from Millicent Craig

The manor at Mount Dalton is one of the few remaining historical Dalton homes in Ireland. It is located in Rathconrath, County Westmeath just west of Mullingar. The home was built in 1784 by a line of Dalton Counts and it's history has been reported in DGS Journal 29, pp 49-53 and in "Daltons in History", Vol. 5, No. 12, Dec 2002, "Only a Sketch Remains". (This refers to the obelisk monument that once graced the grounds). The entrance is flanked by stone pillars and inside is a gatehouse that is covered with colorful flowers in the summer. On the site are the remains of the former Dalton castle and cemetery. In recent years visitors to the Mount have enjoyed fishing in the small lake.

Gatehouse and Mrs. Doreen Gibson-Brabazon
Mount Dalton Manor

On Sunday, July 31, 2005 DGS member Mrs. Catherine Gibson-Brabazon and current owner of Mount Dalton will host a tour of sites in the vicinity of the Mount of genealogical interest to Daltons. This area was the scene of many significant events in their history. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn first-hand of the turmoil that beset Daltons in this land.

If you have not already sent you reservation form to the Chairman of the Dalton Genealogical Society, Michael N. Dalton in Surrey, England you may want to do so. His e-mail address: You may also enter the Archives section located on the home page and read the particulars concerning the Dalton AGM to be held in Dublin on July 30, 31 2005. Scroll to the January 2005 and February 2005 issues.

The meeting, lecture and dinner will be held on July 30, 2005 in Dublin and the group will drive to Rathconrath on Sunday morning, July 31, 2005 for the Mount Dalton activities. At present approximately 50 attendees have sent in their reservations; about 17 are Americans. A copy of the reservation form may be obtained by clicking here, Reservation Form. We look forward to seeing you in July 2005.

Note: Photos courtesy of DGS member, Cecilia Lange, Aurora. Colorado.

In the February 2005 issue of "Daltons in History", there was a mention that a request had been made to the Herald's Office at the National Library of Dublin for a group of Dalton pedigrees from the Archives. That order is being filled and copies of 5 Dalton pedigree documents are on their way. The DGS now needs assistance in locating Dalton research from the Manuscript Reading Room of the National Library. There are at least 11 volumes of " Manuscripts Sources for the History of Irish Civilization " in the National Library. They contain some very early references to Daltons.

Mike Dalton of Oregon will be researching the famous Dublin historian, John D'Alton. John McGovern, the Archivist at Millmount Archives in Drogheda writes that there is a great deal of material on John D'Alton at the Royal Irish Academy, Molesworth St. Dublin. Mike plans to compile information from the headstones at Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin, where John D'Alton and many other prominent Daltons are interred.

Before applying for birth, marriage or death certificates, check the availability of parish records at the url given below. There are a number of parishes with 18th century records and the earliest one, 1702, is in Waterford & Lismore. Waterford consistently saved the earliest records.

Genealogical Office documents are indexed in Hayes', Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilisation, Ms470, (the section Persons probably being the most useful to the family researcher) and can be accessed through the Manuscripts Reading Room of the National Library.

For those who will be doing research in Northern Ireland, the URL and address is located at the end of this article.


The following details for research in Dublin have been supplied by K. T. Mapstone. Long lines in the summer months behooves one to order as many records as possible beforehand.

Note: August 1, 2005 is a bank holiday.

The General Register Office

General Register Office, Joyce House, 8-11 Lombard Street East, Dublin 2, Opening hours: 9.30am-4.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Certificates: Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Short birth Certificate.

Search Fees (2005):

Particular Search: €1.90 A search (in the public office by the applicant) over a period not exceeding five years for any given entry.

General Search: €15.24 Search (in the public office by the applicant) through the indexes to either Births or Deaths during any number of successive hours not exceeding six, or to indexes to Marriages during any number of successive days not exceeding six, without specifying the object of the search. (Fee does not include the cost of certificates or photocopies).

Note: These search fees only apply to personal callers to the G.R.O. office in Dublin.

Photocopy of entry in the Register: €3.81. When reference information is supplied: €1.90. Reference information consists of Year, Quarter, Volume and Page No. Authentication of an existing Certificate €1.90.

The National Archives

The National Archives, Bishop Street, Dublin 8, Opening hours: 10.00am-5.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) You may print an application for a reader's ticket in the Niall McCarthy Reading Room online.

National Library of Ireland

National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin 2, Opening hours: Main Reading Room, Monday to Wednesday, 10am-9pm, Thursday to Friday, 10am-5pm, Saturday, 10am-1pm (excluding bank holidays)

Manuscript Reading Room, Monday to Wednesday, 10am-8.30pm, Thursday to Friday, 10am-4.30pm, Saturday, 10am-12.30pm (excluding bank holidays)

Genealogical data may be found in the Index compiled by J. B. Hayes, "The Manuscript Sources of the History of Irish Civilization" . Click on persons. This manuscript may also be located in U. S. libraries. Genealogy Service, Monday to Friday, 10am to 4.45pm, Saturday, 10am to 12.30pm (excluding bank holidays)

An index of the Parish Registers available in the National Library, is at The National Library also requires a reader's ticket. Photo I.D. is needed. You may print an application online.

Registry of Deeds

Registry of Deeds, Henrietta Street, Dublin 1

Dublin Tourism

Dublin Tourism - Official Information, Dublin Hotels and Car Hire

Irish Tourist Board

Irish Tourism

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, 66 Balmoral Avenue, Belfast BT9 6NY Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9am-4.45pm, Thursday, 10am-8.45pm.

from Archie Dalton

DGS member Archie Dalton of Tennessee has sent a very long pedigree for the DGS Archives. Because of widespread interest in the Pittsylvania, VA Grainger, TN Daltons, Archie has given permission to print the following introduction to his family tree. He also acknowledges contributions from Don Hadrick.

1. REUBEN1 DALTON was born 1752 in Bedford County, Virginia, and died August 19, 1822 in Grainger County, Tennessee. He married ELIZABETH SHOCKLEY c. 1771 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. She was born before 1765 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and died after 1823 in Grainger County, Tennessee.

Notes for REUBEN DALTON: Reuben Dalton is buried in the woods near the Bluff Davidson graveyard near Thornhill, TN. Reuben Dalton it is said was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He did serve as an Ensign in Captain Jonathan Isham's Company in the Virginia State Militia in the 1780's.

Reuben acquired 170 acres in the area know as Cranberry Creek that would eventually be included in Carroll County, Virginia. His property adjoined Ogle and John Witcher who would be the father or grandfather of Matilda Witcher who married Carter Dalton. One of his neighbors was Richard Shockley, who would become his father in law, and John Dodson, who was the grandfather of Samuel Dodson Jr who married Mary Polly Dalton, Reuben's daughter. Also nearby were John Williams Jr., and William Williams. William Williams was the father of Rebecca Williams, the wife of Enos Dalton. Reuben was active in County affairs serving as constable and surveyor of the road in the new County of Grayson. Reuben sold 100 acres of his land in 1797 to Samuel Brown, and the balance in 1801 to Thomas Ogle Jr. He moved his family out of Virginia into Tennessee about 1801. He is listed on the tax list in Tennessee as owning 200 acres of land for the year 1797, but may have stayed on in Virginia until 1801, when he sold the remainder of his land.

Notes for ELIZABETH SHOCKLEY: Elizabeth Shockley, it is whispered, was a witch. Quite possibly, Elizabeth got her reputation because she was a healer, having knowledge of home made remedies, herbs and potions. It was a skill much in demand during the early years of settlement when a doctor was seldom nearby. However, the rumors, about Elizabeth from nearly two hundred years ago still surface now and again.

In was in the summer of 1976 that a descendant of Reuben and Elizabeth, who was living in Ohio came back to Grainger county, looking for their grave site. Since Reuben and Elizabeth were not buried in a regular cemetery, he had asked the pastor of a local church to help him in locating their graves. The pastor had spoken with member of his congregation and discovered that several of them knew where they were buried and were willing to lead the visitor to the graves. So, on a nice Sunday afternoon after services at the church were completed, the visitor, the pastor and four members of the congregation set out to find the graves.

After leaving the church they drove down a two lane blacktop road, turned off on an old dirt road, and followed it until they reached a point at the bottom of a mountain. After unloading and a few minutes of discussion on the precise location of the graves, they began the ascent of the mountain. The climb was complicated by the fact that no real path existed and the visitor was elderly and leaned heavily on a cane. With a lot of assistance to the visitor the party arrived at the top of the mountain and declared that this was the final resting place of Reuben and Elizabeth Dalton. After resting and talking for a spell, the party was preparing to descend the mountain, when one of the ladies suggested that since they were there, perhaps they should gather around the graves, hold hands and say a prayer. They agreed that this was a good idea and the preacher began to lead the group in prayer. As soon as he started praying a woman's scream shattered the afternoon quiet. Those present later claimed that the scream appeared to come from the center of their circle and was so loud that they immediately covered their ears. It appeared that an instant decision was made by everyone that this was not the place they wanted to be. There was no amen said to end the prayer as a headlong race down the side of the mountain began. The visitor left his cane at the top of the mountain and although he did not request nor receive any assistance was the first to reach the road. The preacher finished a close second. Addendum: At the 2001 dedication ceremony, an attendee testified that his son, hidden among the trees, was the culprit.


Fact 1: Birth date based on 1810 census


Elizabeth Shockley was the daughter of Richard Shockley and Elizabeth Adkinson. She was probably born in 1757 or later. It has been reported as late as 1768. There is evidence to support a birth date later than 1757. Elizabeth had her last child, Timothy, in 1810-1811. Assuming a birth year of 1757, she would have been 53 at the time of his birth. The only date we are sure of is that in 1810, she was over 45 years old. Enos Dalton, the first-born was born about 1772, according to census data, and other records. There is a span of 38 years between Enos and Timothy. If Elizabeth was also his mother she would have had to have been born 10 to 15 years earlier than 1768. This would have made her over 50 years old when Timothy was born. However, we also know that Reuben named all his children in his will and they included Enos and Timothy. In addition, Reuben remarked that Enos could continue possession of a certain piece of land known as Enos' field as long as his mother was alive and after that the land would be transferred to two of his brothers.

Evidence also shows that Richard Shockley arrived in the Hillsville, Virginia area about 1773. His family, it is reported, did not join him there until 1775. Reuben Dalton arrived in the same area no earlier than 1780 and probably 1781 or 1782. He shows up on record in 1782. In order for a marriage between Reuben and Elizabeth prior to 1775, Richard Shockley and Reuben Dalton, would have had to have been together back in Pittsylvania County. I believe that Reuben and Elizabeth were married in Pittsylvania County about 1772. While I still have problems with Elizabeth's age, I believe she was the mother of all of Reuben's children. Elizabeth was still alive in 1823, but died prior to 1830. This could have been resolved if the 1820 census were available.

The 1810 census for Reuben Dalton Sr was: 12101-11101. This indicates that living in his household were 1 male born between 1800-1810, 2 males born between 1794-1800, 1 male born between 1784-1794, 1 male over 45, who was probably Reuben Dalton Sr. The female included 1 female born between 1800-1810, 1 female born between 1794-1800, 1 female born between 1784-1794, and 1 female over 45 who was probably Elizabeth Shockley.

Here are some Dalton queries from around the world and the sender could use your help in locating relatives. Some list emigrants to other countries for whom they have lost all contact. Please respond directly to the individual.

Alan Dalton in New Zealand writes that his grandfather Michael Dalton (1858-1951) arrived in New Zealand in 1875 when he was 17 years of age. His great grandfather was also Michael Dalton, married Catherine Tobin and killed by a falling tree before his grandfather was born. His grandfather was baptised 28 Nov 1858 in St. Peter and Pauls Church, Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland. He lived in Glenaloughlin in the Nire valley. The Parish priest was W. J. Walsh who wrote to his grandmother in 1831. Michael and Catherine had five children: John emigrated to Australia, Pat, Cathleen and Mary to the USA, and Michael to New Zealand.

His grandfather Michael was married twice with his first wife dying. His first wife was Mary Horgan (born 1864 died 1894) and after her death he married Mary's sister Norah Horgan (born 1869 ). Alan would like to locate descendents who emigrated to the U. S. e-mail:

Belinda Kent of Champaign Co., OH posted this note on the Dalton Data Bank. I recently found some information in the 1880 Census of Adams Co., Ohio that surprised me. James L.Dalton b. January 15, 1830 in VA .is listed in the census with his family. It listed his wife as Barbary (Barbara Bannister Crum) as being born in Ky. Now here is the interesting part. Of his children: William Henry (whom I descend from), John H., Penola (Nola), James L., and Polly M. had a mother born in VA. But Ella M, Ulysses G. and Laura B. had Barbary as a mother. Does any one know who the mother of the first children was? e-mail:

Betty Padgett of Rutherford, NC posted the following note. Betty has been searching for a long time. I am looking for a first cousin (John Wayne Dalton. He is the son of Glenn W. Dalton, who was born in North Carolna. We are descendants of David Dalton, Sr. I enjoyed your website. My family are originally from North Carolina, but went west to CA. My Dad was Claude Alvin Dalton, was in WWII (Navy) and so was his brother Glenn Dalton. They both died in California. So did my sister Pat Dalton Ferguson and my Aunt Myrtle Dalton Pritchard. They all died in Santa Clara, California. e-mail:

Tom O'Connor of Braintree, MA writes: Gr grandson of Catherine Dalton Kinch of Tignish, Lot 1 PEI, Canada. Wife of Lawrence Kinch, daughter of Patrick Dalton and Margaret McCarthy thought to have been from Ballyheigue, Kerry in the 1820's. e-mail

Jeff Hall of Amherst NH posted the following note. My sixth great grandmother was Abigail Dalton who married Richard Hall of Bradford, MA. We are still trying to find out where Richard's father, Richard was from as he appears in Bradford around 1763 from parts unknown. e-mail:

Jon Sheehan, Boston, MA recently found out that his biological grandfather's name was Clement Dalton. He was born in California, was employed as a sailor and died in approximately 1989. Anyone with knowledge of him and his ancestors - please e-mail me

Editor's note: The DGS located the last residence of Clement Dalton in Pawnee City, NE. Will any descendents of Clement please be in touch with Jon?

Sarah Arkell of Kent, England is looking for DALTON's in the Kent area - mainly in Faversham / Dunkirk / Boughton / Canterbury. However she would be interested in any DALTON's from Kent. Her gggggrandmother was a Prudence DALTON who married an Edward GOODWIN. e-mail:

from DGS member, Eira Makepiece, Bristol, England

Notes: The information is derived from parish registers in York, archival material in the City of York Archives and the 1841, 1851 and 1881 censuses for Yorkshire When reading the number of children, the reader should infer ‘at least’ as not all children have been traced.

Continuation of ancestral chart from February 2005 issue of "Daltons in HIstory"

5-George Londesbrough DALTON b. 18 Jan 1876, Durban, c. 8 Mar 1876,
Durban, d. 12 Jul 1946, Durban
+Lily BROKENSHA b. 1881, d. 1970, m. 17 Sep 1902, Durban, par. Philip BROKENSHA and Eva Jane PENROSE
6-Eva DALTON b. 1903, d. 1973
7-Barry STEWART b. 1932
+Moira BATH
8-Michlene STEWART b. 1963
9-Christopher WARD
9-Lorielle LOCKE
8-Tim STEWART b. 1959
7-Noreen STEWART b. 1936
8-Janet RICHARDSON b. 1963
8-Diane RICHARDSON b. 1965
6-Ina Penrose DALTON b. 1913, Durban
6-Howard Ernest DALTON b. 26 Jan 1917, Durban, d. 22 May 1987, Durban
+Joan MORTON , m. 1944
7-Lynette DALTON b. 1946
8-Jenny MEYER b. 1974
8-Wendy MEYER b. 1972
7-Brian DALTON b. 1947
8-Stacy DALTON
8-Ashley DALTON
7-Karen Lily DALTON b. 24 Aug 1955
8-Shane George FAIRFIELD b. 6 Jul 1974, Greyville, Durban, c. Manning Road Methodist Churc
+George Keith FAIRFIELD
8-Seth Paton FAIRFIELD b. 22 Dec 1984, The Sanatorium, Berea, Durban
8-Shane George FAIRFIELD b. 6 Jul 1974, Greyville, Durban, c. Manning Road Methodist Churc
8-Seth Paton FAIRFIELD b. 22 Dec 1984, The Sanatorium, Berea, Durban
6-Eric Londesbrough DALTON b. 2 Dec 1906, Durban, d. 22 May 1987, Durban
+Doris SMITH
+Lily BROKENSHA b. 1881, d. 1970, par. Philip BROKENSHA and Eva Jane PENROSE
6-Eric Londesbrough DALTON b. 2 Dec 1906, Durban, d. 22 May 1987, Durban
+Doris SMITH (Duplicate line)
+Lily BROKENSHA b. 1881, d. 1970, par. Philip BROKENSHA and Eva Jane PENROSE
5-Christopher Starr DALTON b. 26 Nov 1877, Durban, c. 17 Feb 1878, Durban, d. 13 Nov 1933, Addington
+Eugenie Marie PINCHON , m. 31 Jan 1901, Durban
+Esther RADFORD d. 1955, m. 21 Jun 1910, Durban
6-Ethel Joyce DALTON b. 27 Nov 1911, Durban
6-Christopher Denis DALTON b. 7 Nov 1918, Durban
6-Esther Olive DALTON b. 15 Oct 1926, Durban
5-Ernest DALTON b. 7 Oct 1879, Durban, d. 27 Jun 1894, West Street Cemetery, Durban5-Leonard Douglas DALTON b. 13 Mar 1883, Durban, d. 3 Feb 1953, Dunnottar, Transvaal
+Rene Essie LEWIS d. 1968
5-Hilda Ann DALTON b. May 1887, Durban, d. 8 Oct 1956, Johannesburg, Transvaal
+John Fleming GARDNER d. 1942, Transvaal
6-Joseph Dalton GARDNER
6-Hilda Esme GARDNER
+George Edward NEWTON
7-Geoffrey NN
7-Susan NN
7-Trevor NN
5-Gladys Irene Florence DALTON b. 19 Jan 1892, Durban, d. 30 Apr 1971, Welkom OFS
+Alfred Kinnear HODGE d. 1962, m. Durban
6-John Kinnear HODGE
4-William DALTON b. 1837, Bedern, York, c. 26 Feb 1837, Bedern, York
4-Sarah Ann DALTON b. 1840, c. 5 Apr 1840, Holy Trinity, Goodramgate
+John NICHOLSON , m. 29 Jun 1862, St Saviour, York
3-Ann DALTON b. 1813, c. 24 Jan 1813, St Crux, York
+George DOUGLASS c. 26 Mar 1815, Sheriff Hutton, Yorkshire, m. 29 Mar 1841, St Crux, York
3-Mary DALTON b. 1815, c. 5 Mar 1815, St Crux, York
3-George DALTON b. 1817, c. 29 May 1817, St Crux, York, d. 15 Oct 1817, Holy Trinity Goodramgate
3-Rachael DALTON b. 1818, c. 2 Aug 1818, St Crux, York, d. 8 Dec 1919, Holy Trinity Goodramgate
3-Rachael DALTON b. 1820, c. 10 Sep 1820, St Crux, York, d. 5 Jun 1821, Holy Trinity Goodramgate
3-William DALTON c. 30 Jun 1822, St Crux, d. 14 Dec 1852, Great Shambles, then York Cemetery
3-John DALTON b. 19 Sep 1824, The Shambles, c. 19 Sep 1824, St Crux, York, d. 23 Jul 1891, Heworth Green, buried York Cemetery
+Jane NN b. 24 Nov 1830, d. 5 Jul 1907, Heworth
4-Jane Ann DALTON c. 16 Sep 1854, St Crux, York, d. 7 Sep 1940, Heworth Green, York
4-John William DALTON b. 4 Jul 1858, St Crux, c. 4 Jul 1858, St Crux, d. 2 Aug 1858, The Shambles
4-John Charles DALTON c. 15 Oct 1860, St Crux
+Mary Loiusa
4-Jane Ann DALTON c. 16 Sep 1854, St Crux, York, d. 7 Sep 1940, Heworth Green, York
3-Richard DALTON b. 1828, c. 13 Apr 1828, St Crux, d. 3 Feb 1829, St Crux
+Mary WHEATLEY c. 14 Sep 1746, Holy Trinity Micklegate, d. 23 Apr 1778, Holy Trinity Goodramgate, m. 9 Jun 1772, Christ Church York, par. William WHEATLEY and Unknown
2-Richard DALTON c. 10 Mar 1773, Christ Church, York
2-Henry DALTON c. 22 Aug 1774, Christ Church York
2-Thomas DALTON b. 1776, c. 7 Nov 1776, Christ Church, York.

The following list of obituaries was extracted from the on-line web site of the New Orleans Public Library by DGS member, K. T. Mapstone. They were compiled by Colleen Fitzpatrick, a New Orleans researcher.

Dates of the Dalton obituaries range from 1824 through the 1970's and cover a large period prior to the availability of the Social Security Death Index. The online index provides the name of the newspaper, date and page and for a modest fee will mail a copy.

New Orleans Obituaries

12 Aug 1916, Mrs Thonine ( Dalton ) Belsom, Daily Picayune Aug. 13 1916
23 Jan 1907, Mrs Mary Lillie ( Dalton ) Comment, Daily Pcayune Jan 25, 1907
20 Mar 1958, Mrs Katherine L. ( Dalton ) Cotten, Daily Picayune 21 Mar 1958
1 Aug 1865, Alice Dalton, States, Times Picayune, 13 Aug 1865
11 Aug 1863, Annie Dalton (3 yrs), Daily Picayune fix
3 Mar 1911,Mrs Annie ( Clabby ) Dalton, husb Robert Dalton, Daily Picayune 5 Mar 1911
8 Sep 1847, Bridget Dalton (18 mos), Daily Delta, 9 Sep 1847
6 Sep 1877, Carrie Copley Dalton, infant, Daily Picayune 9 Sep 1977
16 Jan 1904, Mrs Catherine ( Brady ) Dalton (78) husb. Matthew Dalton, Daily Picayune, Times Democrat, 24/25 Dec 1954
K. I. A, SSgt Charles K. Dalton, father John M. Dalton, Morgan City, Times Picayune 17 Apr 1945
4 Jul 1950, Clarence M. Dalton (48), Times Picayune, States, 5 Jul 1950
2 Aug 1961, Clyde E. Dalton, Times Picayune, Aug 4 1961
14 May 1933, Mrs Cora ( Cruanes ) Dalton, (65) husb. Henry Dalton, a.k.a. Mrs. Frank Solanthe, Tines Picayune, 15/16 May 1933
23 Jul 1954,Mrs Coralie M. ( Sivindler ) Dalton (73) husb. Robert Dalton, Times Picayune, States, 24/25 Dec 1954
15 Jun 1924, Mrs Cornelia E. ( Woods ) Dalton, (85), husb. Samuel W. Dalton, Times Picayune 16/17 Jun 1924
1896, Mrs Daisy D. Dalton (25) Daily Picayune 23/25 Aug 1896
11 Oct 1859, Edward Dalton, Daily Crescent, Comm'l Bulletin, 12 Oct 1859
30 Sep 1925, Edward Joseph Dalton, infant, Times Picayune, 29 Oct 1925
10 May 1927, Edward L. Dalton, (39), Times Picayune, 11 May 1927
17 Jun 1853, Eleanor Dalton, (65) Daily Delta, 19 Jun 1853
25 Aug 1923, Mrs Elizabeth ( Brannan ) Dalton, husb Frank W. Dalton, Times Picayune, Aug 26/27 1923
26 Feb 1918, Mrs. Elizabeth ( Meyer ) Dalton, husb. Joseph L. Dalton, 27 Feb 1918
22 Apr 1948, Mrs Ella ( Rollinger ) Dalton, (85), Times Picayune and States, 23 Apr 1948
11 Mar 1945, Mrs Emily Jane ( Brown ) (74) husb. William Dalton, 12 Mar 1945
21 Nov 1926, Mrs Ethel Elizabeth ( Hawkins ) Dalton, husb., H. E.. Dalton, Times Picayune 24 Nov 1926
31 Nov 1940, Eugene S. Dalton, Times Picayune, Morning Tribune, Feb 1/2 1940
19 Dec 1945, Mrs Florence ( Mc Collum ) Dalton, (60) husb. Thomas J. Dalton, Times Picayune. 20/21 Dec 1945
14 Jul 1928, Francis Charles Dalton, Times Picayune, 15 Jul 1928
26 Oct 1949, Frank Marshall Dalton, (74) Times Picayune, States, 27 Oct 1949
10 Nov 1830, George Dalton (40), native of Ireland, Louisiana Advertiser, 10 Nov 1830
18 Jun 1907, George W. Dalton, (49) Daily Picayune, 18/23 Jun 1907
1 Apr 1960, Mrs Gertrude Dalton, husb. James Dalton, States, Times Picayune 2 Apr 1960
1 Sep 1943, Harry V. Dalton (54), Times Picayune, 2/3 Apr 1943
8 Mar 1936, Henry G. Dalton, Times Picayune, 9 Mar 1936
18 Jun 1845, Mrs Ida ( Pedarre ) Dalton, (85), husb. George Dalton, Times Picayune 20 Jun 1945
8 Oct 1925, Jackson George Dalton (61), Times Picayune, 9 Oct 1925
7 Oct 1856, James Dalton, (35), Times Picayune 8 Oct 1856
Nov 1832, Mr James Dalton, (32) Native of Queens Co., IRE, Louisiana Advertiser 5 Nov 1832
19 Jun 1963, James Dalton, (36) States, Times Picayune, 20/21 Jun 1963
24 Nov 1967, James Dalton, Times Picayune, 26 Nov 1867
? James T. Dalton, Chambers History, LA 1925, v. 3, p 86.
28 Jan 1950, Mrs Jennie T. ( Culligan ) Dalton, (79), Times Picayune, States, 29/30 Jan 1950
29 Apr 1864, John Dalton, Daily True Delta, 29 Apr 1864
5 Jun 1893,John J. Dalton (4 mos), Daily Picayune 6/11 Jun 1893
8 Dec 1850, John M. Dalton, Times Picayune, 11 Dec 1950
Apr 1926, John, Sr. Dalton, (76), Item, 19 Apr 1926
31 Jul 1966, Joseph, Jr. L. Dalton, Times Picayune, States, 1 Aug 1966
23 Dec 1942, Joseph, Sr. Leonidas Dalton, (73), Times Picayune, 24 Dec 1942
15 Jul 1954, Mrs Josephine M. ( Leydecker ) Dalton, husb. Frank M. Dalton, States, Times Picayune, 15/16 Jul 1954
19 Dec 1963, Julia Dalton, Times Picayune, 22 Dec 1963
10 Aug 1918, Kate Dalton, Times Picayune, 11 Jul 1918 Mrs Katy Dalton, husb. Valentin Dalton see Mrs. Katy Shaw
5 Dec 1925, Mrs. Laura Frances ( Simpson ) Dalton, (52), husb. Isaac Dalton, 7 Dec 1925
30 Aug 1925, Lawford Dalton, Times Picayune, 31 Aug 1925
3 May 1937, Lucius D. Dalton, Tmes Picayune, 3 May 1937
30 Mar 1941, Lucius L. Dalton, Times Picayune, 31 Mar & Apr 1 1941
19 Oct 1954, Mamie Dalton (75) Times Picayune, 20/21 Oct 1954
10 Jul 1962, Mrs Marie Borchers ( Stierle ) Dalton, husb. Lucius L. Dalton, Times Picayune, States, 11 Jul 1962
11 Feb 1919, Mrs Mary Ann ( Nelson ) Dalton, husb. William Dalton, Times Picayune, 12 Feb 1919
2 Jan 1925, Mathew D. Dalton, (40), Times Picayune, 3 Jan 1925
Mrs Myrtle C. Dalton, Louisiana Bus. & Prof. Directory, 1954, p461
Patrick Dalton, Daily True Delta, 12 Jul 1860
Jan 1891, Patrick Dalton (19), Daily City Item, 31 Jan 1891
17 Mar 1952, Ray Dalton (50), Times Picayune, States, 19 Mar 1952
22 Aug 1959, Raymond Albert Dalton, (61), Times Picayune, 23 Aug 1959
5 Aug 1950 (30), Dr. Richard A. Dalton, Jr., Item, Aug 6 1950.
23 May 1858, Robert Dalton, (6), Daily Crescent, 24 May 1858
3 Apr 1887, Robert Dalton, (55) Daily Picayune, 4 Apr 1887
2 Sep 1968, Robert Dalton, Times Picayune, States, 5 Sep 1968
8 Dec 1935, Robert H. Dalton (53), Times Picayune, 9 Dec 1935
3 Jan 1941, Samuel Francis Dalton, (60), Times Picayune, Item, 4/5/6/ Jan 1941
21 Oct 1923, Samuel W. Dalton, (73), Times Picayune, 22 Oct 1923
27 Oct 1910, Mrs Sarah ( Speet ) Dalton, husb., Thomas Dalton, Daily Picayune, 28/29/30 Oct 1910
15 Dec 1894, Mrs Sarah Dalton, husb. William Dalton, Daily Picayune, 16/23 Dec 1894
10 Aug 1865, Mrs Susan ( Henderson ) Dalton, husb. John Gelpen Dalton, Times, 11 Aug 1865
30 Jan 1900, Thomas Dalton, States, Daily Picayune, Jan 31 & Feb 4 1900
4 Feb 1964, Thomas Daniel Dalton, States-Item, Times Picayune, 24/25 Feb 1964
3 Sep 1926, Thomas J. Dalton, (44), Times Picayune, 4 Sep 1926
12 Jan 1950, Mrs Tillie ( Dewhurst ) Dalton, husb. Alexander J. Dalton, Sr., States, Item, Times Picayune, 14/15/16 Jan 1950
22 Nov 1931, Virginia Dalton, Times Picayune, 24 Nov 1931
18 Sep 1939, W. A. Dalton (70) Times Picayune, 20 Sep 1939
4 Jul 1824, Mrs William Dalton, Louisiana Courier, 8 Jul 1824
25 Jul 1870, William Dalton, (75) Daily Picayune, 27 Aug 1870
2 Jun 1936, William Dalton, (74), Times Picayune, 3 Jun 1936
26 Dec 1971William Dalton, Times Picayune, 26 Dec 1971
9 Feb 1891, William J. Dalton, (46), Daily City Item, 15 Feb 1891
9 Feb 1914, William Joseph Dalton, Daily Picayune, 10 Feb 1914
15 Mar 1967, Wilma Lynn Dalton, Times Picayune, States, 17 Mar 1967
9 Feb 1883, Mrs Josephine ( Mortrier ) Daulton/Dalton, (37), husb. Jean Daulton/Dalton, Bee (L'Abeille), 9 Feb 1883
7 May 1926, Mrs Mary ( Dalton ) Eckert (53), husb. Joseph Dalton, Times Picayune, 9 May 1926

The New Orleans Public Library has a huge index of obituaries from all New Orleans newspapers from1840-1970.

The index can be found online at

The DGS continues to update and add to the data for Ireland thanks to the efforts of Mike Dalton of Oregon. During the month of February 2005 Mike completed files for four more counties and they were added to the Dalton Data Bank They are: Counties, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon and Offaly. Click on Republic of Ireland.

Counties Sligo and Leitrim. There were few Daltons in these two counties and the files are very small.

Counties Offaly and Roscommon. Both counties are close to Westmeath Dalton and migration from their northern neighbor was heavy. Each file contains about 350 surnames.