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Looking back through these "Daltons in History" newsletters, I find that it is three years since I last wrote a “Letter from the Chairman”. The time just seems to fly by and, through the hard work of all the other DGS officers and committee members, I am delighted to report that the Society continues to expand and flourish. I feel honoured and privileged to act as the Society’s President and Chairman and I want first of all to pay tribute to all my colleagues on the committee who serve us so well. Since the turn of the millennium we have grown considerably, particularly outside the UK, and we are a truly international society. In these troubled times it is very reassuring to be brought together with people from so many countries who share a common interest. I am confident that all visitors to this website will value this aspect of the Society, and its work.

Many of you will know that we had an extremely successful DGS Gathering and AGM held at Pickering in North Yorkshire, England over the weekend of 31st August/1st September 2002. Details of this have already been reported on the website and I simply want to thank our Treasurer, Howard Dalton, and his wife Jenny for all their efforts, which ensured such a memorable time.

At Pickering it was agreed that the 2003 Gathering and AGM should be held in South Wales over the weekend of 31st May/1st June 2003 and I have been busy making arrangements for this. South Wales was the home of several generations of Daltons between the mid 17th and mid 19th Centuries and the villages of Pembrey and Kidwelly provide the focal points for these Dalton forebears. It is planned to stay nearby on the Gower Peninsular, which lies to the south west of Swansea, at the North Gower Hotel in a little village called Llanrhidian. Full details of this event will be carried in the December 2002 issue of the DGS Journal (Volume 37), and they will be published in "Daltons in History" on 1st February 2003. Anybody who is interested in receiving earlier notification is invited to email me at for immediate information.

When we met in Pickering, we talked about the possibility of an Irish tour taking place either immediately before or immediately after this 2003 AGM/Gathering weekend. I understand that some of our American members are putting some arrangements in place and an email to Millicent Craig ( will provide further details. We also discussed a plan to hold a DGS event in Australia in late December 2003/early January 2004. Our Australian secretary, Maureen Collins is responsible for the arrangements for this and she will provide more details in due course. Her email address is

With all these plans being put into place for gatherings, visits and meetings, I can only report that the Society continues to flourish and the committee will endeavour to carry on meeting the demands of members for these types of events. I personally always very much enjoy the opportunity to meet members and what better occasion is there for this than when one is discovering family history in a place with Dalton connections?

The Journal is another very important part of the Society’s work and I know that the editorial team are always looking for more material to publish. It is vital that the stream of articles, miscellaneous notes, and other pieces of Dalton information is maintained so that the future of the Journal in its present format is assured. This, together with all the exciting developments on this website with this newsletter, “Daltons in History” and the Dalton Database, means that the Society is building a considerable fund of published Dalton family history which can be shared amongst us all and, at the same time, be available for the benefit of future generations.

In conclusion, I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and a genealogically rewarding New Year. I look forward to hearing from many of you confirming that you will be joining us in South Wales or at one of our future events.

With all best wishes
Michael Neale Dalton

Honorary Life President and Chairman of the Society

from Millicent V. Craig

Only a sketch of a monument to a descendent of one of the most illustrious families of County Westmeath, Ireland has survived the Centuries. The monument was located on the grounds of Mount Dalton formerly known as Loughan. This was a portion of the lands that was saved by Christopher D'Alton of Miltown from the hands of the attainders about 1691.

Recently DGS member, Cecelia H. Lange of Arvada, CO visited Mount Dalton. Cecilia is descended from Peter Dalton of Ardbraccan, Navan, Westmeath. (A short history of this family was printed in DGS Journal Volume #29, Nov. 1998). The main house on Mount Dalton was built in 1787. There is also a charming gate house. Behind the house are the remains of a castle and nearby is an overgrown graveyard. On a small hill the monument sketched below was erected.

Cecelia has sent a passage from "Memories of the Dead" Vol. IV that indicates the obelisk-like monument, about thirty feet in height, may have been erected at the time the house was built. It was adorned with the profiles of Empress Maria Theresa and the Emperor Joseph II of Austria, George III plus the arms of the family. The note at the bottom of the drawing reads "Dalton Monument, Rathconrath, Oct 20, 1900" and signed W.E. In 1899, the Rev F. A. O'Reilly, Order of Saint Francis of Dublin, translated from Latin the inscriptions on three sides of the monument as follows.

On the South Side
"In memory of the Aliton Daton Family which six centuries since with Walter Alton came from France into Ireland and formed its residence in that part of Westmeath afterwards called by its name Aliton, and in the reign of Henry VIII in parliament raised to the title and honour of Baron of Rathconrath who flourished far and wide, and throughout all Westmeath erected at their own charge Abbeys, Churches, and Convents, or enriched those already in existence, (which family) after being afflicted in the Civil Wars, was through the indulgence of the best Princes preserved until the restoration of peace. Richard Dalton, son of Oliver and Catherine O'Reilly of the Cavan stock, Chamberlain and Privy Counillor of their August Majesties, Joseph and Theresa, Proprietor of the Army, Legate of the Augustan Legion, Knight of the Order of Theresa, and on 14 April 1777 raised to be Count of all the hereditary German Kingdoms, of the Lands of the Sacred Caesar, and of the Royal Apostolic Majesty, to the Honour and worth of (that) Most Noble Family.

On the West Side
"To the Emperor, Caesar, Joseph II Son of Francis Duke of Lorain, nephew of Charles Duke of Hapsburg, grand-nephew of Duke Leopold the Great, (as to) the Excellent, August, Kind, Fortunate, Unconquered Father of His Country, Father of His Army, the Augmenter and Preserver of Public Happiness, Born for Perpretating the Name of Austria, and who hath deserved most highly the Roman Empire, of the ancient Kings of Hungaria and Bohemia, and of every condition of Men. Richard Dalton, son of Oliver (Dalton) Devoted to His Majesty on account of the Exceeding benefits conferred upon him and his by the Best and Greatest of Princes (inscribed this monument)

On the East Side
"Richard Dalton, the son of Oliver, and the whole Dalton family, fostered and favoured by every manner of indulgence and liberality, to their Prince, Prince George III, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Victor both by sea and land, Preserver of Public Freedom, Defender of Ireland, the Kind, Fortunate, Unconquerable, the Father of His County, Born for the Good of the State.

Dispositon of the Monument
When visiting Mount Dalton, Cecelia learned that in 1906, a person named Plunkett took the monument apart stone by numbered stone to erect as a monument to his dead son. Plunkett failed to pay the railroad for hauling the stones and the rail company used the stones for building walls.
An ignominious end to a part of Irish Dalton family history!

Reconstruction of the Monument
The current owners of the property, the Gibson-Brabazons have expressed interest in reconstructing the monument and Cecelia has volunteered to raise funds for the project. When more is learned about the plans they will be reported in "Daltons in History". Meanwhile if anyone has any questions or comments please be in touch with the editor.

Note: According to "The Irish D'Alton Family" printed in DGS Journal, Vol. 29, 1998, Oliver D'Alton married Catherine O'Reilly in 1717. She was the daughter of James O'Reilly of Ballinlough and the mother of Richard. The Index for Vol. 29 will become available on the DGS web site in 2003 and copies of this Journal will be available for purchase. In a future web article, photographs taken by DGS member Eric Dalton of Michigan on his visit to Mount Dalton will be printed.

An Ireland/Thurnham Connection?
In a talk before the Irish Genealogical Society of Dublin, Dr. Ian d' Alton of Dublin and Kildare spoke about his ancestry in Ballycahane, Woodpark in County Clare and in County Limerick. In 1929, his great grand uncle who was working for the Imperial Bank of Persia in Tehran, received a report on the d'Alton family that had been prepared by W. & A. Mussett located at Lincoln's Inns Heraldic Studios.

In the mid 1800's the Woodpark properties were sold and the family removed to Dublin. Dr. D'Alton is of the opinion that the County Clare family originated in Thurnham, Lancashire, England. The pedigree of this branch of the Dalton family will be published in a forthoming issue of the Journal of the Dalton Genealogical Society.

Editor's note. The DGS has compiled data on the Woodpark Daltons and it may be scanned in the Dalton Data Bank at: Click on Ireland, County Clare and type in the keyword Woodpark.

News From Croston
DGS member Kate Dalton of Croston writes that David Ryding15, and his sister Joanna 14, have become national champions in dry slope skiing. They are from Bretherton near Croston. David and Joanna are direct descendents of Joseph Dalton, son of William Dalton of Dob Cross Farm. In 1994, the DGS visited the homestead during their tour of Dalton sites of interest in the Croston area. David and Joanna will transfer to snow skiing this winter and we wish them the best.

News from Parbold
DGS member W. Derek Dalton (also descended from the Croston Daltons) has published an impressive Journal "Bispham 2000" . Derek an accomplished photographer has captured the essence of the residents and their homes in a village that was the home of Daltons from the 12th Century until the 16th Century when Robert Dalton purchased Thurnham Manor. The tiny village of Bispham averages a population of about 250. Derek, a member of the Parish Council has obtained permission for a 500 acre fishing pond in Bispham. Derek's projects in the home of our forefathers seem to be endless.

News from Essex re: Toronto
Celia Dodd a member of the Goons writes that the the Toronto Star newspapers for 1945 have been indexed and can be found at: There are almost 400 Dalton mentions of birth, marriages, obits, sports and other news in these pages which are currently free to search.

One More Newfoundland Death
Dianne Jackman of St. Johns found the death of her great uncle, Michael Dalton's brother, James Dalton. This comes from: The Royal Gazette October 11,1892
Died. On the 8th October 1892--At Tilt Cove, James Dalton, miner, aged 45 years, a native of Carrick-on-Suir, Tipperary, Ireland.

Note from Cynthia Snider
Cynthia is moving from the East Coast to Texas and wants to dispose of as many books on her family lines as possible. If the following are part of you family tree you will want to contact her - Elledge, LaRue, Neill, Grayson and Thornburgh. The latter line is connected to the Daltons of Thurnham through the marriage of Rowland Thornburgh to Jane Dalton. Contact Cynthia at:

from K. T. Mapstone

The following list of Daltons was extracted from Bassets Directory by DGS member, K. T. Mapstone. Note the number of D'Altons who are listed. According to one of our Irish correspondents, use of the apostrophe became an affectation in the 1880's.

Tipperary, 1889- Bassett's Directory
Jeremiah Dalton, Farmers, Tiermoyne, Latteragh
Jeremiah Dalton, Farmers, Noard House, Two Mile Borris
John E Dalton, Farmers, Ballygriffin, Golden, JP
Joseph Dalton, Farmers, Ballygorteen, Cahir
Mrs Maria Dalton, Grocers, Square, Cahir, Spirit Licence
Ml Dalton, Farmers, Ballyknockane, Ballypatrick
Ml Dalton, Victuallers, Kickham St, Carrick-on-Suir
Patk Dalton, Schools, National, Lisronagh
Patrick Dalton, Farmers, Ballyslatteen, Golden
Richard Dalton, Farmers, Ballynilard, Tipperary
Wm Dalton, Farmers,Athassel Abbey, N Golden
Mrs H D'Alton, Farmers,Galttee View, Tipperary
J E D'Alton, Union Tipperary, Ballygriffin, Golden, Ex-Officio Guardians
J P D'Alton, Farmers, Mall, Thurles
Rev Br J P D'Alton, Schools, Christian Bros, Tipperary Superior
James D'Alton, Builders, Church St, Tipperary
John E D'Alton, Magistrates, Ballygriffin, Golden
Mrs M D'Alton, Farmers, Rissestown, Thurles
M O'B D'Alton, Chandlers Manufacturing, Main St 35, Tipperary
M O'B D'Alton, Coal Merchants, Main St 35,36 ,Tipperary
M O'B D'Alton, Flour Merchants, Main St 35,36, Tipperary
M O'B D'Alton, Millers, Main St, Tipperary
Michael D'Alton, Coach Builders, Henry St,Tipperary
Michael D'Alton, Union Tipperary, Henry St, Tipperary, Chairman
Ml D'Alton, Union Tipperary, Tipperary, Elected Guardians

Additional item
This index is compiled by Sir Arthur Vicars, F.S. A., Ulster-King-of -Arms, by whose courtesy it is included in this work. The periodical existed only two years and ceased to appear when the Publishers were given an official appointment.
Dalton, Hon. Christopher Count, bro. of Gen. and formerly Col. of Elector of Saxony's body guard, at Richmond 10 Oct 1793 p. 320