Three Irish Coats of Arms have been transcribed by DGS Historian, Lucy J. Slater of Cambridge.

I. Count D'Alton of Grenanstown, Co. Tipperary
Dalton was created a Count of the Holy Roman Empire by the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria on 25 April 1777. He was authorized to bear the title and use the arms in this Kingdom by Royal Warrant on 26 October 1876
Az. a lion armed and langued or, double queued, tail twisted, five fleur-de-lis of the last, two in chief, as many in fess, and one in base.
Crests - 1st: On a ducal coronet ot, ornamented with pearls on the strawberry leaves and betw, them, an eagle dipl. sa. looking to the sinister, langued gu. and crowned with a similar coronet;
2nd: Out of a coronet same as the last , a demi lion ramp. ar. armed and langued or, holding in the dexter paw, an olive branch vert.
Supporters - Two lions ramp. ar. armed and langued or.
Motto - Tristus et fidelis
Count D'Alton. An azure blue shield, with a silver lion standing on its hind legs, looking forward, with red claws and a gold tongue. It has two tails twisted together, (as in the shields of Bohemia) and five gold fleur-de-lis, (Prince of Wales feathers in bunches of three) two bunches in the upper third of the shield, two in the middle third of the shield and one in the lowest third.
The first crest. A gold ducal coronet, with four strawberry leaves ornamented with pearls,
and in the middle, a black eagle with its wings outstretched, looking to the left, with a red tongue and crowned with a similar gold coronet.
The second crest. A similar gold ducal coronet and out of it the upper half of a silver lion, with red claws and a gold tongue, holding in its left paw, a green olive branch.
The supporters are two silver lions standing on their hind legs with red claws and gold tongues
he motto is "Trustworthy and faithful".
Note from Bill Weiler. Lieutenant-General Edward Count D'Alton fell at Dunkirk on the 24th Aug 1793. His eldest son Peter Count Dalton, who was from Grenanstown, Tipperary died in Dublin on Mar 23 1851.Thanks, Bill.

II. D'Alton (Dundonnell co. Westmeath)
Fun Ent. of John D'Alton, of that place, d. 20 July, 1636; he was great, great grandson of Henry D'Alton, of the same place, who was grandson of Pierce D'Alton, Esq. of Ballymore, in Westmeath.

Az. a lion ramp. guard. ar. charged on the shoulder with a crescent sa betw. five fleur-de-lis or.
A blue shield with a silver lion standing on its hind legs and looking towards you, with a black crescent on its shoulder, and five gold fleur-de-lis on the shield as above.

III. D'Alton (Reg Ulster's Office)
Gu. two bars or, the upper one charged with a cross crosslet of the field, in chief three roses ar.
A red shield, with two gold bars, the upper bar carrying silver crosses with small bars on each arm, and in the upper part of the shield three silver roses.

For those who have asked questions about heraldry, some pertinent facts follow. For a fee of about $1200, the College of Arms will inform you of the the grants made to individuals with a particular name. Their records go back to 1484 when the college was set up.

The following sources can be consulted.
1. The General Armory by Sir Bernard Burke, 1884, and recent reprints.
2. Dictionary of British Arms, Medieval Ordinary published by the Society of Antiquaries, Vol. I (1992) and Vol. II (1996).The four-volume series covers examples of arms recorded as used before 1530.
3. Harleian Society series (1869 to date) which has published County Visitations by the Heralds.
(Northern Counties were published by the Surtees Society).
4. Card Index of seals in the Public Records Office, Kew
5. Frank's Collection of Bookplates (British Library).

Our appreciation is extended to John Titterton, Guild of One Name Studies for the above input.

From Millicent V. Craig

Over the past ten years, there has been a significant number of Daltons who have written and expressed frustration at not being able to learn who their Dalton founding father or first Dalton emigrant ancestor was in Virginia. Just how many were there?

Curiosity led to a simple mathematical regression approach but the final number was so small, that the assistance of a professional with a background in statistics was enlisted. By using an elementary approach with the assumptions and methodolgy outlined below, he produced results shown in the graph at the end of this article.

What is now needed is to apply a higher level of technical skills to resolve the question. Perhaps a mathematician, demographer or actuary will lend his/her hand. You may change the assumptions based on your particular knowledge of Dalton demographics, apply gender-mix, longevity or other appropriate factors to the puzzle. There is no right nor wrong answer but a clustering of results by different methods may be meaningful. We invite you to give it a try and will print your solution in a future issue of "Daltons in History".

How Many Founding Fathers Would It Require to Reach the 1880 Dalton Population Figure of Virginia?

"A simplified method is presented to estimate the approximate number of founding fathers that would be required to produce the 918 Daltons enumerated in the 1880 Census of Virginia. This estimate of founding fathers is based upon an accumulation of theoretical 4-child families over seven generations of Virginia Daltons. It should be noted that many Dalton families remained in Virginia over subsequent generations. Because of the wide variation in the number of children per family, as well as the variation in the gender mix for those children, the following assumptions were made to simplify a founding fathers' estimate.

The 918 Daltons include those who were enumerated in the 1880 Virginia Census minus those who had emigrated from other states. To this was added those who were born in Virginia and had migrated to other statesas of 1880 count. The first, second and third generations in Virginia were likely deceased when the 1880 Census was done. Those generations were eliminated from the Dalton accumulative headcount.

1. Included in this Census figure were the wives who were not born Daltons, but remain in the population to compensate for the female Daltons who married, and therefore would not be in the count. (If we took wives out, there would be a much smaller figure for founding fathers).
2. The time span for this estimate is 180 years, 1700 to 1880.
3. We used the first record of a Dalton in Virginia at 1699/1700.
4. The average generation span is assumed as 25 years. Females tended to start their families younger than age 25.
5. We assume that the average number of children for these Virginia families is four. Farm families did run somewhat higher than four, and city family were probably lower.
6. There are many combinations of Dalton family size and offspring gender-mix that could each produce a correct solution for the founding father estimate.
7. To minimize this data complexity, this estimate assumes four children per family, each family having two males and two females for the gender-mix.
8. We assume that each male married once, and raised a family of four children.
9. Estimates for possible fatalities resulting from childbirth, diseases and accidents were not considered.

Because of the complexities posed by variation in a family size, and family gender mix, an estimate for the magnitude of founding fathers needs a simple approach. Virginia families in the 18th and 19th centuries could realistically have from four to 10 children. Farm families could likely run as many as 10 children per fmily to provide a labor pool to support farm operations.Those families having four children could produce up to five combinations of male and female children. And, farm families having ten children could have up to 11 gender combinations. These numbers for possible gender combinations tends to complicate the task of calculating an accurate founding father estimate.
Table 1.
Table 1 shows the accumulation of Virginia Daltons for 7 generations based on one father having four children, 2 males and 2 females per family.
Table 1. Daltons Produced Over Seven Generations Having One Founding Father
Generation 1. Founding Parents 2 (Deceased)
Generation 2. 2 males and 2 females4 (Deceased)
Generation 3. 4.males and 4 females8 (Deceased)
Generation 4. 8 males and 8 females16 Daltons
Generation 5. 16 males and 16 females32 Daltons
Generation 6. 32 males and 32 females64 Daltons
Generation 7. 64 males and 64 females128 Daltons
Total 240 surviving Daltons

Discounting the founding parents as well as generation two and three that were most likely deceased at the time of census, a total of 120 males could be produced from this single founding family. When female spouses are included, we have a total of 240 Daltons resulting from one father extending over 6 generations. Using the numbers from this estimate for one founding father, we can plot multiples of Dalton family trees produced from one through five founding fathers.
Figure 1. shows a curve for the population estimate for one to five founding fathers over 7 generations.

Estimates based on a theoretical concept that a typical family has two male and two female children, the number of founding fathers required to produce the present 918 Virginia Daltons in 1880 was determined to be three to five.A more accurate estimate for founding fathers could be made after an extensive genealogy data collection to better characterize family size and family gender mixes for each generation of Daltons".

Editor's note. We hope that our Dalton mathematicians, demographers or actuaries will weigh in with a Dalton population estimate. Incidentally, the first mathematical attempt produced the number four.

from Millicent V. Craig

The following Daltons were extracted from the 1881 Census of the UK. This covers only Dalton seamen who were enumerated either at sea or in a foreign port. The name of the ship is included.

Thomas A. Dalton, Bosns Mate, mar., 35, b. Birmingham, Warwick.

Revd. Jno. N. Dalton, Chaplain, un, 42, b. Margate, Kent

John Dalton, Stoker, un, 25, b. Gosport, Hamps.

Hubert Grant-Dalton, Midshipman, 18, b. Parkstone, Dorset.

Joseph Dalton, Orderly, un, 22, b. Bishopsgate, Middlesex

John Dalton, Private, un, 23, b. IRE.
William Dalton, Sgt. Army Hospital Corps, un, 26, b. London, Middlesex

Iron Duke
James Dalton, A B, un, 21, b. IRE.
John Dalton, A B, un 21, b. Liverpool, Lancs.

John Dalton, La Coppl R. E., un, 23, b. London St. Pancras, London, Middlesex

Patrick J. Dalton, Sig 2nd Class, un, 22, b. Drogheda, IRE.

Benjamin Dalton, Ord. 2nd Cl., un, 18, b. Barnes

William Dalton, Private, R.M.L.I., un, 26, b. Nun Monkton, York

Frederick N. Dalton, Stoker, 24, un, b. Portsmouth, Hamps.

Victor Emmanuel
William Dalton, Bosns Mate, un, 28, b. Newbury, Berks.

Queries and Responses

As usual there were a large number of queries that arrived by e-mail or were posted on one of the Guest Books of the Dalton websites. Many queries were answered by referring the originator to the DALTON DATA BANK. (New files are announced on when they are uploaded). Other responses have involved multiple e-mails to DGS subscribers and have been handled by Query Team members in the US and in the UK. Posted below are some queries that either require additional information for searching or a response from a reader.

Cathy Evans Buckland's grandmother was Edna Mae Dalton, a twin born to James and Laura Dalton. Her father was born in 1874 in Lawrence County, OH. Response: Cathy if you supply your grandfather's name, we may be able to locate him and his parents.

A query from England asks whether there are any D'Altons "out there". He/she is trying to trace Walter Thomas D'Alton born about 1857/60. Response: There are D'Altons primarily in Ireland and Australia. There was a cluster in 1880 in the Portsea area of Hampshire. Please check each file as it is uploaded for the D'Altons in that county/shire. Can anyone help?Contact:

Linda Dalton, from Benwell, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England needs information on her immediate family. Her father Ronald James Dalton, was born 4 Apr 1933 and died 20 Feb 1982. His mother was Minnie May Hannington Dalton and her brother was John Weston Dalton.Are there any cousins who can help?Contact:

Joanne Carter is still attempting to locate "Nick Dalton" born in early 1900's.He is listed on her mother's birth certificate as her father and from Texas. Joanne's grandmother was Emma (known as Vandora) Caesar from Wisconsin. Response: A search of available records has failed to reveal a "Nick" who is the likely person.Contact

Kris writes that she is looking for information on a Dalton family from Warren Co., IN. Carter Dalton married Susan High, daughter of Isaac High. Carter was the son of Joseph and Woody Dalton. Kris please provide some dates.Contact:

Alice Neirynck is researching descendents of Nathan Dalton, b. 1772 in England.He spent most of his life in the Vinton County, OH. His children were Katherine, John, William, Evan, Elizabeth, Mary and Nicholas. Response: By September 2002, the OHIO File will be uploaded to the DALTON DATA BANK. The records of Nathan are in the Census, a Marriage and Land Grants in Vinton County.This should show marriages of children if they remained in OH. Suggestion: As the Files for England are uploaded each month to the DALTON DATA BANK, check each one for a birth for Nathan in 1771. Alice:

Michael W. Dalton has traced his family to Pulaski, KY. His father was Thurlow Weed Dalton, son of Nathaniel, son of Burrel, son of George. Is there any one with more info? Contact:

Laura Velasquez of San Antonio, Texas is seeking information on the family of Charles Fox Dalton, 1837-1900. He married Martha "Mattie" Livingston and the children were - Charlie, Delma, James, Caswell Reece, Eldrich and Mattie.He believes that this family was in Rosebud and Belfalls, TX about 1900. Contact:

J Legere of Canada is looking for information on Mary and Elizabeth Dalton who were born in Ireland and came to Saint John, NB, Canada in the late 1820's. E-mail:

Chris Dickman of Lemoore, CA states that Charles James Dalton of London may have been a drummer boy on board the "Victory" during the Battle of Trafalgar. Charles James was also said to have been an Alderman in London. Is there any way of confirming this? Contact:

Sue Marelich, nee Dolton of Australia knows of no other Doltons in Australia but knows that her great, great grandfather, Edward John Dolton lived in Twickenham, England, was a Col in the British Army. She has wondered whether he was born in Ireland, or whether he was of English origin and changed the spelling of his name. Response: We have advised Sue on the prevalence of Doltons as shown in the English counties/shires of the Dalton Data Bank. (Also the U. S.) This fall we will be posting the first Australian files and there will be Doltons in some of them. Does anyone recognize the Colonel? E-mail:

Berna Novak had hoped that the middle name of her ancestor would facilitate finding his parents. Henry "Solin" Dalton went from Illinois to Missouri where a child Harry Lester Dalton was born in 1884. He left Missouri and went to Iowa where he married Sadie Rozella Higgens. Sadie was born 26 Oct 1891 and died on 5 Apr 1964 in Los Angeles, CA and Berna believes she is listed in the SSDI without a place of last residence. Harry and Sadie had nineteen children and Berna is willing to share information on them. Does anyone recognize the name, Solin? If so contact Berna at

Bob George writes that Henry Dalton and Mary J. Grintell are from Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. He cannot find the marriage but has the birth date of a son, Earle Dalton, b. 27 Nov 1896 and d. Nov 1867 in Lodi, Columbia County, Wisconsin, USA If you can shed some light on a marriage contact Bob. E-mail:

Through Delbert Dalton who was 2 years old in th 1880 Census, the ancestors of Reba Bush were located. Delbert's father, Thomas A. or J. Dalton and Mary Crum were the parents. Needed is information on Thomas' father Dalniel Dalton - age, children, origins. His wife was supposedly named Malinda. Contact Reba at: E-mail

Gina Matthews of Council Bluffs, IA, is starting to put her Dalton information together. Ellen Dalton married William Noonan, they had Catherine, Ellen and Michael. Her brothers were William, Patrick,Thomas and Michael. William had three children also:Margaret, Jeremiah and Thomas. Ellen and her brothers were of Kerry County Ireland and came to USA in 1860's and 1870's settling in Bellevue & Papilion Nebraska area. William moved into a house owned by a Patrick Dalton who was born in Tipperary county Ireland.The house was signed over to William by his siblings(Catherine Dee, Ellen Noonan, Michael Dalton & Thomas Dalton) in 1882. Then the place was deeded to William's son Thomas, found on 1913 platmap. Thomas moved from his home in early 1920's to Omaha , Nebraska. William's sister Ellen Noonan is her great great grandmother. They located to Wisner, Nebraska in early 1900's, was found on the 1880 census living with brother William and other siblings and husband and children. Hope someone out there can help put the pieces together.

Adolphus William Dalton is still looking for his relatives from Pittsylvania County,Virginia. John Henry Dalton married to Emma Wyatt, but was married before and had 3 children. Annie, Bessie, Jesse. Any help would

S. Whisenhunt of Alabama is looking for information on her great grandparents, Judge George Henry Dalton and Mahalia Elizabeth Green Dalton, who lived in Mills County, Texas from about 1880 until 1939. They had several children: Sara Dalton James (I think), Katherine Dalton Isenhower (my grandmother), Edward, Grover, and more. Does anyone know this family?

Shirley Kovar is trying to locate the parents of Jesse William Dalton who married Nancy Smith Clark. Jesse and Nancy were both born in Tenn. So far she has not been able to find his parents nor siblings. Shirley at:

from Millicent V. Craig

What is the origin of the Daltons who were born in Sweden and emigrated to the US.? There are several who were enumerated in the 1880 Census of States. There did not appear to be any Daltons of Swedish birth who were present in the 1881 Censuses of the UK. or of Canada. There seems to be more information on those who migrated to Washington State and perhaps descendents may be able to help with identification.

From the 1880 Census of Massachusetts
Hampton County, Montgomery, MA.
Frederick L. Dalton, farmer age 42 (b.1838) born in Sweden and both parents were born in Sweden. His wife Ellen, age 44, was born in MA and both of her parents were born in MA. The couple had 4 children born in MA - Emma L. 11, Freddie W. 9, Cora B. 7, Herbie 5. Dalton's father in law, Zopher Searl, widower age 72 was living with them.
Frederick L. Dalton reportedly was born in Stockholm and first married a woman named Knight. in Massachusetts. His marriage to Ellen was allegedly his second marriage. According to his age in the Census, he was born about 1838.

From the 1880 Census of Texas
Charles Dalton, single, stone cutter, age 27 (b. 1853) lodger at household of Thomas Harold. Dalton. He was reported as born in Sweden as were both parents. There is no additional information on Charles Dalton.

From Washington State Records
(Extracted by Mike Dalton)
Carl Roberts Dalton of Wenas Valley, Yakima Co, born June 6, 1877 in Sweden;parents Nels Dalton and Matilda Larson of Sweden. (Nels Dalton was still living in Sweden in 1919.) Declaration of intention for US citizenship, July 9, 1903, Yakima Co.;Marriage Aug 12 1912 at Natches, Yakima Co. to Bertha E. Gross, age 22. She was born in WA to August Gross and Ernestine Boettcher who were pioneer settlers in the Puget Sound area of WA. The marriage was witnessed by Emil C. Dalton (brother) and his wife Hulda Dalton.

Emil Conrad Dalton of Wenas Valley, Yakima Co. farmer in 1919; b. Sep 12, 1870 in Sweden;
emigrated to Minnesota in spring of 1888; Declaration of Intention for US citizenship, July 20 1894, at Okanagon Co., WA; visited Sweden in 1902 and on return voyage met Hulda Swenson aboard ship; married Huldaon Dec 30 1907 at Yakima and they revisited Sweden in 1914.

From 1900 Soundex of Washington State
Wenas Precinct Vol 22, ED 109, page 8-73
E. C. Dalton, 29, b. SWEDEN, Sep 1870, living alone. Although the age of 29, seems to be in error, this is most likely Emil Conrad Dalton, described in the paragraph above.

Sixten Hjalmar Dalton, Yakima Co. Merchant, b. circa 1879 in Sweden; parents Nels and Matilda Larson Dalton of Sweden; Declaration of Intention for U. S. citizenship, Mar 14, 1902, Yakima Co.; Marriage Sep 25 1909, age 30, in Yakima to Anne Marie Satterberg, tailor, age 26, b. Sweden to John Satterberg and Annie Olson; Witnesses were Emil C. Dalton (brother) and wife Hulda Dalton.

Sixten was most likely the brother to Carl Roberts Dalton as well. The birthdates of the three (1870, 1877, 1879) suggest that the marriage of their parents, Nels and Matilda Larson Dalton
took place pror to 1870 and that the birth of Nels was most likely around 1845.

From the IGI
In 1845, Jemima Dalton was born in Malmp-Bosarps, Sweden. She reportedlymarried a Charles Johnson in the US. and is buried in Phoenix, Arizona.

Timeline of Births
1838, Frederick L. Dalton
1845 or earlier, Nels Dalton
1845, Christening Jemima Dalton
1853, Charles Dalton

1870, Emil Conrad Dalton
1877, Carl Roberts Dalton
1879 Sixten Hjalmar Dalton

There appears to be two different generations of Daltons in this data. If you are descended from any of the above please be in touch so that we may learn the origin of these Daltons, Millicenty