This second part of the series on Coats of Arms covers Daltons in Yorkshire. DGS Historian, Dr. Lucy J. Slater has transcribed them from the abbreviated Norman French into English. Both languages are included. Our appreciation is extended to Lucy

(1) Dalton (Dalton Haye, co. York and London)
Dalton ( of Dalton Fields, in the County of Yorkshire and also of London).
Shield:- Azure / semee or. / crosses crosslet / a lion rampant / reguardant / argent, / charges on the breast/ with a mullet guiles.
Shield:- An azure blue shield / covered with a field of small items in gold / crosses with a little bar on each arm of each cross / and a lion standing on its hind legs / and looking over its shoulder / in silver, / carrying on the breast / a star in red.
followed by a colour.
Crest - a dragon's head vert. / betw. two wings or. / pellettee.
Crest:- A dragon's head in green / between two wings in gold / resting on a cushion (which is usually black if no other colour is given.)
This seems to be the main Dalton shield with the diffences for a younger son in the pose of the lion, reguardant, and the red star on its breast.
(2) Dalton (co. York)
Az. / a lion ramp guard. ar. / within a bordure / engr. or.
An azure blue shield / with a lion standing on its hind legs in silver / within a border /
with a scalloped edge in gold.
(3) Dalton (co. York)
Ar. / . a cross az., / betwe. four popinjays vert.
A silver shield / with an azure blue cross / and between the arms of the cross, four green parrots.
(4) Dalton (co. York)
Gules, a saltire, couped, argent.
A red shield, with a St. Andrew’s cross, cut off so that it does not touch the sides of the shield, in Silver.
(5) Dalton (Sheffield. From the monument of Lady John Merry, formerly Dalton, in Sheffield Parish Church.)
Gules, semee , Cross crosslets, or, a lion rampant argent.
A red shield, covered, with small crosses with bars on each arm, in gold, with a lion standing on its hind legs, in silver.
As this is a woman’s shield, it would probably be on a diamond shaped shield.
(6) Dalton (Myton, co. York.)
Azure, semee, of crosses, crosslet, fitchee, or, a lion rampant, argent.
An azure blue shield, covered, with little crosses, with bars on each arm, the ends of the arms being pointed, in gold, and having a lion standing on its hind legs, in silver.
(7) Dalton (Kingston-on-Hull, Hawkeswll, Bedale and Sleningford, Co. York; Dugdale’s visitation, 1666).
Arms the same as Bispham, Co. Lancaster. (See June 2002 issue, Vol.5 No 6)
Crest:A dragon’s head, verte, between two wings, displayed, or, gorged with a collar nebulee, argent.
A dragon’s head, in green, between two open wings, in gold, wearing round its neck, a collar, as a symbol of partition, in silver.

As can be seen some of the Coats of Arms were not identified with a particular branch of the Dalton family. Those families who are identified in No. 6, 7, and 8 above have all been the subject of research reports that have appeared in the Dalton Genealogical Society Journals.

This is the second in a series of extractions made by DGS Archivist, Michael Cayley from the records of the Catholic Record Society in London.

Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea 5
Convicted Recusants, East Riding of Yorkshire, 1664

Johannes Dalton of Swine, Nuttles, Sutton etc: £240. He was age 42 at the time of the 1665 visitation, and was son of Thomas Dalton of Myton* and Anne, daughter of John, younger son of Sir William Ingleby of Ripley.
*(See preceding article, Coats of Arms, Yorkshire, Myton, for possible Dalton connection).
Aldborough: Stephen Dalton, labourer, and Eleanor his wife

Catholic Records Society: Miscellanea 6
1852-3 John Dalton was one of the Fathers at Everingham Park, Yorkshire
Catholic Registers of Richmond Durrey: 12 Feb 1836 William Dalton stood sponsor at baptism of George Burt

Catholic Record Society: Recusants - Exchequer Roll 1592-3
Edwardus Dalton nuper de Oldbrough [Aldbrough]... yoman’.... £cclx videlicet £ccxl inde virtute actus predicti. Eo quod ipse non accessit ecclesie sue parochiali Nex alicui al’ ecclesie capelle aut usuali loco com’ precac’ Ab ultimo die Marcii anno xxxvj Regine hujus per spacium duodecim mensium extunc prox’ sequencium Et £22 res’ A die Lune in quarta septimana Quadragesime anno xxxvij ejusdem Regine quo die convictus fuit Usque xxviij diem Aprilis extunc prox’ sequentem Scilicet pro uno mense Eo quod ipse etc.
Dorothea Dalton uxor ejus £cclx pro cons’

Return of Papists in Yorkshire, 1735
Whenby - Bulmar: Ursula Dalton, widow

A True Report of the Arraignment and Execution of the late Popish Traitor, Everard Haunce [pub. 1581]
James Dalton,* one of the Council of the City of London, and of her Majesty’s Commission there, was involved in the prosecution

A True Report of the Inditement, Arraignment, Conviction, Condemnation and execution of John Weldon, William Hartley and Robert Sutton [pub. 1588]
James Dalton* and Richard Young were the two justices who examined William Hartley
* The Coat of Arms of James Dalton is described in the preceding article, Coats of Arms, Part II, under Dalton Haye

Catholic Record Society: Miscellanea 16
Registers of York
30 Sep 1810 Mary Dalton sponsor at baptism of Thomas Carley
4 Feb 1811 Mary Dalton sponsor at baptism of Lud: Bryan
28 Jan 1812 Mr Dalton sponsor at baptism of John Smith
July 1812 Mary Dalton sponsor at baptism of Ann Johnson
7 Aug 1814 Mary Dalton sponsor at baptism of Sarah Gough
14 Nov 1816 Mary Dalton sponsor at baptism of Joseph Dearlove
8 Sep 1818 Mary Dalton sponsor at baptism of Michael Ryan
15 Feb 1819 Mary Dalton sponsor at baptism of William Holmes
24 July 1819 Mary Dalton sponsor at baptism of Robert Deerlove
28 May 1820 Patrick Denis Dalton sponsor at baptism of Joanna Courteney
6 Jan 1821 Mary Dalton sponsor at baptism of William Dearlove
24 Feb 1823 Richard Dalton sponsor at baptism of John McCarnon
10 Oct 1823 Birth of William Harrison (baptised 12 Oct 1823), son of Thomas Harrison and his wife Mary Dalton
16 May 1832 Mary Dalton sponsor at baptism of Anna Duston
7 Oct 1835 Thomas Dalton sponsor at baptism of Susanna Hicks
22 July 1837 birth of John Coupland (baptised 2 August), son of Henry Coupland and his wife Rose, née Dalton

Catholic Record Society, Miscellanea vol 17
Register of Nut Hill and Hedon, East Riding, Yorkshire
29 Nov 1817 Birth of Elizabeth (baptised 2 Dec 1817) daughter of Joseph Williamson and his wife Jane née Dalton
Yorkshire Recusants 1595
Caverton parish: John Dalton servant to Mr Richard Nellons of Skelton... is a recusante and is worth twentie markes in goods and dwelleth in Skelton closes within the said parish and is a fugitive person
Compositions of Recusants 1629-30
Sir William Dalton sat on the commission for the North Riding
16 Oct 1629 Thomas Dalton and Ann his wife of Swyne [nephew to Sir William Dalton] compounded for an annual rent of £30

Catholic Record Society, English College, Rome - Responsa vol 1
1617 James Dalton, age 19, born in Yorkshire, at age 14 went to France to learn French, then returned to England after a bit over a year, then went to St Omers for 4 years to learn Latin, then came to English College at Rome. Son of a Catholic knight and his catholic wife, worth £1000 a year. 7 brothers and 1 sister. Healthy but once contracted a fever when his will was thwarted. Always a Catholic at heart but once when away from home attended heretical sermons and services with his heretical guardians; repudiated heresy on his return home. Wants to become a priest.

Catholic Record Society, Miscellanea 18
1627 William Dalton, armiger, was one of the recusancy commissioners at York Castle.

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This is the third and final segment of Illinois Naturalizations that have been extracted by DGS member, K. T. Mapstone. The Naturalizations for Cook County were printed in two sections in the May and June 2002 issues of "Daltons in History". Eventually the entire set will be uploaded to the DALTON DATA BANK. Our appreciation is extended to K. T.

Thomas P. Dalton, V-A p. 121 (Minor), Sycamore, IL, born in England, naturalized September 27, ??72, witnesses: Samuel Cutts and Linneaus C. Burke
Arthur Dalton, Vol. 1 Pg. 63, Circuit Court, born in Great Britain, naturalized December 21, 1869, witnesses: Stephen Coughlin and John McIntyre
Arthur Dalton, address Lewistown, Vol. A Pg 222, County Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 28, 1868, witnesses: Matthias Freaner and James Walsh
John Dalton, address Lewistown, Vol. 1 P 155, County Court, naturalized November 5, 1860, witnesses: P. Kelly and P. Cook
John Dalton, Vol. 1 Pg 61, Circuit Court, born in Great Britain, naturalized December 17, 1869, witnesses: Thomas Conlin and Michael Donahoe
John Dalton, address Morris, Vol. A P-59, Circuit Court, naturalized October 25, 1860, witnesses: Timothy Keane and John Ryan
Peter Dalton, 1857-60-vol. B-Pg.-325, Circuit Court, naturalized October 24, 1860, witnesses: Wm. Riddle and Mathew Maybanks
John Dalton, address Aurora, June 1861-October 1872 Pg. 317, City Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 21, 1872, witnesses: A.G. McDole and R.B. Gates
John Dalton, Vol. H P-91, Circuit Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 5, 1863, witnesses: Patrick Mead, Lake County, IL and Norman Brown, Lake County, IL
Naylor Dalton, Vol. 2 Pg 474 (Soldier), born in England, arrived U.S. July 12, 1855, naturalized October 28, 1884, witness: John Melvin
William Dalton, Vol. D Page 114, Circuit Court, born in England, naturalized January 24, 1888, witnesses: Geo. Torrance and H.W. Yates
Gertrude Dalton, address 31 McHenry Ave., Crystal Lake, IL, P-995, Circuit Court of Woodstock, born in Germany on February 14, 1911, arrived New York January 19, 1926, witnesses: Catherine Creer, Lake Ave., Crystal Lake, IL and Bertha Schwartz, Douglas Ave, Crystal Lake, IL
Luke Dalton, address 801 W. Graham Av., Bloomington, IL, Pg. 341, Circuit Court, born in Ireland September 15, 1871, naturalized February 12, 1921
Luke Dalton, Court Rec. Page 245, County Court, born in Ireland, naturalized October 24, 1868, witnesses: Michael Martin and David Hickey
William Dalton, Vol. 44 P-586, Circuit Court, born in Ireland, naturalized March 22, 1893, witnesses: Thos. Lipton and J.H. Leaton
James Dalton, Vol. A P-598, County Court, born in Ireland, age 21 years, naturalized November 1, 1880, witnesses: James Dalton, Sr. and Patrick Hanlon
John Dalton, Vol.-B P-507, County Court, born in Great Britain, naturalized November 6, 1860, witnesses: W.W. O’Brien and James Neill
Joseph Dalton, Vol A Pg 100, County Court, born in Ireland, naturalized November 1, 1858, witness: John Larkin
Martin Dalton, Vol-B Pg-52, County Court, born in Great Britain, naturalized November 5, 1860, witnesses: M.W. McReynolds and Charles Kettelle
Patrick Dalton, Crim. Rec. vol. A. Pg 85, Circuit Court, born in Ireland, naturalized May 3, 1856
William Albert Dalton, address Box 7, Deer Creek, IL, P.792, U.S. Dist. Court Peoria, born in England on July 24, 1885, naturalized October 2, 1918
Dennis Dalton, Vol 1 Pg 38, Circuit Court, born in Ireland, naturalized March 12, 1856, witnesses: Anthony McNarry and Henry McNarry
John Dalton, Vol 1 Pg. 88, Circuit court, born in Ireland, naturalized September 4, 1856, witness: Walter Hawley
Edward Michael Dalton, 6401 Eggleston Ave., Chgo., IL, P-1513 CN-710692 (Soldier), Circuit Court of Rockford, born in Ireland August 15, 1890, naturalized June 3, 1918
Walter Sylvester (Wladislaw) Dalton (Deltuwa), address Westville, IL, P.2244 CN.941930, Circuit Court of Rockford, born in Russia on February 18, 1891, naturalized June 12, 1918
William Dalton, Vol. A Pg 296, Circuit Court, born in Ireland, naturalized August 14, 1868, witnesses: Dennis Carney and S. S. Newton.