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When the attendees at the Annual Gathering and Meeting of Daltons met in July 2004 at Preston, England, the host John Dalton announced that he had arranged for a dinner at Thurnham Hall on Sunday evening. This was not on the advance schedule so it came as a delightful surprise to all.

Thurnham was the ancestral home of a branch of Bispham, Lancashire Daltons from the 16th Century to the 20th Century. The Hall has undergone major reconstruction and refurbishing several times during the centuries and currently is an impressive time-share property. For those who have visited Thurnham in the past note the tasteful furnishings of the great hall of today.

Thurnham Hall


Kate and Michael Dalton, Rosemary and Charles
Comparing Settings Photographers
Barbara Craig, Howard J. Dalton


Members at Dinner

This was a most memorable evening for all. Photographs courtesy of Barbara Craig of California.

by Millicent Craig

While extracting Daltons/Doltons/Daultons from the 1880 Census, it appeared that the State of North Carolina's population of blacks and mulattos was the highest of any state. A look back to the pre-Civil War Census of 1860 was warranted and shows some interesting results.

According to the U. S. Census data for North Carolina there was a white population of Daltons and variants numbering some 215. The separate Slave Schedule for that same year counted some 190 non-whites (173 black, 17 mulatto) who were enumerated under their Dalton slave owner. In most cases the slave owner was white but in a few cases the owner does not appear in the either the white Census nor in the Slave Schedule.

This raises the question of whether the owner was missed in the North Carolina Census or whether he could have been a free man of color. In any event, the given name or the surname of a slave was not entered - just age, gender and whether black or mulatto.

Owners of Slaves - 1860

Slave Owners listed in the 1860 Slave Schedule and the number of slaves owned are listed. If they appeared in the 1860 Census their age and birth place are given.

Alamance County
Johnson Dalton - unlisted - one slave
James Dalton, - unlisted - one slave

Forsyth County, Buffalo
Isaac D. Dalton, white, age 52, b. NC, one slave

Guilford County, South Division
P. H. Dalton, white, 39, b. NC, 6 slaves

Iredell County, Hunting Creek
John H. Dalton, white, 47, b. NC, 57 slaves

Rockingham County, Northern Division
N. Dalton, white, 42, b. NC, white, 42, b. NC, 7 slaves
Ewel Dalton, unlisted, 22 slaves
William Dalton, white, 55, b. NC, 19 slaves
R. J. Dalton/Dolton, white, 28, b. NC, 9 slaves
Southern Division
Thomas Dalton, white, 82, b. VA, 23 slaves

Stokes County
A. B. Dalton, white, 55, b. ?. 22 slaves.
Gabriel Dalton, unlisted, four slaves

Yadkin County
Sarah Dalton, 78, white b. VA, 18 slaves.

1870 Census

The post Civil War 1870 Census shows that the North Carolina population with the surname Daltons and its variants almost doubled - from 215 in 1860 to 421 in 1870. In this Census, the designations Colored and M (mulatto) were introduced thus swelling the number of Daltons many of whom likely adopted the surname of their owner. From this Census it is impossible to separate any who were of Native American origin and were assigned the above designations by the enumerator.

Of the total number of Daltons and their variants (421) in the 1870 Census over 55% or 232 were classified as Colored and M ( 206 Colored and 26 Mulatto) and 45% were classified as white. Thus the white Dalton population had declined from 215 in 1860 to 189 in 1870. This is indicative of a post Civil War migration to nearby states and possibly smaller family size.

Follow-up of Former Owners 1870

Several of the former owners do not appear in the 1870 Census of any state. They may be have missed in the enumeration or in some cases it is likely that they were deceased.

Of those who were listed the following information was available. P. H. Dalton, (formerly of Guilford County) living in Washington, Beaufort County, NC listed as 49, minister and living with family.

N. Dalton, of Eagle Mills, Iredell County, age 53, living with wife and one year old black child, Harriet Heber

Gabriel Dalton (not listed in 1860) appears in the 1870 Census. He is age 36 living in Sauratown, Stokes County, farmer (leased farm) with family. He was listed as the owner of four slaves in 1860. Since he is not listed in the 1860 Census we cannot be certain that this is the same Gabriel.

John H. Dalton, age 47 in 1860, (owner of 57 Slaves) listed as J. H. Dalton in the 1870 Census living in Eagle Mills, Iredell County, farmer, with family, real estate valued at $15,000 . This indicates a very large tobacco plantation. In adjacent housing were Dalton Blacks who worked at farming and most likely in the employ of John H. Dalton.

Absalom B. Stokes, age 65 in 1870 is living at Beaver Island, Stokes County, details not available. The 1880 Census shows that he was 76, with physical problems, and living with him are 5 black people named Dalton. The oldest, Fannie age 60, is listed as servant. Also listed are two daughters, a son and a grandson enumerated as Black and Mulatto.

Matching the 1860 Slave Schedule

With only the gender and age of the Slaves available in the Schedule, there are few clues for matching them with the surname Dalton in the 1870 Census. Using Iredell County as an example, here are three possible matches. (They were owned by John H. Dalton)

Slave Schedule
male, age 13, Black
1870 Census
male, age 23, Pleas Dalton, Colored with family, works on farm

Slave Schedule
male, age 37, Black
1870 Census
male, age 48, David Dalton, Black with wife and family.

Slave Schedule
male, age 50, Black
1870 Census
male, age 60, Rowan Dalton, Colored, living alone, works on farm.

Matches are not possible for all. But there are many instances where the ten year age span shows only one person with the most likely age for 1870. The Slave Schedule is available on-line for comparisons and will also be printed in the forthcoming file of North Carolina Daltons for the Dalton Data Bank.

Unless a white male Dalton is the ancestor of a Slave or Black Dalton, the DNA is not apt to show a match with other Daltons whose DNA indicate English, Irish or Scottish origins. However DNA testing is a way to actually determine ancestral origins.

Appreciation is extended to DGS member K. T. Mapstone for extracting the Slave Schedule.

The following list of passengers of English origin to Argentina is part of a large collection that may be found in the Coghlin report, 1982. Our appreciation is extended to Sylvia Dalton of Argentina and to K. T. Mapstone for her contribution.

Key: Name, port of embarkation, date of embarkation, ship's name

William Dalton, Liverpool, 4 Jul 1844, William Peele
James Dalton, Liverpool, 11 Nov 1844, ship?
Anne Dalton, Liverpool, 28 Jun 1848, Ipswich
Brigid Dalton, Liverpool, 28 Jun 1848, Ipswich
Michael Dalton, Liverpool 28 Jun 1848, Ipswich (probably son of Michael Dalton no. 815)
James Dalton, Liverpool, 6 Jun 1849, Crossdale
Mary Dalton, Liverpool, 6 Jun 1849, Crossdale (with three children)
? Dalton, Liverpool, 6 Jun 1849, Crossdale (with 2 daughters)
Nicholas Dalton, Liverpool, 12 May 1849, Fortitude, (with his wife and Mary and Anne Dalton)
Catherine Dalton, Dublin, 6 Jun 1857, W. Wilch
Carherine Dalton, Dubliin, 6 Jun 1857, W. Wilch

The following persons who embarked for Argentina were lasted recorded in England, or in Argentina following their arrival.

Key: Name, date of record, location in Argentina,source of record

Francis Dalton, 1869, Argentina San Miguel del Monte, Census Argentina
Rose Dalton, 1871, Buenos Aires, yellow-fever death.
John Dalton, 1871, Buenos Aires, medical report, death
Frank Dalton, 1863, Buenos Aires Mulhall foreigners Index
J. Dalton, 1863, Buenos Aires, Mulhall foreigners Index
James Dalton, 1863, Buenos Aires, Mulhall foreigners Index
Michael Dalton, 1863, Buenos Aires, Mulhall foreigners Index
William Dalton, 1844, Buenos Aires, Ship's List-William Peele
Cristobal Dalton, 1869 Argentina, Chascomus Census
Brigida alton, 1869, Argentina, Chascomus Census
Maria Dalton, 1869, Buenos Aires, Chascomus
Maria Isabel Dalton,1869, Buenos Aires, Chascomus Census
Amy Blance Dalton, 1881, Guyana Demerara, U. K. Census 1881
Frances Harley Dalton, 1881 Guyana, Demerara, U. K. Census 1881
Henry Dalton, 1881, Buenos Aires, U. K. Census 1881
Norman Dalton, 1881 Guyana Demerara, U. K. Census 1881
Rachel Catherine Dalton, 1881, Guana Essequibo, J. K. Census 1881
Alzira Dalton, 1901 Argentina, U. S. Census 1901
Constance Dalton, 1901 Guyana, U. K. Census 1901
Daisy Dalton, 1901, Guyana, U. K. Census 1901
Edith Dalton, 1901, Guyana, U. K. Census 1901
Laura Dalton, 1901. Argentina unknown, U. K. Census 1901
Lillian Dalton, 1901, Guyana, U. K. Census 1901
Lula Dalton, 1901, Argentina, U. K. Census 1901
William Dalton, Argentina, U. K. Census 1901

The following list of Dalton Freemen was extracted by Eira Makepiece of Bristol, England from the Archives in York City. This list is as of August 2004.

In York one became a freeman either by patrimony (his father was born in York) or by completing his indentures. In addition to the trade of the freemen and free date, many entries list the father and his trade. Our appreciation is extended to Eira.

Oftentimes, the trade of the freeman is a clue to the geographic location of an ancestor who emigrated to the new world and brought a specific skill with him.

DALTON, Christopher, Stonemason per ord free 1783
DALTON, Christopher, Cabinetmaker, son of William Dalton, Flaxdresser, free 24 July 1839
DALTON, Francis, Currier, app to William Wadman, Currier, free 1811
DALTON, Francis, of Walmgate, Hairdresser & Bookseller, app to William Dalton, Hairdresser & Bookseller, free 23 Mar 1857
DALTON, George, Carpenter, son of Matthew Dalton, Carpenter, free 1686/7
DALTON, George, Brazier, son of John Dalton, Tanner, free 1739
DALTON, George, Butcher, son of John Dalton, of Wath, Butcher, free 1799
DALTON, George, Hairdresser, son of Thomas Dalton, Butcher, deceased, free 1801
DALTON, George, of Knaresborough, Tinner & Brazier, son of Henry Dalton, of Knaresborough, Brazier, free 1830
DALTON, George, of the Waggon & Horses Inn, Lawrence Street, Publican, son of John Dalton, Butcher, deceased, free 14 Jul1899
DALTON, Henry, Combmaker, son of Michael Dalton, Bricklayer, deceased, free 1797
DALTON, Henry, Brazier, son of Thomas Dalton, Butcher, deceased, free 1799
DALTON, Henry Robert Dolman, of Bridge Street, Gentleman, son of William Dalton, Bricklayer, deceased, free 6 Ju11840
DALTON, John, Tanner, free 1700/1
DALTON, John, Fishmonger, son of George Dalton, Carpenter, free 1721/2
DALTON, John, Barber, son of John Dalton, free 1725/6
DALTON, John, Tailor, son of William Dalton, Butcher, free 1740
DALTON, John, Butcher, son of Thomas Dalton, Butcher, free 1756
DALTON, John, of Acomb, Butcher, app to John Bosomworth, Butcher, per ord, free 1789
DALTON, John, Baker, app to Stephen Dalton, Baker, free 1789
DALTON, John, Butcher, son of John Dalton, of Middleton Quernhow, Butcher, free 1789
DALTON, John, of Wigginton, Butcher, son of John Dalton, of Wigginton, Butcher, free 183~
DALTON, John, of the Shambles, Ropemaker, son of William Dalton, Ropemaker, free 3 Nov 1845
DALTON, John Charles, of Heworth Green, Law Student, son of John Dalton, Gentleman, free 6 Feb 1882
DALTON, Mark, Butcher, son of Thomas Dalton, Butcher, free 1748/9
DALTON, Mark, of Middleton Quernow, Butcher, son of John Dalton, of Middleton Quernow, Butcher, free 1811
DALTON, Mary, dau of William Dalton, Baker, free 1744/5
DALTON, Ralph Vandyke, of Huddersfield, Lecturer, son of Richard Dalton, of Liverpool, Lecturer, free 1813
DALTON, Ralph, Shoemaker, son of William Dalton, Currier, free 1741
DALTON, Richard, son of Richard Dalton, Yeoman, free 1713/4
DALTON, Richard, Brewer; son of John Dalton, free 1725/6
DALTON, Richard, Butcher, son of Thomas Dalton, Butcher, free 1734/35
DALTON, Richard, Bricklayer, son of William Dalton, Joiner, free 1755
DALTON, Richard, of Mint Yard, Bricklayer, son of Richard Dalton, Bricklayer, free 1783
DALTON, Richard, Cordwainer, son of Thomas Dalton, Butcher, deceased, free 1796
DALTON, Richard, of Manchester, Felmonger, son of John Dalton, Butcher, deceased, free 1821
DALTON, Richard, Black Beer Brewer, son of William Dalton, Bricklayer, free 1826
DALTON, Richard, of Lowther Street, Groves, Gas Fitter, son ofThomasDalton,,Plumber, free 5 July 1866 .
DALTON, Richard Hilyard, Gentleman, son of Richard Dalton, Gentleman, free 1825
DALTON, Robert, son of John Dalton, Brewer, free 1741
DALTON, Robert, of Marygate, Bellfounder, son of George Dalton, Brazier, deceased, free 1789
DALTON, Stephen, Butcher, free 1711/2
DALTON, Stephen, Baker, son of Thomas Dalton, Butcher, free 1747/8
DALTON, Stephen Bulmer, Gentleman, son of Thomas Dalton, Baker, deceased, free 1809
DALTON, Thomas, Butcher, free 1702/3 .
DALTON, Thomas, Butcher, son of Thomas Dalton, Butcher, free 1730/1
DALTON, Thomas, Butcher, son of Thomas Dalton, Butcher, free 1767
DALTON, Thomas, Baker, son of Stephen Dalton, Baker, free 1774
DALTON, Thomas, of Hull, Basketmaker, son of Thomas Dalton, Butcher, deceased, free 1801
DALTON, Thomas, of Middleton, Butcher, son of John Dalton, Butcher, free 1801
DALTON, Thomas, Flaxdresser, son of William Dalton, Flaxdresser, free 1830
DALTON, Thomas, Plumber & Glazier, son of George Dalton, Butcher, free 21 Ju11840
DALTON, Thomas, of Carmalite Street, Currier, app to John Agar, Benjamin Agar, William Walker & James Chadwick, Curriers, free 30 Ju11846
DALTON, Thomas Bulmer, Dyer, son of Thomas Dalton, Baker, deceased, free 1811
DALTON, William, Joiner, free 1701/2
DALTON, William, Butcher, free 1708/9
DALTON, William, Baker, app to Robert Fuler, Baker, free 1713/4
DALTON, William, Brewer, son of John Dalton, Tanner, free 1739
DALTON, William, Joiner, son of William Dalton, Joiner, free 1740
DALTON, William, Book Seller, son of William Dalton, Baker, free 1742/3
DALTON, William, Bricklayer, son of Richard Dalton, Bricklayer, free 1780 .
DALTON, William, of Kirklington, Butcher, son of John Dalton, of Middleton, Butcher, free 1785
DALTON, William, junior, Aledraper, per ord, free 1799
DALTON, William, Silklace Weaver, app to William Eadon, Livery Lace Weaver, free 1807
DALTON, William, Hairdresser, son of Francis Dalton, Currier, free 23 Jul 1838
DALTON, William, of the Great Shambles, Ropemaker, son of William Dalton, Ropemaker, free 13 Nov 1845
DALTON, William, of 8 Markham Street" Auctioneer's Clerk, son of William Dalton, Innkeeper, deceased, free 25 Jun 1884
DALTON, William Dolman, Raft Merchant, son of William Dalton, Bricklayer, free 1824
DALTON, William Henry, of Knaresborough, Tinner & Brazier, son of Henry Dalton, of Knaresborough, Brazier, free 1830
DALTON, Thomas, butcher, free 14 May 1726
DALTON, Richard, merchant, free 7 Aug 1735 (E93 pgB)

The following are notes from or about Canadian Daltons have been compiled from DGS web pages.

James Spidle of North Carolina sent the url for the 1901 Census of Canada. It is being indexed on-line by volunteers who have also begun indexing the 1906 Census. Thus far the 1901 Census contains over 800 Daltons, all listed alphabetically by County. Variants are listed separately and there is a large number of Doltons on the list. You can reach this data through:

1. There is a note from the grandson of Roy and Violet Dalton of Bishop's Falls, Newfoundland who has been unable to take his family line back any further. He is located in Lethbridge, Alberta and his e-mail address is:

2. Rick Dalton of Toronto, Canada has ancestral roots in Codroy Valley in Newfoundland. If you have relatives from this same area you may reach Rick at:

3. Veronica Stockley's paternal grandmother was Ellen Dalton who married James Murphy on Nov. 8, 1880 in Petty Harbor Newfoundland. Veronica's e-mail address is:

4. Ron Dalton of Penetanguishene, Ontario writes that his family has lived in this part of Canada since about 1850. His great grandfather was John Dalton from England who had a son named Robert. Robert had 2 children, John Thomas Ralph and Mary. Ralph as he was known had 5 children; Ann, Dorothy, Robert (Ron's father), John and Rosemary. Ron would like more information on this family and will exchange what he has. E-mail:

5. Maxine J. (Johnson) Turner was born in Little Catalina, Newfoundland. Her mother, a Dalton was from from Little Catalina and would like to correspond with other Dalton descendents anywhere who were from Little Catalina. E-mail:

6. Leonard Gaudet of Pictou, Nova Scotia, is descended from Michael Dalton immigrant from Belfast, Ireland. He arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1821 and petitioned Sir James Kempt for a land grant at the "Gut of Canso" in 1821. "Gut of Canso" is an alternate name for the geographic Strait of Canso, which separates the Island of Cape Breton from mainland Nova Scotia. It was also used as a Census designation in the early 1800's for the communities in Sydney County ( now Guysborough and Antigonish counties) which fronted the "Gut". His son James Dalton, born in 1825 in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia married Elizabeth MacDonald of Lower South River, Antigonish, in 1854and then moved to Pictou about 1857. All Daltons of Pictou descend from James Dalton. Contact Leonard at:

Source: Irish: Acadian Recorder, May 1821, brig "Rob Roy" 31 days, Belfast 139 Emigants may 26 1821.

Next month we will continue reporting on the latest Developments in the Dalton International DNA Project.

Membership Renewal Reminder

DGS members whose annual subscription is already due for 2004 or will be due by January 1 2005 are urged to send their renewal by the end of November 2004 so that the accounting can be completed and monies transferred before the end of the year. The Society appreciates your support of its projects and looks forward to your continued support through 2005. Check the Membership/Entitlements page for the address and fee for your region of the world.

Plans for the AGM in Dublin

Michael N. Dalton, Chairman of the DGS and wife Kate were in Dublin during the week of October 24, 2004 finalizing plans for the AGM to be held there during the last week-end of July 2005. Plans will be announced at the next Committee meeting and will be printed on this web site shortly thereafter. Guest Speaker will be Patrick Guinness, coordinator of one of the largest surname DNA Projects and also participant in the clan study at Trinity College.

We urge all Irish Daltons and Daltons of Irish Dalton descent to put the date on your calendar. Several Americans who have located previously unknown genetic cousins at home and abroad will be in attendance. Meanwhile we would like to enlist your help in collecting ancestral lines of Dalton septs or branches of the core line of Daltons in Ireland and anyone who has registered a sept please be in contact:

The Passing of Standlee V. Dalton

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Standlee V. Dalton of Hays, Kansas on October 18, 2004. Standlee was 103 years of age and the oldest participant in the Dalton International DNA Project. He was pleased at how many genetic cousins he had and those who contacted him.

Standlee was active in civic affairs until a few weeks before his passing when he succumbed to complications from pneumonia. In an article scheduled for publication in the Fall issue (2004) of the Dalton Genealogical Society Journal, "Longevity - Daltons of Virginia".

Standlee is featured and includes a photo. (Avery Dalton ancestor of Stephen Earl Dalton is also featured in this article). Standlee's grandson, DGS member Thomas Dalton of New York City is continuing the family's interest in genealogy and DNA sampling.

Dalton Tour of Wales and England

Word was received from DGS member Rodney Dalton that he and Utah cousin and DGS member Arthur Whittaker will host a tour of Wales and England leaving the U. S. on June 14, 2005. Their ancestor, Thomas Dalton born in Wales (1732-1791) arrived in Maryland in 1757 and eventually settled in Conocochacheaque. The village became part of the Pennyslvania district and known as Conico-Cheaque. Some descendents of this family joined the Mormon faith and traveled to Utah. There are now thousands from this line stretching from the East Coast to the West Coast and in other parts of the globe.

In DGS Journal, Vol. 34, June 2001 there is a 7 page "History of Thomas Dalton (1732-1791)" 2001 written by Rodney. It can be ordered using the form on the Journal Index page.

The tour will cover Thomas's birthplace in Wales. the grave of his father, gentleman James Dalton in the Pembrey churchyard and other sites of Dalton ancestral and historical interest in Wales and England. This line is also genetically connected to a DNA participant in England. For further details contact Rodney at: or Arthur at:

During the month of October 2004, three new files were added to the Republic of Ireland file: the City and County of Dublin, Counties Wexford and Wicklow.

An effort is being made by Mike Dalton of Oregon to make as much data of the Republic available before the AGM in Dublin in July 2004. To browse the County files go to the Dalton Data Bank and click on the Republic of Ireland.


The records in this file are mainly for the City of Dublin although there are a few overlaps as indicated at the end of sections. Mike has expanded the file from multiple microfilm sources as stated in the introduction of each set of data. This is the largest compilation of Dublin/Dalton births/baptisms to be found anywhere and cover the period 1631-1891. There are approximately 600 births and 1500 surname entries to browse.

Marriages numbering 350 were compiled from five sources including the Matthew Dalton microfilm collection that contains parent's names, occupations, and street addresses. Thus far the compilation contains 2600 surnames. During the month of November 2004 another 400 Deaths and Miscellaneous items will be added to the file

Counties Wexford and Wicklow

The County Wexford file consists of Births Marriages and Deaths that have been extracted from multiple sources by Mike Dalton. There are over 400 surname entries in this file.

The Wicklow file contains Births, Marriages and Deaths and has a few overlaps with nearby counties. Mike has extracted from multiple microfilm sources that include details of genealogical interest. Surnames exceed 350.