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During May 2003, Section I of the Lancashire file was uploaded to the Dalton Data Bank and during the month of June, Section II will be uploaded.  This file reveals the large number of Daltons who were located in major centres of Manchester, Salford, Oldham and Liverpool.  Textile manufacture was a primary industry  (less so in Liverpool), and when the industry went into decline in the 1890's, it was workers from this section of the country who made their way to the textile mills of New England.


The focus of this article is on a small area of Lancashire, the home of the forefathers of many Daltons throughout the world.  As you browse through the Birth and Marriage entries in the Lancashire file you will note the concentration of Daltons in Wigan, Chorley, Blackburn, Preston and Leyland to name a few.  It is from the centre of this area that our Daltons originated and can be best viewed on the magnified Ordnance Survey below.  These small villages do not appear on the ordinary road maps.

Section of Ordnance Survey
Landranger 108


On the southwest section of the map is one of several Lancashire villages named Dalton. (1).  Also nearby is the village of Bispham, (not seen) - one of three in England.  The Amery De Biscop family held lands in these villages and one of them is located north of Dalton, formerly known as Biscopham, and nowadays designated as Bispham, with the centre shown on the map as Bispham Green (2). The distance between these two points on the map is about six miles.


Legend states that The Sire de Dalton allegedly arrived in England in 1135 and was the father of this clan.  Although pedigrees exist and there are mentions in the Close Rolls, constructing a time line for these early Daltons is difficult.  Records of possession of Bispham Hall by Daltons do give a calendar of their presence. In the records there is a space of 36 years from Biscop family possession in 1288 to the possession by a Dalton in 1324.


It is recorded that Sir Robert de Dalton, took possession of Bispham Hall (2) in 1324 and was followed by his son Sir John, in 1369.  Sir Robert was also recorded to be of Pickering in Yorkshire and held an interest in Croston Hall as well.


The lands of Bispham village numbered about 900 acres in the 14th Century and today number about 1000 acres.  Occupancy of Bispham Hall by a succession of Daltons lasted from 1324 to 1558, when Sir Robert Dalton (later of Thurnham) transferred his interest to William Stopford.  During 238 years of known Dalton occupancy, at least 9 generations of Daltons, some with fairly large families, descended from Sir Robert.  It was inevitable that they migrated into the surrounding areas for their livelihood.


Bispham was originally in the Parish of Croston (3) as was the adjacent small village, Mawdesley. Records show the purchase of land by the Bispham Daltons at Bentley Carre in Mawdesley where farming was of prime importance and basket making was also a trade of the Daltons.  The distance between Bispham and Croston is about two and a half miles.


Besides being part owners of Croston Hall, Daltons owned land and farmed in Croston.  Records show the sale of tenements in Croston by Sir Robert and his mother Margaret, prior to purchasing the Manor at Thurnham.  Our branch shows the family ownership of the same farms in Croston for almost 400 years from 1609.  Because they were landowners, rather than agricultural labourers, the land tended to remain in the possession of descendants, usually the eldest son.  Many descendants of this family remain in Croston and Mawdesley today.


As you study the Ordnance Survey along with Birth and Marriage records, they show that in the 16th Century, Daltons inhabited many of the villages surrounding Bispham and Dalton. Some went east to Standish and were raising families there before Myles Standish travelled to North America.  Others went to Coppull and Chorley and into Eccleston.  And in a wider circle went on to Preston, Burnley, Thurnham, etc.


Just south of Dalton is the village of Up Holland.  The De Hollandsí and Daltonsí were close friends.  It was here that a De Holland hid Sir John after his dastardly act.  Records show that marriages were performed between Daltons and Hollands up to the 16th Century.  As you study the Ordnance Survey, note the number of Halls that appear on the map. The lords of the manors were not only friends and entertained, but their children intermarried.  One Hall missing from the map is Park Hall, now the base for a Theme Park, located at the side of M6 "motel" near Charnock Richard, and important because of a Dalton/Parke union.


This is the area from where the ancestors to many of us originated, and where they remained for over 700 years.  It is an area of narrow country roads, lined with tall hedges. There are numerous farms and small clusters of brick houses.  It is a quiet place interrupted only by the sound of farm machinery in a field, or the pealing of church bells. People are friendly, and many ancient customs and traditions are still uninterrupted by the march of time.


So it is with pride and enthusiasm, that two descendants of this ancient family agreed to be the first to contribute their DNA to the DGS Dalton project. This has enabled the Society to establish a baseline against which all other Daltons can be DNA tested, and so learn whether they have an ancestral match with the Lancashire Daltons.


It would be particularly helpful to obtain the DNA of Daltons whose ancestry is in the area of Halsall, Skelmersdale, Up Holland, Ormskirk, Aughton or other villages south & west of Dalton,  and to learn whether these Daltons are from the same roots as those who migrated north of Dalton.  If interested, contact:


Our appreciation is extended to DGS member William Derek Dalton of Parbold who searched the Preston Records Office to locate Bispham Hall possession records and  provided some facts of the area.

An Index of Victims and Villains in Lancashire County


Ann Dalton, 66, Fontenay St., Liverpool, 1878
Annie Dalton, barmaid, Wigan, 1902
Arthur Dalton, 16,  Bartholomew Square, St. Lukes, 1892
Edgar Dalton, publican, Fortesters Arms., Folkstone 1900
Emma Dalton, publican, Barrack St., Hulme, 1878

Henry Dalton, 17,  Artesian Rd., Bayswater, 1888
Henry Dalton, 33, printer, Liverpool, 1883
Henry Dalton, 33, printer, Liverpool 1883
James Dalton, Great Vine St., Regent St., 1877
Jane Dalton, 36, Altrincham, 1897

John Dalton, 36, M/CR 1898
John William Dalton, publican,Three Nuns Aldgate, 1892
Maria Dalton, 60, Widow of Sam, Liverpool 1864
Mary Ann Dalton, Accrington, 1894
Patrick Dalton, laborer, Sheffield, 1877
Sam Dalton, engineer, Liverpool 1864
Wm Dalton, ratcatcher, James St., Borough, 1900


The above entries were extracted from press reports of court cases and inquests from 1864-1902. The full report on these individuals may be ordered at:

The following court actions surrounding the validity of a will and last testament of Marguret Ann Dalton were abstracted from Walton County, Georgia records and transcribed by DGS member, Cindy Norwood, of GA.  Marguret Ann was the widow of Jesse Dalton and the topic of an article in last month's issue of "Daltons in History".


As a follow on from that article Cindy suggests that Mrs. L. A. Barber who filed the petition to have Jesse declared incompetent may have been his daughter Eliza A. L. Dalton (as the name appears in the 1870 Census)  who married William Barber in 1882.


In her will, Marguret bequeathed all of her properties to her grandson, Willie Benjamin Dalton and named her daughter, Mary M. Dalton, executrix.  It was declared by the court that Marguret Ann died intestate and through the petitions of her son,  Joseph W. Dalton, the court appointed him to handle her affairs and subsequently a decision was made that she died testate.  An account of the legal wrangling follows.


State of Georgia, Walton County Last Will and Testament
p. 224 ( hand written)

Last Will and Testament of Marguret Ann Dalton
I, Marguret Ann Dalton of said State and County being of sound and disproving mind and memory do make this my last will and testament. Hereby revoking all wills here to fore made by me.
Item 1st:    I wish my execution, herein after named, as soon as possible after my death to pay my just-debt. I desire and wish that my body, shall be buried in a decent-and Christian like manner and then my executor shall pay all my burial expenses out-of my estate.
Item 2nd:     I give and bequeath and devise to my grandson Willie Benjamin Dalton all my property of every kind and         description after my death, which will include all my household and kitchen furniture of every description all my other personal property, horses, mules, cows, hogs, buggy, fowls, money notes and accounts of every kind and all other personal property I may own at the time of my death free from all charge of limitation what ever to his own proper use and benefit.
Item 3rd:    I hereby constitute and appoint my daughter Mary M. Dalton executrix of this my last will and testament this 15th day of October 1906.

M.A. Dalton

Signed declared and published by Marguret Ann Dalton as her last will and testament in the presence
of us the subscribers, who subscribe our names thereto in the presence of said testator, at her instance
and request and in presence of each other, she signing in our presence and we signing in her presence.
This October 15, 1906.
                                E.C. Arnold
                                Jno T. Robertson
                                J.O. Lawrence

Temporary Letters & Bonds of Administration
X-1 Walton Probate Court

    By E.C. Arnold Ordinary for said County.

    Whereas M.A. Dalton late of said County, deceased, died intestate, having whilst she lived and at the time of her death, considerable property within the State; and it being proper, right and necessary that the said deceased should be collected and taken care of, until a citation in due form of law can issue, and it be ascertained to whom the right of administration doth appertain.
    I do, therefore, here ordain, depute and constitute J.W. Dalton with full power, by the tenor of these presents to collect and take care of the moneys, goods, chattels and other property of the said M.A. Dalton deceased, and the same safely to keep until it can be ascertained to whom the right of administration doth belong; and thereupon the said J.W. Dalton immediately to deliver up the said moneys, goods, chattels and other property to whomsoever the Court shall commit the administration of the Estate of said deceased, agreeably to law.
    IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature as Ordinary for said County, and seal of office, this 1st day of July 1911.
                                E.C. Arnold
Recorded 1 day of July 1911                    E.C. Arnold Ordinary

Minutes Court of Ordinary, July 3rd Term, 1911
p.84 (below was also hand written)

Georgia Walton County
    To the Hon. E.C. Arnold Ordinary of said County the petition of Joseph W. Dalton shows:
1.    That Mrs. M.A. Dalton died in June 1911, that previous to her death she made her will to with: on the 15th day of Oct 1906, in which she nominated as her executrix Mrs. M.M. Dalton.
2.    That the said Mrs. M.M. Dalton fail and refuses to qualify as executrix of said will, and that she would be unable to give bond as required by law.
3.    That the estate consist of about five hundred dollars worth of personal property, and that it is necessary for the preservation of same shall administration be granted, that temporary letters of administration should be granted to take charge and preserve the same till a permanent administrator can be appointed.
4.    Petitioner shows that he is the son of the deceased, and is a creditor of the estate in that he is responsible for her Physicians bill and burial expenses.
5.    Petitioner presents herewith the will, prays that the same be probed in common form, that temporary letters of administration with the will annexed be granted and further that Permanent letters of administration be granted to him with the will annexed, and citation issue and be published as required by law for the appointed of permanent administration of said estate with the will annexed.
W.O. Dean Attorney for
J.W. Dalton

Walton Court of Ordinary July 1st, 1911
The application of Joseph W. Dalton for probate in common form of the will of Mrs. M.A. Dalton, and for letters temporary on the estate of Mrs. M.A. Dalton, being before me, and in appearing that the executrix therein named does not qualify and is unable to give the bond required by law, it is therefore ordered that the will be admitted to record as proven in common form on the affidavit of the subscribing witness there to attached, and being satisfied that the letters testamentary (temporary) showed issued on said estate, it is therefore ordered that temporary letters do issue to said J.W. Dalton upon his giving bond and security in the sum of Eight Hundred dollars.
This July 1st, 1911
                                E.C. Arnold, Ordinary


Georgia Walton County
        I, Joseph W. Dalton, do solemnly swear that I will well and truly perform the duties of temporary administrator with the will annexed of the estate of Mrs. M.A. Dalton deceased according to law to the best of my ability and skill. So help me God.
                                J.W. Dalton
Sworn to and subscribed before this day July 1st, 1911
                                E.C. Arnold, Ordinary

p. 85
Georgia Walton County
J.T. Robertson do swear that I as well as E.C Arnold and J.O. Lawrence saw the within named Mrs. M.A. Dalton sign and publish the with papers as her last will and testament, that I subscribed the same as a witness thereto, at the special request and instance of the said Mrs. M.A. Dalton and in the presence of E.O. Arnold and J.O. Lawrence and the said Mrs. M.A. Dalton signed the will freely and voluntarily and was at the time of signing the same of sound and disposing mind and memory.
                                Jno T. Robertson
Sworn to and subscribed to before me July 1st 1911.
                                E.C. Arnold, Ordinary


Georgia Walton County
    I, Jos W. Dalton do solemnly swear that this writing contains the true last will of the within named Mrs. M.A. Dalton, deceased so far as I know or believe, and I will well and truly execute the same in accordance with the laws of this State. So help me God.
                                J.W. Dalton
Sworn to and subscribed to before me this July 1st 1911
                                E.C. Arnold, Ordinary


I, Mrs. M.M. Dalton the person named in the will of Mrs. M.A. Dalton as executrix of said will being unable to give the bond required by law and not deserving to be appointed as such executrix of said will do hereby refuse to qualify as executrix. The Ordinary is authorized to appoint Administrators with the will annexed in terms of the law.
                                Mrs. M.M. Dalton (X) [her mark]
July 1st 1911
E.C. Arnold, Ordy


Minutes of the Court of Ordinary
August 7, Term, 1911
p. 97 (handwritten)

Georgia Walton County
    To the Ordinary of said County.
The petition of J.W. Dalton respectfully showeth that Mrs. M.A. Dalton resident of said county, departed this life on the 29th day of June, 1911 leaving your petitioner as her next of kin and also leaving an estate of personal property worth the sum of Four hundred dollars, and at the time of her death the said Mrs. M.A. Dalton left a will and that Mrs. M.M. Dalton Executrix refused to qualify and that administration with will annexed should be appointed. Wherefore he prays the issue citation in such cases to issue, in order that he may obtain permanent letters of administration with will annexed on Mrs. M.A. Dalton estate and your petitioner will ever pray.
                            W.O. Dean, Atty
July 1st, 1911                        Jos W. Dalton


Walton Court of Ordinary July 1st 1911,
The above petition of Joe W. Dalton that he may obtain letters of administration with will annexed having been read and considered by me, ordered that the usual citation issue.
                            E.C. Arnold, Ordy


Georgia Walton County
    To all whom it may concern,
Jos W. Dalton having in proper form appeared to me for Permanent Letters of Administration with the will annexed on the estate of Mrs. M.A. Dalton, late of said County, this is to (illegible) and singular the creditors and next of kin of Mrs. M.A. Dalton to be and appear at my office within the time allowed by law and show cause, if any they can, why permanent administration with will annexed should not be granted to Jos W. Dalton on Mrs. M.A. Dalton estate.
Witness my hand and official signature 3rd day of July 1911.
                            E. C. Arnold, Ordy

Walton Court Ordinary August Term, Aug 7-1911
Citation having been duly issued and published, requiring all and singular next of kin and creditors of M.A. Dalton deceased, late of said County, to appear at this time and show cause, it they can, why Permanent Letters of Administration should not be granted to J.W. Dalton of said County, and they the (illegible) so cited making no valid objections in the premises, it is ordered by the Court that Letters of Administration issue to J.W. Dalton s Administrator of M.A. Dalton upon hi giving bond and security in the sum of One Thousand Dollars taking the issue oath.
                            E. C. Arnold, Ordinary


I, J.W. Dalton do solemnly swear that M.A. Dalton died testate so far as I know or believe and then I will well and truly administer on all the estate of the said deceased and disburse the same as the law requires and discharge to the best of my ability all my duties as Administrator on the estate of said deceased. So help me God.
                            J.W. Dalton
Sworn to and subscribed before me 7 day of Aug 1911
                            E.C. Arnold, Ordinary


Page 87


To all whom these Presents shall come or be made known, Greeting:
    Whereas, J.W. Dalton  Administrator of the Lands and Tenements, Goods, Chattels and Credits of Mrs. M.A. Dalton, deceased, hath made application for the dismission thereof; and on examination of the appraisement and inventory of said estate of Mrs. M.A. Dalton, deceased, having found all and singular the property of said estate which came to the hands of said J.W. Dalton from the administration as aforesaid, and further discharge, exonerate, and dismiss His Securities from any security entered into by and for J.W. Dalton in consequence thereof.
Given under my official signature, this 4 day of Aug, 1913
                E.M. Williams, Ordinary
Recorded 4 day of Aug, 1913
              E.M. Williams, Ordy
Walton GA

Forefeiture of Dalton Estates, 1663-1668


Of the 8000 acres of land in County Westmeath that were forfeited to the Duke of York between 1663-1668, almost a third of the acreage, 2650, was owned by Daltons. The following data was extracted from LDS Film 1279284 by DGS member, Rodney Dalton of Utah.


Garrett Dalton, Lianescaskea, by certificate    9 Oct 1666
Edmond Dalton, Lianescaskea                         1 Jan 1668
Garrett Dalton, Skeaghmore                             1 Jan 1668
Richard Dalton, Skeaghmore                            1 Jan 1668
Theobald Dalton, Skeaghbeg                            17 May 1667

Miles Dalton, Rowlandstown,                           19 Oct 1668
Nicholas Dalton, Ballynecarroe, by fee             1663
Oliver Dalton, Milltowne,                                  1663, 1666, 1668
Garret Dalton, Oldtowne,                                   10 May 1667
Henry Dalton, Conry  and Crossanstowne         10 May 1667

Richard Dalton, Rathnew, by decree                  27 Jun 1663
Nicholas Dalton, Killbellandkard in Ballrath,    10 May 1667
Richard Dalton, Ballrath,                                    10 May 1667
Henry Dalton, Ballrath,                                       10 May 1667
Garrett Dalton, Upper Milltowne                        1666,1668