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While abstracting data for the Surrey file of the Dalton Data Bank, entries of potters with the surname Doulton were evident.  There have been many queries as to whether the Doultons were royal and the answer is printed below.  Quite a few Doultons are listed in the Surrey file and those with an interest in the variant may consult the Dalton Data Bank.


History of the Doulton Potteries


In 1815, John Doulton had just completed his apprenticeship as a potter and was hired by Martha Jones who had inherited a pottery in Vauhall Walk, Lambeth.  Her foreman, John Watts, was also taken into partnership and the firm became known as Jones, Watts and Doulton.  It specialized in industrial ware, stoneware, drain pipes, etc..


By 1846, the tenth year of Queen Victoria's reign, the Lambeth Pottery had become the leader in industrial products, particularly sanitation products.  John's son Henry Doulton, born in 1821, advanced the business and branched out into stoneware and consumer product lines.  By 1854, the company became Doulton and Company and was highly recognized for its lines of hand decorated figurines, vases and dinnerware.


Henry Doulton made a brave move into the realm of the highly established potters of Staffordshire. He purchased a small firm, Pinder Bourne Company in Burslem in 1878.  Henry invested in men, techology and plant to compete with the already famous potteries of Stafford. In recognition of his accomplishments, Queen Victoria knighted Henry shortly after 1882.


By 1884 his plant managers induced Sir Henry to hire the most outstanding modellers, decorators and painters in the world of ceramics. The rest is history.  The international demand and fame was phenomenal.  In 1901,  King Edward VII "conferred on the company the double honour of the royal warrant and the specific  - as opposed to the assumed - right to use the title 'Royal'".  The name Royal Doulton became synonymous with fine bone china.


After WWII there was a return to more serviceable dinner service and a revival of the Doulton Lambeth stone wares occurred.  The factory today thrives on a combination of Lambeth ware, fine bone china and fine china.  In 1956 stoneware production ceased at the original stoneware plant of John Doulton in Lambeth and all production  takes place at the Staffordshire plant of Sir Henry Doulton and his ancestors.


Data on Doulton Potters


The following abstracts were taken from the Surrey, U. K. DDB file.  They show the birth/christening of Sir Henry, his siblings,  and the number of potters within the Daulton family. It includes the migration of young Allan Doulton, potter's apprentice,  to the new Staffordshire pottery center.

Southwark, Walworth Locks Fields Chapel York
31 Sep 1821, Henry Doulton son of John and Jane Doulton*
3 Dec 1822, Frederick Doulton son of John and Jane Doulton
20 Feb 1825, Jane Doulton dau of John and Jane Doulton
12 Aug 1827, Alfred Doulton son of John and Jane Doulton
8 Nov 1829, Mary Ann Doulton dau of John and Jane Doulton
10 Mar 1833, Josiah Doulton son of John and Jane Doulton

Potters From the 1881 Census
Section I. The 1881 Census of the U. K. shows the following entries for Doulton potters living in Surrey.

Kingston On Thames
Ronald D. Doulton, potter, 28, b. East Sheen, Surrey;  wife Agnes M. 27, b. Bridgewater, Somerset; three children - Ronald J. 2, b. Clapham;  Ormose M. 1, and Alan F.2 mos. b. Surbiton, Surrey.  Cousin Jane E. Buckland, surveyors dau, 32, b. Wray...oury, Bucks; three servants.

Henry Doulton*, pottery mfr., 60 b. Lambeth;  wife Sarah, 61, b. London, Middlesex; son Henry L.28, b. Stockwell, Surrey; dau Katherine 24, b. Stockwell; six servants.

Section II  The 1881 Census of the U. K. shows the following entries for Doulton potters with London/Surrey/Staffordshire connections.

London, Middlesex.
Thomas Dalton, potter, 48, b. London, London, Middlesex; wife Eleanor, 47, b. London, London, Middlesex.

St. George Square
James Duncan Doulton, un., potter master, 45, b. Lambeth, Surrey;  three servants and a lodger

Allan Doulton, potters apprentice., 20, b. Mort Lake, Surrey;  lodger in household of Elizabeth Ford.

extracted by Millicent Craig


The following Dalton Wills cover the period 1715 to 1853 in Middlesex.. They may be ordered from the Public Record Office, London by using the attached Catalogue Number.


8 Aug 1715, Theobald Dalton, Gentleman of Saint Andrews Holborn.  Prob 11/547
15 Dec 1731, Richard Dalton of Saint James'  Westminster.  Prob. 11/648
22 Feb 1742, Christopher Dalton, Gentleman of Saint Andrews Holborn.  Prob 11/716
23 Mar 1745, George Dalton, mariner of Saint John Wapping.  Prob 11/738

9 Apr 1757, Hellen or Helen Dalton, widow of Stepney. Prob 11/829
19 Dec 1759, Francis Dalton, Gentleman of St. Ann's Westminster.  Prob 11/851
29 Mar 1768, Catherine Dalton or Dulton, widow of St. Ann's Westminster. Prob 11/937
15 May 1771, Christina/Christan Dalton of Saint George, Hanover Square. Prob 11/967

29 Feb 1780, Robert Dalton, taylor, Saint Leonard Shoreditch. Prob 11/1061
24 Apr 1781, Jane Dalton, spinster, Saint George, Hanover Square. Prob 11/1076
22 Oct 1782, Esther Dalton, wife of Isleworth.  Prob 11/1096
14 Apr 1788, Reverend James Dalton, Rector, clerk of Great Stanmore. Prob 11/1164

3 Jul 1789, John Dalton of Saint John Clerkenwell. Prob 11/1181
9 Feb 1791, Richard Dalton of Isleworth. Prob 11/1201
14 Sep 1792,Christopher Dalton of Arlington Street.  Prob 11/1222
20 Sep 1793, John Dalton, Gentleman, Sain Giles in the Fields.  Prob 11/1236

7 Jul 1796, Ann Dalton of Paddington.  Prob 11/1277
11 Apr 1797, Rebecca Dalton, widow, Bunhill Row, Saint Luke.  Prob 11/1288
10 Jun 1797, John Dalton, mathematical instrument maker of Saint Andrew Holborn.  Prob 11/1292
15 Jul 1799, William Dalton, caulker of Stepney.  Prob 11/1326

14 Aug 1800, Mark Dalton, butcher of Marleybone.  Prob 11//1346
15 Jun 1803, Mary Dalton, widow, Kensington Square. Prob 11/1394
11 Apr 1807, Thomas Dalton, breeches maker, Saint Mary, Islington. Prob 11/1459
27 Apr 1807, Katherine/Katharine/ Catherine/Catharine Dalton widow Saint Marleybone. Prob 11/1459

16 Dec 1807, Ann Dalton, widow of Paddington. Prob. 11/1471
5 Feb 1811, Thomas Dalton, Saint George, Hanover Square. Prob 11/1519
8 Jul 1813, Elizabeth Dalton of Great Stanmore.  Prob 11/1546
19 Feb 1818, Sarah Dalton, widow of Saint Dunstans, Stepney. Prob 11/1601

30 Dec 1819, Francis Dalton, Gentleman of Clapton.  Prob 11/1623
16 Apr 1821, Betty Dalton, widow of St. Pancras. Prob 11/164
1 Dec 1826, James Dalton, Gentleman of Bethnal Green. Prob 11/1719
6 Nov 1727, George Edward Dalton, bookbinder, May Buildings, Saint Martins Lane.  Prob11/1732

7 Aug 1828, Edward Dalton, Gentleman of No. 65, Lower Grosvenor Street. Prob 11/ 1744
21 Jan 1832, Sarah Dalton, widow of Islington.  Prob 11/1794
1 Feb 1834, George Dalton, laborer, Heston.  Prob 11/1827
18 Jul 1834, Joseph Dalton, Gentleman of Poplar.  Prob 11/1833

13 Apr 1835, Sophia Dalton, wife of York Street, Portman Square. Prob 11/1845
4 Sep 1837, Catherin Dalton, wife, Westminster. Prob 11/1884
15 Dec 1837, John Dalton, tailor of No 8 Tavistock Row, Covent Garden City of Westminster, Prob 11/1887
15 Feb 1838, William Dalton Hoghton, Gentleman, Saint Marleybone.  Prob 11/1890

22 Oct 1838, Charlotte Eleanor Dalton, wife, Manchester Street, Manchester Square.  Prob 11/1901
15 May 1841, Ann Dalton, Saint Dunstan, Stepney.  Prob 11/1945
15 Feb 1842, William Dalton, glass maker, St. Mary Lambeth.  Prob 11/1957
13 Apr 1843, Joseph Mounchier Dalton, carpenter, 23 Pear Tree Street, Goswell Street.  Prob 11/1977

11 Jan 1847, Thomas Dalton of Bunhill Row.  Prob 11/2048
21 Apr 1849, Charles Dalton, commercial traveller, No. 2 Robert Street, Adelphi. Prob 11/2091
28 Jul 1854, George Dalton, Captain of the Corps of Royal Engineers of Hayes. Prob 11/2194.

compiled by Millicent Craig


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