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For those of us who had never been to Wales, a pleasant surprise was in store.  The Dalton Genealogical Society Chairman, Michael Neale Dalton, hosted the annual AGM at the North Gower Hotel from May 30 to June 1, 2003.  Michael (who has roots in Wales) and his wife Kate organized displays and tours to Daltons sites of interest for a non-stop weekend. The weather could not have been more inviting for touring through the green rolling hills and driving along the shores of the estuaries.

Many delegates arrived on Friday evening and after dinner a video was shown to the assembly on the value of DNA testing to determine relationships.  Our Daltons responded enthusiastically.

On Saturday morning after a general meeting, a talk on the Welsh Daltons by Michael and a buffet lunch, the group traveled to Laugharne, home of the Bevan and Powell families who married Daltons.  While there, we visited Laugharne Castle.  We also viewed the boathouse and garage where Dylan Thomas composed his poetry.

A highlight of the afternoon was a visit to St. Peter's Church in Carmarthen.  Under the floor of this church Dalton tombs were recently uncovered. The story of the alleged Dalton linkage to King George III was recounted by church warden Harris. This church houses a magnificent organ that was donated by the King.  Before returning to the hotel for dinner,  the Daltons visited a little Church in Llanddowror where there is a memorial to John Dalton, the son of James Dalton mentioned below.

On Sunday morning the Daltons set out for Pembrey Church and services conducted by the Vicar of Pembrey, Canon Meats. He made special mention of the Daltons of Pembrey and their contributions to Welsh life.  Of special interest was the tombstone of James Dalton, d. 1721 and an ancestor of four of our Dalton delegates.  After lunch the party departed for Kidwelly Castle where Walter Dalton, father of James fled after defeat, fighting for the Royalists at the Battle of Worcester.  Norman construction of this castle was an engineering feat. Several  members remained at the hotel on Sunday evening and left on Monday morning for home.

The Fall issue of the Dalton Genealogical Society Journal will contain minutes of the meeting and a more detailed description of  the Dalton sites of interest. Photographer John Dalton of Oswaldtwistle will provide photographs.  Don't miss this issue!

Delegates arrived for the week-end from Brazil, Australia and the U. S.  This is the first time that such a large number of Americans have attended an AGM and their enthusiasm and delight indicates that they will be attending next year.

Two of the U. S. members  were overwhelmed at finding their roots in Wales and will be returning. As the group departed, one Dalton was heard to say that he wished the members could get together more often. We would all agree but until the next time we have many photographs to remind us of the days in the Welsh Wonderland with friends, old and new.

In 2004, the Annual Gathering of Daltons will be held in Lancashire, England and in 2005 it will be held in Ireland.  Preliminary plans are underway for a meeting in the U. S. in 2006. If you are not already a member of the DGS,  you will want to join and participate in the camaraderie and long term friendships that are being built on all sides of the big ponds.  Over the next two years, the International Dalton DNA Project  (sponsored by the Society) will likely show that some of these friends are actually your relatives.

The Australian Secretary of the Dalton Genealogical Society, Maureen Collins,  is organising a special Dalton gathering at her home in Sydney on Saturday, 3 January 2004.  DGS Chairman, Michael Neale Dalton and his wife, Kate will travel from Reigate, Surrey for the occasion.  Also present will be DGS Treasurer, Howard Dalton and his wife, Jenny of Wrelton, Pickering, North Yorkshire.


This is a splendid opportunity to become acquainted with not only the principals of the Society, but to share views, ideas, family stories, to renew old friendships and to form new and lasting ones in this vast family of Daltons. To better understand whether and how we are all related the DGS  is also sponsoring  an "International Dalton DNA Project" and details are printed in an accompanying article.


If you are not already a member of the DGS you may want to take advantage of this timely meeting in Sydney.  More detailed information may be obtained from Maureen who looks forward to hearing from you.

Maureen M. Collins
1/11 Moruben Road
Mosman, Sydney
New South Wales, 2088, Australia

The following petition for tax exemption of property was filed by W. C. Dalton and his wife Josie in 1919 in Walton Co., GA.  An inventory of their possessions provides a glimpse into the life style of a family that appears to be middle class.  Our appreciation is extended to DGS member, Jennifer "Cindy" Norwood of Georgia for extracting the information from the Walton County, GA II Pony Homestead, Book C., p. 25


Petition for Tax Exemption
To the Ordinary of Said County:
         The following is the Schedule of Property of W.C. Dalton, who is the head of family, consisting of himself, his wife Josie Dalton, and 1 minor children, to wit: Harvey Dalton age 1 year 1 month, claimed to be exempt from levy and sale, for the use and benefit of his said wife and family, under Section 3415 of the Code of Georgia, and following sections.
 First. Fifty acres of land, to wit:   (this spot left blank)
And five acres additional for each child, to wit:  (this spot left blank)
Second. One (blank) farm horse or (blank) mule.
Third. One (blank) cow and calf. Fourth. Ten head of hogs and fifty dollars worth of provisions, to wit: ___________(blank)       ____________ , and five dollars worth for each child to wit:____________      (blank) _________
Fifth. Fifty bushels of corn, one thousand pounds of fodder, one one-horse wagon, one table and one set of chairs, sufficient for the use of the family, and household and kitchen furniture, not to exceed $150.00 in value.
Sixth. Beds and bedding and common bedsteads sufficient for family.
Seventh. One loom, one spinning wheel and two pair cards, and one hundred pounds of tint cotton.
Eighth. Common tools of trade for self, or (blank) and wife.
Ninth. Equipment and arms of a militia soldier and a trooper’s horse.
Tenth. Ordinary cooking utensils and table crockery.
Eleventh. Wearing apparel of himself and family.
Twelfth. Family Bible, religious works and school books.
Thirteenth. Family portraits.
Fourteenth. Library of a professional man in actual practice or business, to wit: (blank) $300.00
Fifteenth. One family sewing machine.
(handwritten in on this page was the following: 1 cook stove & cooking vessel, 4 chairs – 1 rocking chair, 1 table, 1 dresser, 1 small table, 1 stand, bedding for self & family and wearing apparel for self and family)
 Personally appeared W.C. Dalton, the applicant for exemption above set out, who on oath says that the same is a true and correct schedule of his property, which is claimed to be exempt to deponent and family under Section 3416 of the Code, and following sections, which deponent prays may be recorded as provided by law.
 W.C. Dalton
 Sworn to and subscribed before me this 1 day of Sept 1919.
G.A. Ganeir

Petition Granted
Georgia, Walton County
         I, G.A. Ganeir, Ordinary of said County, do certify that the foregoing is the original schedule of property of W.C. Dalton, claimed to be exempt by law under Section 3416 and following sections of the Code of Georgia, and the same is recorded in my office.
         In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of my office, this 1 day of Sept, 1919. G.A. Ganeir
Ordinary Walton County

Georgia, Walton County Court of Ordinary Sept 1, 1919
 Upon consideration of the within schedule filed this day by W.C. Dalton of said County, it is ordered that the same be admitted to record, and that the property therein mentioned be exempt from levy and sale in terms of law. G.A. Ganeir, Ordinary Recorded Sept 1, 1919 G.A. Ganeir, Ordinary


Editor's note. One Josie Dalton is listed in the SSDI  with  last place of residence in Macon, Bibb County, GA.  (16 Oct 1887-Jan 1983).

The following article was contributed by John O'Brien to  It was seen by DGS member, Jack Richards of Herts, England who submitted it to Daltons in History.  A subject of the article, Grace Dalton, may be one of your avant garde relatives who had gone to live in the big city.  She was born in 1890. Her address is in Kansas City, MO; the "big" river is the Missouri; and Harlem was a township across the river.


from the Kansas City Times (MO), Wednesday, August 2, 1911


Justice Would Not Blink At Girl Bathers' River Gambols
It cost two Kansas City girls just $31.75 apiece in Justice C. M. Cruse's  court yesterday afternoon to find out the style in bathing suits in Harlem.


Monday afternoon, Grace DALTON, age 21, and Nellie LARGE, age 19, living at Fifth and Holmes streets, tiring of the noises and hurry of the busy city, crossed the big river on the steam ferry.  They were accompanied by two young men.


The peace and quiet of the little city across the way brought back memories of happy childhood spent where brooks babbled through daisy dotted meadows.  The lure of nature permeated their thoughts, and all heated with tramping through sand and sunflowers, they sat down in the shade of the embankment of the Hannibal Bridge.  The river looked cool, wet, inviting, but they were without conventional bathing suits.  They hesitated; then they went swimming.


A passenger train crept across the bridge.  The passengers, spying the nymphs clad in gauze garments, scant of measure, crowded to the platforms and windows and expressed their joy at the sight in tones that brought half the population of Harlem to the scene.  Shocked and scandalized at the lack of propriety, prominent citizens notified Earl Dawson, deputy constable, who drove away the curious crowd, then ordered the party to dress and be arrested.  The young men escorts did not go in swimming.  They simply sat on the bank and applauded. Yesterday, Ernest Simrall, assistant prosecutor, arraigned the girls before Justice Cruse.  So much interest was taken in the trial that it was necessary to hold court in the hall over Topman's lumber office.  Pleas of childish delight and innocence, and that they thought they were properly clad, did not go before that court and both girls were fined.  Their escorts paid the fine and amid threats of the crowd to publicly horsewhip them, they hurried to the ferry and departed.

Documents Online (formerly PRO-Online) allows you online access to the Public Record Office's collection of digitised public records, including both academic and genealogical sources. The site has changed to:  Searching the index is free, and it costs £3 to download a digital image of a document.

There are currently over 850,000 Wills on line dating from 1610-1858 and additions are constantly being made to the files.


The following is an Index of Dalton Wills for Buckinghamshire,Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, Devon, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire.  Please note that the posting of Wills for the 1600's is new and that apparently there is still work to be done on Wills of the 1700's.  Wills for several counties have already been posted on the DGS web site and Wills for additional counties will be posted in forthcoming issues.


3 Nov 1682. John Dalton, clerk of Aylesbury, Probate 11/371
11 Apr 1837, John Dalton, labourer of Iver, Prob. 11/1876

5 Feb 1640, Thomas Dalton, Gentleman of Little Abington, Prob. 11/182
18 Mar 1811, Will of Richard Dalton, Student of Trinity College, Cambridge, of Camberwell, Surrey, Prob. 11/1520
27 Jun 1850, Naylor Dalton, farmer of Isle of Islay, Prob. 11/2114

14 Jul 1821, Godfrey Dalton, farmer of Dronfield, Prob. 11/1645

2 Aug 1854, William Serjeantson Dalton, Captain in her Majesty's Army of East Stonehouse, Prob. 11/2195

27 Sep 1655, Joseph Dalton, tanner of Hertford, Prob. 11/282
20 May 1663, William Dalton, innholder of Saint Albans, Prob. 11/311
18 Nov 1820, William Dalton, Gentleman of Watford, Prob. 11/1636
15 Feb 1853, Christopher Dalton, miller of Watford, Prob. 11/2166

16 Feb 1836, William Dalton, maltster of Barwell, Prob. 11/1857

14 Sep 1653, Alice Dalton, widow of Coxhill, Prob., 11/230
20 Mar 1658, Daniel Dalton, webster of Little Steeping, 11/275
10 Sep 1682, John Dalton, Gentleman of Boston, Prob., 11/377
11 May 1821, Henry Dalton of Knaith, Prob., 11/1643
10 May 1856, Robert Dalton, merchant of Louth, Prob. 11/2232

8 Nov 1852, William True Dalton, Gentleman of Bridgnorth, Prob., 11/2161

30 Dec 1854, William Dalton, Gentleman of Burton upon Trent, Prob., 11/2202