The following extractions have been provided by Geoffrey Copus of England and contain Dalton references to Abraham Dalton and likely his issue. The Wills of the Two Abrahams were printed in the April 2005, issue of "Daltons in History" and can be seen in the Archive section. Our appreciation is extended to Geoffrey.

Extracts relating to the Dalton family from the Court Rolls and Rentals of the Manor of Norstead.

Abstract of Rental and Court Roll of the Manor of Norstead.

22 November 1611: James Wolveridge and Bridget his wife, Lord and Lady of the Manor.

The names of the Tenants and their respective rents.

Heirs of John Harman, that is William Spackman, Widow

Langridge and William Daughton 5s.4d.

Defaulting tenants: amerced as shown: William Daughton (4d.)

Abstract of Court Roll of the Manor of Norstead held 6 October 1617, James Wolveridge and Bridget his wife Lord and Lady of the Manor.

Essoins: none.

Homage: William Barton, Abraham Dalton and Robert Bedell.

Ann Spackman, widow of William Spackman and daughter of John Harman, held four parcels called Allhawes Wood, Deanes, Mares Croft or Mace Croft and Okemeres Croft containing 27 acres. She has died and the property has come to John Spackman under the will of William Spackman. Heriot, a spayed grey beast seized by the Bailiff. Relief, 3s.8d.

In the Court of Thomas Heneage Esq. held on 20 April 1557 it was found that Thomas Harman held two crofts and one close called Hallawgrove of 6 acres, another close called Deanes and the Bankes of 20 acres, two crofts with two groves called Mace Croft and Okemore Croft of 10 acres, one croft called Mabb Croft of 12 acres and one croft called Sheppards Haw of one acre, [ ? and Rames …]by rent of 25s.4d., one hen and a half and 15 eggs.

To the present Court came Abraham Dalton and Alice his wife and John Haslyn the Guardians of John Spackman, son of William and Ann Spackman, with the consent of George Collyns alias Goulding and Jane his wife (the said Alice, Ann and Jane being the sisters and heirs of John Harman, son of John Harman who was the son of Thomas Harman before-mentioned).

The said Abraham and Alice Dalton, John Haslyn and George and Jane Goulding alias Collyns prayed that the rent might be apportioned between them by the Homage and the Lord, which was done as follows:

Abraham and Alice Dalton to pay for Mabs Croft, Sheppards Haw and Rames 1s.4d., one hen and 15 eggs.

George and Jane Collyns alias Goulding and her heirs to pay for Allhawes field 4d. and half a hen.

John Spackman to pay for Alhawes Wood, Deanes, Mares or Mace Croft and Okemeres 3s.8d.

Abstract of the Court Baron of Robert Doyley Esq. and Lady Bridgett his wife held at Norstead 11 June 1635.

Essoins : none.

Homage: William Small, Abraham Dalton, William Coker, William Barton.

Abraham Dalton senior held a parcel of land called Allhowes field by rent of 6d. He has died: Heriot, a cow value 20s.

[more to be transcribed ?]

Anno 1645 – a note of the names of Tenants and Rents of the Manor of Northstead (original in Latin) -

Abraham Dalton late part Spackmans, once part of Harmans 1s.10d.

The same late part Harmans – 4d. and half a hen

Alice Dalton widow, formerly wife of Abraham Dalton deceased,

part of Harmons 1s.4d., one hen and 15 eggs

Court Baron of John Skeggs gent. held there 24 April 1654 before Thomas Jaratt, Steward.

Homage: Thomas Smyth, Abraham Dalton, Robert Barton.

Defaulting tenants amerced as shown: John Dalton (6d.) Alice Dalton widow (spared).

Rental made at a Court for the Manor of Norstead held on Tuesday 17 September 1717 by George Weller gent., Steward: Thomas Skeggs, gentleman, Lord of the Manor.

John Dalton for a parcel called Allhawes, late Collins, and Allhawes Field, part of Harmons, both in Farnborough - 2 hens, 8d.

John, Abraham and George Dalton for a parcel of land called Mabcroft, Sheppards Hawe and Rames, late Harmons, in Cudham – 1 hen, 15 eggs and 1s.4d.

The above all settled at the Court held on 17 September 1717. The following to be enquired into further at the next Court:

The heirs of Abraham Dalton for [blank] Oakmeer Croft and their moiety of Deans late Spackmans in Cudham - 1s.10d.

Rental received at the Court Baron held 29 November 1721 by John Tasker gent. Steward there.

John, Abraham and George Dalton for a messuage and lands containing about 16 acres, being against Snaggslane in Cudham, formerly Bedells, afterwards Smiths, now in the occupation of the said Richard Glover at 4s.:

Two other pieces called Macecroft and Oakmerfeild and the other part of the aforesaid piece of land called Deanes, now in the occupation of George Wakelen at 8d. and one hen:

Also one piece or parcel called Allhawes Wood formerly Harmans afterwards Collins now in the occupation of the said George Wakelen at 4d. and half a hen: total – 6s.10d. and 1½ hens.

Abraham Dalton of Chelsfield holds one piece of a parcel called Rames alias Ramses at 1s.8d. and 15 eggs.

[ ? Original incomplete]

The Court Baron of Thomas Skeggs gent. held on Tuesday 23 November 1736 before John Tasker gent., Steward there.

Plaints, Essoins – none.

Homage: John Dalton, William Barton, Thomas Lambert.

John and George Dalton held 2 pieces of land called Mace croft and Oakmer field by 1s.10d. and 2 pieces called Mabb Croft and Shepherds Haw by rent of 8d. and one hen; also one piece called All Hawes field at 4d. and half a hen. They alienated the holdings to Thomas Brunsden gent: 3 dead Heriots of 3s.6d. each, and for a Relief 2s.10d. and a hen and a half. Thomas Brunsden has since died. Heriots, 2 black coach geldings each value £10, one of which remains in the Lord’s hands, and 5 guineas for a dead Heriot: Relief 2s.10d. and a hen and a half. The Homage to discover to whom the premises came after his death – to report at the next Court.

Abraham Dalton, who held Rames or Ramses in Farnborough, in the occupation of Allen Dilley, by rent of 8d. and 15 eggs has died, and devised the property to Thomas Chapman and William Child, who have since alienated it to Thomas Catt. Thomas and William have paid the first Relief and dead Heriot, and Allen Dilley, being in Court on behalf of William Catt, paid the second Relief and dead Heriot.

[?original incomplete].

[this is the last known document relating to the Manor of Norstead]

Geoffrey Copus, March 2005

In the Death section of the County Waterford file of the Dalton Data Bank, is a bit of information on Roger Dalton as follows: “27 Apr. 1597: Roger Dalton Jr. at Knockmoan per will filed: spouse Alison Cristie; born circa 1552 at Kirkby, Misperton, Yorkshire, England to Roger Dalton and Anne Swinburne. His estate believed to have been a few miles NW of Waterford City.”

Sir Roger a wealthy landowner in Yorkshire sold his properties prior to settling in Waterford County and is said to have occupied Castle Knockmoan. On his way to Ireland he is known to have stopped in Wales and one can speculate whether he had kin in Wales. In his will he favored his son Roger and mentions “other children”. What we do know is that Roger is a very rare Dalton name in Ireland and there is only one mention of a Roger Dalton in current directories is in Waterford City.

Several years ago, Margaret Bone, archivist at Cambridge University, at the request of Dr. Lucy J. Slater, DGS transcribed the following will for me. Since it appears in the late 18th and early 19th Century, perhaps there is a recognizable clue by a descendent of this family.

“27th September, 1798, The will of Roger Dalton of the City of Waterdord in the land of Westmeath. To Julianna Coghland of Dungarven, widow of the late John Coghlan, Esquire, deceased and her heirs, executors and assignees, I leave all my property inclusive of furniture, chattels and appertenances and appoint her as my sole executrix. Witness Jabez Henry, Michael Hayes, James a Hayes.

Codicile of 17th June 1803, To my wife Isabella Dalton, who long since eloped, who had two previous issue, 1s/1s/to each of the said issue on coming of age. I bestowed property I possessed on my late brother Thomas Dalton, deceased who thought I had amply favoured him and his family. Now I leave 1s/ to each of his children as full restitution to all claims. To mary Carrent, alias Carren, of Ruingrota, Widow, I leave 5 pounds for each quarter during her life. Witnesses David Coghlan, Stephen Baker, Richard Mc Grath”.

From the above it does not appear that this Roger had children but that his late brother Thomas did. It is quite likely that great, great grandchildren of Thomas are still living. The Dalton Genealogical Society has published a great deal on the Yorkshire Daltons and on the history of this line in Ireland. It is possible that this line originated in Lancashire. If you are aware of any Daltons in Waterford who are related to the Roger Dalton line, please be in touch. E-mail:

Our appreciation is extended to Tom and Ann Piercy of Northants for extracting Dalton entries from the 1851 Post Office Directory of London. The third entry on this list is a relative of Henry Dalton, land baron of Los Angeles and of the American songstress Linda Rondstadt. The last entry is reportedly a Thurnham Manor descendent.

Directory Entries

Dalton & Madeley, oil leather dressers, Godalming: warehouse, 43 Watling Street
Dalton, Wm. & John, coal merchants, Union whf. Millbank Street
Dalton, Winnall T. & Son, mast & block ma. Narrow Street, Ratcliff
Dalton, Benj, N. stock & share broker, see Stokes & Dalton
Dalton, Chas. Stonemason, St. James’s Road, Old Kent Road
Dalton, Danl. Plumber, 1 Albion ter. Canonbury Square, Islington
Dalton, Edward, whipmaker, 21 Brown’s Lane, Spitalfields
Dalton, Fredk., bookbinder, 14 A, Bear Yard, Lincoln’s Inn Fields
Dalton, Fred, combmaker, 31 At, Martin’s Court, St. Martin’s la
Dalton Henry, barrister, 4 Elm Court, Temple
Dalton Herbert, ea. In. & Colonial broker, 12 Lit. Tower Street
Dalton, James Carter, law agent, 1 Newman’s Court, Cornhill
Dalton, John, oilman, Stratford Broadway
Dalton, John silk & satin dresser, 4 South Place, Finsbury
Dalton, Joseph, surgeon, &c. 10 Doughty Street, Foundling
Dalton, Leonard, stone merchant & statuary, Canal Bridge
Dalton, Thomas, dressing & writing case maker, 85 Quadrant, Regent Street & 5 Great Ormond Street, Queen Square
Dalton, Thomas, tobacconist, 95 Bermondsey Street
Dalton, William, grocer, 5 Charlotte Street, Pimlico
Dalton, Wm. Henry, bookseller & publisher, 28 Cockspur St.

The following entries were provided by DGS member Jim Wormelle of Florida and supplement the entries in the Nottingham file of the Dalton Data Bank.


28 Sep 1609, John Dalton son of John Dalton

19 May 1785, Ann Dalton dau of John and Elizabeth Dalton

30 Jul 1780, Hannah Dalton dau of Thomas and Ann Dalton
12 Apr 1789, Mary Dalton dau of Ann Dalton
11 Jan 1789, Sarah Dalton dau of Thomas and Ann Dalton
18 Jul 1802 (b.25 Jun 1802), John Dalton son of Hannah Dalton
19 Jan 1806 (b.30 Oct 1805), George Dalton son of George and Jane Dalton
28 Mar 1806 (b.12 Mar 1806), Martha Dalton dau of Hannah Dalton
16 Dec 1807 (b. 3 Dec 1807). Mary Dalton dai of George and Jane Dalton
1 Oct 1810 (b. 1 Oct 1810), Francis Dalton son of George and Jane Dalton
18 Nov 1812 (b. 19 Nov 1812), Elizabeth Dalton dau of George and Jane Dalton


2 May 1796, Ann Dalton and Thomas Stocks

Carlton in Lindrick
23 Apr 1781, William Dalton and Mary Hancock
28 Dec 1809, Francis Dalton and Anne Shepherd
24 Apr 1810, Catherine Dalton and Thomas Jackson

2 Oct 1899, Henrietta Anne Dalton and Walter Charles Cooper; parents William Dalton and John Cooper
9 Jan 1902, Mabel Dalton and Ernest Cooper; parents William Dalton and John Sands

8 Jul 1782, Thomas Dalton and Mary Wighton

8 Oct 1766, Alice Dalton and Thomas Baxter
15 Jul 1770, Elizabeth Dalton and Edward Benson

County Cork, Republic of Ireland

Daltons were fairly well represented in County Cork but heavy migration occurred in the 19th Century through the southern port of Queensland. This file was extracted by DGS member Bill Dalton of Oregon who used the microfilm records compiled by Matthew William Dalton in 1896. Under the Miscellaneous section there are quite a few bits of Census and Directory data that may prove helpful. To browse this file of some 750 surnames, click Republic of Ireland.

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