Extracted by Michael Cayley, DGS Archivist

16 Oct 1300, Carlisle. Order to John de Lythegreynes, Robert de Boulton and Ralph de Dalton to take fines from those convicted of desertion and other offences touching the king’s expedition to Scotland before the said Robert and Ralph and Peter becard in the county of York; the sheriff having been ordered to be intendant to them. [see Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1292-1301, p527]

10 Feb 1303, Langley. Order to all persons to be intendant to the king’s clerk, Ralph de Dalton, whom the king has appointed to survey and examine the business of the custom granted to the king from merchants of foreign parts on merchandise brought by them to the realm or taken thence, in every port, town and place beyond Trent, and to take the oath of the collectors thereof and the view of their accounts and to enquire touching the manner of the collection thereof, so that he can advisedly inform collectors touching the things that need correction, and to do and ordain all things expedient herein.

Vol III, Edward II, 1319-1327, pub. HMSO 1912
5 April 1322, Altofts. Order to Henry de Percy to deliver John de Dalton, late servant of Thomas, earl of Lancaster, the king’s enemy and rebel, from the prison where Henry detains him, the king having been given to understand that Henry, by pretext of the king’s appointment of him to arrest all persons opposing the king and in rebellion in the county of York and their adherents and to commit the same to prison until further order, arrested the said John as an adherent of the said earl and detains him, and, at the request of Eleanor de Percy, mother of Henry, and of Henry himself, having granted that if Eleanor and he will mainprise to have the said John before the king or elsewhere at the king’s order to answer touching the things whereon the king would speak against him, he may be delivered meanwhile.

5 April 1322, Altofts. Order to Thomas Ughtred, constable of the castle of Pikeryng, in the king’s hand, to deliver to John de Dalton, whom at the request of Eleanor de Percy and Henry her son, the king ordered Henry to deliver from prison as above, the lands of the said John, and to the said Eleanor and Henry his goods and chattels, which Thomas took into the king’s hand, by indenture to be made between him and them or their deputy, sending one part of that indenture to the wardrobe.

13 June 1322, Haddlesey. Pardon to John de Dalton of Pykeryng, late bailiff of Thomas, earl of Lancaster, the king’s enemy and rebel, at the request of the king’s kinswoman, Eleanor de Percy, and for a fine of 100 marks made by John, of the king’s suit for the charge made against him that he was the king’s enemy and rebel and adhered to the said Thomas and other the kingt’s enemies and rebels; and grant to him of his lands, goods and chattels, taken into the king’s hand on that account, to hold as he held the same before.

17 August 1326, Pickering. Of those who have made fines with the king to save their lives and to have their lands, to wit:-
Robert de Dalton, knight, of the county of Lancaster, of late the king’s enemy and rebel, and on that account taken and detained in prison, has made fine in 100 marks to save his life and have his lands, whereof he will pay at the exchequer a moiety at Christmas next and a moiety at Easter following, and for payment thereof has found as mainpernors John de Bulmere, Thomas le Taillour of Pykeryng, of the county of York, and Adam de Asshurst of the county of Lancaster, each of whom has mainprised therefor and for Robert’s good behaviour, as is contained on the dorse.

8 April 1326, Kenilworth. Robert de Dalton of Lancaster was one of the mainpernors for the fine paid by Robert de Irlaund to recover his wife’s lands following his part in Thomas of Lancaster’s rebellion.

Vol IV, Edward III, 1327-1337, pub. HMSO 1913
1 June 1336, Woodstock. Commission to Ralph de Middelneye, reciting the appointment of the king’s clerks, John Cok of Exeter, Hugh de Eboraco and William de Dalton, to take into the king’s hands and keep safely until further order the goods and chattels, both jewels and other things, late of Robert de Tanton, keeper of the wardrobe of the household, owing to the account which he was held to render on the day of his death of the time when he was keeper; and appointing Ralph to cause to be ground all the corn late growing in the lands of the temporalities of the provostship of Wells, late of the said Robert, provost of Wells, which the said Hugh has caused to be collected and put in the granges of Coumbes St Nicholas and Wynesham, in the counties of Somerset and Dorset; and to cause the same to be sold by view and testimony of good men of that place, so that he answer for the money arising therefrom; the king having ordered the said John, Hugh and William to deliver the corn to him.

Vol V, Edward III, 1337-1347, pub. HMSO 1915
8 March 1341, Westminster. Commitment during pleasure to Robert de Dalton, for good service, of the keeping of the Tower of London, with the usual fees.
Order to William Lenlis, late keeper, to deliver the same to him, with the prisoners, arms, victualls and all other things therein.

18 Sep 1341, Westminster. Order to the collectors of the customs of wools, hides and woolfells in the port of Great Yarmouth to permit Laurence de Dalton, pursuanty to the king’s grant, to lade in that port three lasts of hides and to take them to Flanders to the king’s staple there, receiving from him a mark for each last for the custom due.

17 May 1343, Westminster. Grant for life to John de la Ryvere and Richard le Pedelowe, for good service, of the king’s sluices and weirs of the water of Lymeryk in ireland, and of the king’s fishery there, which William le Surgien, deceased, held of the king at farm, to hold at the rent of 12 marks a year at Michaelmas at the excjequer of England; mainpernors, John de Pomfreit and Geoffrey le Bruere of London and William de Dalton and Hugh son of William of the county of Dublin in Ireland. By King because it was suggested that William rendered only 100s.

The Calendar of Fine Rolls, Part II will continue in February 2002, and contains the events surrounding Margery de la Beche.

Extracted by Millicent V, Craig

The following item has been extracted from "The Medical Profession in Upper Canada, 1783-1859" and published in Toronto by W. Briggs, 1894.

Thomas Dalton was born in Birmingham, England in April 1782 and emigrated to Newfoundland where he lived during the War of 1812-1814. His son, William Henry Dalton was born in 1811 and three years later the family moved to Kingston, in Upper Canada. Thomas Dalton began "The Patriot" an organ of the Government. Young William Henry and his brother, Robert Gladstone, often assisted their father with the publication.

Thomas Dalton moved to York in 1832 and continued publishing "The Patriot" He died October 26, 1840 and is buried in the old graveyard of St. James Cathedral. Noted on his tombstone is that his widow died on June 14, 1859. Her name is not mentioned in the article.

By the time William Henry was 20 years of age, he had developed an interest in medicine and studied with a Dr. King of Toronto. After five years of study and internship at the General Hospital, he obtained his license to practice. He received his diploma from the examining body of the College of Physicians and Surgeons and his license on November 1, 1839. He was only the seventh person to become a licentiate of the College.

Dr. Dalton spent a year in practice in Toronto and then moved to Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton and Wellington Square (Burlington). From 1859 to 1875, Dr. Dalton practiced in Bolton Village where he was also the coroner and a medical Jurist. This was followed by a resumption of practice in Toronto where he lived until his death in January 1890.

In 1842, Dr. Dalton had married Susan Warbrink whose father, James Warbrink, had come from Bradford, England where he was the first to introduce machinery operated by steam. The Dr's brother Robert Gladstone Dalton was prominent as the Master in Chambers at Osgoode Hall. Their sister Emma Dalton married Adam Wilson on 1 May 1841. Wilson, a barrister and afterwards Sir Adam, sat on the Bench for many years. Sister Mary married Dr. McMichael, a prominent barrister of Toronto; and sister Sophia married William Bartlett who was connected with the Indian Department.

Three children of Dr. Dalton were mentioned in the article without naming them; one daughter married a Rev Mr, Parker; and another married a Rev. Mr. Mills. Both men were Church of England. Another daughter "makes" her home with her uncle , Robert Gladstone Dalton.

compiled by Millicent V. Craig

Signers of the Guest Books on the Dalton Genealogical Society web site and on the DALTON DATA BANK have more than doubled. It is most encouraging to read that many signers are offering to help others by sharing their research. We also extend our appreciation to the DGS researchers who have helped with these queries: K. T. Mapstone, Melanie Crain and Mike Dalton.

Dave Edwards is a new member of the DGS. Dave is searching for the birthplace in Ireland of sisters Anne and Mary Dalton who likely arrived in the US via the Port of New York. Anne married Michael Dillon in Albany and Mary married George Barrows in Pennsylvania. The Barrows had a bar outside of Philadelphia. Dave would like to be in contact with any descendents of Mary and George Barrows or with anyone who has knowledge of this line of Daltons. Response: A number of searches were made for information about both sisters and nothing has yielded results. If you have information, please contact Dave at: daveedwards@catskill.net

Carol Henry is searching for information on Elmer Joseph Dalton who was born on 8/24/1888 in Middlegrove, Fulton, Co., IL to Samuel Avery Dalton and Viola Almina Morse. He married Nellie Margaret Longwell on 11/27/1912. She was born in Knox County 2/10/1892 to Mervin Longwell and Mary Donaldson who married on 5.19.1889. Response: K. T. Mapstone responded with several children; Chloe b. 1913. Ruby Louise b. 1915 and Carter Jack b. 1933. If you have knowledge of this family please contact Carol at: jhenry@adnc.com

Pauline Wainright of Manchester England writes that her grandmother was Catalina Dalton, b. 1875. Her older brother, James, b. approximately 1865 in Dukinfield, Cheshire went to live in Rhode Island, possibly Pawtucket. Response: A James T. Dalton appeared in the 1880 Census of Rhode Island. He was born in England but his birth date would have been about 1850. In the Pawtucket City Directories of 1891 and 1892 there was another James Dalton, a laborer who boarded at the rear of 83 Broad Street in Pawtucket. No additional information available on him. The next step would be to scan the 1900 Census of Rhode Island for the age and birthpalce of this James Dalton. Can anyone with access to this Census scan it for Pauline? E-mail: pauline.wainright1@virgin.net

Here are two more Daltons who may be related to the Dalton Gang and who would like to hear from others who have the same ancestry. Judith Marlene Warnemuende of Manitowoc, WI was told that she belongs to the famous outlaws. Her name was Van Voltenberg and the family is from IL, IA and OH. Contact Judith at: judes@lakefield.net

In addition, Christy Dalton of Princeton, KY finds that she is a descendent of the Dalton Gang-Ruben, Timothy, Thomas, Matthew. Christy, who has been researching her family for about a year is willing to share what she has assembled. E-mail: tazmoma@bellsouth.com

Several have sent queries concerning the Dalton Crest. The article in the December 2001, Vol..4, No.12 issue of "Daltons in History" entitled "The Dalton Coat of Arms" was prepared to answer your questions. If you missed it, click on "Back Issues" on the Home Page. To Dan Dalton of Brisbane, Australia the sources cited in the article by Dr. Lucy Slater is a good starting point. Her E-mail is: LJSWardle@aol.com

Sandra Hales of Orange, CA has spent several years following the blood line of her father, Kenneth Durl Dalton b. 9 Aug at Cole Camp. MO. His father was James M. Dalton, grandfather William Henry Dalton, ggrandfather Manford Benjamin Dalton, gggrandfather David Dalton, ggggrandfather Reuben Dalton and gggggrandfather Timothy Dalton. Can anyone help her get beyond this point? Sandra may be reached at: bobhales@pacbell.net

Curtis Grubbs of Norfolk, VA will gladly send his information to you. Curtis' step-father was Percy Dalton of Gretna, Pittsylvania Co., VA. Curtis married Percy's sister's daughter. Contact Curtis at: histry_4@pipeline.com

Douglas Barrie Dalton of Kent, England needs some help with his family who came from the South London area. His father was Reginald Herburt, his brother was Victor Hurburt, but his grandfather's name was never mentioned in the family. Could he have been Herburt Dalton. Response: There was a family in the South London area in the 1800's with similar names of Reginald, Victor and Herbert. This family had Irish origins and the information has been passed on to Douglas. If you have additional information please contact him at: dougdalton@onetel.co.uk

Angela J. Green of Valencia, Spain was born in Southport, England and has ancestry in the Croston area. Angela's grandfather Thomas Dalton died in Southport and is buried there. His father was John Dalton. Response: A search for Angela suggests that her Thomas may have been born at Down Holland/Halsall, Lancashire in 1870/71. What is needed for Angela is a search of the Parish Registers for Down Holland for a possible birth entry so that she may obtain a birth certificate for John. Is there anyone who has access to the Parish Registers for Down Holland? Angela's E-mail: ajgreen@aol.com

Robin Michelle Guffey of Old Fort, NC is tracing her Dalton ancestry. Her mother was a Dalton; grandfather was Columbus Harlow Dalton, ggrandfather Bailey William Dalton and gggrandfather James A. Dalton. They are from the Bill's Creek area of Rutherford County, NC. Can anyone connect with Robin? E-mail: extreme114@yahoo.com

Sarah Elizabeth Taber Rentfro of Grainger County, TN is hoping to find her Civil War gggreatgrandfather, Lacy Dalton, Confederate soldier from Ball Point, P. O., Grainger Co. He was born in 1839 and died in 1862 in Somerset, KY., killed by bushwackers. He served under a man named Mallicote. Response from Melanie Crain: There were not many Lacy Dalton s and the one who fits the age you give is listed in the 1850 Grainger Co. TN Census records. The entire family is: Tandy Dalton and wife Matilda; children Carter 12, Tandy 11, Adaline 9, Pleasant 4, and Archer 2. Tandy was the son of Carter Dalton.
I could not find any record of Lacy in the Civil War although I don't doubt your records at all. I have found that many of the people are not in the official books, including one of my ancestors. There were Union forces from TN which fought in the Jan 1862 Battle of Somerset, KY and your Lacy was probable with one of those units. If anyone else has information on Lacy Dalton contact Sarah: fynches@yahoo.com