In the December 2004 issue of "Daltons in History", an Invitation to the Dublin AGM was printed. There has been a good response and the DGS Committee looks forward to meeting Irish Daltons, and Americans, Australians, and English of Irish descent. It appears that the attendance will be larger than anticipated but there are others who have not indicated their intent. We urge you to do so during this month of January 2005 so that plans can be completed in advance of the meeting.


The Dalton Genealogical Society extends an invitation to all readers to attend the Annual Gathering and Meeting of Daltons in Dublin, Ireland on July 30, 31 2005. The Gathering will be based at the Ashling Hotel with three nights of accommodation available as the core package. This is a Best Western Hotel and full details can be found on their website: It is conveniently located at Parkgate on the north side of the Liffey River and about a 15 minutes walk to O'Connell Street. It is near the Guinness Brewery, Phoenix Park, the Museum of History and the Decorative Arts, and also Kilmainham Gaol.

The hotel has its own carpark free for residents and is well placed for traveling out of the city. The Ashling offers affordable accommodation, good conference facilities and an extremely helpful staff. All members will receive the details in their December issue of the DGS Journal. There is a provisional reservation for 15 twin/double rooms secured until January 31, 2005. The hotel will require a 25% deposit for a firm booking. Please make your decision as soon as possible. Details for single rooms will be available shortly.

The annual meeting will be held on Saturday, July 30 and the Speaker will be Patrick Guinness, the coordinator of one of the largest DNA surname projects. He spoke at the Oxford DNA Seminar in May 2004 and will speak on the subject of Irish Clan ancestry at the AGM. Saturday afternoon will be left free for attendees to explore the many sights in Dublin and other places with family history connections. On Saturday evening the DGS Annual Gathering Dinner will be held at the Ashling.

Hotel Costs at the Ashling: Twin/Double room, Friday and Saturday nights, 135 euros per room per night with Breakfast included on Saturday and Sunday.

Twin/Double room, Sunday night, 112 euros per room with breakfast on Monday (Same rate is available on Thursday night)

25 euros per head for a three-course dinner including tea or coffee, drinks extra

75 euros for the hire of the conference room on Saturday

8.50 euros for a soup/sandwich/fruit buffet lunch on Saturday

DGS Chairman, Michael N. Dalton and his wife Kate also visited Mount Dalton at Rathconrath in Westmeath, about 60 miles from Dublin. The current owner of the Dalton property DGS member Mrs. Catherine Gibson-Brabazon has agreed to host a visit for the Gathering on Sunday, July 31 2005. She is quite enthused and will likely turn this day into a special event. Those who wish can return to Dublin for Sunday evening or explore other locations of their own family history. If warranted a mini bus will be hired to transport attendees to the Mount.

For DGS literature about the Mount refer to DGS Journal Vol.29 pp. 49 to 53 and "Daltons in History" Vol. 5, No. 12, (December 2002) "Only a Sketch Remains". It is well to note that Monday, August 1, 2005 is a Bank holiday and many offices will be closed. Send your reservation to Michael N. Dalton in Surrey as soon as possible. For those living in Ireland or who will have accommodations with relatives in Dublin or nearby, please let Michael Dalton know which events at the Ashling you will be attending.

The following letter was sent by DGS member Wendy Fleming of Australia and highlights a reunion with the family of DGS member, Mazie Dalton of St. Louis, MO.

Through the Dalton International DNA Project they learned that they are genetic cousins. Prior to the meeting in St. Louis, Wendy located descendents of long lost relatives in Chicago.

Wendy's Letter

" With the decision of my daughter Allison to go to North Carolina to works as a teacher for 12 months came an opportunity for me to visit her in the USA and at the same time pursue some genealogical connections. In Chicago there were long lost Dalton cousins and in St. Louis newly connected 'dna Daltons'. I made the trip this past September and how very pleased I did. I had a wonderful time as a visitor to the U. A. All Americans I met were warm, generous and welcoming and the sights are wonderful. I could go on for some time on that then but I will try to focus on the Dalton genealogy.


For a long time my cousin Helen Smith of Sydney has been trying to trace our Grandfather Richard Dalton's (b. 1868), four sisters, Mary b. 1857, Honorah b. 1859, Johanna, b. 1861, and Julia b. 1866 who emigrated from Limerick, Ireland to Chicago in the 1880's. We also knew that Johanna had married an Edward O'Donnell in 26th June at Holy Family Church, Chicago. Then just before I left for the US Helen gave me some information regarding the death and funeral of

Johnanna O'Donnell, daughter of Johanna Dalton which led us to Queen of All Saints, Basilica, Northside Chicago. In Illinois I rang their office and spoke to Judy Carlson, who knew the family and gave me contact numbers for the children of Johanna. I rang and spoke to two of them about our relationship, and although we tried to arrange a meeting, time was too short and we just could not arrange it. Helen and I are maintaining contact via e-mail and phone with our new found cousins and hope to exchange our respective family stories with the aim of an eventual meeting.

St. Louis

The most exciting adventure was meeting up with our cousins in St. Louis, discovered through the Dalton International DNA Project. Our cousin Leo Dalton has perfect matches with two American families, both originally from Westmeath, Ireland. Ed Dalton brother of Mazie Dalton was the St. Louis donor. Their family are descendents of Christopher Dalton and Catherine Collins who migrated from Westmeath to New Jersey in the late 19th century. Out family are descendents of Edward Dalton and Julia Collins of Limerick, Ireland. We assume our family was displaced to Limerick from Westmeath by repeated invasions and disenfranchisement.

On Thursday, Sept 16 2004 Mazie met me at the St. Louis airport and that being the day of the week the Dalton family often meets, she took me to met them at Creve Coeur Lake Park, She catered for the picnic with an amazing array of food and drink, the centerpiece being a splendid cake which had been decorated to represent an Australian flag. I found this very touching. The gathering reminded me of one of our own Dalton gatherings back where the adults are attentive listeners, great talkers and proud parents of beautiful children.

Continuity of Mazie's line is assured as many of the grandchildren are Dalton boys. I think there was a total of 7 adults and 9 children. Over the week-end I met two brothers and a sister of Mazie and also spoke to Mike, Mazie's eldest brother who lives in central Missouri. In addition we had lunch with Sarah Dalton, a cousin from a different branch of the Christopher Dalton line.

On Friday night my daughter Allison arrived much to the pleasure of Mazie's niece Allison age 9, who knows only one other Allison. Mazie took us sight seeing and we learned a lot about the history of St. Louis and Mark Twain who visited Australia in the 1850's. It is unrealistic to look for physical likenesses when you are unsure of when the common ancestor existed but you inevitably so and on Sunday we thought we could see some between Allison, Mazie and Ed. In one photograph of Mazie, Allison and me, I am the odd one out. (See DGS Journal 41 for photo).

Allison and I were privileged to meet Gloria Dalton, Mazie's 80 year old widowed mother. She is of a pioneer family of St. Louis and a local historian, consequently a font of knowledge. She was a great guide to the stunning St. Louis Cathedral and the heritage town of St. Charles. In the courtyard of the cathedral we saw the newly laid memorial plaque of Mazie's father, Michael Henry Dalton, Jnr. (1920-2000) who been a deacon in the diocese and played the organ at the Cathedral. He is noted for his work during the 1960's with "Operational Family" an inter-racial project aimed at reconciliation. I was also pleased to meet family friend and published author Bernadette Mccarver Snyder.

It was four days full of family and St. Louis history. Mazie in her goodness (against her better judgement) even took me to a poetry reading which turned out to be not quite what I expected. What hospitality! We Daltons in Australia are looking forward to offering the same level of hospitality when Mazie or another of our St. Louis cousins makes the trip to Melbourne. It would be so good."

Wendy can be reached at:

From: Millicent Craig

In the ancestral charts of several Virginia Daltons there appears an ancestor, Timothy. Where Timothy's father originated is the subject of much discussion by DGS members whose ancestral charts show the name Timothy in their ancestral line and who are linked genetically through their DNA. In the 17th and 18th Century, it was a common practice to name children in a systematic manner after their ancestors. Proceeding on the assumption that Timothy appeared in the Dalton line (rather than in the line of Timothy's mother), there is a 50% probability that the name Timothy came from the Dalton side of the family.

This led to a search of all the data that has been compiled in the Dalton Data Bank for Scotland,

England and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Wales to observe how common the given name of Timothy was, when it appeared and where it was located. A search of the DGS Journals was also made plus data sources on the web.


1. Scotland. Although many Dalton Virginians claim to be Scot-Irish, there is not a single appearance of the name Timothy in any of the sources mentioned above or is it found in Scottish data on the web.

2. Northern Ireland. In the searches, there is not a single entry for the name Timothy Dalton.

3. Wales. There is not a single entry for Timothy Dalton in early data.

4. England. In the entire Data Bank of early English Daltons, some 60,000 entries, the majority of the entries belong to the family of Rev. Timothy and Philemon Dalton (brothers) who settled in Hampton, NH in 1635. On the basis of DNA, there is not a relationship between this line and the Timothy’s of Virginia. There will be an additional participant from the Hampton line in the DGS International Dalton DNA Project in 2005 and this could alter the initial findings. This family was from Suffolk County, England and the Data Bank entries are below.

1615 Ruth Dalton daughter of Timothy and Ruth Mathers Dalton
12 Mar 1617, Samuel Dalton son of Timothy Dalton
3 Jun 1619 Debora Dalton daughter of Timothy Dalton
10 Nov 1622, Timothie Dalton son of Timothie Dalton
1615 Timothy Dalton and Ruth Leete of Gislingham
An Unknown Suffolk Dalton. At this time there is no further information about this Timothy and he is the only other Timothy Dalton who could be living in the 1600's according to Parish records.

30 Oct 1631, Timothy Dalton son of John Dalton.
No other Birth or Marriage record appears in any of the County files of England until the 1881 Census of Lancashire.
Timothy Dalton, age 46, unmarried, working as a messenger was born in Ireland and living in the household of Thomas Dalton , born in Ireland.

5. Ireland. A search of the available pedigrees of early Norman/Irish Daltons does not reveal the existence of the given name, Timothy nor does it appear in the listings of the King James Army List. A keyword search of the file of Ireland in the Dalton Data Bank showed not a single entry for the name Timothy in any of the Counties. In the revised file, Republic of Ireland it is present.

Converts and Penal Laws
A look at the file of Converts revealed the presence of two Timothy Daltons who petitioned the Church of Ireland to convert from Catholicism. The background of the conversions is related to the passage of the Penal Laws that started in 1694. Additional laws were passed until 1733. (A number of web sites list in detail the essence of the laws).

Many of the laws related to disenfranchisement and the break-up of lands held by Catholics. Owners of large acreages and properties were given the option of converting or losing their lands. Another statute prohibited the customary practice of primogeniture whereby the oldest son inherited the lands and properties of the father. Under law, the lands had to be distributed equally among all sons, and in large families often the portion was insufficient for a family to eke out a living. Migration was an alternative.

Many conversions took place in Dublin although there were ceremonies held in various counties. Timothy Dalton, Dublin; applied for conversion on 21 Dec 1733 and was accepted 21 Dec 1733. Timothy Dalton was listed on 28 Nov 1732 (No. 315) Source: Calendar of Converts, 1703-1838, Vol. I.

From the above entries it is impossible to tell whether the conversions occurred to maintain property rights or whether the men were professionals who would be barred from practicing their profession. We can speculate that they were of age and probably born before 1710.

Timothys in Limerick

In the revised County Limerick file under the Republic of Ireland in the Dalton Data Bank, it was rather surprising to find a few Timothy Daltons (since none appeared in the original file for Ireland). The entries are as follows:

County Limerick
23 July 1866: Julia Dalton at Upper Athea, Abbeyfeale, Newcastle RD to Timothy Dalton and Johanna Fitzgerald.
3 Apr. 1890: Catherine Dalton at Upper Athea, Newcastle RD to Timothy Dalton, farmer and Ellen Scanlon.
29 July 1866: Michael Dalton, age 19, farmer of Michael Dalton, farmer to Margaret Dalton, age 19 of Timothy Dalton, farmer. Both at Templeathea, Newcastle RD.
25 Feb. 1879: James Dalton, age 23, farmer of Athea of Timothy Dalton, farmer to Anne Roche, age 25 of Ballagh of Michael Roche at Newcastle RD.
29 June 1882: John Dalton, unmarried, farmer of Glenagower of John Dalton, farmer to Margaret Dalton, widow of Templeathea of Timothy Dalton at Newcastle RD.
18 Feb. 1889: Timothy Dalton of Templeathea, farmer of William Dalton, farmer to Ellen Scanlon of Upper Athea of Patrick Scanlon at Newcastle RD.
(Note the William/Timothy name succession. In America, the early Timothy is also reportedly the son of a William).)

Griffiths Valuation - 1852

Timothy Dalton, Parish Kilmoylan, Townland Knocknagornagh, house and 11 acres.
Timothy Dalton, Townland, Athea Upper, Village of Athea, house and 51 acres.

Judicial Agreement

4 July 1883 in upper Athea, 57 acres to Timothy Dalton

All of the above Daltons were clustered in western Limerick along the road to Newcastle. Many Daltons who settled in Limerick had been dispossessed of lands in Westmeath.

LDS Microfilm entry

This Timothy Dalton was located in Upper Athea and he provided a 1905 document after the Four Courts and its records burned in 1922.
Fil # 592938 T, Box & Order #: M3850 (13); Item Order: 29 or 36 (Perhaps an interested reader could look this up and report on what is stated in the document).

County Tipperary

Ballymoreen Cemetery
Timothy Dalton, aged 68 d. Dec 1954

As noted above, the presence of Timothy Daltons in Ireland was rather scarce according to available records. According to the Eircom phone directory only two "Tims" are listed; one in Galway and another in Waterford.

Conclusions and Follow-up

In the data that is available, there are two leads that require further study. The first is the English Timothy b. 1631. And the second is the Irish Daltons of Athea. Letters of inquiry have been sent to the two Irish Timothy Daltons who appear in the Eircom telephone directory and any results will be reported at a later date.

If you have a BT telephone directory and care to extract the Timothy Daltons it will be appreciated. Any early English or Irish references to Timothy Dalton will be gratefully received and pursued. It is sometimes quite amazing at what can be learned from a phone call.

For an explanation of these extractions and sources see Royal Irish Constabulary, Part I, December 2004, Vol. 7, No. 12, "Daltons in History". Many are mini biogaraphies and several resigned their position to emigrate.

20978: Maurice Dalton: b. Co. Kilkenny; age 20; 5'9"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec.d. by Sub Inspector Greene. Appointed 19 May 1856. Allocated to Co. Tipperary West and then to Cork West on 5 Jan. 1863. Married 16 Nov. 1862 to wife, native of Co. Tipperary West. Resigned on 10 January 1863.

21042: John Dalton: b. Co. Queens; age 19; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Constable Inspector Clanice. Appointed 17 June 1856. Allocated to Co. Galway East. Dismissed 28 November 1864.

22838: Michael Dalton: b. Co. Tipperary South; age 21; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.: labourer; Rec'd. by Inspector W. Going. Appointed 18 Jan. 1858; assigned to Depot. Died 12 June 1858 due to inflamation of the lungs.

24158: Michael Daughton: b. Co. Kerry; age 20; 5'9"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Inspecor of Police J. Rice. Appointed 17 Nov. 1858. Allocated to Reserve, Cork W. Riding on 1 Sept. 1870; Tipperary S. Riding of 16 Aug. 1871 and pensioned 30 Jan. 1872. Married a wife of Cork W. Riding on 4 Mar. 1871. (1st. Q. 1871, Bandon RD, Co. Cork; Vol. 10, Page 1).

25426: James Dalton: b. Co. Wicklow; age 24; 5'9"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Appointed 11 Feb. 1860. Allocated to Co. Westmeath. Dismissed 25 July 1861.

26168: Richard Dalton: b. Co. Wicklow, enlisted from Co. Down; age 20, 5'73/4"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Inspector J. Coats. Appointed 11 Sept.1860. Allocated to Co. Meath. Dismissed Fall, 1863.

26987: Patrick Dalton: b. Co. Kilkenny; age 19; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Sub Inspector Maguire. Appointed 22 July 1862. Allocated to County King. Resigned 25 Jan. 1866 due to inadequacy of pay.

28463: Thomas Dalton: b. Co. Kilkenny; age 19; 5'9"; Catholic; occ.: carpenter. Rec'd. by J. Gorman, Parish Priest. Appointed 18 Mar. 1863. Allocated to Co. Waterford. Resigned 14 Mar. 1868 to emigrate.

29321: Michael Daulton: b. Co. Roscommon; age 23; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Inspector of Police Taffee. Appointed 27 Feb. 1864; Allocated to Co. Limerick; Co. Meath 8 June 1871 and Co. Queens 30 Oct. 1881. Pensioned 5 May 1894.

29631: William Dalton: b. Co. Kilkenny; age 18; 5'9"; Catholic; occ.: carpenter. Rec'd. by J. Gorman, Parish Priest. Appointed 23 July 1864. Allocated to Co. Waterford. Dismissed 30 July 1869.

30070: Michael Dalton: b. Co. Kilkenny; age 20; 5'10"; Catholic; occ.: not given. Rec'd. by Inspector of Police E. W. Buscoe. Appointed 11 Nov. 1865. Allocated to Co. Waterford. Resigned March, 1871 to better himself.

30857: Joseph Dalton: b. Co. Wexford; age 22; 5'7"; Protestant; occ.: shoemaker. Rec'd. by Police Inspector A. Kirkpatrick. Appointed 19 Oct. 1865. Allocated Co. Tipperary N. ; Co. Waterford on 1 June 1875; pensioned 29 July 1887; moved to Dublin. Joseph Dalton of John Dalton, farmer of Co. Wexford married Mary underage (b. Co. King) at Ballymackey, Tipperary on 6 Apr. 1875. Children: John Thomas b. 26 Feb. 1877 at New Lane, Carrick-on-suir, Tipperary; Children b. at Moneygall, Roscrea, Kings: Joseph b. 12 May 1881, Stephen b. 28 June 1885, Eliza Dalton b. 5 Oct. 1886.

31329: William Dalton: b. Co. Longford; age 19; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.: carpenter. Rec'd. by Police Inspector B. Slater. Appointed 15 Feb. 1866. Resigned 21 Aug. 1868 due to delicate health. He died on 23 Sept. 1870 at Colehill, Ballymahon, Co. Longford; age 23, carpenter.

31402: William Dalton: b. Co. Tyrone; age 19; 5'8"; Protestant; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by sub Inspector Smith. Appointed 27 Oct. 1866. Allocated to Co. Cavan; Galway West 16 Oct. 1875; Co. Sligo 21 June 1892; Co. Cavan 1 Sept. 1893. Pensioned 1 Aug. 1899. He married a wife on 31 Dec. 1891 of Galway West who had cousins in Counties Donegal and Mayo. (4th Q., 1891, Tuam RD, Galway; Vol. 4, Page 183).

31548: Edward Dalton: b. Co Westmeath South; age 22, 5'7"; Cath.; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. 16 Mar. 1866; appointed 4 April 1866. Allocated to Co. Kildare. Resigned 30 Apr. 1871: to better himself. Connected in Co. Antrim.

31681: Martin Dalton: b. Naas, Co. Kildare; age 19; 5'7"; Catholic; occ.: farmer. Rec'd. by sub Inspector Maguire. Appointed 11 May 1866. Allocated to Co. Waterford, City. Died 31 Dec. 1894 of chronic bronchitis and heart disease.

31683: William Daughton: b. Co. Kerry; age 24; 5'10"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Justice of Peace J. Elliott. Appointed 11 May 1866. Allocated to Co. Limerick and later to Dublin. Pensioned 6 Mar. 1895. Married twice: 14 May 1874, wife b. Westmeath; 26 Apr. 1882, wife b. Meath.

35220: Thomas Dalton: b. Co. Westmeath S.; age 18; 5' 9"; Cath; occ.: labourer Rec'd. by Inspector Hugh Foley. Appointed 2 Feb. 1869. Resigned 2 July 1870 to go home.

36723: John Dalton: b. Co. Waterford; age 20; 5' 10"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Police Inspector William Power. Appointed 6 June 1870. Assigned to Co. Cork East. Dismissed 30 October 1871.

36019: Michael Dalton: b. Co. Tipperary N.; age 19; 5'7"; Cath.; occ.: none given. Rec'd. by Constable Anderson. Appointed 5 Oct. 1869. Assigned to Co. Queens. Dismissed 9 December 1873.

37515: William Dalton: b. Co.Cork East; age18; 5'9"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Police Inspector A. O. Geran. Appointed 8 Mar. 1871. Allocated to Co. Kilkenny. Resigned 15 June 1873 to emigrate. Connected in Co. Limerick.

38159: Maurice Daughton: b. Co. Kerry; age 18; 5'9"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by sub Inspector Egan. Appointed 18 Oct. 1866. Allocated to Co. Wexford. Resigned 12 Sept. 1869 to live at home.

38288: James Dalton: b. Co.Roscommon; age 20; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.; labourer. Rec'd. by sub Inspector Jennings. Appointed 7 Dec. 1871: Allocated to Co. Rec'd. by Inspector Hugh Foley. Appointed 2 Feb. 1869. Resigned 2 July 1870 to go home.

36723: John Dalton: b. Co. Waterford; age 20; 5' 10"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Police Inspector William Power. Appointed 6 June 1870. Assigned to Co. Cork East. Dismissed 30 October 1871.

36019: Michael Dalton: b. Co. Tipperary N.; age 19; 5'7"; Cath.; occ.: none given. Rec'd. by Constable Anderson. Appointed 5 Oct. 1869. Assigned to Co. Queens. Dismissed 9 December 1873.

37515: William Dalton: b. Co.Cork East; age18; 5'9"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Police Inspector A. O. Geran. Appointed 8 Mar. 1871. Allocated to Co. Kilkenny. Resigned 15 June 1873 to emigrate. Connected in Co. Limerick.

38159: Maurice Daughton: b. Co. Kerry; age 18; 5'9"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by sub Inspector Egan. Appointed 18 Oct. 1866. Allocated to Co. Wexford. Resigned 12 Sept. 1869 to live at home.

38288: James Dalton: b. Co.Roscommon; age 20; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.; labourer. Rec'd. by sub Inspector Jennings. Appointed 7 Dec. 1871: Allocated to Co.

38288: James Dalton: b. Co.Roscommon; age 20; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.; labourer. Rec'd. by sub Inspector Jennings. Appointed 7 Dec. 1871: Allocated to Co. Kildare. Transferred to Co. Carlow 15 Mar. 1884. Pensioned in Co. Roscommon on 14 Feb. 1901. Married a wife, native of Co. Kildare on 15 Mar. 1884: James Dalton, RIC of James Dalton, farmer (Roscommon) to Margaret Dempsey (Kildare) of Old Grange at Athy, Co. Kildare. Children born at Hacketstown, Shillelagh, Co.Carlow: Mary Jane b. 28 Jan. 1885, James Joseph b. 31 Mar. 1890, Michael b. 25 Dec. 1891.

38561: John Dalton: b. Co. Longford; age 22; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by sub Inspector Smith. Appointed 30 March 1872. Allocated to Co. Tipperary South. Discharged 27 March 1875 due to insanity.

40493: William Edward Dalton: b. Co. Tipperary S.; age 18"; 5'10"; Catholic; occ.: labourer; Rec'd. by sub Inspector Evans. Appointed 8 Aug. 1874. Allocated to Co. Sligo; then Clare in 1882, and then Cork City on 4 Apr. 1896. Pensioned 22 Sept. 1899. Married a wife, native of Co. Clare, on 21 Oct. 1896.

41201:William F. D'Alton: b. Dublin, enlisted from Co. Wexford; age 19; Prot.; occ.: none given. Rec'd. by sub Inspector Leathane. Appointed 11 May 1875. Allocated to Co. Roscommon; resigned 22 Dec. 1875. Reenlisted 22 Dec. 1875: assigned to Co Down then Co. Kerry in 1880; dismissed on 12 August 1882.

41686: William Dalton: b. Co. Limerick; age 19"; 5'8"; Catholic; occ.: labourer. Rec'd. by Sub Inspector Turner. Appointed 8 Nov. 1875. Allocated to Co. Sligo. Resigned 24 July 1878 to better living conditions. Connected in Co. Tipperary.

44143: Peter Dalton: b. Co. Roscommon; age 20"; 5'9" Catholic; occ.: none given. Rec'd. by sub Inspector Loghlen. Appointed 15 Nov. 1878. Allocated to Co. Monoghan, then to Co. Kerry in 1880 and to County Cork on 10 Oct. 1886. Pensioned 9 May 1908. Married a wife, native of Co. Kerry on 25 Feb. 1886: Peter Dalton (RIC) of Castleisland of Thomas Dalton, farmer (Roscommon) to Esther Quinn of Tarbert of James Quinn, mason at Tralee RD, Co. Kerry. Daughter Mary Dalton born 12 Sept. 1886 at Tarbert, Co. Kerry. Esther Dalton (mother and wife) died at Tarbert, Co. Kerry on 25 Mar. 1887 at age 29.

The final installment, Part III will be printed in the February 2005 Issue of "Daltons in History".

The following list was submitted by Carol Brooks who lives two miles from the McGonigle Cemetery in Lincoln Township , Crawford County, Kansas.

It is near the site of the Riley Dalton Estates. Our appreciation is extended to Sharon who has also sent the url for a web site where other Crawford County Cemeteries can be found.

Dalton, Abraham L.; b. 1863, d. 1958
Dalton, Andrew J.; b. 11/06/1858, d. 1/29/1891
Dalton, Benjamin S.; b. 1871, d. 1965
Dalton, Billie Eugene; d. 8/10/1929
Dalton, Charlotte T.; b. 1/07/1835, d. 10/05/1915
Dalton, Emery; b. 1904, d. 1945
Dalton, Fannie H.; b. 1874, d. 1935
Dalton, Florence; b. 1905, d. 19
Dalton, Grace B.; b. 1879, d. 1920
Dalton, Grace E.; b. 1895, d. 1920
Dalton, Harold Archie; b. 4/02/1917, d. 12/25/1981 **
Dalton, Harvey L.; b. 1883, d. 1884
Dalton, Infant; d. 1/20/1899, s/o W.H.& (G) or C.B.
Dalton, Jonah B.; b. 1/16/1903, d. 6/19/1987 **
Dalton, Josie; b. 10/19/1880, d. 9/25/1889, d/o R.& C.
Dalton, Katie Dell; b. 1877, d. 1939
Dalton, Lois L.; b. 3/24/1907, d. 4/29/1987 **
Dalton, Lottie J.; b. 1912, d. 1913, died of burns
Dalton, Paul L.; b. 12/20/1900, d. 3/26/1994 **
Dalton, Riley C.; b. 3/29/1895, d. 10/03/1980 **
Dalton, Riley; b. 10/13/1824, d. 11/31/1892
Dalton, Roland; b. 1907, d. 1930
Dalton, Roxie M.; b. 10/29/1895, d. 4/22/1983 **
Dalton, Ruth Mardell; b. 1929, d. 1930
Dalton, Sebastian C."Sabe"; b. 1860, d. 1965, age 105
Dalton, William H."Harve"; b. 1868, d. 1919

Carol Brooks may be reached at:

John Dalton, Editor of the DGS Journal writes that the December 2004 Journal will arrive in January 2005. If any member has not received his/her Journal by the end of January 2005, please inform your local secretary. As always the Journal is packed with news of members, family lines and new research results that touch Daltons in all parts of the globe. Because of the forthcoming Annual Gathering and Meeting of Daltons in Dublin in July 2005, this issue is particularly devoted to new research results as related to Irish Daltons. If you are not receiving a Journal, click on Membership/Entitlements on the Home page and join the world-wide community of Daltons.

DGS Journal Volume 41
December 2004
2005 Gathering 2
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Marriage 4
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2004 Gathering 7
Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 8
    M. N. & Q. 41.1 Longevity- A Characteristic of Virginia Daltons 8
    M. N. & Q. 41.2 The Counts of Ireland 10
    M. N. & Q. 41.3 More about Nottingham Daltons 11
    M. N. & Q. 41.4 A Lady of Thurnham Manor 12
    M. N. & Q. 41.5 Religious House of Princess Jane? 12
    M. N. & Q. 41.6 An American-Australian Connection 13
Republic of Ireland Data by Millicent V. Craig 14
Some American Daltons from Oldham by Lucy J. Slater 15
A Dalton Family from Croston by Margaret Deyes 19
The West Berkshire Doltons, part 2 by Eric Dolton 25
Family History Events in 2005 27
Bishop Daton (Dalton) of Kilkenny by Pat Robinson 28
Joseph Dalton & Jane Weightman, part 3 by Tina Culbertson 33
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During the month of December 2004 the web master, DGS member Mary Louise Elias was busy uploading data to the DDB. Both the County Limerick file and additions to the County Kerry file prepared by DGS member Mike Dalton were very large but the London file that was extracted by DGS member Bill Dalton of Washington state was enormous. Our appreciation is extended to all volunteers.

County Limerick

The revised file for County Limerick contains some 2400 surnames. A significant addition of Births, Marriages and Deaths is due to the efforts of Mike who extracted Daltons from the microfilm records of Matthew Dalton that were compiled in 1896. Contributions of records by DGS member, Helen Smith of Australia are also embedded in this revised file. This file can be located under Republic of Ireland.

County Kerry Additions

Eleven pages of Civil Registrations, Griffiths Valuation and Tithe Applotments were added by Mike whose roots are in Kerry and who commissioned some of the extractions. This file can be located under Republic of Ireland.


As of December 2004, there are over 5200 surname entries in this file, the largest of any file in the Data Bank. Please note that the format differs from other Data Bank files. Because of its size, it had to be uploaded in sections as shown in the Contents section but is easy to navigate. At a future date, additional data will be added as compiled.

Our appreciation is extended to Bill Dalton who spent months extracting Births and Marriages. Contributions were also received from DGS members Eira Makepiece of Bristol, England, K. T. Mapstone of Mississippi and DGS Archivist Michael Cayley of Hayling Island, England. Our apologies are extended for the data columns that were difficult to control, but entries are accurate.

This file contains ancestral information for many English, Canadian and American Daltons in particular and bears careful scrutiny.

The officers and staff of the Dalton Genealogical Society send New Years Greetings to all Daltons world-wide. During the past year considerable progress was made in connecting Dalton families with long lost relatives. It is the DGS' intention to further this work through a number of different avenues and you, the reader can help with the efforts.

In 2004, barriers once thought to be insurmountable began to come down, thanks to the Dalton International DNA Project. Volunteers are making tremendous contributions to our overall knowledge and the DGS makes their input available to all Daltons through the DGS web site.

Your continued support through membership, attendance at the AGM's and by publishing your family lines in the Journals help to break down the barriers. We hope that 2005 will be the year for your genealogical breakthrough and we look forward to meeting many of you in Dublin in July 2005. Best wishes for a most successful year.