from DGS member, Mike Dalton of Oregon


The following is a listing of Roman Catholic Irish people of marriageable age whose passage was likely paid for by their landlords. Because of dire conditions in famine affected areas many people went to towns in search of relief. Grffiths Valuaton lists most of these locales or  townships. The Ship arrivals read like mini genealogies with more than one family member involved.


Irish Assisted Immigrants to New South Wales, Australia

February 17, 1848, Sir Edmund Parry:  Edmund Dalton, age 22, Clonmel Town, County Tipperary

September 14, 1849, Panama:  James Dalton, age 13, from Galbany (Galbally Town), County Limerick;  parents James and Ellen Dalton

April 17 1842, Oriental:  Ellen Dalton, age 24, from Bansha Town, County Tipperary; parents John and Mary Casey:  also Thomas Dalton, age 32, from Bansha Town, County Tipperary; parents Garrett and Kate Dalton.  (Ellen and Thomas likely to be husband and wife).

February 1, 1852, Joseph Somes:  Bridget Dalton, age 22, from Borrisokane Town, County Tipperary:  parents John and Eliza Dalton

February 18, 1852, Neptune:  Catherine Dalton, age 20, from Ennis Town, County Clare;  parents Thomas and Mary Dalton.

April 28, 1853, Fortune:  Mary Dalton, age 20, from Galbally Town, County Limerick;  parents James and Johanna Dalton.

June 20, 1853, Malvina Vidal:  Alice Dalton, age 20, from Badge, County Tipperary;  parents Patrick and Bridget Dalton.

July 29, 1854, Araminta:  Bridget Dalton, age 23, from Glynn (Glin Town), County Limerick;  parents Michael and Mary Dalton

August 4, 1854, Lady Elgin:  James Dalton, age 31, from Borrisokane Town, County Tiperary;  parents John and Elizabeth Dalton

July 27, 1855, Glorianna:  Patrick Dalton, age 21, from Bansha Town, County Tipperary;  parents Patrick and Bridget Dalton

January 19, 1856, Morayshire:  Anna Dalton, age 20, from Newbridge, County Limerick;  parents Edward and Winidred Dalton

May 6, 1860, Hannah Moore:  Catherine Dalton, age 20, from County Tipperary:  and Richard Dalton, age 18, from County Wicklow

August 17, 1860, Tudor:  Ellen Dalton, age 48, from Shanagolden, County Limerick:  parents Edward Dalton and Mary Hayes.  Also Julia Dalton, age 19, from Newcastle Town, County Limerick, mother - Ellen.

July 18, 1862, Hotspur:  Michael Dalton, age 24; Ellen Dalton, age 21; Anne age 00;  all from Kilmoyler Town, County Tipperary

September 28, 1862, Ocean Empress:  Mary Dalton, age 24, from Scarril (Scarrough Town), County Tipperary

June 6, 1864, Sandringham:  Patrick Dalton, age 24 from Strokestown, County Roscommon; parents Patrick and Mary Dalton

July 31, 1868, Devonport:  Patrick Dalton, age 24, from Bansha Town, County Tipperary;  parents William and Anne Dalton.

Australian Resources
from  David  Wetherill, AU
"South Australia has released on CD the Indexes to Marriages: 1917-1937.  The new CD adds to the initial CD of South Australian Marriages: 1842-1916. Victoria will release in March next year the following two CD's to add to the indexes from the Registry of BDM.

* Marriage Index 1921-1943 (currently up to 1920 on CD, but up to 1930 on microfiche)
* Early Church Records.

The Early Church Records will be digitized copies of the pages of the Registers for Burials, Marriages and Baptisms. When the Victorian Registry was set up by an Act of Parliament in 1843 it "requested" from all Parishes copies of their registers. Where an actual date of birth, death or marriage (as set down in the Act) was listed in the Parish registers the event was indexed and the register page of the event was added to the Registry set of certificates.

A number of parish records only had dates of baptism and burial and so could not be used under the Act. These copies have sat in the Registry. The Registry has digitised them, indexed them and will provide both index and digitized copies on one, perhaps 2 CD's. They will be two good additions to the Indexes available to family historians."  The CD's will be a bit pricey but the information contained in each record is quite detailed.
This information was reported on the GOONS-List . Daltons may also locate some of the above data in the Dalton Data Bank.



U. S. Resources
DGS member James Spidle (U. S) recommends some sites that he has found useful for locating Daltons. Our appreciation is extended to James.

On the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index he has found 244 Dalton grooms and 224 Dalton brides. 
This site can be used to order marriage records that were recorded between 1763-1900 in Illinois, (USA).  Prior to logging on this site check the DALTON DATA BANK, Illinois file for marriage records that were recorded by K. T. Mapstone.

The Ohio Death Certificate Index lists 368 Daltons, and can be used to order  certificates of deaths that were recorded between 1913-1937 in Ohio, USA 

The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Index lists 1029 Daltons both confederate and union soldiers who enlisted in the US Civil War. 



U. K. Update
The U. K. archives network contains the electronic equivalent of 400,000 catalogue pages describing archives held across England in national, local and specialist repositories and dating from the 900's to the present day.  The A2A programmed will make a further 300,000 catalogue pages available on the web by Mar 2004.

The latest update to the A2A database took place on 2 Dec 2002 and the number of English repositories contributing catalogues now stand at 218.  The catalogues contain thousands of of Dalton mentions.  They can be searched by county at: 

Note: Extracted from message from the PRO Regional Liaison Co-Cordinator, Sarah J. A. Stark.

The following extractions were made by DGS member Rodney Dalton of Utah  from the files of the Public Record Office.  Life in 17th and 18th Century England had its ups and downs for our Dalton ancestors but perhaps no different than the population as a whole.


FILE - Appleby: Midsummer: Sessions roll - date: 1757
[from Scope and Content] Sarah Wilson maketh oath that at 10 o'clock that Thursday night she was going in the street, and being a little in hast she run against Mary Robertson just above Hen (ry) Dalton's door, that Mr. Smiths's house is below that house, and John Robertson's above it, that Mary was going up the street, Mary said "Is the devil in you? Will you run over me?" Mary had a lantern lighted with her, but she did not see that Mary carried any thing with her but the lantern.

FILE - Appleby: Easter: sessions roll - ref. WQ/SR/364 - date: 6 April 1772
[from Scope and Content] Recognizance Thomas Lammonby of Eglesfield, Brigham, Cumberland and lately of Hackthorp Hall servantman, John Dalton of Cockermouth, Cumberland innholder, Robert M'Glasson of Cockermouth yeoman and John Lammonby servant to Thomas Bowman of Cockermouth brewer, for appearance of Thomas alleged father of bastard child of Elizabeth Makinder singlewoman of Clifton.


Sessions Rolls
FILE - Appleby: Christmas: Sessions roll - ref. WQ/SR/126 - date: 13 November 1740
[from Scope and Content] Removal order against John Dalton, wife Grace and children Margaret aged 5, Mary aged 3, Janet aged 1, to go from Kirkby Stephen to Ormside - quashed.

FILE - Appleby: Michaelmas: Sessions roll - date: 1745
[from Scope and Content] Presentment by John Dalton esq. one of the justices of the peace "upon his own proper knowledge", part of the road from Appleby to Penrith, viz. "from the House of John Light in Temple Sowerby... till opposite to John Fawell the younger's House in Temple Sowerby aforesaid" in need of repair. Inhabitants of Temple Sowerby responsible. The inhabitants of Temple Sowerby fined for  road not repaired by Michaelmas. Discharged but fees not paid. "to be pd by Alex Golding."

FILE - 1741/2 Christmas Petitions - date: 1741-1742
[from Scope and Content] Petition of Joseph Wilson of Eaglesfield - enforcement of arrears of order stopped by John Dalton his overseer; house is leaking as result, and wife and child ill thereby.

FILE - 1744 Midsummer petitions - date: 1744
[from Scope and Content] Petition of Rachel Foster of Arthuret - poor relief for herself and bastard infant by John Dalton of Crosby. Had a warrant for Dalton's arrest, which was frustrated by the constable's letting Dalton go. "Ordered 6d." deleted; ordered 1s. a week till Mr. Dacre make some further order.

FILE - Petitions Midsummer 1759 - date: 1759
[from Scope and Content] Request by Jo. Dacre for discharge of a small fine imposed on Thomas Dalton, indicted Midsummer 1758 for refusing to obey an order of Quarter Sessions.


Quarter Sessions Rolls

FILE - 1716 Easter Petitions - date: 1716
[from Scope and Content] Petition of John Dalton p. Stanwix - compel the Churchwardens and Overseers of Scaleby to honour their contract with him for keeping Richard Dalton of Scaleby for 30s. 0d. a year. These last two years they've "withdrawne" the allowance from him. Asks for arrears and future provision. All arrears to be paid "or if refusall a warrant of good behavior ...".

FILE - 1732-3 Christmas petitions - date: 1732-3
[from Scope and Content] Petition of William Dalton of Crosby on Eden, debtor in the Gaol - the County allowance. John Simpson sued him for 15s. 0d. Petitioner is over 70. Cites "the late Act made For the relief of Debtors". Parish certificate at foot, signed by the Vicar and 4 Churchwardens one of them being illiterate. allowed 1s.0d. a week.


Quarter Sessions Rolls

FILE - 1697 Easter petitions - date: 1697
[from Scope and Content] Petition of John Dalton of Little Corby [p. Wetheral] - blueish grey mare stolen, value booked. Ordered 17s. 0d.

FILE - 1701 Easter petitions - date: 1701
[from Scope and Content] Petition of John Dalton of Brunstock p. Crosby [-on-Eden] - poor relief. Is over 90, blind, infirm, and miserably poor. Is a native of the parish, and lived there all his life. Ordered 1s.Od. a week.

Source: Derbyshire Record Office
Drafts - A series of drafts of leases of farms
FILE - Hostye (208a.) in Cudham - date: 1742
[from Scope and Content] Henry Streatfeild to John Dalton of Bromley, yeoman, for 21 years at p.a. rent

Leases of Hostye Farm
FILE - As U908/T228/3; Henry Streatfeild - date: 1742
[from Scope and Content] To John Dalton of Bromley, for 21 years at p.a. and two fat capons; penalty clauses against cultivating any meadow, or more than 80a. arable in the first eighteen years, or more than 60a. in the last three years.

Source: Centre for Kentish Studies:
Deeds - Manors of Chippenham and Brentgrange and Estate - Tharp Family Settlements.
FILE - Rev. Richard Burton Philipson of Herringswell, Suffolk and Eliza his wife, John Tharp of Chippenham, father of said Eliza concurring to Sir Gilbert Affleck of Dalham Hall, Suffolk and William Dalton of Bury St. Edmunds, trustees. 28 Ap. 1801 - date: 1801-06
[from Scope and Content] William Dalton to Capt. Tharp.

FILE - Roger Thornton of Inner Temple, Mary his wife - ref. R/55/7/45/28 - date: 20 Oct 1658
[from Scope and Content] Nathaniel Hallowes of Derby and Edward Lole of London to Isaac Thornton of Snailwell, and John Coell and John Dalton both of London his trustees. Feoffment of moiety of Manor of Snailwell, mansion house, lands &c. in Snailwell and Soham.

Source: Cambridgeshire County Record Office, Cambridge
FILE - Deed poll whereby Thomas Farrer of Aylesbury, co. Bucks., esq., and Elizabeth Dalton wife of John Dalton of Aylesbury, clerk, declare the purposes of a release to the said Thomas Farrer by James Baker of Birmingham, tallow chandler, of part of a messuage and appurtenances Corn Cheaping in Birmingham. - date: 8 September 1669.


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