling sightseeing excursions to Dalton places of interest in the vicinity of Cambridge. Members attended from Australia, Brazil, Ireland, the U. S. A. and of course from England as well.

Superb progress is being made by DGS Archivist, Michael Cayley, in preserving all records and correspondence for the 31 year history of the DGS and an announcement of the new on-line data bank was made to the members.

In addition, a proposal for a feasibility study to explore possibilities of a Dalton family DNA study was made by your American secretary.

Please bring your membership dues up to date if you have not already done so. Your continued support is needed as the DGS adopts new techniques and organizational responses to better serve its members. A complete account of the meeting will be printed in the Fall issue of the DGS Journal.