July 31, 2005

DGS Chairman, Michael N Dalton reports that as part of the Dublin Dalton AGM to be held in Dublin, Ireland on July 30, 31, 2005, plans have now been set by Mrs. Catherine Brabazon-Gibson, current owner of the Mount Dalton estate and hostess for the day's events on July 31, 2005.

Members will leave Dublin by auto about 10:00 am on Sunday, July 31, 2005. Any who do not have transportation may accompany those who do and who will be returning to the Ashling Hotel or to Dublin for the evening. It is about a 45 minute drive on the N4 from Dublin through Mullingar to Rathconrath, the location of the Mount Dalton properties.

Catherine anticipates that the members will arrive before 11:15 am when coffee will be served.

Guest speaker, Ruth Illingworth, a lecturer at Maynooth University, will elaborate on the Irish Dalton family that lived at Mount Dalton and the history of the manor, and put it in historical context. Catherine will assemble a display of photographs, family trees, books and other items of interest to historians and genealogists.

Following Ms. Illingworth's talk, a catered buffet lunch will be served. There will be a fee of between 15 and 20 Eu's to cover costs for the day. Also attending this event will be the local historian and parish priest.

The afternoon will be devoted to touring the Mount Dalton estate to view the sites of historical interest to Daltons. Attendees will then motor to nearby castles and graveyard and will finish the tour about 4:00 pm. This will be followed by "a cup of tea" before returning to Dublin by about 6:00 pm. Members will have a full evening available for their own pursuits in Dublin. Others who will be heading west and south will leave the party after tea.

Catherine and her husband will attend the AGM dinner at the Ashling Hotel on Saturday evening July 30, 2005. This is an opportunity for all to become acquainted with our Sunday hosts.

If you have not already sent your invitation to the Chairman, now is the time to do so. Click Reservation Form and send to MichaelNDalton@aol.com. Do not miss this unique opportunity to learn the history of Daltons in the County of Westmeath, Ireland.

extracted by K.T. Mapstone, DGS Researcher

Eclipses, comets, meteor showers! All were recorded in the Irish Annals, as well as other significant events. Warfare amongst the Irish and against invaders is the common theme. Medieval Daltons (Dalatun, Dalatunaig, Dhalatunachaibh) have been extracted from the Annals of Connaught, Annals of Loch Ce, Annals of the Four Masters, Annals of Ulster and MacCarthaigh‘s. They were scribed by many authors. Most remain unknown. These Annals are in a date order that begins in 1328 and continues through 1554. The result is before you - a timeline of your Irish Daltons in History.


LC=Loch Ce

M=Four Masters



M1328.26 : The English sustained a great defeat from Mageoghegan three thousand five hundred of them being slain in the contest, together with some of the Daltons, and the son of the Proud Knight.

U1369.5 : Cu-coicrichi Mag Eocaga(i)n junior son of Cenal-Fiachaidh, was killed in treachery after going with the Bishop of Meath Ath-luain. And it was the person of the people of William Dalton that killed him with one thrust of a spear. And nothing was done there but that.

U1373.2 : William Dalton and the Sheriff of Meath were killed by the Cenal-Fiachaidh and by Ua Mael(-Sh)echlainn

AC1373.3 : William Dalton, and the Sheriff of Meath, were killed by the Cineal Fiachach and O Maelsechlainn

M1373.3 : William Dalton and the Sheriff of Meath were slain by the Kinel-Fiachach, and by O'Melaghlin.

M1374.3 : Cucogry Oge Mageoghegan, Chief of Kinel-Fiachach, was treacherously slain after he had gone to Athlone with the Bishop of Meath: it was the Sinnach Mac Mearain (one of William Dalton's people) that killed him, with one thrust of a lance; and he Mac Mearain himself was afterwards torn asunder, and his body was cut into small pieces, for this crime

M1379.3 : Philip, son of Nichol, ie. the Dalton, Lord of Westmeath died.

M1381.15 : Owen Sinnach Fox, Tanist of Muintir-Tadhgain, was slain by the Daltons.

M1386.3 : Niall, the son of Cucogry Oge Mageoghegan, materies of a lord of his tribe, was slain by William Dalton and his son.

M1386.4 : Manus, the son of Hugh MacDermot, was also slain by the Daltons.

AC1386.4 : Niall, son of Cu Choicriche Og Mac Eochacain was killed by the D'Altons on the 5th of April. This man was well qualified to be chieftain of his native land.

M1386.6 : Heremon O'Melaghlin was slain by Magawley and the Daltons.

U1386.9 : The castle of Miles Dalton was taken by the sons of Concobur, son of Cathal Ua Ferghail and given to Thomas, son of Cathal Ua Ferghail.

U1386.10 : The Clan of John Ua Ferghail and Dalton made a joint war against the sons of Murchadh ua Ferghail. The stronghold of Ua Ferghail was attacked by the clan of John and the daughter of Mac William de Burgh, namely, the wife of Ua Ferghail, was taken prisoner therein.

MCB1392.2 : Ambrose son of Walter son of Ristug Dalton was accidentally killed by Pierce Dalton's son.

MCB1392.3 : A raid by Muiris son of Conchobhar [Ó Fearghail] on the son of William Dalton at Ceall Choinne.

MCB1393.18 : The son of William Dalton, an excellent foreign youth, died of the same epidemic.

MCB1393.20 : Edmund son of William Dalton was killed in Breaghmhuine, and Thomas son of John son of Filbug Dalton along with him—a sad event. Great raids were made by the Daltons on the Dillons because of this, and Druim Raithne and Dún na Móna were burned by them also.

MCB1394.2 : Dillon, i.e. Maurice, was killed by the Daltons between his two castles, i.e. Dún na Móna and Druim Raithne—a sad event.

MCB1394.6 : The castles of Druim Ráithe and Dún na Móna were taken by the Daltons.

MCB1394.9 : Ó Conchobhair Failghe made an attack on the Daltons and burned Comhrair, Baile an Tóchair, and Baile na Caradh.

MCB1394.17 : A joint attack was made by Ó Ceallaigh, i.e. Maol Sheachlainn, king of Uí Mhaine, together with a host of Connachtmen, Ó Conchobhair Failghe, Cormac Ó Maoil Sheachlainn, and the men of Midhe against Dalton. They all assembled at Baile Locha Seimhdille, and they set fire to the district, including houses and corn, but Dalton's granary at Ráith Sgiach was valiantly defended against them by himself and a few others.

MCB1395.5 : A great raid was made by the son of Pierce Dalton at Coill Phérais on Dalton, and he took many cows. The Daltons overtook him and Cormac Ó Maoil Sheachlainn at Cairtann, and they fought a valorous, doughty, venomous battle, and Pierce's son and many of his people were wounded, and Dalton and Hubert Dalton received grievous wounds from their own kin in that battle.

MCB1395.6 : Numerous raids were made by the son of Pierce Dalton on the Galls, and he burned Sonnach, including houses and churches, and destroyed a great part of Oirmhidhe.

AC1398.8 : Maurice, son of Piers Dalton, was killed by Muirchertach og (young) Mach Eochacain and Brian, son of O'Connor Failgi

LC1398.10 : Maurice, son of Piers Dalton, occisus est by Muirchertach Og Mac Eochagain, and by Brian, the son of O'Conchobhair Failghe.

MCB1401.4 : A raid by the family of Hubert Dalton and by Nicholas Dalton on Calraighe.

MCB1401.7 : Incursions by the Daltons and some of the people of Anghaile into Muinntear Thadhgáin against the family of Art Ó Maoil Sheachlainn, and a number of them were wounded, and they returned without gain.

MCB1401.9 : The castle of Baile na Cloiche was built by the son of the son of Luke Dalton, i.e. Gerard.

MCB1402.6 : The same Fearghal Ruadh conspired with the family of Maol Mórdha Ó Conchobhair Failghe on the border of Baile an Rátha, and they enticed the two sons of Dalton, i.e. Henry, into the conspiracy with them. They killed Filbín Dalton, the best youth of his age in Midhe for hospitality and power, and Nicholas [Dalton] was captured grievously wounded, after quarter was granted to him by Réigín son of Maol Mórdha.

MCB1402.7 : Attacks by Ó Conchobhair Failghe and Cinéal Fiachach on the Daltons. They killed Mac an Réabaire, constable of Dalton's gallowglasses, and ten people along with him.

MCB1402.13 : A treacherous foray by the son of the son of Éamann Ó Ceallaigh on the family of Hubert [Dalton], and he took many cows.

MCB1402.15 : A foray by the people of Anghaile and the Uí Ghiollagáin on Miles Dalton at Forgnaidhe.

MCB1402.16 : A great foray by Dalton and Ó Fearghail on Cinéal Fiachach, and they took twenty score cows, or a few more, and eight score horses.

MCB1402.18 : Peace between Cinéal Fiachach and the Daltons.

MCB1403.13 : An attack by Fearghal Ruadh Mac Eochagáin on Dalton's cattle-fold, and he, killed the daughter of Toirdhealbhach son of Conchobhar Ó Fearghail, and departed empty-handed.

MCB1403.14 : Three successive attacks by Dalton on Cinéal Fiachach, and he burned and plundered the country extensively.

MCB1403.15 : Attacks by the Daltons and Ó Maoil Sheachlainn on Cinéal Fiachach. They took many cows and killed twelve men or four times as many of the Sionnaigh, including the only son of Muircheartach Sionnach, and the son of Maol Mórdha son of the son of Diarmaid.

MCB1403.18 : Numerous forays and attacks by the Daltons on Cinéal Fiachach.

The Index for DGS Journals 31-35, 1998-2001 has been prepared by DGS committee member, Dr. Lucy J. Slater.

Lucy has expanded the extractions from many of the family histories that have been submitted by members to the DGS for publication. Each short item is summed up in a line or two. All DGS Journals contain genealogical information that has not been published in print nor on the web. It also contains many queries from members and non-members. We encourage you to visit the Journal Index page, browse the contents or use your keywords.

A Few Highlights of Nos. 31-35

* Daltons of Bury Saint Edwards, by Faith Keymer

* My Dalton Lineage (England/Pennsylvania) by Tina Culbertson

* The History of Thomas Dalton, and The History of John Dalton 1763-1838, (Wales and U. S.) by descendent Rodney Garth Dalton

* Dalton Links in Buckinghamshire by Howard John Dalton

* Sir Charles Dalton, Politician Philanthropist (Ireland/Canada), by Tom O'Connor and R. Rankin

* A Dalton family of Carlisle by Humphrey Stead

* A Dalton in the East (Major Dennis Harman Dalton of the East India Company) by Michael Cayley

* Daltons of Hampton, NH, Part II, and Part III by Millicent Craig

* General Alexandre D'Alton, and his daughter, Mademoiselle X (Ireland/France) by Millicent Craig

* The Daltons and Royalty by Arthur Whittaker.

The Index also lists new members of the DGS, Births, Deaths, Marriages, Queries and many items of universal interest.

On 19 February 2005, a meeting was held by Miss Maureen Collins, Australian Secretary of the Dalton Genealogical Society at East Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia. Several members who live in the Melbourne area attended the afternoon session and exchanged information on their Dalton connections as follows.

Wendy Fleming spoke about her recent visit to the U. S. to meet with two sets of relatives found through participation in the Dalton International DNA Project. The Dalton origins of these families are County Westmeath and County Limerick, Ireland.

Dorothy Hilbert and her husband had spent a great deal of time trying to find her Irish roots in Liverpool and discovered that her Dalton family had originated in Norfolk, England. This led to Maureen Collins, a member of the same family, and to an amazing exchange of information. Dorothy's husband Rod Hilbert told of his descent from the royal Burmese family. He was born in Burma and his grandmother was a Burmese princess. Rod also handed over research papers on the family of Alfred Dalton, son of Abraham Dalton, born 1858 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Geoff Dalton was born in Reading, England but his family came from Cumberland. The family originated in the Waterford area of Ireland. He is hoping to make contact with other Cumberland Daltons and is planning a family history visit to Waterford in May 2005 with his father.

John D'Alton's family went to Tasmania from the U. S. and he does not have information on his Irish origins.

Maureen Collins noted that her grandmother, Laura Dalton was born in Watton, Norfolk, England and her family had lived in the area for several generations. DNA testing so far has shown no connections to any other Daltons. Besides finding Dorothy and Rod Hilbert in Melbourne, Maureen has located other relatives in Ottawa and Vancouver, Canada during the past year.

John Prytherch spoke of his Welsh Dalton family and its connection to Lancashire. John who has contributed several articles on the topic to the DGS Journals, gave the members an explanation of the history.

June Self showed the large volume of work that she has prepared on her late husband's Dalton ancestry. June is willing to share it with others.

Catherine Self allowed that in attending the meeting she now has a much better understanding of Dalton history and looks forward to learning more.

After discussions, tea was served whilst Wendy Fleming provided information on the DNA Project. Before the meeting closed, attendees enjoyed a CD brought by John Prytherch of the Welsh Male Voice Choir in which John is a singer. All agreed that they should meet again. For further information please contact the Australian Secretary, Maureen Collins: mmcollins@ozemail.com.au

Howard Dalton, DGS Treasurer, has joined the East Yorkshire FHS and hopes to make some progress with the long history of Daltons in Hull. Howard states that there have been some improvements recently in the organization and availability of records in Hull.

DGS newsletters, "Daltons in History", are being prepared for uploading to the Dalton Data Bank. During the month of April 2005, newsletters for the first year of publication will make their appearance. Volume 1, Nos. 1-12 is being completed and contains a great deal of general Dalton information, queries, research papers, and original material including biographies that are not published elsewhere. Full text of all newsletters will eventually by uploaded.

The number of attendees at the AGM in Dublin on July 30, 31 2005 is still increasing. If you have not sent your reservation form to the Chairman, Michael N. Dalton may we remind you to do so. Click on "Daltons in History" for February 2005, Vol. 8, No. 2 and read the agenda for the gathering in Dublin. The current issue contains the "Programme for A Day at Mount Dalton" and will be a unique experience for all who attend. Send the reservation form to: MichaelNDalton@aol.com.

North American members will receive a notice during the month of May 2005 concerning attendance at the first Dalton AGM to be held in North America on October, 6, 7, 8, 2006. This is the Columbus Day weekend and foliage tours will be at their height in New England, so it is necessary to secure meeting facilities and lodging accommodations by August 2005. Favorable sites are extremely limited in the Newburyport, MA/Hampton,NH corridor. The notice will simply be a straw poll, not a commitment, to obtain an estimate of the number of attendees on which to proceed with proposals. On my way to Dublin in July 2005, your American secretary will visit those facilities that meet the requirements of members. In your planning, October 9, 2005 will be celebrated as Columbus Day and allows attendees the day for travel home. Canadian and English Daltons are also expected to attend.

During the month of March 2005, the file for County Clare was uploaded to the Dalton Data Bank under Republic of Ireland. This is a short file and appears to be primarily of a single family line. It was assembled by Mike Dalton of Oregon who will have the large Tipperary file ready for the May 2005 issue of "Daltons in History".

The following list of burial locations was submitted by DGS member Rickie E. Dalton of Dunnellon, Florida. They are located at the Mount Pisgah and Warsaw Methodist churches.

Mount Pisgah

Corrie N. Scott Dalton, b. Mar 8 1882, d. Sep 6 1914
Harvey C. Dalton, b. Jan 8 1893, d. Jun 17, 1967
Herbert Clay Dalton, b. Nay 10 1917, b. Nov 3, 1989
Mary Eatherl Dalton, b. Aug 12, 1816, d. Nov 6 1918
Mary N. Dalton, b. Jul 13, 1892, d. Nov 16, 1982
Pearl E. Dalton, b. Nov 1892, d. Feb 24m 1974 (lived in FL)
Robert G. Dalton, b. Sep 26, 1892, d. Mar 23, 1950
Robert Veston Dalton, b. Apr 15 1907, d. Oct 26 1908
Willie G. Dalton, b. May 19, 1909, d. Jul 9, 1909


Annie E. Dalton, b. Mar 21m 1843, d. Mar 1, 1903
C. P. Dalton, b. Apr.1, 1844, d. Jun 28, 1916
Infant Dalton, b. May 4, 1887, d. May 18, 1887 (son of C. P. and F. E. Dalton)
Olive Chrisopher Dalton, b. Dec 1867, d. Dec 28, 1935 (second wife of C. P. Dalton)
Willie P. Dalton, b. Jun 2, 1895, d. Aug 6, 1895 (son of C. P. and F. E. Dalton).

Dalton Days in Meade, Kansas is more than a community event. It now attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.

Once again on June 3, 4 & 5, 2005 Meade will host it annual celebration with a focal point, the Dalton Gang Hideout. In 2004, Meade expanded the week-end program of events and has done so again in 2005. Here is an invitation from Susen Foster to all Daltons and a copy of the program of events.

Dear Dalton Family Descendents,

Did you ever imagine that your Dalton heritage would be reason for acclaim? Well, in the little town of Meade in Southwest Kansas we are internationally known for one important tidbit of history. Your ancestors, once known as the infamous Dalton Gang, spent time here hiding out at their sister Eva’s house.

On any Rand McNally you will find Meade noted as a Place of Interest for the Dalton Gang Hideout. On this site is the original house that belonged to Meade merchant John Whipple and his bride, Eva Dalton. In the late 1880s, before the Coffeyville encounter, the Dalton brothers and other “friends” would ride unseen into the barn on their brother-in-law’s property and crawl through a tunnel that emptied into the dining room of the Whipple home.

It is claimed that while secretly visiting, the gang would sneak out to perpetrate their crimes. Unfortunately, as in all small towns, news spread fast and not only did the ‘boys’ quit coming round very often, but John and Eva soon made an excuse to move out of town in hopes that the family reputation would not follow.

Today, visitors to the Dalton Gang Hideout can easily navigate the tunnel. Kids of all ages enter the tunnel from the gift shop and museum, located where once stood the original barn, and cross the threshold into the Whipple house.

Thousands of tourists flock to Meade Kansas each year to check out a piece of YOUR heritage and each June the community commemorates its Wild West history during Dalton Days Wild West Fest. The Hideout grounds are filled with music, arts & crafts, great food, historical figures, and old-fashioned competitions.

Last year we had in attendance 9 Dalton descendents representing 4 different families from all over the country. This year we are inviting you and your family to attend this 3-day event – June 3-5, 2005. If you will notify us in advance of your arrival, we will see that Dalton Descendents have complimentary admission buttons (value $5 each) and a place of honor in our hearts.

Please come. Bring your stories and be prepared to be welcomed with open arms. Call me for more information about the event and directions to Meade or a brochure telling a little more about the event and giving some area lodging options.


* Doc Holliday & Big Nose Kate
* Opry Road Show
* Karaoke and Street Dance
* Prairie Arts and Crafts
* Ice Cream Crank-Off
* Cakewalk & Contests
* Chuckwagon Breakfast
* Cowboy Church
* Kansas Wheat Exhibit
* Parade - Taming of the West
* Kansas Master Farmers

Hope to see you in June, Susen Foster, co-chair Dalton Days Committee. Contact Susen Foster at: dd@greatersuccess.com, tel. 620 873-2008, P. O. Box 392, Meade, Ks.