From Michael Cayley

This article contains many items of Dalton interest that were extracted from the Champlain Society Publications by DGS Archivist, Michael Cayley. At the end of the entries there is an item by your editor that may identify the Capt. Dalton who is listed in several of the Society's documents. Our appreciation is extended to Michael.


The Journal of Captain John Knox, vol III, pub.1916
24 Jan 1761, Halifax, Nova Scoita Letter from R Elliot, major, 43rd Regiment to General Amherst
On 7 Jan was rescued from Island of Sable after a storm damaged his ship. “The Arms Accoutrements, Camp Equipage, Lt Dalton’s Baggage, and all my own are lost....”

Select British Documents of the Canadian War of 1812, Vol. II, pub. 1923
Muster Roll and Pay List of Capt. Jean Bte. Bruguière Compy. from 25th October to 25th November 1813, both days inclusive
Includes Lt. William Dolton

Select British Documents of the Canadian War of 1812, vol III part II, pub. 1928
15 Aug 1814 Letter from Lt Gen Gordon Drummond toProvost at [?]
Description of attack on Fort Erie concludes “My acknowledgements are due to Captain D’Alton of the 90th Regiment, Brigade Major to the Right Division, and to Lieutenant Colonel Nichol, Quarter Master General of Militia.”

The Diary of Simeon Perkins vol 1, 1766-1780, pub. 1948
Saturday 29 Nov 1777. The privateer Arbuthnot [from Halifax, Nova Scotia] arrives, and the Captain Dalton, come to sell me the wreck mentioned above. [A sloop taken by Arbuthnot and grounded near the Ragged Islands.]
Wednesday 31 Dec 1777. The schooner Arbuthnot, Capt. Dalton, a tender to the Rainbow, arrives.
Friday 27 March 1778. Publicover [?] boat from LeHave says Capt. Dalton is at LeHave, and talks of coming here.
Saturday 18 April 1778. Several shallops have arrived from Halifax. They say the Cabot and Arbuthnot are sailed on a cruise along this shore.
Sunday 19 April 1778. The Brig Cabbot, Capt. Dodd, and the schooner Arbuthnot, Capt. Dalton, come into the harbour.
Monday 20 April 1778. Capt. Dod, Capt. Dalton, and I believe the Doctor came to my house. I read to them Thomas Pierce, junr., deposition of his being taken by the Privateer, and obliged to Pilot her.
Tuesday, Liverpool, 21 April 1778. The Cabot Brig, and Arbuthnot Schooner sailed last evening to the westward.
Monday 4 May 1778. Capt. Dalton, in the Arbuthnot is arrived. He was ashore last evening. Lieut. Topson also on shore. They took off about 30 Frenchmen.
Friday 8 May 1778. One of the wounded Frenchmen is dead. Is buried by the Overseers of the Poor.
Tuesday 12 May 1778. The Ship has orders by Cap. Dalton, who arrived last night, to proceed immediately to Halifax.

Diary and Selected Papers of Chief Justice William Smith 1784-1793, vol. I, pub. 1963
Sat 12 March 1785 Dined [in London] at Genl Tryons with the Widow and Daughter of Revd Dr. Tryon his 2nd Brother, a Miss Tryon a distant Relation I suspect a Natural Daughter of his Elder Brother, Richd. Dalton Esqr. the King’s Antiquarian & Keeper of Medals Drawings & Searcher of Pictures, & a Mr. Orme the Author of the History of the East Indies. Moss Tryon the Maid of Honour was to have been there but attended the Queen tonight to Drury Lane. Mr. Dalton & Miss Tryon live at St. James’s Palace. He is a sensible agreable old Gent who has travelled much in his Younger Days, collected abroad many Pictures for the King.

Minutes of the Hudson’s Bay Company 1679-1684, First Part, pub. 1045
21 April 1680 Committee Meeting:
Mary Dalton Peticioning that her husband in the Bay might come home her Peticion is allowed if hee desire it.

The Town of York 1815-1834: A Further Collection of Documents of Early Toronto, pub. 1966
Thomas Dalton, journalist of “The Patriot” moved his operations from Kingston to York in 1832. His reason was that York was the centre of both news and money. His paper staunchly supported the government. He lived from 1792 to 1840. He was born in Birmingham, England, and came to Canada in about 1812. He settled in Kingston where he was in the brewing business. In 1828 he began the newspaper “Patriot”, moving with it to York in 1832. Dalton’s politics were originally radical, but he gradually became a staunch tory. From 1828 to 1830 he represented Frontenac in the Assembly.
A Debate on Moving the Capital, 1830 [reported in the “observer”, York, 1 March 1830]
Mr Dalton thought the removal of the seat of government to Kingston would be an advantage to the country at large. The present seat was ill chosen, and it was thought so by former Governors. York was accessible by land and water - it was captured in the late war, and the records were destroyed & the public funds were given up to the enemy.
Letter from “A Master Builder” in “The Patriot” 28 June 1833
.... Mr Dalton had better turn his attention to something more for the edification of the public, than attempt to settle a standing rate of wages for the Journeymen Carpenters of York, and not to publish such mischievous insinuations against Employers.

The Bank of Upper Canada: A Collection of Documents, pub. 1987
Thomas Dalton 1792-1840 who came to Canada in 1812 was associated with the Pretended Bank of Upper Canada. Throughout the 1830s he commented in “The Patriot” on banking affairs.

Captain Dalton from Millicent Craig

Nova Scotia was called the "14th Colony". France and the U. S. had joined forces in wresting Nova Scotia from the British in the War of Independence. London had appointed Mariot Arbuthnot to the position of Lt. Governor of Nova Scotia in 1776. (He was a former naval commander). Interestingly the name of Captain Dalton's schooner was the Arbuthnot.

In attempting to identify which Captain Dalton was traveling back and forth to Halifax in 1778, several Dalton Captains were eliminated because of time and age. One possibility is Captain James Dalton of Boston. Although little is known of his merchant trade, it is quite likely that it was he who transported the French from Le Havre, France and who supported the war effort.

Captain Dalton's life has been reported in "Daltons in History" and it is from this line that the line of physicans, Call Daltons, of Massachusetts descend. The only clue to Captain Dalton's origin is the fact that he held membership in the Irish Benevolent Society of Boston.

from Millicent Craig

Bill Dalton Phillips of Oklahoma sent a copy of the accompanying photograph and asked that the DGS print it in hopes that a viewer recognizes it. Bill is a direct descendent of a sister of the Dalton Gang and has been a contributor to "Daltons in History".

Bill received the image from the Ripley Museum in Oregon. It had been purchased at an antique auction in Stillwater, Oklahoma. On the back of the image is the name "Emmet Dalton" age 2 years and 1 month. Between the first and last name is a word that could be construed as "Special" or perhaps "Cecil". Bill has a large collection of Gang memorabilia but had never seen this photo.

Could the picture possibly be that of Emmett Dalton, one of the Gang members? Emmett, according to his death certificate, was born in Belton, MO on 3 May 1871 and died in Los Angeles, CA on 13 Jul 1937. He had lived in CA for 18 years and had been a home builder for the last ten years of his life. He apparently used a double "t" in his given name.

If this is a picture of Emmett at age 2, it would have been taken in 1873 at a time when the photographic studio business was in its infancy. On the corner of the photograph the name and location of the studio was embossed. It appears to be C. D. Ashley, Denson, Texas. We assume that the location was Denison although an "i" seems to be missing from the city.

Bill has learned that there was a C. D. Ashley studio in Denison as early as 1889 but none at an earlier date. (1889 was also the year that Eastman invented flexible roll film and a simple camera to replace glass plates). Was there a Dalton family in the vicinity of Denison, Texas in the 1890's who had a child named Emmet? What do you see in this photo?

We have placed a picture of Emmett Dalton, the adult and respected citizen of California, beside that of the child. Do you recognize the child? Do we have a computer expert who can age enhance the child's photo to see whether this is actually Emmett? Send your comments to and we will pass them along to Bill.

from Dianne Jackman

This large file of births and some death notices are from Dianne Jackman of Newfoundland who has made major contributions to the DALTON DATA BANK. This set of data will eventually be added to the master file.


The information reads: page number, date of birth, place of birth, parents of child, fathers occupation, date of baptism and by whom, child's name and sex.
Pg. 50 - B. Aug. 26, 1896, Pleasant Street, St. John’s, Nfld., William & Margaret DALTON, Labourer, bapt. Aug. 27, 1896 by Rev. Fr. Edward Crook,
William, Male.
Pg. 53 - b. May 1, 1896, Belvedere Street, St. John’s, Nfld., Kate DALTON, single woman, bapt. May 13, 1896, Mary, female, illegitimate.
Pg. 18 -b. July 5, 1895, Petty Harbour, Nfld. Michael & Teresa DALTON, Fisherman, bapt. July 7, 1895 by Roger Tierney, James Joseph, Male.
Pg. 99 -b. July 27, 1896, Conception Harbour, Nfld., James & Ann DALTON, Fisherman, bapt. July 27, 1896 by William Vietch, P.P., George, Male.
Pg. 100 -b. Oct. 30, 1896, Harbour Main, Nfld., James & Mary Dalton, Fisherman, bapt. Oct. 30, 1896, by P. O’Donnell, Margaret, Female.
Pg. 91 -b. Sept. 5, 1895, Conception Harbour, Nfld., James & Catharine DALTON, bapt. Sept. 5, 1895, by William Vietch, P.P., Bridget, Female.
Pg. 68 - b. April 1, 1897, Hayward Avenue, St. John’s, Nfld., William & Bridget DALTON, Carpenter, bapt. April 5, 1897 by Monsignor I. Scott, Agnes
Maud, Female.
Pg. 192 - b. July 14, 1897, Western Bay, Bay de Verd, Nfld., William & Mary A. DALTON, fisherman, bapt. Dec. 29, 1897 by Rev. Jabez Hill, John, Male.
Pg. 206 - b. Nov. 17, 1895, White Rock, Trinity, Nfld., Edward FRAMPTON & Mary Jane DALTON, Fisherman, bapt. Nov. 29, 1895 by W.Hutcheson, Gertrude, Female.
Pg. 206 - b. Sept. 26, 1895, White Rock, Trinity, Nfld., Thomas & Ellen DALTON, fisherman, bapt. Oct. 6, 1895 by W. Hutcheson, Emma, Female.
Pg. 206 - b. Nov. 17, 1895, White Rock, Trinity, Nfld., John & Drucilla DALTON, Fisherman, bapt. Nov. 29, 1895 by W. Hutcheson, Alberta, Female.
Pg. 209 - b. Jan. 28, 1896, Little Catalina, Trinity, Mark & Rachel DALTON, bapt. March 19, 1896 by Rev. A.A. Holmes, Robert J., Male.
Pg. 223 - b. Sept. 7, 1896, Little Catalina, Trinity, Albert & Virtue DALTON, Fisherman, bapt. Nov. 12, 1896, Rev. A.A. Holmes, Samuel, Male.
Pg. 348 - b. Jan. 27, 1898, Cod Roy, Burgeo & La Poile, Nfld., John & Mary Ann DALTON, fisherman, bapt. Mar. 6, 1898 by Rev. Llewellyn Goddon, Emma,
Pg. 401 - b. Nov. 28, 1894, Regina, Placentia & St. Mary’s, Nfld., Michael & Margaret Coile DALTON, Fisherman, bapt. Feb. 5, 1895 by J.J. St. John, Mary
Agatha, Female.
Pg. 401 - b. Aug. 1, 1894, Regina, Placentia & St. Mary’s, Nfld., Stephen & Anastatia D’ALTON, Fisherman, bapt. Aug. 17, 1894 by J.J. St. John,
Cphrsinn,(that is what appears to be written) Male.
Pg. 410 - b. Mar. 1, 1895, Goosberry, Placentia & St. Mary’s, Nfld., James & Jane DALTON, Fisherman, bapt. March 13, 1895 by S. O’Driscoll, Mary Ann,
Pg. 417 - b. Jan. 31, 1896, Mother Rex, Placentia & St. Mary’s, Nfld., Setephen & Annie DALTON, Fisherman, bapt. April 25, 1896 by Rev. W.H.
Jackman, David Joseph, Male.
Pg. 431 - b. July 15, 1895, Cape Broyle, Ferryland, Nfld., John & Esther DALTON, Fisherman, Roman Catholic, bapt. July 20, 1895 by Fr. K. Vereker,
Mary Ellen, Female.
Pg. 438 - b. Aug. 11, 1897, Ferryland, Nfld., James & Mary J. Keough, Fisherman, Roman Catholic, bapt. Aug. 12, 1897 by Rev. L.K. Vereker, Mary
Agnes, Female.
Pg. 439 - b. Nov. 21, 1897, Cape Broyle, Ferryland, Nfld., John & Esther DALTON, Fisherman, Roman Catholic, bapt. Nov. 28, 1897 by L.K. Vereker,
Catherine Mary, Female.
Pg. 439 - b. Nov. 5, 1897, Witless Bay, Ferryland District, Nfld., John & Mary DALTON, Fisherman, bapt. Nov. 5, 1897 by Rev. N. Roche, Joanna, Female.

from Dianne Jackman

On the 17th of March, At St. George’s Hospital, May, youngest and only daughter of Mary A. and the late Patrick Dalton, aged 7 years. (Royal Gazette, March 31, 1891)
St. George's Hospital was located in St. John's, Newfoundland and was used primarily for isolation cases and was used during several epidemics.
On the 8th of April - At the Poor Asylum, Catherine Mainwaring, relict of the late Michael Dalton, a native of Wexford, Ireland, aged 101 years.(Royal Gazette, April 14, 1891)
Died on the 18th of December, 1891, Alice, widow of the late William DALTON, aged 48 years, a native of Reagormac, County Waterford, Ireland. The Royal
Gazette, Tuesday, December 22, 1891.

Note from Dianne.
NEWFOUNDLAND GAZETTE is published in St. John's, Newfoundland. It started publication in August 1807. Frequency: Weekly, Aug. 27, 1807-July 5, 1892. Daily, July 12-August 30, 1892. Weekly, Sept. 5, 1892- Title varies: Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser, Aug. 27, 1807-July 5, 1892; Oct. 11, 1892-Sept. 30, 1924. Royal Gazette, July 12-Oct.4, 1892. Newfoundland Gazette, Oct. 7, 1924.

from K. T. Mapstone

While searching for the death of her aunt Ellen Dalton who died as a child in Chicago, K. T. compiled the following information on another Ellen Dalton. She obtained a death certificate and would like to pass it along to a descendent of this family.

Ellen Mc Nichols Dalton
Some Personal History

Ellen was the daughter of Patrick and Mary Callaghan McNichols, born circa 1855 in Ireland.
Ellen McNichols was married to a Mr. Boyle. Haven't located this record in Illinois.
On May 16, 1881 Mrs. Ellen McNichols Boyle wed Thomas Dalton in Will Co. IL.
Ellen Dalton moved from Will to Cook County in 1910, perhaps when her husband passed away. The Chicago City Directory for 1911 lists her as a widow of Thomas, living at 737 Loomis.
The 1911 and 1912 Chicago City Directories show a Miss Catherine Dalton, as a bookkeeper. Catherine resides at 737 Loomis.
The 1913 Chicago City Directory lists a James J. Dalton working as a clerk. His address is also 737 Loomis.
Mrs. Dalton entered Mary Thompson Hospital and had an appendectomy on or about July 22, 1920. Her residence, at that time, was 2722 Jackson Blvd.
Mrs. Dalton developed bronchial pneumonia on or about August 4th and died on August 7, 1920. She was buried at Calvary Cemetery on August 9th.
The informant on her death certificate was a William Minor. Possibly a son-in-law, although he didn't know the deceased husband's name. His home was also at 2722 Jackson Blvd.

K. T. would like to find the family of Ellen and Thomas Dalton in order to pass this certificate on. K. T. may be reached at:

For some time K. T. Mapstone has been researching her roots in the Clonmel area of Ireland, Kilcash and County Tipperary. In the process, she has discovered several connections between Dalton/Powers and Dalton/Walsh families. These associations also extend into Counties Kilkenny and Waterford. She has been attempting to sort them into lines and to help others with the similar connections. If these names appear in your family tree, please be in touch with our DGS researcher. K. T.

Interest in Daltons from County Westmeath, Ireland is increasing. All Daltons who have ancestry in Westmeath kindly report in so that we may form a cluster and work as a group in sorting out ancestry.

Mike Dalton whose ancestry is in County Kerry will be glad to help with queries in the Kerry area. Contact Mike at: