from Millicent Craig

In April 2004, Michael N. Dalton met Patrick Guinness for the first time at the DNA Conference held at Wyboston Lake, Oxford. It was the 25th anniversary of the Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS) of which the DGS was a founder member in 1979. Mr. Guinness, coordinator of his family name DNA project lectured on the experiences and results of the study. Michael Dalton was impressed with his eloquence and the evolution of the Guinness Clan project. He invited Mr. Guinness to speak to the DGS attendees at the Dublin AGM in July 2005.

Mr. Guinness accepted the invitation and the attendees will have an opportunity to learn of his experiences as DNA Project Manager and work in documenting the ancestry of the Clan. In addition the Guinness family has sponsored a special DNA project that is being conducted at Trinity College, Dublin. A goal of the study was to learn whether there was genetic linkage between various Irish clans of the northern part of Ireland. Results warranted a second phase of the study and an expansion of the number of participating clans.

The Dalton Genealogical Society has submitted some results of the Dalton International DNA Project to Mr. Guinness for reference in his talk. Following the lecture there will be a question and answer period. Many of the attendees have already participated in the DGS project and may want to pose questions.

Clan Dalton

Traditionally, clan status was claimed by those of ancient and native Irish descent. It was not accorded to those families whose names were not of Irish origin. Dalton, being of Norman origin was not considered to be an Irish clan.In 1989, the Irish Government instigated the establishment of The Clans of Ireland, Ltd. to coordinate the activities of the Irish clans. Several hundred clans have registered. A clan name may now be registered provided that the surname had a presence in Ireland prior to the Great Famine of the mid 1800's. Daltons have the necessary documentation for clan status and for entry to the Clans of Ireland, Ltd. Membership in the clan organization establishes the eligibility of the Dalton International DNA Project for inclusion in future clan DNA studies at Trinity College.

One of the tasks of the Dalton Genealogical Society is to assemble as much ancestral information on Dalton septs as possible. Several ancestral lines as shown in Burke's Armorials have been registered in the Genealogy Office in Dublin. A query has been sent to this office for the protocol in applying for records. Many Daltons will be in Dublin for the AGM in July and perhaps we can coordinate a joint effort to assemble data prior to the meeting on July 30 and 31. Please be reminded that Monday, August 1, 2005 is a Bank Holiday and many offices will be closed.

Michael N. Dalton, Chairman of the DGS prepared a flyer that contains specific details of the Dublin 2005 AGM. It is printed here in advance of the Winter Journal. All DGS members in North America have received an e-mail copy from the American Secretary. All members or friends of Daltons who have an interest in Dalton genealogy will want to consider attending this special event.

Be sure to make your interest known to Michael N. Dalton by completing the form below. North Americans who are not yet members of the DGS, please contact the American Secretary. The Chairman is pleased to report that advance reservations are exceeding expectations.

In this issue of "Daltons in History" there is an article about the speaker, Patrick Guinness, coordinator of one of the largest DNA surname projects. How the DGS can incorporate some of his experiences into the Dalton International DNA Project will be a matter for discussion.

Flyer Announcement

The 2005 Gathering and AGM in Ireland

Friday 29th to Sunday 31st July

Venue: Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8, Ireland

Tel: 00 353 1 677 2324 Website:


Friday 29 July 2005
Delegates arrive – dinner available in the hotel – informal evening

Saturday 30 July 2005
am. Annual General Meeting of the Society followed by presentations on Irish Clan Ancestry, Irish Daltons and DNA in family history research
pm. Free for exploring the city of Dublin
eve. DGS Annual Gathering Dinner

Sunday 31 July 2005
Visit to Mount Dalton at Rathconrath in Westmeath, hosted by Catherine Gibson-Brabazon

Accommodation will be available at the Ashling Hotel on the Sunday night, for departure on the morning of Monday 1 August 2005.

Accommodation arrangements at the Ashling Hotel

The Ashling Hotel has agreed to a provisional block booking of rooms, which is being held until 31 January 2005.

Twin/double rooms are available at 135 euros per room per night on the Friday and Saturday nights, price to include breakfast. The rate for Sunday night (and the Thursday night if required) is 112 euros. If a single room is required, the relevant amounts are 105 euros and 92 euros.

In order to secure a room booking at the hotel, the Society will need to make a payment of 100 euros. This amount has been agreed for all room types and lengths of stay and will be deducted from the final hotel account for the room, which it will be the responsibility of the individual to settle. It will therefore be necessary for me to receive the deposit of 100 euros (£70 for UK members) before the end of January 2005. Members in the United States should send a payment of $150.00 to Millicent Craig your American Secretary, who will collect the deposits and convert them to a pound sterling check. Millicent will coordinate bookings from American members.

Late Postscript:

A late note from Michael N. Dalton states that the first set of rooms at the Ashling Hotel has been booked by prospective attendees. Mr. Dalton has secured a second block of rooms. About 40 delegates have signed up thus far and more are expected. We hope that you will join us.

Other costs during the weekend

Three course dinner, including tea or coffee – 25 euros per head.

Soup/sandwich/fruit buffet lunch on the Saturday – 8.50 euros per head.

There will be modest charges for the Saturday morning meeting to cover the hire of the conference room and coffee and biscuits, and for the visit to Mount Dalton. Details of these will be advised in due course.

The Society hopes that many members will wish to come to Dublin and take the opportunity to learn more about Irish Dalton Ancestry. The meeting weekend will provide a focal point for a more extensive trip to the Irish Republic and it is anticipated that you will wish to make additional arrangements before and/or after the gathering.

If you wish to attend the Gathering, it is important that you return the attached form to me at the earliest opportunity. It is possible to make your own arrangements for accommodation, but I will still need to know your intentions.

All completed forms should be sent to me at the address shown at the bottom of the form. Alternatively you may email me at with all the relevant details and post your deposit to me.

Click here for easy print of Form:

If you have any questions or queries, please contact me at the earliest opportunity, either by email at the above email address or by telephone on 01737 221376 (from overseas (00) 44 1737 221376) and I will do my best to help you as much as I can. I look forward to hearing from you.

Members in the United States are asked to copy their applications to the American Secretary, Millicent Craig (email: ). Millicent will advise the appropriate remittance in US dollars for your deposit.



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Tel No ………………………… Email ……………………………

I/we wish to attend the DGS Gathering in Dublin on 29/30/31 July 2005.

I/we require/do not require accommodation at the Ashling Hotel as follows (please give full details of your requirements - type of room, nights you wish to stay):



Any other special requirements or requests:


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If you are not planning to stay at the Ashling Hotel, please provide details of your alternative arrangements overleaf. Please also provide as much detail as you can of your travel plans for getting to Ireland and your itinerary in Ireland before and after the weekend.

I enclose/(am forwarding to Millicent Craig) the deposit of $150 euros per room to secure my booking. I understand that, whilst the Society will use its best endeavours to utilise the deposit against another booking, it may be non-returnable in the event of cancellation.

Signed ……………………………………………………………………

Please return this form with your deposit (payments of £70 from UK members should be made in favour of Mr M N Dalton) to: Michael Dalton, DGS Chairman, 2 Harewood Close, Reigate, Surrey RH2 0HE, England

from Eira Makepiece, Bristol, England

DGS member Eira Makepiece was born in Durban, South Africa and now lives in Bristol, England. In the preface to her forthcoming book about her English and South African ancestry, Eira shares the resources that made it possible to put her family together. Eira has contributed other documents to the DGS.

The Research into the Life and Antecedents of George Dalton

George DALTON was my great grandfather and father of my paternal grandmother. Little was known about him, and the research was complicated by his emigration from the UK to South Africa. I knew he had been a saddler, that his house in Durban was called ‘Eboracum’ and that he had numerous children.

I used numerous internet based birth, marriage and death resources and joined several internet mailing lists. His only living grandson's memoirs, now 94, were invaluable. There was a brief visit to Yorkshire to see the villages in which Dalton-related birth, marriage or burials had occurred; and to the City of York to visit the city archives, the reference library and the city in which George and his paternal antecedents had lived. I began the research in June 2004 and had his fourteen children in birth order by Sep 2004 as well as his antecedents with confidence to 1741. As the archivist in York said, this was a family waiting to be found.

Possibly the important resource was the South Africa National Archive,, whose on-line searchable data bases showed numerous Dalton files. My researcher in Durban, SA photographed the files, including the death notice of George Dalton which showed the names of his children and three wives, his date and place of birth. The researcher also found his name on a passenger list and photographs from various local almanacs. I was well on my way.

Editor's note: Part I of Eira's ancestral chart " Descendants of Thomas Dalton born 1741 York, England" is presented in this issue.

Dalton. Part II of the chart will be printed in the March 2005 issue of "Daltons in History".

from DGS member, Eira Makepiece, Bristol, England

Notes: the information is derived from parish registers in York, archival material in the City of York Archives and the 1841, 1851 and 1881 censuses for Yorkshire. When reading the number of children, the reader should infer ‘at least’ as not all children have been traced.

A: Thomas Dalton, butcher, son of Thomas Dalton, butcher, born in 1741, was baptised in Holy Trinity Kings Court, York 15 April 1741, married (1°) Mary Wheatley, 9 June 1772 in Christ Church York (also known as Holy Trinity Kings Court (died 23 April 1778 in Holy Trinity Goodramgate, daughter of William Wheatley), (2°) Rachel Stephenson, the 27 December 1778 in St Martin and St Gregory (born in 1754, daughter of John Stephenson and Rachel Hargraves). (Notes: St Crux transcript for his son Christopher born 1810 gives Thomas as a butcher, deceased, late of the Shambles; other refs to a butcher, freeman of the City of York, father Thomas, also a butcher and freeman. Thomas claimed his freemanship by patrimony 21st September 1767. Marriage bonds show him aged 37 at date of second marriage. He had 4 children:

B.1: Thomas Dalton, born in 1776, was baptised in Christ Church, York the 7 November 1776.

B.2: (2) George Dalton, born in Holy Trinity Kings Court the 24 September 1779, was baptised in Christ Church, York the 3 October 1779, married Ann Langdale, the 1 January 1799 in St Crux, York (daughter of John Langdale). He had 10 children:

C.2.1: Marianne Dalton, born in 1799, was baptised in St Sampson, York the 17 November 1799.
C.2.2: Catherine Dalton, born in 1801, was baptised in St Sampson, York the 3 May 1801.
C.2.3: John Dalton, born in 1802, was baptised in St Sampson, York the 17 October 1802.
C.2.4: Mary Ann Dalton, born in 1804, was baptised in St Sampson, York the 21 October 1804.
C.2.5: George Dalton, born in 1806, was baptised in St Sampson, York the 4 May 1806.
C.2.6: Elizabeth Dalton, born in 1807, was baptised in St Sampson, York the 28 December 1807.
C.2.7: Thomas Dalton, was baptised in St Sampson, York the 13 November 1809.
C.2.8: Eleanor Dalton, was baptised in St Sampson, York the 12 September 1811.
C.2.9: John Dalton, was baptised in St Sampson, York the 27 November 1813.
C.2.10: Maria Dalton, was baptised in St Sampson, York the 10 April 1815.

B.3: (2) Ellen Dalton, born in 1782, was baptised in Christ Church, York the 2 January 1782, died the 29 March 1783.

B.4: (2) William Dalton, born in 1783, was baptised in Christ Church, York the 15 October 1783, died in Heworth Road, York the 24 December 1857, married Jane Weadley, the 21 December 1807 in St Maurice, York (born in 1785 and died the 8 March 1851 in Hart's Terrace, Layerthorpe, daughter of Thomas Weadley and Ann Cussans). (Notes: Flax dresser according to trade directories of York, buried in York cemetery, MI on record D23/17 buried in grave with 3 occupants: wife Jane, son William and grand daughter Jane Ann. 1841 census for St Crux piece no 1353 gives him aged 53, rope maker, with Jane 53, sons William 15 and George 6. Numerous refs to him in trade directories as flax dress, rope maker and linen mfr (1816, 1818, 1823, 1829, 1830, 1843, 1849 where he is listed with his son John; first of 29 The Shambles, then 20 Gt Shambles, a largeish house on 3 floors, in 2004 a clothing shop. Retired by 1851 and living at 217 Layerthorpe, York. With son John aged 26. Died aged 74 of influenza. Described as purchaser of grave and now a gentleman. He had 10 children:

C.4.1: Thomas Dalton, born the 2 March 1809, was baptised in Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, Y the 26 March 1809. (Notes: First child of William Dalton, flax dresser, son of Thomas and Rachel of Holy Trinity, and Jane daughter of Thomas and Ann Weadley).C.4.2: Christopher Dalton, born in 1810, was baptised in St Crux, York the 30 December 1810, married Milcah Lownsbrough, in 1832 (born in 1810, daughter of George Lownsbrough and Sarah Wilson). (Notes: St Crux transcript for Christopher gives his father Thomas as a butcher, deceased, late of the Shambles; freeman of the City of York in 1839. Not found in City of York 1851 census or 1841 for Goodramgate so may have moved away after 1840. Noted in 1840-trade directory as upholsterer. Marriage by Banns in St Crux. He had 3 children:

D.4.2.1: George Dalton, born in Bedern, Yorkshire in 1834, was baptised the 18 July 1834, arrived in Durban South Africa in 1860, died in Durban the 17 September 1926, married (1°) Martha Smith, on 5th April 1858 in Yorkshire, (2°) Mary Brown, in 1863 in Durban (born the 30 January 1837 in Salford/Manchester and died the 19 January 1869 in Durban), (3°) Olive Starr, in 1871 in Durban (born in 1850 in Cato Ridge, Natal and died in 1936 in Durban, Natal). Died at 17 Ebor Avenue Durban, had children by three wives, Died aged 92. First wife, Martha Smith, died about 1861. Second wife Mary Brown died in 1869. Note in parish register for Bedern Chapel gives his father as cabinetmaker. The 1851 census gives him aged 16 as a saddler' apprentice to George Douglass, born Sheriff Hutton, uncle by marriage, in Sheriff Hutton, 10 miles north east of York. He had 12 or 13 children including one who died in the early 1860s:

E. (3) Olive Beatrice Dalton, died in 1952, married Alfred Evans.
E. (3) Gladys Irene Florence Dalton, died in Transvaal in 1971, married Alfred Kinnear Hodge (died in 1962).
E. (1) William John Smith Dalton, born in St Crux, York the 23 August 1859, married (1°) Harriet Maria Higgs divorced 1898, (2°) Clarissa Mary Mason divorced 1908. Arrived with his parents in 1860. Mother died when he was about 2 years old and 10 or 11 when his stepmother died as well. He was 12 when Olive Starr married his father Twice divorced. Ran the JHB branch of the Geo Dalton saddlery. Birth certificate gives his birthplace as 55 Fossgate, St Crux, York, Other documents give his occupation as Saddler. He had 1 child:

F. (2) Unknown Dalton, born in Johannesburg, South Africa the 29 May 1896. (Notes: Note of birth in South Africa magazine of 4th July 1896 of a daughter born 29th May to the wife of Mrs. WJS Dalton)

E. (2) Joseph Charles Dalton, born in Durban the 8 October 1864, died in Durban. He had 2 children:

F. George Allan Dalton. (Notes: Chief Electrical Engineer for SAR and electrified JHB/Natal line).
F. Anne Olive Dalton, died the 28 November 1986, married Walter Hudson Bennett (born in Durban and died the 29 November 1957).

E. (2) Jane Eleanor Dalton, born the 23 October 1865, died in Durban in 1952. (Notes: Never married, child of George Dalton's second wife.
E. (2) Ross Milcah Dalton, born in Durban in 1867, died in Durban in 1867. (Notes: Death notice in Natal Witness gives death "on 9th inst Ross MILCAH, the beloved child of George and Mary Dalton, aged 7 months")
E. (3) Fanny Evelyne Dalton, born in 1872, died in 1946, married Francis Herbert Tunmer (died in 1943).
E. (3) George Londesborough Dalton, born in Durban the 18 January 1876, died in Durban the 12 July 1946, married Lily Brokensha, the 17 September 1902 (died in 1970). (Notes: see for details of his cricketing career. Natal Witness gives Field St as place of birth)

Editor's Note. This concludes Part I. The March 2005 issue of "Daltons in History" will begin with George Londesborough Dalton and will list his children.

The January 2005 issue of "Daltons in History" contains the article, "Timothy, From Whence the Name". A few DGS members responded with information that confirms or adds to our present knowledge of the frequency and location of it. Because of its rarity an attempt is being made to locate a link between either Ireland or England that would account for the usage in the Virginia Colony in 17th and 18th Century.

DGS member, Mike Dalton sent two references.

1. "The name Timothy appears to be of comparatively recent origin and is very rare. Timothy, an anglicised form of Tadhg is however very common but does not appear to have been in use before the Cromwellian Period." Source: Irish Names for Children by Patrick Woulfe, c. 1991 Dublin.

2. Timothy was an early Greek name borne by a musician of Alexander the Great c. 325BC. It was adapted in England after the Reformation and presumably it came from there to Ireland, where it was used to anglicise Tadhg and so became common. It has been used to anglicise Tomaltagh. The true Irish forms are Tiomid and Tiamhdna". Source: Book of Irish Names - First, Family and Place Names by Coghlan, Grehan and Joyce, c. 1989, New York.

DGS member, Thomas Dalton of Kansas writes that there is a Timothy Dalton listed as an emigrant to Virginia in 1759. It can be viewed on an Ulster website. The url for the site is: Timothy sailed from Ulster to Halifax County and is listed as having a grant of 150 acres in Richmond, VA. Since Timothy Daltons are in his ancestral file Thomas is keen to find the connection abroad.

Your editor adds a couple of notes to the compilation. Perhaps a reader can locate a copy of this document - A Census of Ireland circa 1659 edited by Seamus Pender, Dublin, 1939. Virginia Daltons are frequently referred to as Scot-Irish and it is known that many were Presbyterians. Those who were Presbyterians and who were in Ulster in 1659 are listed in this census. The Counties of Antrim, Armagh, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Monaghan are included. The original documents for counties Cavan and Tyrone were not preserved. This document is worth examining.

And finally here are the results of contact with the two Timothys in the Eircom telephone directory. In one case, the name descended from the maternal side of the family. The other Timothy can trace three generations to Littleton in County Tipperary and not beyond. They undoubtedly were part of the huge re-settlement that occurred and affected our Daltons but for whom few records have surfaced. For those who are unaware, there is a gap in Irish records of the 200 years prior to 1800.

This is the final installment of Irish Constabulary that was extracted by DGS member, Mike Dalton of Oregon. For an explanation of the background of this data, please see December 2004 "Daltons in History".

46508: Joseph Dalton: b. Co. Wicklow; age 20; 5'111/2"; Catholic; occ.: farmer. Rec'd. by sub Inspector Loghlen. Appointed 1 Feb. 1881. Allocated to Co. Mayo. Pensioned 19 June 1906.

46912: Owen Dalton: b. Co. Roscommon; age 181/4; 5'91/4"; Catholic; occ.: farmer. Rec'd. by sub Inspector Brooke. Appointed 15 Apr. 1881. Allocated to Co. Cork East Rural. Transferred to Cork City 19 Feb. 1891. Married a wife, native of Cork East Rural on 6 August 1891: Owen Dalton, RIC of 98 Lower Glanmire Road of Thomas Dalton, farmer (Roscommon) to Mary O'Driscoll of 9 Wellsley Terrace of Patrick O'Driscoll, waiter at Cork City, Co. Cork.

50852: William Dalton: b. Co. Limerick; age 181/2; 5'71/2"; Catholic; occ.: none given. Rec'd. by Constable Hazlett. Appointed 21 Nov. 1882. Allocated to Co. Kerry then Wexford, Roscommon and Tipperary North. Pensioned 1 July 1909. Connected in Co. Cork and Tipperary South.

51839: Thomas Dalton: b. Co. Roscommon; age 183/4; Catholic; occ.: none given. Rec'd. by District Sgt. Wynce. Appointed 21 June 1886. Allocated to Co. Cavan. Resigned 5 Oct. 1891 - a charge of drunkeness pending against him.

53426: Patrick Dalton: b. Co. Longford; age 181/2; 5'113/4"; Catholic; occ.: farmer. Rec'd. by Dist. Inspector Moffett. Appointed 13 Nov. 1888. Allocated to Co. Limerick, then Westmeath in 1892 and Kings in 1899. Resigned on 11 Jan. 1902 due to family circumstances in Co. Roscommon. Married a wife Co. Westmeath on 7 Jan. 1902. (1st. Q. 1902, Mullingar RD, Westmeath; Vol. 3, Page 233).

53998: John James Daughton; b. Co. Cork West; age 179/12; 5'8"; occ.: not given. Rec'd. by Deputy Inspector Smyth. Appointed 24 Sept. 1889; joined from Tipperary South Riding. Allocated to Co. Mayo and to Tipperary South Riding on 16 Mar. 1896. Pensioned 1 Nov. 1920. Married a wife, native of Co. Mayo on 26 Sept. 1897. (4th Q. 1897, Castlebar RD, Mayo; Vol. 4, Page 31). Connected in Kerry and wife connected in Roscommon.

55085: James Francis Dalton: b. Co. Galway; age 20;* Catholic; occ.: asst. gamekeeper. Rec'd. by Head Constable Thompson. Appointed 1 July 1891. AllocatedR to Co. Roscommon then Galway East in April, 1898. Pensioned 1 Feb. 1919. Married a wife, native of Co. Mayo on 9 Apr. 1899. (3rd. Q. 1899, Dublin City, Dublin N. RD; Vol. 2, Page 484). * Born 9 Apr. 1871 at Dominick St., Galway City, Co. Galway to James Dalton, RIC #14468 and Mary Haughton. During the year 1892, a Head Constable Dalton recommended several applicants from Counties Sligo and Cavan.

55619: Michael Daughton: b. Co. Tipperary South Riding; age 187/12; 5'113/4"; Cath; occ.: no given. Rec'd. by Dist. Inspector McCawley. Appointed 16 Nov. 1892. Allocated to Tipperary N. Riding; later assigned to Co. Kerry. Pensioned 1 Nov. 1920. RIC unit disbanded 16 May 1922. Connected in Cork West Riding. Married a wife of Dublin City on 6 Nov. 1902. (4th Q. 1902; Nenagh RD, Tipperary N. Riding; Vol. 3, Page 413).

55886: William Daulton: b. Co. Dublin; age 188/12; 5'87/8"; Catholic; occ.: none given. Rec'd. by District Inspector Lawless. Appointed 16 June 1893. Died 8 Oct. 1893 at S. Dublin RD; age 18 of fever. Connected in Westmeath and Kerry.

56685: Alfred Edward Dalton: b. Co Wicklow; age 201/2;* 5'103/4"; Protestant; occ.: draper's assistant. Rec'd. by Dist. Insp. Stewart. Apptd. 10 Oct. 1894. Joined from Dublin. Allocated to Co. Armagh. World War I service in Royal Irish Fusilers 18 Feb. 1916 to 29 Nov. 1919. Pensioned in Belfast. RIC unit disbanded 31 Apr. 1922. Married a wife, native of Belfast City on 28 Sept. 1904. (3rd. Q Belfast RD, Co. Antrim/ Down; Vol. 1, Page 381).*Born 14 Aug. 1874 at Maghera Beg, Wicklow to William Dalton and Eliza Brennan.

57950: Peter Dalton: b. Co. Galway West Riding; age 181/2;* 5'11"; Catholic; occ.: none given. Rec'd. by Dist. Inspt. Tyacke. Appointed 1 July 1897. Allocated to Cos. Sligo and Meath. Pensioned 18 July 1919. RIC Unit disbanded 5 Aug. 1922. Connected in Tipperary and Monaghan. *Born 15 Apr. 1878 at Killafin, Galway to James Dalton, RIC (14468) and Mary Haughton.

58656: James P. Daughton: b. Co. Tipperary and connected there; age 193/12; 6'0"; Catholic; occ.: law clerk. Rec'd. by Dist. Inspt. Cusack. Appointed 3 July 1899. Allocated to Cork West Riding. Marr. a wife, b. of Co. Cork on 28 Apr. 1908. (2nd. Q. 1908, Bandon RD, Cork W. Riding; Vol. 5, Page 5). RIC unit disbanded 22 Nov. 1922; paid settlement of 195 Irish Pounds.

60112: Robert C. Daughton: b. Co. Tipperary South Riding; age 194/12; Catholic; occ.: clerk. Rec'd. by Head Constable Devany. Appointed 5 Oct. 1901. Allocated to Tipperary N. R., then Limerick and then Belfast in 1908. Married a wife, native of Belfast on 12 Jan. 1908. Pensioned 8 Jan. 1918. Connected in Cork and Kerry.

60956: William F. Daulton: b. Co. Tipperary South Riding; age 185/12; 6'11/2"; Cath.; occ.: none given. Rec'd. by Dist. Inspt. Limey. Appointed 1 Sept. 1902. Allocated to Co. Carlow. Irish Army Service: 15 Dec. 1914 to 22 Jan. 1919; promoted to Sergeant on 20 July 1915. RIC pensioned and unit disbanded on 8 Aug. 1922. Connected in Co. Tipperary. Married a wife, native of Tipperary N. Riding on 16 June 1915.

63151: Henry Dalton: b. Co. Kilkenny 1 Mar. 1886;* 5'101/2"; Cath.; occ.: carpenter. Rec'd. byDep. Inspt. Studdert. Appointed 8 Oct. 1907. Joined from Co. Waterford Allocated to Dublin. Resigned 13 June 1908 to go home. Connected in Kilkenny and Waterford. * Born at High St., Kilkenny Town, Kilkenny to William Dalton and Bridget Nicholason.

64610: Richard C. Daughton: b. Co. Tipperary South Riding on 25 Dec. 1885; 6'03/4"; Catholic; occ.: farmer, reservist Irish Guards. Rec.d. by Dist. Inspt. Limey. Appointed 27 Feb. 1909. Allocated to Co. Wexford. Resigned 30 Oct. 1911 to take up another situation. Connected in Cork and Kerry.

65010: Patrick Dalton: b. Co. Tipperary 2 Feb. 1890;* 5'113/8"; Catholic; occ.: farmer. Rec'd. by Head constable McErlean. Appointed 4 Oct. 1909. Allocated to Cork West Riding. Dismissed 11 May 1918. *Born at Gortmore, Clonmel RD, Co. Tipperary to John Dalton, railway gatekeeper and Bridget Campbell.

69276: John Dalton: b. Co. Kings on 26 Apr. 1895; 5'91/2"; Catholic; occ.: none given. Rec'd. by Head Constable Maguire; joined from Co. Queens. Appointed 2 Jan. 1918. Allocated to Co. Mayo. Unit disbursed 31 Mar. 1922.

72829: Samuel Dalton: b. 1888 at Yorkshire, England; Protestant; ex soldier. Rec'd. by Inspector General's Order; joined from Middlesex, England. Appointed 18 Aug. 1920 - temporary cadet.

73259: Alfred J. Dalton: b. 27 Aug. 1900 at London, England; 5'61/2"; Protestant; occ.: carman, ex soldier. Applied from London. Rec'd. by Constable Inspector Major Fleming. Appointed 24 April 1920. Dismissed 5 October 1920 due to unsatisfactory conduct.

73317: William J. Dalton: b. 25 Nov. 1897 at London, England; 5'8"; Protestant; occ.: machine man, ex soldier. Applied from London. Rec'd. by Constable Inspector Major Fleming. Appointed 24 Sept. 1920. Resigned 4 Jan. 1921: dissatisfied.

74737: Harold H. Dalton: b. 8 Aug. 1897 at London, England; 5'7"; Protestant; occ.: music hall artist, ex soldier. Applied from Hertshire, England. Rec'd. by Constable Inspector Major Fleming. Appointed 22 Oct. 1920. Allocated to Co. Galway East Riding. Resigned 11 Dec. 1921.

* Riding: The counties of Cork, Galway and Tipperary were divided into regions known as ridings because of their large rural size.


DSG Secretary Maureen Collins of Sydney, Australia is planning a meeting of Daltons in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday, February 20, 2005 from 2:00 pm to 6:00pm. Please contact Maureen for further details. She may be reached at:

U. S.

DGS member, Dorothea Bongi of Newcastle, PA has sent a new item about her third cousin.

Kathleen Dalton. Their Dalton roots are in County Leixlip, Ireland. Kathleen has authored a biography of President Theodore Roosevelt entitled "Theodore Roosevelt: a Strenuous Life".

Kathleen Dalton is associate fellow at the Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History at Harvard University and research fellow at the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Author of "A Portrait of a School: Coeducation at Andover" and several articles on Theodore Roosevelt and his times, she is Cecil F. P. Bancroft Instructor of history and social science at Phillips Academy, Andover. Educated at Mills College and Johns Hopkins University, she has been studying Theodore Roosevelt since 1975. She lives in Andover, Massachusetts, with her husband, the historian E. Anthony Rotundo, and their two children.

For an account of the Roosevelt biography, Click here: Borzoi Reader | Catalog

During the month of January 2005 two files were added to the Dalton Data Bank, North Carolina, U. S., and County Mayo, Ireland.

North Carolina

Available birth records are scarce but many birth years and locations can be gleaned from the enumerations of the1860 Census. DGS member K. T. Mapstone has extracted those Daltons who migrated to other states and all Daultons and Doltons in that year. Numerous Marriage Bond records and other pertinent data will be quite helpful in locating ancestors who comprise the 1500 surname entries that K. T. has compiled.

The uploading of the North Carolina file completes the basic data for the 50 states. Additions will be collected and uploaded as warranted.

County Mayo

DGS member Mike Dalton of Oregon has expanded the County Mayo data of Vital Records to about 250 surnames by extracting from the microfilms of Matthew Dalton. Some of the least common male given names were present in this county. The file contains the ancestry of the late Francis Cardinal Dalton, Archbishop of Armagh.