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You may recall that there was a comprehensive article printed in "Daltons in History" about the plight of "Home" children who were transported to Canada from England. Children were often transported because the parents were unable to provide for them. Recently K. T. Mapstone added two Dolton children to the list. The source is the Canadian Archives at: The children and their family were located in the 1881 Census of the UK.

Ada and Mabel Dolton departed Liverpool in 1887. Ada was 12 years of age and Mabel was 11. The Ship, SS Polynesian left on 5 August 1887 and arrived in Quebec on 15 Aug 1887. The children were in Miss Rye's party and their destination was Niagara (on the Lake), Ontario.

In the 1881 Census of the UK., the family was living at 6 Heathfield Cotts, Whippingham, Hampshire. George Dolton, head of the family, was 26 years old and was born in Winchester, Hampshire. He worked as a joiner. His wife Ellen Dolton was ten years his senior, 36 years of age. She was also born in Winchester, Hampshire.
Ellen Dolton had three children with the surname, Hall, possibly from a previous marriage. All three Hall children were born in West Cowes on the Isle of Wight, Hampshire. In 1881, Sidney Hall was age 14; Charles Hall age 11, and Bessie Hall, age 8.
From Ellen's marriage to George Dolton, there were three children. In 1881 Ada Dolton was age 5 and Mabel Dolton was age 4. Both were born in West Cowes, Isle of Wight. The youngest child, William Dolton age 2, was born in East Cowes, Isle of Wight.

By 1887, the year that the children were transported, their half brother, Sidney Hall was 20 years of age and Charles Hall was 17, both potential wage earners. If living and employed, George Dolton, now 32, would have been gainfully employed in the building trade. Ellen, if still living, was 42 years of age. On the surface it would not appear that the children lacked essentials and the reason for transport in this case is unclear.

Perhaps a Canadian or Hampshire reader can make a connection and relate the circumstances that prompted the transportation of these two sisters. A search of the Parish Registers of Winchester and West Cowes, Hampshire should provide additional data. It is also quite possible that as adults Ada and Mabel crossed the Canadian border into upper New York state. If you have any information to share on the fate of these two Dolton children, we will be pleased to print it.

extracted by Michael Cayley, DGS Archivist

Calendar of State Papers, Colonial, America & W Indies 1675-1676 & Addenda 1574-1674, pub HMSO 1893
12 Dec 1582. George Dalton of Southampton, yeoman, was one of the adventurers in Sir Humphrey Gilbert’s voyage to the Americas and was free to trade, “according to proportion of a single adventure, but not to enjoy the division of any gains” he puts in his sticks.

Calendar of State Papers, Colonial, America & W Indies, 1681-1685, pub HMSO 1898
16 May 1681. The secretary of New Hampshire to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Mentions that Samuel Dalton* has been appointed secretary and registrar for Hampton and Exeter.

31 May 1681. Samuel Dalton was one of the signatories of a letter from the Council of New Hampshire to the king.

1 Oct 1681. Letter from the President and Council of New Hampshire to the Lords of Trade and Plantations mentions that one of the council, Mr Dalton, died in August.

Calendar of State Papers, Colonial, America & W Indies, 1699 & Addenda 1621-1698, pub HMSO 1908
19 Oct 1699. Lords Proprietors to John Ely, Receiver General of Carolina. We have sent you the duplicate of our former letter by your Brother Amy who went by way of Providence in Capt. Dalton.....

Calendar of State Papers, Colonial, America & W Indies, 1700, pub HMSO 1910
17 May 1700, New Providence. Copy of deposition of Thomas Dalton, Christopher Hooper and George Graham, commissionated assistants to Judge Taliaferro at the trial of vessels, May 16, 1700, appended to complaint by deputy Governor Read Elding to Mr Secretary Vernon about the conduct of the judge.

Calendar of State Papers, Colonial, America & W Indies, 1701, pub HMSO 1910
19 Feb 1701. Letter of complaint from Edward Randolph to the Council of Trade and Plantations about those in office in the American colonies. One of the complaints against read Elding, Governor of Providence is that “he has turn’d the Judge of the Admiralty (appointed by the Lords Proprietors) out of his place, and made one Dalton, a Red Sea man, judge in his room.”

Editor's Note
* Samuel Dalton, born in England, arrived in the Mass. Bay Colony with his father, Philemon and mother, Hannah in 1635 when he was five years old. This family settled in Hampton, NH. Visit the DALTON DATA BANK New Hampshire file for additional information on the civil posts held by Samuel and the descendents of his family.
** If anyone has information on the Dalton judge, we will gladly accept and print it.

Extracted by DGS member, K. T. Mapstone

This is a very long file and will be reported in sections. Irish, English and Canadian Daltons should have an interest in the entries and may want to obtain copies of the originals. The complete file contains Dalton naturalizations in the following counties; Champaign, Cook (very long), De Kalb, Fulton, Grundy, Jo Daviess, Kane, Lake, Livingston, Mc Henry, Mc Lean, Peoria, Will, Winnebago and Woodford. Records were extracted from LDS Film #1432044. Eventually they will be entered into the DALTON DATA BANK, a permanent depository. Our thanks go to K. T. for all of the work that she has done on behalf of all Daltons.

Editor's Note. The 1881 Census of Canada has been completed and will be available in the DALTON DATA BANK shortly. Some of the Canadians in the IL Naturalization records can be found in this Census. In additon, it maye be possible to locate English emigrants in the 1881 Census of the UK. For look-ups contact:


William Dalton, Nat.Rec.A, Pg. 176, Champaign County Ct., born in Great Britain, age is over 21, naturalized August 24, 1860, witnesses: Lawrence Murphy and Robert Graham

Alma May Dalton, address 931 Forest Avenue, Oak Park, IL, P-216825 CN-5123158, U.S. Dist. Chicago, IL, born in Canada on January 14, 1903, naturalized February 28, 1941, witnesses: May Latter, 939 Forest Ave., Oak Pk., IL and Corinne N?ron, 1008 E. Ave., Oak Pk., IL
Adolphis Dalton, #173 (Minor 17 yrs.), County Court, Cook Co., IL, naturalized October 6, 1884, witness: S.P. Heroux
Anastasia Dalton, address 2231 E. 67th Street, Chicago, IL, P.147935 CN.4157566, U.S. Dist. Chgo., born in Ireland on August 31, 1911, naturalized December 3, 1936
Andrew Colbert Dalton, address 711 W. 37th St., Chgo., IL, P 9572 CN 1453836, U.S. Dist. Chicago, born in Ireland on March 25, 1880, arrived New York on June 5, 1900, naturalized November 22, 1921, witnesses: John E. Breen, 5917 Peoria St., Chgo.,IL and Frank Swindle, 4022 Arthington, Chgo., IL
Bridget Mary Dalton, address 408 S. Homan Ave., P-9543, Superior Court, born in Canada on September 4, 1867, arrived U.S. 1893, naturalized October 17, 1913, witnesses: Anna Kelly, 5329 Michigan Ave. and Julia Maher, 339 S. Homan Ave.
Chas. Dalton, R 71 P 97 (Minor), Circuit Court, born in Canada, naturalized October 10, 1900, witness: Andrew Laroux
Charles J. Dalton, address 2917 Dearborn St., R 57 P 309 (Minor), Circuit Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 16, 1896, witness: James B. Doak, 215-23rd St.
Cornelius Frances Dalton, address 5914 Bay Ridge Ave., 3303937 V 189 P 157, Circuit Court, born in Canada on April 26, 1901, arrived Detroit on November 10, 1925, naturalized May 16, 1934 #6957, witness: Charles J. Horn and John J. Burns
Ed. Dalton, #767 (Minor 10 years), County Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 8, 1888, witness: John Hastings
Edward Dalton, 476 Paulina St., R 62 P 450, Circuit Court, born in Ireland, naturalized May 17, 1897, witness: Denis J. Foley, 2132 W. Kinzie Ave.
Edwin Dalton, address 1229 W. Polk, #7149 (Minor), Criminal Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 24, 1894, witness: Frank McGinn, 180 N. Clark Street
Elizabeth Dalton, address 1108 Peale Ave., P.63504, Circuit Court, born in Canada on September 12, 1860, arrived April 12, 1905, naturalized on September 30, 1926, witnesses: Mary R. Sheridan, 7462 Sheridan Rd. and Joanna E. McKenna, 7462 Sheridan Rd.
Ernest Dalton, #1425 (Minor Final Oath), County Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 25, 1898, witness: Jarvis Blume
Flora Adler Dalton, 4734 N. St. Louis Ave., Chgo., IL, 4266-988, U.S. Dist. Chgo., IL, born in Germany on December 7, 1886, naturalized September 27, 1940, Repatriated
Frederick Dalton, address 1468-35th Street, #11533 (Minor), Criminal Court, born in Ireland, naturalized on October 19, 1896, witness: Solomon Peck, 1470-35th St.
Harry J. (H.J.) Dalton, court order only, Vol.21-p.630, Superior Court, born in Ireland, naturalized December 31, 1888
J. Dalton, address 267 Taylor St., Vol.39 P-25 (Minor 9 years), Superior Court, born Canada or Ireland, naturalized December 8, 1893, witness: Geo. Lennon, 93 Washburn
James Dalton, address 4049 S. Dearborn St., P-11766, Circuit Court, born in Ireland on October 9, 1866, arrived U.S. 1891, naturalized June 30, 1914, witnesses: John B. Wheeler, 738 W. 43rd St. and Louis Engelhardt, 4029 Federal St.
James Dalton, address 4651 Superior St., P-62949, Circuit Court, born in Ireland on March 17, 1892, arrived U.S. December 11, 1914, naturalized February 4, 1926, witnesses: David Mohoney, 4644 Superior St. and John Kelleher, 2100 Warren Ave.
James Dalton, R 35 P 157, Circuit Court, born in Ireland, naturalized April 2, 1893?, witness: Martin King
James Dalton, address 5101 Halsted St., R 47 P 511 (Minor), Circuit Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 6, 1894, witness: John Jacob, 3930 Wentworth Ave
James Dalton, #383 (Minor 10 years), County Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 28, 1884, witness: Mike Dalton
James Dalton, #378 (Minor), Criminal Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 26, 1872, witness: Patrick Duggan
James Dalton, address 3712 Armour Ave, Chgo., IL, V-49 P-373, Superior Court, born in Ireland, arrived New York in 1870, naturalized November 5, 1894, witness: W.H. Braker, 3912 Dearborn St.
James Dalton, Rogers Park, IL, R-34 P 557 (Minor), Circuit Court, born in England, naturalized October 24, 1892, witness: A.L. Fawler, 112 Winchester Ave.
John Dalton, Court order only, Vo.25 P172, Superior Court, born in Ireland, naturalized December 5, 1889
John Dalton, Court order only, Vol.26 P-376 (Soldier), Superior Court, born in Ireland, naturalized June 30, 1890
John Dalton, address 1104 Clybourn Ave, Chgo., Vol. 53 P. 443 (Minor 7 years), born in Ireland, naturalized March 8, 1900, witness: Patrick S. Stenson, 1104 Clybourn Ave
John Dalton, address 6803 Ada Street, Chgo., IL, P-4266, Superior Court, born in Ireland, naturalized August 18, 1911, witnesses: Martin Dalton, 6803 Ada St. and Owen Foley, 4010 Indiana Ave.
John Dalton, #439, Criminal Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 18, 1872, witness: Wm. F. Donovan
John Dalton, #318 (Minor 8 years), County Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 25, 1884, witness: Michael Barrett
John Dalton, address 4256 Congress, Chgo., U.S. Dist. Court Chgo, born in Ireland on June 16, 1909, arrived New York on September 15, 1925, naturalized on May 28, 1945
John Colman Dalton, address 4846 Jackson Blvd., Chgo., P.129910 CN 3905007, U.S. Dist. Court Chgo., born in Ireland on August 24, 1893, naturalized May 16, 1935
John D. Dalton, #1605, County Court, born in Canada in 1859, arrived April 1883 N?ch?, naturalized October 6, 1900, witness: John J. Smith
John Frank Dalton, address 631 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL, 730/293473, -11X-62529

Note: The second half of this file will be printed in the June 2002 issue of "Daltons in History".

from Millicent Craig

For those interested in Daltons who went to South Africa, there is an excellent website containing public data with over 1,000 Dalton mentions in the 14 databases. It is the National Archives of South Africa. The Archive repositories include Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Free State and the former Transvaal.

Public and civil records contain: adoptions and committals of children; grants paid to widows and children; inquests; marriage irregularities/impediments and divorces including the maiden name of the spouse. Other entries include: the principals in civil suits; property transfers and mortgages; insurance claims; business applications; game permits; criminal complaints, etc.

There are towns named Dalton, Dalton roads and Dalton property developments. The maps of all sections of the area were done by Col. Dalton, cartographer for military intelligence. The maps along with early photographs, genealogies, and Dalton manuscripts were deposited in the National Registers of Manuscripts and Photographs. The DGS does not yet have a comprehensive view of Daltons who settled in South Africa and welcomes any assistance that residents may offer.

Instructions on how to obtain copies of documents mentioned in the Indexes can be obtained by visiting the website: It does not appear that births and marriages are being reported at this time. The South Africa file in the DALTON DATA BANK does list those births and marriages that are currently available.

Recently, the South African Genealogical Society began to extract data from gravestones and a few extractions follow. Reference numbers and compilers can be found at the NASA site.

Burial Register - Modderfontein Dynamite Factory, Kempton Park, Gauteng
McMillan Dalton, age 54, buried 14-8-1931
Dorothy Dalton, age 43, buried 15-3-1931
Old Grahamstown Cemetery, Grahamstown, Western Cape
Agnes Dalton Zimmerman, b. 1-11-1925, d. 24-3 -1961
Sister Ethna Dalton, d. 4-12-1948
Ernest Oliver Clark, d. Jan 1904, infant son of Clement Frederick Clark and Eveline Elizabeth Dalton
Cedric George Clark, b. 16-2-1916, d. 23-2-1916; son of Clement Frederick Clark and Eveline Elizabeth Dalton
Clement Frederick Clark, b. 3-11-1895, d. 13-7-1962, husband of Eveline Elizabeth Dalton
Eveline Elizabeth Clark, nee Dalton, b. 21-9 -1898, d. 26- - 1969, wife of Clement Frederick Clark
Russell Road Cemetery, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
James Langley Dalton, b. Dec 1832 in Parish of St. Andrew's. London. Died 8-1-1887, age 53 years. Defender of Rorke's Drift during the Zulu War of 1879 -1884. Recipient of Victoria Cross.
Somerset Road Cemetery, Cape Town, Cape
Oscar Charles Dalton Donollier, d. 4 -12 - 1869
St. Thomas Cemetery, Durban, Natal
Ernest Richard Dalton, died 7-3-1976, aged 84, yrs. Retired Major, Indian Army
Eleanor Wilson Dalton, died 26-8-1972, aged 80 years
Durban, Natal Estate
Maudie Bessie Annie Dalton, born Bydawell, Leonard Earnest Dalton, deceased,. Estate No. 10181/1952.

extracted from death certificates by DGS member, Mike Dalton of Portland, OR.

August 6, 1872, William Dalton, age 30 died intestate in Oregon City of an accidental death. He has no relatives living in Oregon. Personal property was valued at $220. 00 and included $100.00 in gold coin. There was a receipt for a registered letter, #1325. The probate estate file (Oregon State Archives) includes this receipt and receipts presented to settle the estate. He was given a Catholic burial from St. John the Apostle Church in Oregon City and buried in the pioneer Mountain View Cemetery. The Church record states that he was from County Limerick, Ireland
The registered letter receipt #1325 was dated April 19, 1871; San Francisco postmark to post office of Mary Dalton. Also itemized was a letter addressed to John Dalton of Ballycahane Parish, County Limerick; and a bank draft via Bank of California sent to Bank of Ireland in the amount of 12 pounds sterling on April 17, 1871.

July 21, 1857, Edwin Dalton, last at First Street, Portland; age 51 years, born Coventry England, 1826; parents Absalom and Amelia Dalton; husband of Catherine Sadler of England; buried at Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland.
April 3, 1881, Thomas Dalton drowned at upper Cascades; born St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada; buried at pioneer St. Mary Cemetery.
April 11, 1882, Richard S. Dalton, last at NW Portland; died age 26 of typhoid; husband of Mary Whittle; b. Ireland; buried at Pioneer St. Mary Cemetery. Cemetery closed in 1939 and moved to Mount Calvary Cemetery, Portland.
May 10, 1888, infant daughter of W. B. Dalton, buried at Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland.
April 26, 1893, William Dalton, last at 455 E. Pine St., d. at age 58 year, 11 mos.; born in Coventry, England, March 1835; parents Absalom and Amelia Dalton; husband of Edna Linnett of England; buried at Riverview Cemetery, Portland.
September 30, 1897, Ida Dalton last at Ilwaco, Washington; the wife of C. C. Dalton; d. at age 37 years. She was born in California and buried at Vallejo, CA
September 6, 1902, Pearl Elizabeth Dalton last at 228 Weidler St; d. at age of 17 years and had been in Portland 2 months; born in Missouri , Feb 15, 1885 to Joseph W. Dalton (born Pennsylvania) and Sarah E. Dalton (b. Kentucky); buried at Lone Fir Cemetery.
January 31, 1902, William H. Dalton last at County Jail; d. at age of 21 years; hanged with a codefendant for murder; interred in a county cemetery through the authority of the County Poor Farm. He may have been born in Missouri.
May 6 1903, Martha Anne Dalton, last at 689 E. Alder St., Portland; died at age of 40 years; born in Mississippi to J. M. Sperrill (b. Miss.) and S. J. Sperill (b. Alabama); buried at Lone Fir Cemetery
November 8, 1903, Thomas J. (John J.) Dalton, cigar maker, last at Front and Madison; d. at age 32 years; b. Indianapolis, Indiana; parents living in Cleveland, Ohio; buried at Mount Cavalry Cemetery, Portland.

Editor's note: This listing of Dalton deaths, and of deaths occurring from 1903-1941, will be part of the permanent file of the DALTON DATA BANK. We are grateful to Mike for his fine work on behalf of the Dalton Genealogical Society and of Daltons world-wide.