As part of the week-end activities of the Annual Meeting and Gathering of Daltons in July 2004, the manager of the event, John Dalton, arranged a tour of Hoghton Tower for the members.

Unlike former visits, the group was greeted by the Baronet, Sir Bernard de Hoghton who escorted the attendees through the magnificent ancestral home of the de Hoghton family. He maintains a residence on the estate and recounted some family history not previously known by the members and stimulated a lively discussion that evening at dinner. A few photographs taken by Barbara Craig of California are presented below.

The drive approaching the stately hall
Sir Bernard greeting visitor Kate Dalton


Some DGS members with Sir Bernard
John Dalton inspecting the winding gear
in the Tudor well house

In the October 2004 issue of "Daltons in History" there will be more photos from Barbara. To learn more about Hoghton Tower and the Dalton connection, browse the Index of DGS Journals.

One of the most underused but powerful sources of Dalton ancestral information on the internet is the Index of Journals. This Index of the Journals of the Dalton Genealogical Society is updated every five years by Dr. Lucy J. Slater, the former editor of the Journal.

The Journals have been printed without interruption for 34 years and the collection of individual issues (including parts) numbers 150. In each of the Journals there is a compilation of Miscellaneous Notes and Queries (MN&Q's) and ancestral charts that stand the test of time. The MN&Q's alone number over 1,000. Imbedded in the MN&Q's are 34 years of queries and family data to help other Daltons. There is a series of ancestral charts that are contributed by members who share their family line. Many of these contributors are no longer with us but their contributions are timeless. This accumulated source is proving to be even more valuable today as we enter the age of DNA genealogy.

Today the printed report is augmented by the internet and science. All internet information is provided openly without password to all Daltons world-wide. The internet resources complement each other and their combination can lead to family knowledge that is unavailable elsewhere. At the end of this article is a case history of how all services are combining to make family linkages possible at a faster rate.

DGS Services

1. The Index of Journals is a unique resource. If you see a name or family line that appears to be related to you, send a query or better yet purchase a copy of the Journal for your own use.

2. There is a wealth of strictly Dalton vital historical data in the Dalton Data Bank for every country and county for which data is available. The entries now number 110, 000. The Guest Book holds hundreds of queries from every country and from different family lines.

3. The monthly DGS Newsletter, "Daltons in History" brings news items of DGS doings, original articles of genealogical interest, updates of the Dalton International DNA Project and searches for DNA project participants with certain family lines, plus the latest data of international interest that has been extracted by members. This Guest Book also contains hundreds of queries and many family lines.

4. The DGS Journal is published in England and is the foundation of the Society's programs. This is a subscription service and we encourage all Daltons to submit their queries, ancestral charts, family information, photographs, and any other Dalton-related information that will help their search for family roots. Send it to the Editor, John Dalton: We also welcome your support for efforts on behalf of all Daltons. Click on Membership/Entitlements.

5. Dalton International DNA Project is the Society's latest private venture and has proven valuable in linking Daltons across three continents. As of September 1, 2004, there are 59 Daltons in America, Ireland, England and Australia, who are participating and many have found family links. For background of this study click on Dalton International DNA Project. Everyone is invited to participate and to join the worldwide family of Daltons. For recent updated information, click on the link on the Home page.

Case History-Connecting Daltons Across Three Continents

If you browse the Journal Index you will find the reference to the ancestral history of the Daltons of Oldham, England by Lucy Slater and also the ancestral history of a Manchester family now of a Yorkshire. Lucy also identified two other family branches that are closely tied to her branch. Queries appeared in the Journals by the principals and was followed by a query from an Australian member whose ancestral line was in a Manchester family.

There were now five Daltons branches who thought that they might have a common Manchester ancestor. The Australian, who is not on the internet sent a family chart for publication in the DGS Journal and it gave a clue to the American secretary who sets up the Dalton Data Bank. A search of the Lancashire file and the Utah file showed that a missing link had indeed emigrated to the U. S. After more than six months of searching for an American descendent of the emigrant, one was located and his ancestral research confirms that he is descended from the Manchester family of Daltons. He is no connection number six.

Two male members of two different branches participated in the Dalton International DNA Project and to their surprise learned that their DNA results perfectly matched and are genetic cousins. Three branches of this family have no living male Dalton descendents to participate in a DNA study but the DNA matches have definitely linked two of them through their research. We await the participation and results of the sixth branch member.

The Dalton International DNA Project of the DGS announces that as of September 1, 2004, there are 59 DGS members who are participating. Not all kits have been returned yet. Results are arriving weekly for those who have mailed their kits to Family Tree DNA. Everyone is invited to become a member and to take part in this landmark international study. The details are posted in a box on the Home page of each issue of the web Newsletter. Each month an update is printed if something newsworthy occurs.

August 2004 Highlights

* A match has occurred with the participants in Irish Cluster I. This cluster connects Daltons across three continents and a kit has been recently mailed to another Dalton member in Ireland. Clan Dalton is becoming a major factor in the Dalton gene pool so wherever you live in the world you are invited to join your Irish country men.

* Three more American Daltons were added to the cluster that has been loosely named "The Gang". Their matches are significant and this cluster keeps increasing. All are cordially invited to take part in the project.

* Results are due for a direct descendent of Samuel Dalton of Mayo, VA. This should help ascertain whether this family line is related to the Hampton, NH Daltons. (Results for the NH Daltons are in the gene pool). Some believe that these lines are related because of the similarities in the given names of Samuel, Timothy etc. The NH colonials arrived in 1635 and their roots in England are in the records. If you are, or think you are descended from either line you are welcome to participate.

* Standlee V. Dalton is 103 years old and the oldest participant in the FTDNA surname studies. His earliest ancestors were in VA and we await the initial results of his test.

* The country of recent origin is becoming clearer for those who are unsure whether they are of Irish or English descent.

For more information send a note to Millicent Craig, Coordinator, Dalton International DNA Project.

The following data was extracted from the Canadian web site inGeneas by Marti Garcia of California.

Marti has extracted some 200 entries and they will be printed on this web site chronologically and in sections. Part II will be printed in October 2004 "Daltons in History". When completed they will be added to the Canada file in the Dalton Data Bank. Full data on an individual may be obtained at a minimal cost by the record number through the inGeneas web site.

1777- 1861 postings. Dates of entry for Daltons were culled from War Office Records, Censuses of Provinces, Marriage records, Atlases, etc. Where the recording numbers of Daltons in census data and in passenger lists are numerically close, your editor has clustered them in the event that they are members of the same family.

Order of data presentation: record number, name, date of birth if available, age, date of entry to Canada and source of entry data.

PART I (1777-1864)

Record # 97129, John Dalton, b. 1743 (34) , 1777 War Office Records. List of Colonel Johnson's Dept. of Indian Affairs in the Province of Quebec.
Record # 17997 John Dalton, age NA, 1819 Atlas of Huron So., Ontario
Record # 5903, Thomas Dalton, b. 1803 (35), 1838, Passenger List Liverpool to Saint John New Brunswick
Record ## 31059, Michael Dalton, b. NA, 1850, Marriage Registers, Roman Catholic, 1828-1879, York Co., Ont.
Record # 311040, Catharine Dalton, b. NA, 1850, Marriage Registers, Roman Catholic Church, 1828-1870, York Co., Ont.
Record # 409809, William Dolten, b. 1825 (26). 1851, Census of Addington, Ont.
Record # 834269, Elizabeth Daltan, b. 1814 (37), 1851, Census of Hamilton City, Ont.
Record # 834274, Henry Daltan, b. 1848 (3), 1851, Census of Hamilton City, Ont.
Record # 834253, John Daltan, b. 1810 (41), 1851, Census of Hamilton City, Ont.
Record # 834259, John Daltan, b. 1836 (15), 1851, Census of Hamilton City, Ont.
Record # 834278, Killak ? Daltan, b. 1846, (5), 1851, Census of Hamilton City, Ont.
Record # 834283, Mary Daltan, 1849 (2), 1851, Census of Hamilton City, Ont.
Record # 834264, Thomas Daltan, b. 1838 (13). 1851, Census of Hamilton City, Ont.
Record # 405000, Bridget Dalten, b. 1806 (45). 1851, Census of Lennox Co., Ont.
Record # 852369, Bridget Dilton, b. 1821 (30), 1851, Census of Wentworth Co., Ont.
Record # 852375, Bridget Dilton, b. 1843 (8), 1851, Census of Wentworth Co., Ont
Record # 852381, Margaret Dilton, b. 1848 (3), 1851, Census of Wentworth Co., Ont.
Record # 852372, Muimaca? Dilton, b. 1840 (11), 1851, Census of Wentworth Co., Ont.
Record # 851618, W. H. Dalton, b. 1813 (38), 1851, Census of Wentworth Co., Ont.
Record# 851621, Susanna H. Dalton, b. 1818 (33), 1851, Census of Wentworth Co., Ont.
Record # 852378, Thomas Dilton, b. 1846 (5), 1851, Census of Wentworth Co., Ont.
Record # 852366, William Dilton, b. 1806 (45), 1851, Census of Wentworth Co., Ont.
Record # 871361, Ann Dalton, b. 1789 (62) , 1851, Census of Wentworth Co., Ont.
Record # 311796, Thomas Dalton, b. NA, 1856, Roman Catholic Marriage Registers, York Co., 1828-1870
Record # 602140, George Dalton, b. 1835 (23), 1858, Marriage Registers, Wentworth Co. 1858-1869, Ont.
Record # 636630, Jonathan, 1835(26), 1860, Marriage Registers, York Co. 1858-1869, Ont
Record # 603176, Rebecca Dalton, b. 1842 (19), 1861, Marriage Rergister, Wentworth Co., 1858-1869, Ont.
Record # 605442, Ellen Dalton, b. 1827 (36), 1863, Marriage Registers, Wentworth Co. 1858-1869, Ont.
Record #784707, John Dalton, b. 1836 (27), 1863, Marriage Registers, Huron, Co., 1858-1869, Ont.
Record #784708, Mary Dalton, b. 1843 (20), 1863, Marriage Record, Huron Co., 1858-1869,Ont.
Record # 312971, Michael Dolton, b. NA, 1863, Roman Catholic Marriage Registers, York Co. 1828-1870, Ont.
Record # 640457, Michael Dalton, b. 1830 (33), 1863. Marriage Registers, York Co., 1858-1869, Ont.
Record # 64058, Richard Dalton, 1829 (34), 1862, Marriage Register, York Co., 1858-1869, Ont.-
Record # 312972, Richard Dolton, b. NA, 1863, Roman Catholic Marriage Registers, York Co., 1828-1870, Ont.
Record # 823806, Johanna Dalton, b. NA, 1864, Marriage Registers of Huron Co., Ont. (1858-1869). Mother's maiden name included in marriage record.
Record # 606208, Jane Dalton, b. 1845 (19), 1864, Marriage Registers of Wentworth Co., Ont. 1858-1869
Record # 621997, Mary A. Dalton, b. NA, 1864, Marriage Registers, Toronto City, 1858-1869, Ont.
Record # 785831, Mary Dalton, b. 1843 (22), 1865, Marriage Registers, Huron Co., 1858-1869, Ont.
Record # 606787, Sarah Ann Dalton, 1845 (22), 1864, Marriage Registers, Wentworth Co., 1858-1869, Ont.

For those who have a Dalton connection in Hull, Yorkshire, England the following records may be useful in providing some additional early sources of records. There is a large family of Americans who are descended from Henry Dalton and Maria Graves and may want to give particular attention to the extractions. Henry's ancestors allegedly migrated from Hull to Preston where he was born. He went on to Lincolnshire where he married Maria Graves, settled in Ohio, and moved on to Kansas. The couple had a large family and Henry was a Methodist Episcopal minister. Family of Maria Graves also exists in Australia.

If you are related to this family please be in touch the editor. Our appreciation is extended to Howard Dalton, DGS treasurer of Yorkshire for the following information.

Thomas Dalton Merchant 1502

Source: Humberside Vol XV1 No 3 Autumn 1970 Page 34-36

John Dalton, a merchant of the Staple and twice Mayor under Henry V11, belonged to a family eminent in Hull from the 15thC – 17thC. His family was related to that of John Alcock, Bishop of Ely and re-founder of the Grammar School in 1486. The first draught of the will made under the threat of the plague in 1497, provided for his burial near his parents before the Sacrament in the Nth Aisle of the choir. This was to be announced by “the Great Bell of Holy Trinity kyrke (church) and the bell man was to go about the town after the custom”

Provision for yearly masses for the good of his soul, those of his family and the better thereof. This provision was to be from the rent of his house at the south end of High St. A further provision to take effect after the death of his widow was that the property should be rested in the authorities of Holy Trinity or “ the commons of the town “ or as we would say, the corporation “ which was the most sure of long continuance” indicating a premonition of the approaching Reformation

The Commons indeed took care of the endowment but of course the mass ceased in 1584. In June 1501 by a codicil made six months before his death he made a further provision for the soul of his brother John who had died in 1486. This was to be made from the sale of “ such wool-fells as I have at Calais and a table [oil painting] of beyond sea work “ to be set up at the altar of Corpus Christi in Holy Trinity church. The value of the painting is given as £8, a sum then equal to a years income to a member of the middle classes.

It is of course idle to speculate upon the provenance and the ultimate fate of what must have been considered an important work of art. From what is known of the area of Dalton trade activity the name of Hans Hemling of Bruges who died in 1494 is immediately suggested. It is a reasonable assumption that such a costly object would not have been cast away at the time of religious change which followed within 40 yrs. At that time the Daltons were still influential in Hull, moreover they were the only wealthy family in the town who adhered to the old religion until the 18th C and were connected by marriage to the Constables of Burton Constable although the family seat was transferred to Hawkeswell.

Post Reformation Catholicism in E. Yorkshire by Hugh Aveling Top

Page 23 “ 2 laymen, Dalton and John Wells were arrested on suspicion of sheltering John Besely alias Parker”

Page 29 Daltons were one of the E Riding gentry families that eventually came out in the open as one of the pushing, acquisitive official families that had risen through devotion to the Law as a profession, to trade and to office.

Page 23 Hull in the 1560’s was undecided in religion. By the end of the century Puritanism was strongly entrenched here and Catholicism confined to a handful of merchant families Daltons. Ellerkers and Bacon.

Page 47 Daltons of Swine sold their estates in the 1720’s

Page 67 1664-68 John Dalton Esq and Sir Wm Langden listed in the “ The Incidence of Catholic Recusant”

Page 65 1586 Trinity [ area ] Edmond Dalton gent jun. 1604/5 Nth Ferriby Rob. Dalton, Eliz his wife & Thos Dalton.

Page 65 1615 St Marys. Robt Dalton of Myton esq,.

Will of Thomas Dalton of ... Left to his brother his estate with a life interest to his wife Lady Mary Viscountese of Dunbar

Source: Ref L347.6 (4) Page 127 York Will 9/10/1585

Brooklyn Newspaper Extracts, Part I

While summering in New York and researching her New York Daltons, DGS member Theckla Constable Ledyard of Washington state, hand-copied all Dalton references in issues of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1845 -1900. They include marriages, weddings, deaths, property transfers, social activities, legal actions, accidents etc. It is a long file and will be presented in two parts.

Extracts for Part I cover the period 1845 to 1880. Part II will be printed in October 2004 and will cover the period 1881-1901. This should augment the sparse Brooklyn data and will be openly available for researchers in the Dalton Data Bank. There is a Toomevare, Tipperary birth and a London birth with dates in Part I. Our appreciation is extended to Theckla.

Part I (1845-1880)

Oct 2 1845, Christopher Dalton, unclaimed letters.
Oct 13 1855, James Dalton about age 16 had a younger brother who was seriously stabbed. James came to his aid. An older brother came to visit him at the hospital. Their parents lived at the corner of Navy St. and DeKalb Ave.
Jun 3 1856, James Dalton, Public officer, Fulton & Hudson Ave,. Collector of Taxes and Assessments
May 8 1857, Mrs. Helen Dalton getting a divorce
Sep 13 1859, Geo. Ashley has judgment against Thomas Dalton and wife, Amelia
26 Jun 1861,Mr. Dalton, Justice of the Peace of Flatbush - abused girl goes to Dalton for help
Mar 7 1863, Mrs. Anna Dalton has unclaimed mail
Jun 13 1864, Draft Drawings - A. Dalton, 299 So. 5th St. 16th Ward
Mar 13 1865, Thomas Dalton, Assessment notice - unpaid
Oct 22 1866, Wm. Dalton - corresponding Sec. of Keystone B B C (baseball - new club)
Oct 22 1866, Dalton, 1st b. O -2. R-2, Enterprise vs. Eclectic (baseball)
Jun 22 1867, Miss A. Dalton, unclaimed mail (John Burke -unclaimed mail)
Mar 4 1868, Peter Dalton has claims against his estate- administered by Charlotte Dalton
May 8 1868, Patrick Dalton -claims against him dates Mar 4, 1868 by his administrator, Charlotte Dalton
Oct 15 1868, Nicholas Dalton, 20th Ward Dist. Committee
Feb 15 1869, Amelia Dalton, age 87 in Flatbush Jan 30 1877, Nicholas Dalton, 20th Ward Dist. Committee
Nov 3 1869, Mr. Dalton was the King's Librarian
Feb 5 1850, Joseph Dalton, car conductor on Court St. Line
June 17 1870, Michael Dalton - city 8th ward
Feb 17 1871, James Dalton and John Brady - sureties. Chas Conway for the sum of $5.70 from Common Council session of Feb 13, 1871
May 6 1871, J. Dalton unclaimed mail
Dec 18 1871, James Dalton for sum of $7.25, sureties John Brady and Edw. Conklin
July 8 1872, Enderby and Dalton for the sum of $754.00 for plumbing and gas fitting for the 4th Precinct Station House
Mar 14 1873, Michael Dalton died at age 52 years and 7 mos. He is of the Parish Toomevar, Tipperary, Ireland
Mar 4 1873, Edward Dalton, son of Jams and Elizabeth Dalton, died age 34 years.
Dec 30 1874, John Dalton, a colored man, age 15 yrs. of 237 Seventh St., broke collar bone and was bruised, taken to Bellevue. Injured when Ferryboat Alaska collided with the ferryboat Golden.
Oct 20 1875, Matthew W. Dalton died
Sep 5 1878, John Dalton, age 26, laborer, living at #22 Luqueer St., a tenement house, is involved in a squabble.
Oct 12 1875, Michael Dalton - city 8th ward
Mar 4 1879, Thomas J. Dalton, age 1 yr. 8 mos. died. Son of James Dalton and the late Ann Dalton
Oct 5 1879, Thomas Dalton of London, England, d. at age 53 - St. Marks on Adelphi
Oct 17 1879, Patrick Dalton - delegate to city committee- 10th ward

1880's, Nellie C. Dalton of 181 Thirty-first st. Brooklyn. John Dalton, a fruit dealer who kept a place at the corner of West and Barclay St., NYC. John died at his brother's widow's home. (Nellie was wife of brother Patrick). Nellie went to court to claim his estate, saying he left no survivors, while he actually had a widow, Elizabeth living at 32 Garnet St., a son Andrew and a dau. Mary Aiken.

Aug 17 1880, Caleb Dalton Sr., age 62, a peddler of clothespins and lemons, living in Hempstead. Caleb Jr. is married to Ella.

During the month of September 2004 two major files were added to the Dalton Data Bank, Scotland and Pennsylvania, U. S.

Work is progressing on Births and Marriages in London by DGS member, Bill Dalton of Washington state. This file will be so large that it will require an additional web site. There is one more major U. S. file, North Carolina, and another U. K. file, Norfolk to be completed. Additions to existing files will be made as received and formatted.

Mike Dalton continues to extract data for counties of the Republic of Ireland and expects to finish this project prior to the AGM in Dublin in July 2005. His work entails extracting birth and marriage data from the microfilm of Matthew Dalton's records. Dalton, an American had commissioned the records in the 1890's prior to the destruction of the customs house and other government buildings (and their records) in Dublin in the 1920's. A perusal of these new records before going to the AGM may save time in the Dublin Archives that are swarming each summer with American/Irish who are searching for their roots.


The file of Scottish Daltons contains over 1200 surnames. According to the 1881 Census the concentration of Daltons was in the Lowlands, particularly in the Counties of Lanark and Renfrew. Scotland born Daltons who emigrated to North America have also been identified and listed. Our appreciation is extended to DGS Archivist, Michael Cayley for the extractions of Ancient Scottish records. DGS member, Mike Dalton has augmented the birth and marriage with 300 more entries.

Pennsylvania, U. S.

Our appreciation is extended to DGS member, K. T. Mapstone of Mississippi for compiling most of the data in this file and to DGS member, Tina Culbertson of Florida for her contribution of Delaware County family data. This file of some 1300 surnames can be searched by clicking a box in the Contents Section below. If anyone wants to donate additional data, particularly late census entries, they will be uploaded as received.