Once again there is a large number of queries that have been posted either on the DGS web sites or have arrived by mail.  In some instances we were able to help and hopefully our readers will be able to contribute or make a connection.



Reba Bush of Webbville, KY states that her grandfather was Delbert Dalton (birth 1878) from Martin County, KY. Great grandfather was Thomas Jefferson Dalton (born 1848 in WV). GGGrandfather Daniel Dalton (WV). Contact  Reba at: rhollyb@yahoo.com 


Nancy Patton of PA is searching for Susan A. Dalton b. Mar.1844 N.Y.and trying to find her parents.  Contact Susan at: grannypatn@aol.com 


Patricia Ward of Kentucky is trying to find the connection between  her husband's great grandmother and the Dalton Gang. Her name was Mary Frances Dalton and she was married to Hervey Smith.  If you have a connection, E-mail Patricia at:  pac4412@aol.com 


Della Irene Dalton Hemelstrand of Littleton, CO has searched and found most of her relatives settled in Wisconsin. She asks whether the Dalton Data Bank will have Census info for Wisconsin.
Response: Della the Wisconsin file was uploaded in Jan. 03 to the DDB (http://dgs.0pi.com/vol1/http/daltondata.0pi.com )

and contains Census Indices, 1840-1860;  1880 Census Extractions:  and the complete 1900   Census Soundex. E-mail: D. Hemelstrand@aol.com 


Stacy Harrison of Wyoming states that her great grandmother was Mary Vilate Dalton, her parents were Jared Dalton and Matilda (Horrocks?) Dalton If anybody can share any information with her it would be greatly appreciated.  E-amil: itsjusstacy@netscape.net 


Harry A. Dalton of Hollywood, MD writes that his father's name was Harry C. Dalton and his mother was Pearl Dalton.  Her sister married a Dr. Thomas Cook (died 1908) who invented Cooks Certain Cure or 3 C's Tonic. He is interested in a Dr. W. N. Dalton who was a pallbearer for Mrs. Cook.  Are there any living relatives?  E-mail:  apiaries@olg.com 


Gwen Waits (Dalton) of Arizona asks whether anyone can  help her. She was born 1965 in KY to Abraham Dalton Jr. Every time she tries to find a trace of her line she hits a dead end. She was not raised in KY nor by her father's family.  She would really like to know where she comes from and appreciates any help.  E-mail: gdragonfly3@yahoo.com 


Sue Dalton of Kent, UK is looking for information on Alfred Dalton who married twice, Ellen Smith then Emma Carr. Emma Carr born 1832 and had John  (died 1870's), Alfred, William,James,George and Mary.  Marian Dalton married Calvin Cassel. Possibly lived around Benecia, California. Does anyone know of Marian? E-mail: psasf@ntlworld.com Sue also asks about John Dalton who married Ann Fairthorn and had 15 children. First son John born 24.1.1764 and registered St Martin in the Fields, London, UK. His youngest son, Charles James Dalton born 11.9.1781 was her great, great, great, grandfather.  Contact Sue at: psast@ntlworld.com 


Patsy Norman of England writes that her great great grandmother was Agnes Dalton. She was married to Patrick Quin and they lived in Creenagh, Armagh, Ulster. He never left Ireland  but she came to live with her son also Patrick Quin in Noble Street, Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne. She lived only one year, 1876, and died there. Four of her children lived in that area and some went to America and Australia.  She hopes to hear from anyone descended from an Agnes Dalton married to Patrick Quin  or from anyone who knows the birth details of  Agnes. E-mail Patsy at: Norquib@ptopenworld.com 


Phil Dalton of London writes that his  branch seems to have spent all their time in London. His father is Peter Dalton, from Penge. Grandfather is George William Dalton, also south London. Great-grandfather is William Pearce Dalton, from Deptford. Great-great grandfather is John Hinde Dalton, a domestic servant, who lived off Grosvenor Square, earliest mention I can find of him is 1864. Any connections? E-mail: phil@pdad.co.uk


John Herbert Gray Dalton writes that he was born Birmingham, UK, now lives in Glastonbury, Somerset. UK.  He is searching for info on grandfather Ivor Dalton, Irish origin, dates unknown, who disappeared some time from Bristol/Chepstow area in 1926/7.
Response: While extracting the Daltons for the Wales file in the Dalton Data Bank the following was observed by your editor. "Newport, Wales. 21 Apr 1902 Ivor Lawrence Dalton born, son of Richard Patrick Dalton (d. April 1965 age 63 when he was living at the Meads, Sedbury, nr Chepstow and was a railway accountant - previously a marine engineer) and Mary née Halliday." Anyone with more information on Ivor may contact John at JohnharpDalton@hotmail.com


Alwyn Owen of Greytown, New Zealand states, "My maternal grandmother, Eliza Dalton, with siblings and parents Francis Dalton & Esther nee Jefferson, came to New Zealand in 1862 on the Indian Empire, from Caldbeck or Cummersdale, in Cumberland, England. I would dearly love to trace the Cumberland family background."  E-mail:a.owen@paradise.net.nz 


Jerrard Robert D'Alton  of South Africa is busy compiling a family tree of his family in South Africa. His grandfather was Edward Ernest D'Alton who lived in the town Vryheid in the province of Natal. If anyone can inform him when this branch of the family came to South Africa and the European antecedants he would be most grateful. Contact Jerrard at:  jerryd@telkomsa.net 


Patricia Byrne of Conception Harbour, Newfoundland is searching for any information on Mary Dalton born c.1844 in Conception Harbour and married on Nov.28,1872 to William Cole from Collier's NFLD and.she knows of only two sons:Thomas and William.
Also a Mary F.Dalton born Harbour Main, Newfoundland married Charles Furey from Harbour Main, Newfoundland. Both died in Massashusetts,USA. Charles died in Sept 1956 and Mary in January 1949.They had children: James Frederick;  Mary Ann; Florence Martha, and Dorothy.
If you can provide  info on any of the above, contact Pat at: pmbyrne@shaw.ca

The following set of references was extracted by Michael Cayley, Archivist of the Dalton Genealogical Society.


Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 1, pub Longman etc 1862

26 Nov 1509 John Dalton appointed one of the commissioners of sewers for the district of the Tyne and Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 3 part 2, pub.. Longman etc 1867

Sep 1521 Grant of protection to John Dalton of London, merchant, going in the retinue of Lord Berners, deputy of Calais.

April 1523 Grant of protection to John Dalton of London, merchant tailor, alias of Westminster, draper, going in the retinue of Lord Berners, deputy of Calais.

June 1523 Incorporation of the guild of St George the Martyr, in the church of Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon-Hull, to consist of an alderman, John Meterson; two wardens, Thos. Dalton and John Danyell; and others of both sexes.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Vol 4 part 1, pub. Longman etc 1870

April 1524 Protection for John Dalton of Westminster, draper, whom John Bourchier Lord Berners had retained to serve in his retinue during the war with France.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 4 part 2, pub. Longman etc 1872

16 July 1528 The Abbot of Furness to Wolsey. ... he and the monastery have made a grant of the stewardship [of the monastery] to the earl of Derby; but as a former grant was delivered to the late Earl by the pretensed abbot, John Dalton, they desire to have it returned, and will deliver the Earl a substantial one in the place of it. Furness, 16 July.

Aug 1528 Instructions to be shown to the King, Wolsey and the Council on behalf of the Deputy and Council of Ireland. The earl of Kildare and his brethren can do more harm to the King’s subjects than any others, as they have a great retinue... They have compelled the Tyrrelles, Daltones, Dyllones, Petites, Tuytes and Ferollis, the King’s tenants, to take their part against all men.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 6, pub. Longmans etc 1882

10 Aug 1533 Earl of Derby and Sir Henry Farryngton to Henry VIII. Will. Dalton reports that on 20 July, at Crofton, Sir Jas. Harrison, priest, said “I will take none for queen but queen Katharine. Who the devil made nan Bullen [Anne Boleyn], that whore, queen?” John Dalton the elder and others gave similar testimony.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 7, pub. Longmans etc 1883

16 may 1534 Inventory of the moveables of Lord Dacre remaining at his house at Naworth, Cumberland, refers to the chamber of Sir Ed. Dalton, priest.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 8, pub. Longmans etc 1885

June 1535 Instructions to walter Cowley, to be showed and declared to the king’s higness, and to his Grace’s most honourable council, on the behalf of the earl of Ossory include “In April, came to the Novan by the deputies’ appointment, with horse and foot, and sent his son James against Tirrell, Dalton and Petit. They took Tirrell’s castle; brought in both O’More, the hardiest captain of the Irish, and McMorgho. Has communed with O’Connor, with whom a truce will be taken.”

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 12 part 2, pub HMSO 1891

30 June 1537 Debts of the Earl of Northumberland include “Thos. Hamon, skinner, for an old debt to Thos. Dalton, skinner...”

20 Sep 1537 Reports to the Irish Commission include: “Terms should be kept at Trym to which the Dillons, Tyrrelles, Daltons, and all Westmeath might answer the King’s writs and grow to due obedience, from which they are now far astray.”

28 Nov 1537 Indenture between Lord Leonard Grey, Viscount Grane, deputy, and Charles O’Mulloy, chief captain of his nation and country of Fercalgh. [Giving allegaince to the king against bernard O’Connor]. Includes: “He places his son Conacius O’Mulloy in the Deputy’s hands as a hostage; and the latter agrees that the barons of Delven, Dillon, Dalton, Tyrrel and other captains shall aid him when necessary.”

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 13 part 1, pub. HMSO 1892

Pensions 1536-7 include: Blythe, Notts, Geo. Dalton, priest, 20 marks

Leases granted 1537-8 include: Ric. Daulton of London - chapels of Tydwallyok and Nantgondy: Bardesey, Bango diocese.

4 February 1538 Grant to Thos. Dalton of Hull of annuity of 11l. 18s. 8d. out of lands in Cornburgh, Patryngton, Beverley, and Poklyngton, Yorks, and the town of Calais, lately belonging to John Sylston, deceased, during the minority of Eliz. Sylston, daughter and heir of the said John; with the wardship and marriage of the said Elizabeth.

1 May 1538 Edw. Lee, archbishop of York, to Cromwell. Touching Cromwell’s letter bidding him cause Dalton of Hull to deliver to Clarvys of London the portion of goods of one Robt. Leryfax, now “under tutell”. Has had them both and Master Wade, in whose custody the child is, before him, and taken such order that they are all content.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII Vol 14 part 1, pub HMSO 1894

6 Feb 1539 Grant to Robert Dalton and Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir of John Sylston and Christihna his wife, deceased: licence of entry upon all the lands of the said John (who held in right of the said Christina).

16 March 1539 Thos. Dalton among the monks of Cokersand entitled to a pension.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII Vol 14 part 2, pub HMSO 1895

15 Sep 1539 Pension assigned to Eliz. Dalton and other nuns of Maryke Priory, Yorkshire.

29 Sep 1539 Thorppis book for wool etc: a statement of wool sold to strangers from Michaelmas 1538 to Michaelmas 1539 includes Robert Dalton selling fells.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 15, pub HMSO 1896

3 March 1540 Reference to a Marg. Dalton being tenant of a property within the close of the late priory of St Helen in London.

7 Dec 1539 John Dalton of Clenchewarton, Norfolk, granted lease of lands in North Clenchewarton, formerly the property of Westdereham abbey or priory.

20 Oct 1540 Eliz Dalton and other former nuns of Maryke, Yorkshire entitled to a pension.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 16, pub HMSO 1898

12 May 1541 Rob. Dalton STB confirmed as a prebend of Durham in the patent reconstituting the late monastery of St Mary and St Cuthbert as a cathedral in honour of the Holy Trinity.

15 May 1541 Release to Rob. Dalton STB and other prebendaries of Durham of the first-fruits and tenths due on their several portions.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 19 part 2, pub HMSO 1905

5 Oct 1544 John Dalton and many others granted lease of the manor of Codicote, Herts and nearby woods, for £843 6s 8d.

5 Nov 1544 Reference to John Dalton being a tenant of a messuage in the parish of St Leonard, Eastcheap, formerly owned by Clerkenwell priory.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 20 part 1, pub HMSO 1905

26 April 1543 Thomas Dalton appointed one of the commissioners of sewers for Kingston-upon-Hull.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 21 part 1, pub HMSO 1908

June 1546 John Dawleton to be customer of wool, leather and fells within the port of london, on the surrender of Thos. barbour. At the commendation of Mr Chancellor of the Tenths and siut of Mr Henneage.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII vol 21 part 2, pub HMSO 1910

12 Nov 1546 Lawrence Dalton to be one of the King’s poursuivants with the name of Rougecross, and 10l. a year payable from the Annunciation of St Mary last.

Jan 1647 Laurence dalton, late Rougecross, to be Richemonde herald and have a fee of 20 marks a year during his life.

from DGS member, K. T. Mapstone


Results of a search of the ESCN, Early South Carolina Newspapers, were mailed from their Surname Search Service in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina at my request.  They cover the period  1734-1758.  All of the Dalton/Dolton/Aliton abstracts are from the South Carolina Gazette.  Microfilm of the newspapers may be viewed at many University and Public Libraries throughout the country.   This collection will become part of a permanent South Carolina file in the Dalton Data Bank.

The web site for ECSN is: http://www.escndatabase.com/ 


Early South Carolina Daltons

James Dolton of Dorchester, SC is a plantation owner posting a reward for missing livestock.  (06/08-15/1734) His land, rice and corn may be for sale. (08/31 and 09/14/1734)

John Dolton is a plantation owner who may be selling his land and rice. (09/07/1734)

James Dalton had four notices regarding land grants posted. (08/16-09/06/1735)

Catherine Dalton was an Executrix.  The estate involved slaves. (01/26/1747-02/09/1747)

Thomas Dalton of Ashley River SC advertised to sell or let some of the land on his plantation.(08/24/1747)

William Dalton of Wannel's Neck, SC either bought or sold a ranch, including livestock.  (08/10-24/1747)

William Dalton of St. Bartholomew SC was the Commissioner of Bridges.  His interest in Parish affairs involved taxes and construction.  (07/08-22/1751)

James Dalton of Four Hole Swamp SC could be an auctioneer with five weekly ads or a farmer about to lose his land.  (12/12/1754 - 01/09/1755)

William Dalton of St. Bartholomew Parish, SC was involved with the sale of land, indigo, rice and corn. (12/04-18/1755)

David and Daniel Dalton got into something with adrift or stolen, boats and charges.  (08-04 and 08-18/1757 respectively)

Darius Dalton, Administrator, handling financial affairs, bonds, notes, loans and money. (06/30-07/14/1758)

William Dalton of Wannel's Neck SC either died or was Executor of an estate. (07/14/1758)
James Dalton of Berkley County, SC could be the decedent or Executor of this plantation. (11/24-12/08/1758)

Catherine Dalton of Charleston SC is decedent or Executrix regarding the auction of real estate.  (09/01-15/1759)

Henry Dalton looks like he received an Indian in a trade and then lost same.  (03/07  and 03/14/1761)

William Aliton from Craven County, SC was listed three times in regard to a land grant.  Penalties may have been involved.              (03/13-27/1762)

Darius Datton of Beaufort District SC was a Grand Juror involved in a grievance with the Court. (12/17/1772)

James Dolton of Prince William's Parish, SC was involved with a military settlement regarding a horse.  (GSC 11/03/1779).

Considerable interest has been shown in the Gathering and Annual General Meeting of the Dalton Genealogical Society.   It will be held at the North Gower Hotel in Llanrhidian near Swansea and the hotel is now full for the weekend of May 30th to 1st of June 2003. 


It is still possible to attend.  Arrangements can be made for you to stay in Bread and Breakfast accommodations nearby and to participate in the all of the activities over the week-end.  Some attendees have already been booked into B&B's. If you would like to come along you are requested to contact Michael Dalton, our chairman and organiser of the weekend, as soon as possible in order that a reservation may be made. Contact Michael directly at: MichaelNDalton@aol.com 


Daltons arrived in Wales from Lancashire, Yorkshire and other counties. For some it was a stop on their eventual voyage to North America. Volume 6 Number 2, "Daltons in History", contains a "Reading List for Wales" and is  located in the Archive.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the history of Daltons in Wales and to actually visit the sites where Dalton history was made.  Please read the schedule of events in the Invitation that follows and send an e-mail to Michael.